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  1. Maintenance - May 5th 2017

    Server will be down for maintenance on 3rd of May, 2017 from 05:00am - 07:00am (GMT+8 )  , also if you can't login game after maintenance...it mean the maintenance has been extended. Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1 Bug Fixes: Fixed the wrong desc of Heart of Beast when you upgrade from Mink Coat: from "Variable cast time -10%" to "MaxHP+450, CRIT+5" Fixed the bug which Magni's Cap combo set doesn't take effect  Fixed the bug which Orc baby portrait displayed wrongly. Fixed the bug which won't show name when you apply for party. Fixed the bug which can't edit Guild position and Guild annoucement. Fixed the bug which the title of adventurer of your friend won't sync. Fixed the activation bugs of NPC tab under Journal.  Fixed the bug which Mandragon Seed won't show on mini map Fixed the "NYI" desc of Orc baby card, Jakk card and Dokebi card when you store them on Journal(removed NYI now) Fixed desc of Statue Of Virgin (added SP Recovery +5% now)
  2. There will be a maintenance on April 24th 2017 at 5:00am to 9:00am. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players. Server will be down for maintenance of EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part I) , also if you can't login game after maintenance... it mean the maintenance has been extended. Compensations: Old Blue Box x 2 , Heart Warming Food x1, Chain Laeding x1 EP1.0: Aria of Glast Heim(part 1) 1.New Glast Heim maps:Glast Heim, Glast Heim Culvert, Glast Heim Churchyard Glast Heim region new craft gears added New raid Night of Destruction added. Talk to the servant 贝利赫尔 at Glast Heim to get in the raid (Requirement: Lv.80 & partied) Random quest : Weird Box . The box will be appeared at Glast Heim and GH Churchyard. New GH region main story quests can be get when you reach Lv.80. You can get them from Kate Somas at Prontera or Rei Tsang at GH. New GH region Elite quests:幻影序歌,诅咒兄弟,真假预言 New GH region Headgear unlock:Skull Hood[1], Sheila Hairnet, Maid Band[1] New GH region bard quests 2.Max Level increased to Lv.90 3.Endless Tower released to 90F. The MVPs on above 80F will cooperate in combat. 4.New GH region explore feature. After reaching Lv.80, you will see some random shiny item on the map, pick them up to check something new. 5.New upgrade system: There will be 4 tier for gear upgrading system now. You may check the tips on gear for the desc , materials , and location for upgrade. Adjust the uprade materials for most of the gears. Decrease the amount of rare materials and increase the amount of common materials. This will also cause some price of the gears rised. 6. Mercenary cat system adjusted:  New mercenary cat added : Gou Ron. Can be hired at Izlude after Lv.25. New adv skill for Adventurer Rank D [Mercenary Contract]:You may now hire 2 mercenaries The mercenary cat can now receive buffs of these skills:  Swordie Class:Magnum Break, Sword Quicken, Concentration, Leader Aura, Head Crush Acolyte Class:Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Impositio Manus, Angelus, Assumptio 7. Battle logic optimized: When you clicked skill while you're attacking, the skill will be used after the action of normal attack If you clicked too many times on skills when it's waiting for the normal attack action to be end, it will only take effect of the last click 8. Some of the Card storing buffs (on Journal) updated (more will be released soon):Roda Frog Card, Whisper Card, Argiope Card, Desert Wolf Card, Minorous Card, Archer Skeleton Card, Dokebi Card, Abysmal Knight Card, Peco Peco Card, Sting Card, Picky Card, Orc Archer Card, Anubis Card, Orc Baby Card, Jakk Card Content Updates 1.New NPC:“Zheng Ge”&“Tie Yuu”(Location: around South East of Payon),players can trade element stone with them for element arrows. 2.Elegantly sit map added:Geffen Library, Adventurer HQ, Pront Sewer 1F, Pront Sewer 2F, Pront West Field, Pront Maze, Izlude, Byalan Island, Sunken Ship, Ghost Ship, Undersea Cave, Undersea Temple, Mt. Mjolnir, Ant Cave, Morroc, Pyramid 1F, Payon, Payon South, Glast Heim. 3.Decrease the base price of Headgear recipes on auction. 4.Added Collections in Adventurer Book, player can gather Rare Collection in game to earn Adventurer EXP. 5.Certificate of Tutor and Greeting Card from Big Cat item type changed to Collections,can be store on Journal-Collections tab (Player will receive a item replacement mail within 24 hours of maintenance if you own those 2 items.The old version of Certificate of Tutor can be sold to NPC) 6. Decrease Adventurer Skill point require to learn Adventurer Skill - Large Backpack, Storage Junior, Double Compartments, Storage Master to 1 Adventurer Skill Point. (Used Adventurer Skill point will be return when player online.) 7. Added New Headgear Recipe Deathcat Helm[1] Recipe at Izlude Headgear NPC. 8. New loot drop from MVP Drake - Deathcat Armor  9. New loot drop from MVP Doppelganger - Holy Avenger[1] 10. Adjust Mystery Box content - remove all fun tools, add more buff food item. 11. Cannot use Itchy Club on other players if there are MVP nearby. 12. Endless Tower rules Adjustment: Cannot add player to party when the current stage is not yet finish. Will close all access to previous dungeon on every Monday 5am, will inform player 10mins before closing the dungeon. 13. New rule of broken equipment repairment: The gear that Refinement level ≤6 (6 or below 6), can now be used as a repairment material ,no matter it's broken or not. 14.MINI BOSS Smokie new skill Super Disguision,It won't be found so easily after using it. 15.Add new sub quest at Payon: Yuu the Fox quest can be accepted after Lv.55 from Junn the Alcoholic. 