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  2. Maintenance - May 5th 2017

    Server will be down for maintenance on 3rd of May, 2017 from 05:00am - 07:00am (GMT+8 )  , also if you can't login game after mean the maintenance has been extended. Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1 Bug Fixes: Fixed the wrong desc of Heart of Beast when you upgrade from Mink Coat: from "Variable cast time -10%" to "MaxHP+450, CRIT+5" Fixed the bug which Magni's Cap combo set doesn't take effect  Fixed the bug which Orc baby portrait displayed wrongly. Fixed the bug which won't show name when you apply for party. Fixed the bug which can't edit Guild position and Guild annoucement. Fixed the bug which the title of adventurer of your friend won't sync. Fixed the activation bugs of NPC tab under Journal.  Fixed the bug which Mandragon Seed won't show on mini map Fixed the "NYI" desc of Orc baby card, Jakk card and Dokebi card when you store them on Journal(removed NYI now) Fixed desc of Statue Of Virgin (added SP Recovery +5% now)
  3. There will be a maintenance on April 24th 2017 at 5:00am to 9:00am. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players. Server will be down for maintenance of EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part I) , also if you can't login game after maintenance... it mean the maintenance has been extended. Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1 EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part 1) 1.New Glast Heim maps:Glast Heim, Glast Heim Culvert, Glast Heim Churchyard Glast Heim region new craft gears added New raid Night of Destruction added. Talk to the servant 贝利赫尔 at Glast Heim to get in the raid (Requirement: Lv.80 & partied) Random quest : Weird Box . The box will be appeared at Glast Heim and GH Churchyard. New GH region main story quests can be get when you reach Lv.80. You can get them from Kate Somas at Prontera or Rei Tsang at GH. New GH region Elite quests:幻影序歌,诅咒兄弟,真假预言 New GH region Headgear unlock:Skull Hood[1], Sheila Hairnet, Maid Band[1] New GH region bard quests 2.Max Level increased to Lv.90 3.Endless Tower released to 90F. The MVPs on above 80F will cooperate in combat. 4.New GH region explore feature. After reaching Lv.80, you will see some random shiny item on the map, pick them up to check something new. 5.New upgrade system: There will be 4 tier for gear upgrading system now. You may check the tips on gear for the desc , materials , and location for upgrade. Adjust the uprade materials for most of the gears. Decrease the amount of rare materials and increase the amount of common materials. This will also cause some price of the gears rised. 6. Mercenary cat system adjusted:  New mercenary cat added : Gou Ron. Can be hired at Izlude after Lv.25. New adv skill for Adventurer Rank D [Mercenary Contract]:You may now hire 2 mercenaries The mercenary cat can now receive buffs of these skills:  Swordie Class:Magnum Break, Sword Quicken, Concentration, Leader Aura, Head Crush Acolyte Class:Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Impositio Manus, Angelus, Assumptio 7. Battle logic optimized: When you clicked skill while you're attacking, the skill will be used after the action of normal attack If you clicked too many times on skills when it's waiting for the normal attack action to be end, it will only take effect of the last click 8. Some of the Card storing buffs (on Journal) updated (more will be released soon):Roda Frog Card, Whisper Card, Argiope Card, Desert Wolf Card, Minorous Card, Archer Skeleton Card, Dokebi Card, Abysmal Knight Card, Peco Peco Card, Sting Card, Picky Card, Orc Archer Card, Anubis Card, Orc Baby Card, Jakk Card Content Updates 1.New NPC:“Zheng Ge”&“Tie Yuu”(Location: around South East of Payon),players can trade element stone with them for element arrows. 2.Elegantly sit map added:Geffen Library, Adventurer HQ, Pront Sewer 1F, Pront Sewer 2F, Pront West Field, Pront Maze, Izlude, Byalan Island, Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, Undersea Cave, Undersea Temple, Mt. Mjolnir, Ant Cave, Morroc, Pyramid 1F, Payon, Payon South, Glast Heim. 3.Decrease the base price of Headgear recipes on auction. 4.Added Collections in Adventurer Book, player can gather Rare Collection in game to earn Adventurer EXP. 5.Certificate of Tutor and Greeting Card from Big Cat item type changed to Collections,can be store on Journal-Collections tab (Player will receive a item replacement mail within 24 hours of maintenance if you own those 2 items.The old version of Certificate of Tutor can be sold to NPC) 6. Decrease Adventurer Skill point require to learn Adventurer Skill - Large Backpack, Storage Junior, Double Compartments, Storage Master to 1 Adventurer Skill Point. (Used Adventurer Skill point will be return when player online.) 7. Added New Headgear Recipe Deathcat Helm[1] Recipe at Izlude Headgear NPC. 8. New loot drop from MVP Drake - Deathcat Armor  9. New loot drop from MVP Doppelganger - Holy Avenger[1] 10. Adjust Mystery Box content - remove all fun tools, add more buff food item. 11. Cannot use Itchy Club on other players if there are MVP nearby. 12. Endless Tower rules Adjustment: Cannot add player to party when the current stage is not yet finish. Will close all access to previous dungeon on every Monday 5am, will inform player 10mins before closing the dungeon. 13. New rule of broken equipment repairment: The gear that Refinement level ≤6 (6 or below 6), can now be used as a repairment material ,no matter it's broken or not. 14.MINI BOSS Smokie new skill Super Disguision,It won't be found so easily after using it. 15.Add new sub quest at Payon: Yuu the Fox quest can be accepted after Lv.55 from Junn the Alcoholic. 16. Added the dueling quest at Undearsea Cave, Undersea Temple, Sograt Desert, Morroc 17. Combo set effect of Orleans's Gown & Orleans's Necklace now available:Fixed cast time -15% 18. Loki Whispers adjusted:Have chance to decrease 5% Physical Attack of the target for a certain time while doing normal attack or any skills. 