16. Added the dueling quest at Undearsea Cave, Undersea Temple, Sograt Desert, Morroc 17. Combo set effect of Orleans's Gown & Orleans's Necklace now available:Fixed cast time -15% 18. Loki Whispers adjusted:Have chance to decrease 5% Physical Attack of the target for a certain time while doing normal attack or any skills. 19. Nut On Head adjusted:HIT+5,Ignore Physical Def for 5%。 20. Premium card NEW feature:Extra 5% Job EXP bonus  21. Collections item Tips will now show the rating of the new items. 22. Increase the Card drop rates of common field monsters(MVP/MINI BOSS & star monsters NOT INCLUDED) 23. Adjust the price of enchanted gears on auction: The enchantment price will only be added if the gear has combo enchantment buffs. 24. Solo Play Box1[1]] recipe & Maid Band[1] Recipe can't be sold on auction now(But the headgear can still be sold on auction) Gameplay Optimization 1. Optimize the learning of Adventurer skills. If you learnt a prerequisite skill, the post skill will appear on the list instantly. 2. Same headgear recipes can be stacked in inventory now. 3. Optimize some Chinese text.生命回复”&“魔法回复”>“生命恢复”&“魔法恢复” 4. Optimize the appearance of weapon when Thief & Mage classes casting skills.(Other classes will be released soon) 5. Optimize display order of Headgear tab on Journal 6. Optimize the monster photo shot system. The monster will now be actived on Journal once you take the photo of it. 7. Optimize Following system , if you moved or talk to NPC manually while you're following someone, it will continue auto-following after 1 sec. Bug Fixes 1. Fixed the check detail bugs which won't show the mouth part gear. 2. Fixed the display error bugs of Charge skill of Sprint Shoes. 3. Fixed the bug of Assumptio which teammates will not get any Assumptio buff when it's put on auto skill slot. 4. Fxied the bug if party invite which unable to invite guild members. 5. Fixed the icon display bugs of world map. 6. Fixed the invalid first hit after you moved the character. 7. Fixed the bug when you chat in guild Dojo. 8. Fixed Following system error which you can still moving after talking to kafra for teleport service. 9. Fixed the slow motion of camera system while using Fly wings to teleport. 10.Fixed the wrong desc of Marc Card's storing buff. 11.Fixed the error when you double click enter guild Dojo. 12.Fixed the position display error of the map while creating party at guild base. 13.Fixed the bugs of some heaggears that can't be stored into Journal 14.Fixed the error text when you click complete button of quest board after helping teamates. 15.Fixed the bug of“Perma buffs”content that doesn't fully display on stat screen as expected(The buff that need to be triggered ,doesn't count.) 16.Fixed the "miss" bugs of Mage normal attack. 17.Fixed the bug which the property of mage's normal attack & Heavy Blow can be changed. 18.Fixed the bug of Soul Strike which it wasn't neutral property. 19.Fixed the desc of Mace Mastery:from “Hammer type weapon”to“Blunt type weapon” Source: Clo's Murmur Page
  3. Dear adventurer, There will be a maintenance on April 11th 2017 at 5:00am to 8:00am. After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players. Event: Friendship Support Event Period: April 11th @ 5:00am - April 14th 5:00am Event Description: During the event, complete Cracks (5x a day) and players will receive additional rewards. Activity Rewards: 1st Day -  B Type Food (No. 2) × 4, Mora coins × 2; 2nd Day - Chain × 2, Mora Coins × 2; 3rd Day - Field Supply Box (Support Pack) × 1, Mora coin × 2. Content Update: Updated a series of Easter based activities - Specific activities will be announced before the opening of the event Expanded players pick-up distance to 12 meters, give priority to pick up their own items. Monster resurrection time is adjusted to a minimum of 2 seconds. Problem Fixes: Fixed an issue with Boss monsters - their HP was decreasing automatically. We've fixed a problem that private chat messages was not saving after re-entering the game.  
  4. SnKS02

  5. SnKS02

    Season 2 Episode 1
  6. Dear adventurer, After the last maintenance, April 6th, we found some remaining problems. In order to fix these problems, there will be another maintenance on April 8th 2017 from 5:00am - 8:00am.After the maintenance, we will release 2 "Mysterious Boxes", 1 "Warm Heart" and 1 "Chain Link" as a maintenance benefit to all players.   Content Update: Adjustment to Whispers in Ghost Ship There has been some AI adjustment and spawn location After the maintenance, when you use Ghost Camera on Whispers, they no longer are forced to attack you.   Problem Fixes: 1. Party Chat - We fixed a problem where if you left the party, you would still see chats from the other members. 2. Fixed an issue where it would display an extra party member avatar. 3. Fixed Mercenary Cat Damage that obstructed EXP obtained by the player. 4. Fixed issue where Holding Hands would turn to Follow when changing maps. 5. Fixed an issue where the auction system wouldn't show the bidding items first. 6. Fixed Lunatic's card Adventure Book storage attribute - the actual effect should be "physical attack +3". 7. Fixed an issue where you couldn't use Kafra to teleport to Ant Hell 8. Fixed picture sharing resolution issues. 9. Fixed Safety Wall and Pneuma in auto-battling. It will cast when auto-attacking but it will not cast when following. It will be optimized / enhanced in the future.