19. Nut On Head adjusted:HIT+5,Ignore Physical Def for 5%。 20. Premium card NEW feature:Extra 5% Job EXP bonus  21. Collections item Tips will now show the rating of the new items. 22. Increase the Card drop rates of common field monsters(MVP/MINI BOSS & star monsters NOT INCLUDED) 23. Adjust the price of enchanted gears on auction: The enchantment price will only be added if the gear has combo enchantment buffs. 24. Solo Play Box1[1]] recipe & Maid Band[1] Recipe can't be sold on auction now(But the headgear can still be sold on auction) Gameplay Optimization 1. Optimize the learning of Adventurer skills. If you learnt a prerequisite skill, the post skill will appear on the list instantly. 2. Same headgear recipes can be stacked in inventory now. 3. Optimize some Chinese text.生命回复”&“魔法回复”>“生命恢复”&“魔法恢复” 4. Optimize the appearance of weapon when Thief & Mage classes casting skills.(Other classes will be released soon) 5. Optimize display order of Headgear tab on Journal 6. Optimize the monster photo shot system. The monster will now be actived on Journal once you take the photo of it. 7. Optimize Following system , if you moved or talk to NPC manually while you're following someone, it will continue auto-following after 1 sec. Bug Fixes 1. Fixed the check detail bugs which won't show the mouth part gear. 2. Fixed the display error bugs of Charge skill of Sprint Shoes. 3. Fixed the bug of Assumptio which teammates will not get any Assumptio buff when it's put on auto skill slot. 4. Fxied the bug if party invite which unable to invite guild members. 5. Fixed the icon display bugs of world map. 6. Fixed the invalid first hit after you moved the character. 7. Fixed the bug when you chat in guild Dojo. 8. Fixed Following system error which you can still moving after talking to kafra for teleport service. 9. Fixed the slow motion of camera system while using Fly wings to teleport. 10.Fixed the wrong desc of Marc Card's storing buff. 11.Fixed the error when you double click enter guild Dojo. 12.Fixed the position display error of the map while creating party at guild base. 13.Fixed the bugs of some heaggears that can't be stored into Journal 14.Fixed the error text when you click complete button of quest board after helping teamates. 15.Fixed the bug of“Perma buffs”content that doesn't fully display on stat screen as expected(The buff that need to be triggered ,doesn't count.) 16.Fixed the "miss" bugs of Mage normal attack. 17.Fixed the bug which the property of mage's normal attack & Heavy Blow can be changed. 18.Fixed the bug of Soul Strike which it wasn't neutral property. 19.Fixed the desc of Mace Mastery:from “Hammer type weapon”to“Blunt type weapon” Source: Clo's Murmur Page
  4. Dear adventurer, There will be a maintenance on April 11th 2017 at 5:00am to 8:00am. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players. Event: Friendship Support Event Period: April 11th @ 5:00am - April 14th 5:00am Event Description: During the event, complete Cracks (5x a day) and players will receive additional rewards. Activity Rewards: 1st Day -  B Type Food (No. 2) × 4, Mora coins × 2; 2nd Day - Chain × 2, Mora Coins × 2; 3rd Day - Field Supply Box (Support Pack) × 1, Mora coin × 2. Content Update: Updated a series of Easter based activities - Specific activities will be announced before the opening of the event Expanded players pick-up distance to 12 meters, give priority to pick up their own items. Monster resurrection time is adjusted to a minimum of 2 seconds. Problem Fixes: Fixed an issue with Boss monsters - their HP was decreasing automatically. We've fixed a problem that private chat messages was not saving after re-entering the game.  
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  6. Dear adventurer, After the last maintenance, April 6th, we found some remaining problems. In order to fix these problems, there will be another maintenance on April 8th 2017 from 5:00am - 8:00am.After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players.   Content Update: Adjustment to Whispers in Ghost Ship There has been some AI adjustment and spawn location After the maintenance, when you use Ghost Camera on Whispers, they no longer are forced to attack you.   Problem Fixes: 1. Party Chat - We fixed a problem where if you left the party, you would still see chats from the other members. 2. Fixed an issue where it would display an extra party member avatar. 3. Fixed Mercenary Cat Damage that obstructed EXP obtained by the player. 4. Fixed issue where Holding Hands would turn to Follow when changing maps. 5. Fixed an issue where the auction system wouldn't show the bidding items first. 6. Fixed Lunatic's card Adventure Book storage attribute - the actual effect should be "physical attack +3". 7. Fixed an issue where you couldn't use Kafra to teleport to Ant Hell 8. Fixed picture sharing resolution issues. 9. Fixed Safety Wall and Pneuma in auto-battling. It will cast when auto-attacking but it will not cast when following. It will be optimized / enhanced in the future.
  7. The "EXITIAL" Guild in Ragnarok Online Mobile (CN) just recently reached level 3! Thanks to the help from both our core members and those who just joined the family. To celebrate this achievement and to welcome our new members, we would like to announce our small guild event where we will be giving away VIP tickets to our active contributors. Mechanics: Member with the most guild contribution by a certain period of the event will win a 1-month VIP access. A random member will be drawn from all the guild contributors. Number of entries will be based on the number of contribution points. Event Period: TBA (2 VIP Tickets) The moment our Guild reaches level 4 Eligibility: Guild Leader and Majors including other alternate characters they have are not allowed to join. If you have questions regarding the event, feel free to ask here or in our Facebook group.
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  9. SnKS02