  7. SnKS02

  8. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  9. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

    Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11vExhaII_ivbhRveRDSWOAre4ck8j-h_I8H6II9sBMg/edit#gid=1921120725   Prontera Crafted Gears Izlude Crafting Gears Geffen Crafted Gears Morroc Crafted Gears Payon Crafted Gears   PRONTERA CRAFTED GEARS    
  10. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  11. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  12. RO Mobile Crafted Gears

  13. Date: 14th Feb - 16th Feb & 20th Feb --------- Effect Of Chocolates ♫ Love Chocolate (Can only be made once) ♡ Use it on other player to have special effect, recover 520HP every 30sec for 12 hours. Won’t vanish after death or offline. ♫ Friend Chocolate ♡ Can be given to NPC/PlayersALL STAT+5, for 5 minutes. Won’t vanish after death or offline. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ♫ Valentine special headgear: ♡ Bride's floral chaplet recipe ♡ You need to collect 6 pieces of love to exchange with NPC. Give a piece of Friend Chocolate to NPC,they will give you some items depend on your luck.. If you're lucky enough,they will give you piece of love.. You can only give each of them one piece of chocolate everyday. ♫ 6 pieces of love: ♡ Melody of healing (from Healer NPC) ♡ Sign of love (from FerrisWheel NPC) ♡ Map of adventure (from cat girl of Geffen tower library 2F) ♡ Badge of bravery (from Auction guy) ♡ Mind of guardian (from Pront blacksmith) ♡ Eternity of dream (from enchantment cat NPC) SOURCE: Clo from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord Channel
  14. Dear players, Since the launch of OBT, alots of player had joined us and actively tested the game. Under a heavy load, our server's condition has not been ideal, giving alots of problems such as friend, party, guild, auction system. Hence, giving you guys a bad impression about the game. Before the test, we have already gone through the [预言之地] CBT test for around 2 months and actually have solved alot of problems. Even we met a new problem, we will try to solve it as fast as possible. Unfortunately, on the current OBT test, we undertook the difficulty to host few millions of players at the same time, revealing more of our technical difficulties and the insufficient of our manpower. Even though during the Chinese festive period, we take OTs, through the sleepless night, but we still couldn't fix these problems. We feel utter mostly sorry and heart breaking for failing to provide a smooth experience to you guys. So far, most of the server related problems has been resolved. We hereby thanks to all adventure for your participation by giving us a closer chance to officially launch at 1st of March, to go all out to solve the current known issue, to strengthen the server capabilities. With this chance, we could spend more time and effort on the game content instead during the official launch. Thank you very much for your support and forgiveness, all players who joined us during the OBT. To show our gratitude, we’ve prepared a gift [VIP Card] for everyone who joined before 8th February. The gift will be given on around 28th of February. Next, the downtime of auction server has caused a large number of players unable to properly receive the correct amount of item or Zeny in return, forcing player to experience financial problems, we also feel sorry about this. We take this issue very importantly, we try very hard to resolve this issue but our previous trials has not shown any result. Until recently, it is finally fixed. We posted our resolution and compassion details into forums, Taptap, WeChat Support, WeChat page. Please so visit and understand the details. Except returns and compensations, we will try to find the root of the auction problem and solve it to prevent this to happen again. We are currently preparing a rework for it and will be pushed to the live server during the following week’s maintenance. The new auction system will be a lot cleaner, the returning of Zeny and items method will require player to manually receive them. We promises that if you have any issues about Zeny returning, or item is missing bugs, we will place our progress aside to solve this problem and we will return the lost belongings in double of the quantity. From, ROMobile Dev Team SOURCE: Asaka from Ragnarok Online Mobile Discord
  15. Guild Buffs

    The "Goddess" will bless you for your contributions in the form of Guild Buffs
  16. Guild Donation

  17. We are excited to announce the first Revelation Online CBT beginning on Tuesday, October 25th! Those of you who already have a beta key, can consider yourselves lucky. You will be amongst the first to get a look at the Western version of the game. To celebrate this exciting announcement, we’re proud to present the Revelation Online CBT trailer! The Closed Beta will have several stages. The first stage is more a “technical test” in that the purpose of the beta will be to test Revelation Online’s core systems such as server infrastructure, client distribution system, login services and more to ensure that our core systems are operational, fully functional and able to withstand the stress of many players all logging into the game simultaneously. As a result, you may encounter localization issues, such as Chinese or Russian texts. CBT1 will also take you through the plotline all the way to level 49 and help you prepare for a more serious challenge. Also, during the first stage, access will be open to 10v10 battlegrounds, Hot Springs zone, and four dungeons with various difficulty levels: Trial of the Four Kings, Darkfall, Deserted Shrine, and Misty Hollow. You have an important and crucial task: To explore every corner of Nuanor and discover every issue, bug, or anomaly, since Revelation Online is no place for them. Together we can make our game better! Each stage of the closed beta will allow you to learn and test new aspects of the game: the content will become accessible gradually. The Revelation Online universe contains more localizable content than any other project My.com Game Operations Department team have ever encountered. We decided to display the project as early as possible: That will allow us to test the game quickly and efficiently and will bring the open beta launch closer. It will be our closed beta participants that will help us most: We will be working closely with feedback from the Revelation Online pioneers and, naturally, we will reward the most active testers with gifts. The CBT1 will begin on October 25th and end on November 8th. If you are invited to participate, you will be able to download and install the client shortly before CBT1. There are still a few Closed Beta 1 keys left. So make sure to try your luck in our Instant Win Contest on Facebook! Remember, this is a closed beta test, with a limited number of players, and if you aren’t invited to participate that doesn’t mean you won’t be invited to participate in the future beta tests. If you don’t feel like leaving things to chance though, you can guarantee your participation in the Closed Beta by purchasing one of the Founder Packs! Keep an eye on your inboxes and make sure you visit our website, Facebook and @RevOnlineGame, and join us on Discord regularly to stay on top of all the closed beta test news and announcements! SOURCE: LINK
  18. Revelation Online CBT Begins October 25th!

    We have a giveaway going on via Exitializ Facebook page http://bit.ly/2eZWAxU
  19. Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

    Winners have been announced and contacted. Thanks for joining!
  20. PVP in Revelation Online

    For some of you, fighting artificial intelligence is just not enough. You seek the challenge of facing an opponent of flesh and blood who knows what your next move is going to be. If you want to experience the true feeling of crossing steel, the various PvP modes in Revelation Online are for you! Our new trailer gives you a taste of what to expect! OPEN WORLD PVP Once you reach level 40, you can put your skills to the test and attack any player above this level. But think twice before engaging in a fight! If your would-be opponent doesn’t fight back, you will receive harsh penalties for your actions, such as having your items durability reduced or possibly even losing some of your valuable currency. If you are not up to PvP, you can activate Peace mode, but beware: players in Slaughter mode will still be able to cause you harm! Fear not, as you explore the world of Nuanor, you will also come across multiple “sanctuaries” where PvP is not allowed and guards are stationed to keep you safe! Here you can mend your wounds and prepare for future battles. For those of you still thirsting for blood, there is an island available where no penalties will be imposed upon you when killing other players! ARENAS, BATTLEGROUNDS AND GUILD WARS Arenas are an essential part of PvP. Revelation Online is no exception. Brawl for bragging rights in 3vs3 or last-man-standing arenas and be well rewarded with fame and powerful equipment that will aid you in battle. Battlegrounds: Fight enemy players in 10v10, 20v20, or 30v30 battlegrounds! From “Capture the flag” to “Warfare” - there is something for everyone. Guild Wars: Team up with your guild mates and fight opponent guilds in instanced areas. Get ready for 30vs30 or 50vs50 battles and soar up the leader board. SIEGES Capture multiple controllable territories throughout the world of Nuanor, each of them holding a mighty castle or smaller fortresses. Besiege one of them in order to control the adjacent cities. But make sure to be well prepared. It’s not enough to fight enemy players. The elements guarding the territories won’t give in easily! Participate in Aerial Combats to capture territories far up in the sky. Sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
  21. GEAR: CLASS RESTRICTIONS There are several types of gear in Revelation Online, each of which is suitable for certain classes. Swordmages and Spiritshapers wear cloth clothing, Gunslingers and Occultists wear leather armor, Vanguards and Blademasters wear plate armor. All classes also have exclusive types of weapons. For example, only Spiritshapers can deftly handle magic bells, and only Gunslingers can manage powerful sniper rifles. All this needs to be taken into account when forming groups, in order to balance the number of contenders for the types of gear. ITEM QUALITY LEVELS Gear has 5 quality levels, marked by their color. From lowest to highest they are: gray, green, blue, violet and gold. Green items are from killing monsters in the open world and in dungeons. Blue items are earned from completing certain quests. Violet items are earned in dungeons or by killing bosses in the open world. They can also be purchased for city reputation, honor points and Order of Guardians' reputation points. The most valuable gear in the game is gold. It can be obtained for honor points, if your character has achieved the required PvP rank, or for Order of the Guardians' reputation points. You have to create the very best gear yourself. You can obtain your first set of such armor at level 37, after completing a special main storyline quest and collecting or buying resources. Items that are created have higher stats than regular golden items. In addition, once a hero achieves a higher level the gold items created can be remade and their levels boosted while keeping extra improvements. As the gold items created are the most powerful in the game and improving items provides more opportunities to perfect them, the items obtained in raids are not an end in themselves. Often violet items and lower quality items are used as resources required to upgrade gold items. ITEM STATS Characters have 5 basic stats (strength, stamina, energy, agility, and intellect) and 33 secondary parameters (for example, chance to inflict critical damage, chance to dodge enemy attacks, resistance to physical damage). Gear can provide bonuses to any stats and parameters. Selected and well-directed gear improvement along with the opportunity to change secondary parameters ensure you can fine-tune your character. Revelation Online offers flexibility in that the resources needed to boost gear can be obtained in different ways — in dungeons or in the open world, through completing quests or by buying with reputation or currency. Some secondary parameters are revealed on gear under certain circumstances: for example, additional damage from different elements is unlocked when an item is awakened. And only precious stones get parameters such as additional damage and resistance to damage in PvE and PvP. RANDOM STATS FOR CREATED ITEMS Created items receive several stats. Blue stats — fixed. Green — random (there can be from 1 to 3, the size of the bonus is determined randomly). If you spend resources, you can change green item stats an unlimited number of times until you get the result you want. All indicators (number of stats, increased parameter and size of bonus) will be reset. Sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!
  22. FAQ on IVs

    From reddit user Dyploxrs Hello Go-phers! There has been a lot of post lately on IVs sparking a lot of discussion. So, I thought we could have a place where people can ask question and get them answered by fellow redditors. As time goes on, I will post more FAQ's. What does the term IV mean? Pokemon have 3 stats: Stamina, Attack, Defense. Each type of pokemon has different base values for these. You can look these up in charts because they never change. For example, all Vaporeons have base stats of: 260 STA, 186 ATK, 168 DEF. However, each Pokemon is also randomly assigned a 0-15 bonus to each of them. These bonuses are called IV's (i.e. Individual Values, because they are values specific to each individual). They represent genetic variance, in that some pokemon are just genetically superior to others. A pokemon with a +15 bonus to all 3 stats (15/15/15) is considered 100% perfect. Pokemon with higher stats will have higher CP (combat points, the number above their head in the game). credits /u/Conan-The-Librarian What statistics are used to calculate IVs? Not all of the effects of IVs are things that can be measured, but there are three things you can measure to help calculate IVs. Those are CP, HP, and stardust cost to upgrade. Dust cost is only related to level, but since level is part of the formula for CP and HP, knowing the dust cost gives you a narrower range of values for the inputs of those numbers. The one other thing that goes into the calculation of IVs is whether or not you've ever powered up that Pokemon before. That's just because wild pokemons are always an odd level, so if you haven't powered them up before it can narrow down the possible sets of IVs significantly. credits /u/LastSasquatch Why should I care about IV? What should I prioritze as an optimal order for a pokemon? People want to know what their pokemons' IVs are