    Season 2 Episode 1
  10. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  11. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  12. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  13. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  14. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

    Link:   Prontera Crafted Gears Izlude Crafting Gears Geffen Crafted Gears Morroc Crafted Gears Payon Crafted Gears   PRONTERA CRAFTED GEARS    
  15. Date: 14th Feb - 16th Feb & 20th Feb --------- Effect Of Chocolates ♫ Love Chocolate (Can only be made once) ♡ Use it on other player to have special effect, recover 520HP every 30sec for 12 hours. Won’t vanish after death or offline. ♫ Friend Chocolate ♡ Can be given to NPC/PlayersALL STAT+5, for 5 minutes. Won’t vanish after death or offline. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ♫ Valentine special headgear: ♡ Bride's floral chaplet recipe ♡ You need to collect 6 pieces of love to exchange with NPC. Give a piece of Friend Chocolate to NPC,they will give you some items depend on your luck.. If you're lucky enough,they will give you piece of love.. You can only give each of them one piece of chocolate everyday. ♫ 6 pieces of love: ♡ Melody of healing (from Healer NPC) ♡ Sign of love (from FerrisWheel NPC) ♡ Map of adventure (from cat girl of Geffen tower library 2F) ♡ Badge of bravery (from Auction guy) ♡ Mind of guardian (from Pront blacksmith) ♡ Eternity of dream (from enchantment cat NPC) SOURCE: Clo from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord Channel
  16. Dear players, Since the launch of OBT, alots of player had joined us and actively tested the game. Under a heavy load, our server's condition has not been ideal, giving alots of problems such as friend, party, guild, auction system. Hence, giving you guys a bad impression about the game. Before the test, we have already gone through the [预言之地] CBT test for around 2 months and actually have solved alot of problems. Even we met a new problem, we will try to solve it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, on the current OBT test, we undertook the difficulty to host few millions of players at the same time, revealing more of our technical difficulties and the insufficient of our manpower. Even though during the Chinese festive period, we take OTs, through the sleepless night, but we still couldn't fix these problems. We feel utter mostly sorry and heart breaking for failing to provide a smooth experience to you guys. So far, most of the server related problems has been resolved. We hereby thanks to all adventure for your participation by giving us a closer chance to officially launch at 1st of March, to go all out to solve the current known issue, to strengthen the server capabilities. With this chance, we could spend more time and effort on the game content instead during the official launch. Thank you very much for your support and forgiveness, all players who joined us during the OBT. To show our gratitude, we’ve prepared a gift [VIP Card] for everyone who joined before 8th February. The gift will be given on around 28th of February. Next, the downtime of auction server has caused a large number of players unable to properly receive the correct amount of item or Zeny in return, forcing player to experience financial problems, we also feel sorry about this. We take this issue very importantly, we try very hard to resolve this issue but our previous trials has not shown any result. Until recently, it is finally fixed. We posted our resolution and compassion details into forums, Taptap, WeChat Support, WeChat page. Please so visit and understand the details. Except returns and compensations, we will try to find the root of the auction problem and solve it to prevent this to happen again. We are currently preparing a rework for it and will be pushed to the live server during the following week’s maintenance. The new auction system will be a lot cleaner, the returning of Zeny and items method will require player to manually receive them. We promises that if you have any issues about Zeny returning, or item is missing bugs, we will place our progress aside to solve this problem and we will return the lost belongings in double of the quantity. From, ROMobile Dev Team SOURCE: Asaka from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord
  17. Guild Buffs