because they don't want to waste candy and stardust powering up pokemon with low IVs (and thus stats). They will wait until they find a really good one, and then spend resources powering it up. credits /u/Conan-The-Librarian Optimal order is the Pokemon itself, then move-set, then IV, then CP. Move-set has the biggest impact upon DPS, and can't be changed; IV has a lesser impact on DPS/survivability, and can't be changed; CP can be leveled up. credits /u/conspire_pokemon_go Is there anyway to see IVs ingame? Is it related to pokemon weight or height? The game does not show you any of these numbers, so people use spreadsheets to estimate what their pokemons' IVs are using equations. More ambitious players will set up proxies to intercept server data in order to know exactly what their pokemons' IVs are. credits /u/Conan-The-Librarian No, weight & height in this game does not affect any statistics. It's purely just an extra feature added to the game. Does IV change through evolutions? No. But, you do want to keep in mind about the movesets as they change randomly through evoltions. DPS is an important factor in this game and can be found here: http://pokemongo.gamepress.gg/pokemon-moves. In the IV calculator, what do the multiple lines and percentages mean exactly? Each line in the output is one possible IV set that would create the values you entered. The percentage after each line of output is what you get when you add all the IVs in that line and divide by 45 (15+15+15). It's a quick way of seeing how good the Pokemon is, because it's hard to tell at a glance if a 10/10/10 Pokemon is better than a 12/12/7 Pokemon unless you use percentages. Above the lines of output are the average percentage, and also the range of percentages from the minimum in that list to the maximum in that list, so you can compare that Pokemon quickly with others of the same type to see which one you are most likely to want to evolve without having to power up each one a couple times to narrow down their IVs to the exact values. credits /u/LastSasquatch The IV calculator gives me a big range in percentage? How do I narrow it down? You can narrow it down by levelling up your pokemon once, then entering in the new values and hitting compare. There are a lot of combinations of IVs that can produce some sets of CP and HP at a given level, but the subset of these which also produce the new values for CP and HP at the next level is generally going to be much smaller. The only way to narrow down IVs without using dust and candy is to read data being sent between the client and the server. A guide for that was posted here. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4tqddw/guide_to_determine_exact_ivs_using_mitm_proxy/ credits /u/LastSasquatch What are the formulas to calculate possible IVs? HP = (Base Stam + Stam IV) * Lvl(CPScalar) CP = (Base Atk + Atk IV) * (Base Def + Def IV)0.5 * (Base Stam + Stam IV)0.5 * Lvl(CPScalar)2 / 10 Lvl(CPScalar)= TotalCpMultiplier (~0.095*Sqrt(PokemonLevel) Formulas can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemongodev/comments/4t7xb4/exact_cp_formula_from_stats_and_cpm_and_an_update credits /u/__isitin__ If two of the same pokemon matches IV percentages, will the CP cap stay the same? No. For instance, a Charizard with 15/13/15 (atk, def, stm) will have a higher CP cap than a Charizard with 13/15/15 eventhough both have the same % perfect. This comes directly from how CP is calculated. If your goal is to maximize CP cap, then you need to maximize the Atk IV, since it scales linearly, while the other two stats have square rooted. This may mean you need to go with a pokemon with an even lower % perfect, in order to get a higher max CP. credits /u/iamjli How does level, power up, and stardust cost work? A level is every boost. The dust cost remains the same for a range of levels. Once you notice that the dust cost changes, you know it is now the lowest level in the particular range of levels. Knowing the exact level makes it much easier to determine the IVs. credits /u/xshishkax Here is a reference chart: http://pokemongo.gamepress.gg/power-up-costs Where can I find an IV calculator via android? https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4trry4/android_iv_calculator_app_pogoiv/ credits /u/dancmc Where can I find an IV calculator via spreadsheet? https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4tkk75/updated_iv_calculator_automatically_calculate_ivs/ credits /u/aggixx Where can I find an IV calculator via web app? https://poke-assistant.herokuapp.com/main/ivcalculator Edit: I've been reading many comments lately such as this: I inputed all my information correctly into the IV calculator, but getting "0 possible IV combinations found with an average perfection of 0%". Why is this happening? After speculations, I figured out that if you increase the dust by 1 level (1300>1600), you will get results like you normally do. I think this is because the calculator doesn't take into account for the next dust cost increase after powering up your pokemon. Just my thoughts. I will leave a comment like this below, so let me know if this works for you. Source: Reddit
  23. Pokemon GO Comprehensive Guide

    From reddit user phozee Now that a little over a full week has passed, I’ve had time to train up, discover some rares, explore the mechanics of the game and take a lot with other players. I’ve cleaned up the previous guide and added some things that I’ve learned through friends, Reddit, and trial-and-error. So far, I am level 25, I have seen/caught 110 different Pokemon, and I’ve walked about 90 km (56 miles). In my time playing so far I’ve got into some hoodlum shenanigans, I’ve made several new friends that I would have not met otherwise, I’ve visited some areas I would not have seen otherwise, and I’ve gotten a stupid amount of exercise (probably should have weighed myself at the start). http://imgur.com/a/pmfvK This is long post, but I tried to make it comprehensive. I was going to write a short version but honestly so much of this information is important and knowing it affects how you play the game, so just read the whole thing if you are going to play anything more than casually. Some of it is information you may have already figured out. Some of it is new information I just learned this weekend or even today. If there’s anything you think I missed or you have any questions, let me know and I will add it here. How do I find Pokemon? Pokemon appear around you, and certain places have a higher chance to spawn certain ones. I have found specific beaches and parks usually have specific Pokemon that spawn a lot there, for example there’s a park/beach in the town south of me that is filled with Charmanders. Get up and walk! This game is all about moving. Moving means hitting more Pokestops, encountering more wild Pokemon, hatching eggs, and actually increases the rate at which incense spawns appear. How do I track a specific Pokemon? You can see what is nearby by tapping the button on the bottom-right corner of the main screen, and tap a specific one to focus it so that you can see it on the main screen. Each one has a set of footprints by it, which indicates how far away it is. Each footprint represents a certain distance. 3 footprints means you are 90+ meters away from the Pokemon. 2 footprints means you are 60-90 meters away. 1 footprint means you are 40-60 meters away. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQHIjkXQuM&sns=fb NOTE: this has definitely been buggy the last couple days. No Pokemon ever shows as less than 3 steps, and some won’t show up on your radar at all while they might for your friends standing right next to you. Some won't leave your nearby even after they have despawned (until you restart your app - recommended you do this every 5-10 minutes). Walking in the direction of the focused Pokemon will cause the indicator to blip green. NOTE: This may or may not be accurate - need to re-test once the Nearby bug is fixed. Blips may instead indicate that your list is refreshing. If you are hunting for something in particular, the best thing to do is be social and ask people around you. I found out about the nearby beach with the Charmanders by asking around! If you or someone else finds a Pokemon nearby, that spawn exists for EVERYONE in the same place, but spawns separately for everyone (one person catching it does not ‘steal’ it from others). That means if I find a Mewtwo in the bushes behind my house and catch it, it will still be there for anyone else who wanders by. So if you’re in a public place and you find something rare, other people may be grateful if you tell them How do I catch em all? Once you’ve found a Pokemon and started the catch encounter, you have to throw the Pokeball at them. The Pokeball must land inside the WHITE circle for it to hit and start the catch sequence (where the Pokemon tries to break free from the Pokeball). However, you want to time your throw for when the COLORED circle is as SMALL as possible. The smaller the circle, the higher the catch chance. The color of the circle represents the difficulty in catching it - green is the easiest, red is the hardest. Harder difficulties have an increased chance to break out of the Pokeball. If you land the Pokeball inside the COLORED circle, you will also get some bonus XP! This requires gauging the distance and arcing your throw accurately. The XP bonus depends on the size of the colored circle and grants different bonuses: “Nice!” - colored circle is 75-100% of the white circle - 10 XP “Great!” - 25-75% - 50 XP “Excellent!” - <25% - 100 XP There is also a bonus for throwing curveballs. To throw a curveball, tap and hold the ball and spin it around in circles before throwing - you will see sparkles flying off the ball as it’s spinning. Curveballs grant 10 XP, but this does NOT stack with Nice/Great/Excellent, meaning if you throw a curveball and get Great, you will only get higher of the two bonuses (Great, which is 50 XP). I do hope they change this in the next patch, because if I land an Excellent curveball, why shouldn’t I get all the XP from that? Getting these throw bonuses DOES affect catch chance (confirmed from data-mined game files). How do Pokemon becoming stronger / evolve? As you may have noticed, Pokemon do not have levels like they do in the traditional games. Instead of level, Pokemon have CP (Combat Power). Raising their CP and evolving them requires candy, which is specific to each Pokemon. For example, Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard all require Charmander candies to evolve or power up. Powering up requires candies and stardust, while evolving requires only candies. (Yeah, it’s kind of a weird mechanic that evolving / powering up has nothing to do with training a specific Pokemon, and instead catching multiples of the same kind. Meh.) Your trainer level also determines the CP of Pokemon you find in the wild, which is why RAISING YOUR TRAINER LEVEL IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY. Don’t waste your time and effort powering up your Pokemon at low levels (< lvl 20). Just focus on leveling up as fast as possible. If you want to maximize your power even further, you need to train Pokemon with the highest possible IV. Brief explanation from /u/ZoaolTD: Further reading and IV calculator (thanks /u/Niathepia for the link): /r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4te6bn/improved_iv_calculator_automatically_calculate/ How do I raise my trainer level? There are a number of ways you get XP: Hitting a Pokestop - 50 XP (100 XP if you get 6+ items? Not sure - need confirmation) Catching a Pokemon - 100 XP (500 XP if it's a new one) (+bonuses for Nice!, Great!, Excellent! or Curveball throws) Evolving a Pokemon - 500 XP Hatching a Pokemon - Unsure of this one, I believe it's based on the egg type (2km, 5km or 10km) but need confirmation Taking out an enemy gym / training an allied gym - XP determined by the number of Pokemon you defeated in battle. As low as 150 XP for taking out a level 1 gym, or as high as 750 XP for taking out a level 4 gym (and even more for higher level gyms, I’m sure!) How much XP do I need to level up? This depends on your current level. The higher level you are, the more you need to progress to the next level. This rate increases exponentially after 20. That means your progress will decrease DRAMATICALLY. To put this in perspective, levels 1-10 take 1000 XP multiplied by the current level (1000 XP to advance from lvl 1, 5000 XP for lvl 5, 8000 XP for lvl 8). In total, going from level 1 to 20 takes 205,000 XP. But levels 20, 21, 22, and 23 take 25,000, 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 XP, respectively. 24 takes 150,000 XP, and 25 takes 190,000 XP. That means It takes just as long to go 3 levels, from 20-23, as it does to get from 1-20. And it takes as long to go 1 level, from 25-26 as it does to go from 1-20. This graph gives a good field of reference: http://i.imgur.com/VwCgdUD.png See here for a list of XP required for each level up to 25, as well as the rewards at each level: http://i.imgur.com/BLAUiYP.png What’s the fastest way to level? At lower levels, catching and evolving Pokemon (mostly first-tier common Pokemon) is by far the best way to level quickly. Every evolution gives the same amount of experience - a flat 500 XP. That means to maximize efficiency, you want to evolve the ones that cost the least to evolve. PIdgeys, Weedles and Caterpies all cost 12 candies to evolve into their next form, and they are also the most common encounters. Lucky eggs grant double XP - catch every Pidgey / Weedle / Caterpie you can find, and once you have a ton of candies, pop a Lucky Egg and evolve them all. 1000 XP per evolution will power level you very quickly. How do I get candies? For every Pokemon you catch, you get 3 candies for it. (Catching a Pidgey gives 3 Pidgey candies. Catching a Pidgeotto or Pidgeot also grants 3 Pidgey candies.) For every Pokemon you transfer, you get 1 candy. For every egg you hatch, you get a random amount of candies. (Not sure but it’s probably based on the type of egg and rarity of the Pokemon, too.) How do I get stardust? NOTE: I STRONGLY recommend not using any stardust until you are at least level 22-23. For every Pokemon you catch, you get 100 stardust. For every egg you hatch, you get a random amount of stardust (I’ve gotten as little as a couple hundred and as much as 1700.) For every gym you control when you use your gym shop ability, you get 500 stardust and 10 Pokecoins (maximum 10 gyms - so 5000 stardust and 100 coins). Is it better to catch Pokemon strong or weak? You can find Pokemon strong or weak in the wild, but either way it seems as though they should be