    The "Goddess" will bless you for your contributions in the form of Guild Buffs
  18. Guild Donation

  19. Revelation Online CBT Begins October 25th!

    We have a giveaway going on via Exitializ Facebook page
  20. Too bad... I still don't have a beta key. :'(
  21. We are excited to announce the first Revelation Online CBT beginning on Tuesday, October 25th! Those of you who already have a beta key, can consider yourselves lucky. You will be amongst the first to get a look at the Western version of the game. To celebrate this exciting announcement, we’re proud to present the Revelation Online CBT trailer! The Closed Beta will have several stages. The first stage is more a “technical test” in that the purpose of the beta will be to test Revelation Online’s core systems such as server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services and more to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and able to withstand the stress of many players all logging into the game simultaneously. As a result, you may encounter localization issues, such as Chinese or Russian texts. CBT1 will also take you through the plotline all the way to level 49 and help you prepare for a more serious challenge. Also, during the first stage, access will be open to 10v10 battlegrounds, Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with various difficulty levels: Trial of the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow. You have an important and crucial task: To explore every corner of Nuanor and discover every issue, bug, or anomaly, since Revelation Online is no place for them. Together we can make our game better! Each stage of the closed beta will allow you to learn and test new aspects of the game: the content will become accessible gradually. The Revelation Online universe contains more localizable content than any other project Game Operations Department team have ever encountered. We decided to display the project as early as possible: That will allow us to test the game quickly and efficiently and will bring the open beta launch closer. It will be our closed beta participants that will help us most: We will be working closely with feedback from the Revelation Online pioneers and, naturally, we will reward the most active testers with gifts. The CBT1 will begin on October 25th and end on November 8th. If you are invited to participate, you will be able to download and install the client shortly before CBT1. There are still a few Closed Beta 1 keys left. So make sure to try your luck in our Instant Win Contest on Facebook! Remember, this is a closed beta test, with a limited number of players, and if you aren’t invited to participate that doesn’t mean you won’t be invited to participate in the future beta tests. If you don’t feel like leaving things to chance though, you can guarantee your participation in the Closed Beta by purchasing one of the Founder Packs! Keep an eye on your inboxes and make sure you visit our website, Facebook and @RevOnlineGame, and join us on Discord regularly to stay on top of all the closed beta test news and announcements! SOURCE: LINK
  22. The world is full of mysteries, monsters and even rewards! In Revelation Online there are adventures abound. Every dungeon is different, with traps to avoid, challenges to overcome and some good old carnage thrown into the mix. SOLO DUNGEONS With no party members and only your own strength and skills to rely on those who are brave enough may venture into solo dungeons. 5 PLAYER DUNGEONS Putting your teamwork to the test five player dungeons have up to five difficulty levels with each difficulty changing the rewards gained. WORLD BOSSES Six mighty bosses roam free across the open world. Guilds will battle amongst themselves in order to gain the rights just to engage one. Persevering and defeating a world boss will be worth it however as they have loot...epic loot. RAIDS Gather ten players and test your guilds resilience! You may attempt to complete a raid on hardcore and then try your might on the ultimate twenty-player version to earn great rewards. The world of Revelation has much to offer to every kind of hero, whether they seek adventure, challenge, fame... or rewards! If you would like to put yourself or your guild to the test, sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
  23. Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

    Winners have been announced and contacted. Thanks for joining!
  24. Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

    This is my will be my second mmo which is my type  This game met all of my favorites of an mmo T_T and i want a beta key so badly, the features in this game is so awesome all of it and most of all the OPEN WORLD type which is i really like for an mmo, no more Loading Screens. I really want this so bad the other game i played is lacking of features which is a kinda boring. my friends already have beta keys T_T i wish i could join them, I wish and hope that i get a key T_T
  25. Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

    My friend told me about this game and i search the game on YouTube,the gameplay the PVP,wings and mounts,the graphics my eyes has been blessed,im waiting this game to be released give it a try i hoped i win in this giveaway,the thins i want the most is the PVP and guildwar because its like a clash lol  and PVP/Guilwars with wings is so damn cool.   Goodluck to all of us  
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