able to reach the same maximum CP by powering them up, regardless of what they were at when you caught them. Catching them at a high CP just means less work and resources to make them as strong as possible. How can I tell how strong a Pokemon can get? There isn’t a way to see an exact value, but if you look at a Pokemon’s stats page, you can see an arc around their model, which represents how powerful they are (filled up means you cannot power it up anymore until you raise your trainer level). So if it’s CP is at 500, and the arc is halfway filled, it can reach ~1000 max at your current level. This may not be entirely accurate. The arc may indicate the NUMBER of powerups you can do, but each powerup may be a random amount. Needs additional testing. How do gyms work? NOTE: I recommend not spending too much time on gym battles until you are at least in the late teens / early 20s. They are still good XP, but it's not worth going out of your way and focusing on them in lieu of catching Pokemon. Gym battles are not turn based like classic Pokemon. You tap to attack, a super meter fills up. Tap and hold to use super. You can swipe left or right to dodge, but dodging basic attacks is pretty difficult. Supers can be dodged much more easily than regular attacks. Each people can leave one Pokemon at a gym of the allied color. A gym can hold as many Pokemon as it's level (lvl 3 = 3 Pokemon). You fight a gym's Pokemon in order of CP (so the strongest one is the 'gym leader') To take a gym over, you have to knock out everyone in it. Every time you win a battle you lower the gym's prestige. If it falls below a threshold, the weakest Pokemon gets knocked out. Level 1: 0-2,000 Prestige Level 2: 2,000-4,000 Level 3: 4,000-8,000 Level 4: 8,000-12,000 Level 5: 12,000-16,000 Level 6: 16,000-20,000 Level 7: 20,000-30,000 Level 8: 30,000-40,000 Level 9: 40,000-50,000 Level 10: 50,000-100,000 So if a gym has 3 Pokemon and is sitting at 5,000 prestige, but you win a battle and kill all 3, the prestige will drop below 4,000, which removes the weakest Pokemon from the lineup. Rinse and repeat until the gym is level 0, at which point it will be unclaimed and you can place your own guy on there! The Pokemon you want to place MUST be at full HP, so if you are competing with others to place your guy down as soon as the gym falls, make sure you don't use him in the fight, or you'll have to spend time after the fight's over to heal him up. You use a party of 6 Pokemon to fight an enemy gym. If a Pokemon faints, you have to use a Revive to heal it back up. You use 1 Pokemon to fight an allied gym. When it loses, it does not faint, it just sits at 1 HP, so you don't need to Revive; just Potion. Defeating an allied gym's Pokemon increases its prestige, which allows you to help level it up so you can put your own Pokemon there (or if you already have one, someone else can, thereby making it more difficult for others to take.) How do I know what Pokemon to pick in a fight? Consult this type-chart: http://i.imgur.com/7QvjwwS.png Unless you have a Vaporeon, Then, always pick Vaporeon. What do I get for battling at gyms? In your shop, there is an icon on the top right that looks like a shield, and has a number in it. This number represents the number of gyms that you currently have a Pokemon residing in. For every gym you control when you activate this cooldown, you get 500 stardust and 10 Pokecoins (max 10 gyms, which is 5000 dust and 100 coins). This ability has a 21 hour timer on it, so typically I try to use it in the evening/night when people are playing a little less. Having it be slightly less than 24 hours also gives you some breathing room to try earlier the next day. Unfortunately gyms are easier to take over then they are to defend, so don't expect to hold gyms for too long. Take as many gyms over in one run and claim the rewards. Repeat daily if you can fit a route into your day. The gym system is interesting because unless you are actively trying to get as many gyms as you can in order to use your ability to get stardust / coins, there is NO benefit to actually holding on to a gym. You don’t get any XP or anything for claiming it, but you still do get significant XP for the actual battling process and knocking the gym out. Once you hit higher levels (early-mid 20s), gym battles is the most efficient way to level. (You’ll also probably be sick to death of catching Pidgeys and Weedles so it’s a nice break from that). How do I efficiently level via gym battles? Leveling by training at gyms will be your main method of leveling at higher levels. I try to find level 6+ gyms, and train at those with lucky eggs. I typically gain 1500 XP (750 without Lucky egg) every 2-3 minutes. As the gym level decreases you gain less experience. Find an active park or area where 2+ gyms are raided often and in close proximity of each other. Train at the gym and take over, leaving a low CP pokemon. There's 2 reasons for this. 1. You can transfer the 1 HP pokemon that was returned to your inventory instead of wasting potions and revives on higher CP pokemon (Gyms at active parks will be raided almost instantly so there is no point in leaving a strong pokemon). 2. You bait lower leveled trainers to take the gym which makes it easier for you to train and take it back. I like to find 2 gyms with pokestops in between. I'll train at the first gym, leave a low CP pokemon that I don't care about and then walk to the 2nd gym (collecting pokestops on the way). I repeat the process at gym 2. By the time I walk back to the first gym, another team has taken over. Repeat these steps and you will be leveling fast. Again, this is for higher leveled players and at levels 1-19 you may be better off farming at pokestops with lure modules. Also you may not have a strong enough pokemon to train consistently at a gym. What are all these different items in the shop? If you are spending any significant amount of time playing this game, I highly recommend you invest a little money into it. Time is money, and you save a lot of time by spending a little on items that increase your leveling speed and Pokemon catch rate. Pokecoins are bought with real money but can also be gained by using the gym shop ability. They are used to buy certain items that can only be obtained with coins, such as Lures, Lucky Eggs, and Incubators. Lures Modules are placed on a Pokestop and benefit everyone. They attract Pokemon to the stop. Lucky Eggs give you double XP for 30 minutes. Use them at the same time as a module / incense, as they also have 30 minute durations. Use them before your incubator eggs hatch. Use them before you evolve anything. Incense attracts Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. Moving while you have an incense up attracts Pokemon at a much faster rate than if you are sitting idle. If you aren’t moving, you will see a Pokemon every 4-5 minutes. If you are up and walking, the rate increases to one every 1-2 minutes. Incubators are required to hatch eggs. I always have 9 up at a time. Are there other items that are unlocked later? Level 12 - Great Ball Level 15 - Hyper Potion (need to confirm) Level 20 - Ultra Ball Level 25 - Max Potion Level 30 - Max Revive How do I catch the legendaries? Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew can theoretically be found in the wild; according to data mining of game files they have a value for a spawn rate. However, they have no catch rate, meaning they may require Master Balls to catch. (In the original games, you were given ONE master ball, which gives you a 100% guaranteed catch.) It’s presumed at this point that they will be spawned at special events, but nothing as far as I know is confirmed yet. Any other pro tips? DON’T WASTE YOUR STARDUST UNTIL AT LEAST YOUR EARLY 20s. Stardust is the most important resource you have. It is your bottleneck to becoming the very best, like no one ever was. Stardust is gained by catching Pokemon, so catch everything ever, always. Many of you may still be investing stardust and candies into pokemon that you've had for some time now. You need to save those stardusts/candies for new pokemon. As you level, your pokemon will be outclassed and will become fodder for your new pokemon. Unless the pokemon is special to you, it would be more beneficial for you to transfer them and use the candies to upgrade the newer, stronger pokemon. VAPOREON IS STRONG AF. GET ALL THE VAPOREONS. "WE get it. You vape." You can force an Eevee evolution by naming it before you evolve. Sparky = Jolteon, Rainer = Vaporeon, Pyro = Flareon. NOTE: this only seems to work ONCE per evolution. So if you have already gotten a Vaporeon from this trick, it will probably give you something else instead (I got a Flareon on my second try evolving an Eevee named Rainer). There are reports of it working as long as you don't try the same one twice in a row, but this needs additional testing. /u/PeaceLoveUnity7 claims that as long as you un-name the previous Eevee, it should continue to work. If anyone tests this out, please let me know. Always go for Vaporeon, he is by far the strongest of the 3, and definitely one of the strongest Pokemon in the game in general right now. He has a ton of HP, his attack animation is the fastest in the game and has high damage, making it one of the highest damage-per-second moves, and ranking him overall at #2 strongest in terms of damage and health next to only Mewtwo. You can see a breakdown of every move and it’s DPS here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1vj1nsbsIE7FVPFWE-ZRFNgoszfgfDJ1MiT81d8XbPug/htmlview He also have very few counters, because there are not a lot of strong grass / electric types that can hit hard enough to really take out his HP. Vaporeon can actually seem to take an Jolteon on in a 1v1 despite being at a type disadvantage. Venusaur and Magneton may be really good picks if you can find and train an strong one. This also means YOU SHOULD NOT FOCUS ON FIRE POKEMON like Flareon / Arcanine right now. If I had to guess, Vaporeon will probably get nerfed in the near future. TURN OFF AUGMENTED REALITY. It’s cool for a little bit, but overall it’s a novelty that gets old fast. It makes catching Pokemon harder, and it drains the hell out of your battery. SPEND SOME MONEY. USE LUCKY EGGS, INCENSE AND INCUBATORS. “But this game is free and I don’t want to pay money!” Considering the amount of times I’ve wasted $60 on a PC / console game that sucked ass, and considering the amount of time I’ve spent playing this game already...it's well worth it. Using these items will increase the rate at which you level significantly and are well worth it. When people ask me “how do you level so fast”, I compare the 300 XP I am getting when I land ‘Great!’ throws while a Lucky Egg is on to the flat 100-110 XP most people get on regular or ‘Nice!’ throw. GET UP AND MOVE! Everything in this game happens faster when you’re up and moving. You’re putting distance on your eggs, and hatched eggs give you Pokemon (often rare ones), candy, stardust and XP. You’re hitting Pokestops, which replenish vital items like potions and razzberries. You’re finding more Pokemon in the wild. And Incense actually spawns Pokemon at a much faster rate while you are moving! How does moving affect how often Incense spawns Pokemon? According to some game data files: StandingTimeBetweenEncountersSec: 300 MovingTimeBetweenEncounterSec: 60 DistanceRequiredForShorterIntervalMeters: 200 This means, in order to maximize the rate at which Incense spawns Pokemon, you need to walk 200 meters a minute. That’s a lot, and you’d basically need to be moving 7.5 mph (most people jog at 4-5 mph) do that. So if you’re at a brisk pace of ~3 miles per hour, you’re still getting spawns every 2 minutes or so, as opposed to every 300 seconds (5 minutes) while standing still. More Reading The following information was posted in a Facebook group, allegedly from data mining the game files. None of it seems sketch and is in line with some data-mined files that have already seen the light of day, so I’m inclined to believe it, but take it with a grain of salt. The Trainer Level Cap is 40. Egg's cap at Level 20, so if you get an Egg at Level 37 it'll still hatch at the same quality as if you were level 20. Wild Pokemon cap at Level 30, meaning after Level 30 everyone will find the same max CP Pokemon and it'll be a matter of spending the candy and stardust to upgrade them to your level's cap based on their CP arc. There is an achievement/badge rank above gold. Curveballs and Accurate Throws (Nice, Great, Etc) have been confirmed as helping with the capture chance of a Pokeball throw. There may be future Incubators that reduce the amount of kilometers needed before they hatch. (There is an incubator called "distance" in the code) Moves have an Accuracy and a Critical Hit Rate. Each unique Pokemon has it's own Capture and Flee rate. Move Damage may go up with Trainer Level. Pokemon do become harder to catch as you level up. Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno are Legendary. Mew is Mythic. Farfetch'd is out there... somewhere. As is Ditto. The Charge Meter is filled 0.5 for each 1 HP of damage dealt. This means a super effective move that does more damage will charge the special attack faster - that is actually really important to know. To level from 39 to 40 takes FIVE MILLION EXPERIENCE, and going from 1 to 40 takes Twenty Million. On my best day I can get about one hundred thousand exp, maybe 125k. So that's like 3-4 months to go from 39 to 40. Won't be seeing that any time soon! lol Pokemon have a base Attack, Defense and Stamina (HP) - thus they do not have a Attack and Special Attack stat like in the 3DS games. Dragonite has the strongest base attack for non-legends, at 250. MewTwo has a base attack of 284. Moltres has the highest base attack of the three legendary birds. Articuno has the highest base defense of the three. Zapdos is almost as high as Moltres in base attack but is likely lower due to Type Advantage. Pokemon have an evolution modifier AND a HP modifier when they evolve both CP and HP go up a set multiplier. Defending Pokemon at a Gym attack every 1.5 seconds. The Master Ball is in the game, no clue where it is found. The Legendary Pokemon do have a spawn rate - BUT - they have no capture rate, could this mean they require a Master Ball? STAB is present in the game, giving a 25% Bonus to an attack move. STAB stands for "Same Type Attack Bonus" and means if a Grass Pokemon uses a Grass move it will hit harder than if a Ground Pokemon used the same Grass move. This is a big deal confirmation. None of the above is "coming soon" it's all based on things found already in the code (some may not be turned on of course). SOURCE: Reddit