A Temporary PvP Evaluation on Gholdengo

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Alright, no fancy intros, barely a flowery header image. Let’s simply get RIGHT into a quick PvP take a look at the newly introduced addition coming to Pokémon GO: Gimmighoul’s 999 coin evolution, GHOLDENGO.



Not tanky by any stretch of the creativeness, with stats similar to Aerodactyl (😱), Magnezone, Machamp, and particularly Heracross, the final of which has mainly the identical stats as Goldengo throughout the board… similar Attack, Defense, and HP. It IS similar to these others I listed, having nearly the identical Assault and whole stat product, just a few variance on how their bulk is made up, with the Protection and HP various however popping out roughly equal when mixed. That stated, it leaves most of them behind in Grasp League, in a position to attain a better CP and leaving Magnezone, Machamp, and Heracross within the mud. The closest comparability I can discover at that stage is Zapdos, which tracks very carefully when it comes to Assault, bulk, and most CP.

Anyway, the best way Gholdengo stands out most is that it enters the sport as GO’s solely Metal/Ghost sort so far. The eventual arrival of the meta-warping Aegislash and household will change that endlessly someday, however till then, Gholdengo stands alone. Why does that matter? Metal/Ghost sorts include a whopping twelve resistances, tied with Electrical/Metal for probably the most resistances in all the franchise.

For simplicity, I’ll simply rapidly listing all of these resistances right here, in alphabetical order:

  • Bug (2x), Dragon, Fairy, Preventing, Flying, Grass, Ice, Regular (3x), Poison (3x), Psychic, Rock, Metal

That balanced towards solely 4 vulnerabilities:

  • Darkish, Fireplace, Ghost, Floor

One might argue that Electrical/Metal is barely higher, having solely three vulnerabilities, however famously, certainly one of them is a 2x weak spot (Floor), so I feel it’s nonetheless extra of a tie with regards to who has bragging rights.

ANYway, some issues of explicit observe:

  • Gholdengo is a Metal that isn’t solely not weak to Preventing, however truly resists it.
  • Metal additionally resists Psychic, making Gholdengo a doubtlessly superior Psychic slayer so long as it has respectable Ghost strikes. (Spoiler alert: it does.)
  • Its typing mixture resists the vast majority of injury from seventeen out of the twenty seven “core meta” Pokémon presently utilized in Grasp League, and the heavy majority of different Leagues as properly. Kinda exhausting NOT to with all these resistances!

Now onto the strikes.


First off, so far as quick strikes go, it’s Hex (2.0 Injury Per Flip, however 4.0 Power Per Flip) or bust. Sure, it’s a transfer that’s strictly inferior to Shadow Claw (similar EPT, however Claw offers 3.0 DPT), however your solely different possibility right here is the horrible Astonish (3.0 EPT, however only one.67 DPT), the quick transfer that destroys the PvP prospects of extra Pokémon than I care to listing. Like I stated, Hex or bust for Gholdengo.

That simply leaves the cost strikes:

  • Shadow Ball – Ghost sort, 100 injury, 55 power
  • Dazzling Gleam – Fairy sort, 110 injury, 70 power
  • Focus Blast – Preventing sort, 150 injury, 75 power

Shadow Ball is a should, in a suggestion that certainly surprises no person. Not solely is it Gholdengo’s solely STAB cost transfer, nevertheless it’s additionally by far its least expensive, and Ghost has famously good protection in PvP.

After that, whereas a case will be made for both of the opposite cost strikes, I feel that usually the protection and uncooked energy-to-damage ratio of Focus Blast goes to take the cake over Dazzling Gleam. Gleam is NOT an unviable transfer, nevertheless it offers only one.57 Injury Per Power, whereas Focus Blast prices solely 5 extra power and offers 40 extra injury (2.0 DPE). To not point out that Focus Blast hits the Darks and Normals that resist Ghost injury for tremendous efficient injury, whereas Shadow Ball hits the Psychics and Ghosts that resist Blast for tremendous efficient injury (and impartial injury to each different single typing that resists Focus Blast as properly). They’re an amazing pairing when it comes to protection.

One factor that I do know is already irking some individuals is the dearth of any Metal strikes. Gholdengo DOES be taught a number of in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, reminiscent of Iron Head, Heavy Slam, Flash Cannon, and signature transfer Make It Rain, however none of them present up right here. Nor do some cheaper protection strikes like Psyshock and Thunder Punch. It’s not an AWFUL moveset it ended up with, nevertheless it does proceed the worrying latest pattern of most all the pieces (together with Neighborhood Day Pokémon) getting caught with costly cost strikes. Do you even PvP, Niantic? 🤨

Anyway, shifting on, let’s go along with Shadow Ball and Focus Blast as our default and see how Gholdengo appears to be like at a excessive stage in every League.


Not surprisingly for a League that tends to punish flimsy Pokémon (and has arguably the most important group of viable Pokémon that may prey on Metal/Ghost sorts like Gholdilocks right here), Gholdengo places on its worst showing of all at this stage. It’s price noting that it CAN topple some GL staples like Medicham, Azumarill, Cresselia, DDeoxys, Skarmory, Bastiodon, Alolan Ninetales, Venusaur, and on-the-rise Toxapex and Dunsparce. (Sure, regardless of that scary Drill Run.) However these wins I listed characterize the top of the story. Not solely do tons of issues that may exploit Gholdengo’s typing rip by means of it, however even issues that shouldn’t be capable to on paper, like Altaria, Pelipper, even Shadow Victreebel, going to point out that even spectacular resistances alone can not all the time overcome poor bulk. Its prospects do enhance somewhat considerably with shields down, as one would possibly suspect with one thing that has good closing strikes like Gholdilocks does, however that’s exhausting to engineer and doesn’t actually elevate its inventory when shields drastically swing results the other way.

Maybe there might be a restricted meta that pushes Gholdengo to the fore, however on the whole, I don’t suppose I’m going to face right here and suggest constructing one for Nice League anytime quickly. Particularly with the troublesome and prolonged path one should take to constructing one in any respect!

Perhaps Extremely will provide a more healthy surroundings?


Hmmmm… or perhaps not. The identical issues we present in Nice League are right here as properly: an honest variety of meta Pokémon that may exploit Gholdengo’s few however outstanding weaknesses, and little for it to choose on in return. It beats a smattering of related Fighters and Psychics and Ices and Fairies and stuff like Jellicent, Scizor, and Greedent. However then it goes and loses to mainly all of the Grasses and plenty of Dragons and Buzzwole and even Pidgeot. (Granted, that final one is a battle of resisted strikes on either side, however nonetheless.) It doesn’t do significantly better in Premier, both. Heck, not even getting through shields helps it right here. Blast all of it.

One last shot….


But once more, the numbers fall below hopeful expectations. BUT! There’s a case to be made right here, as Gholdengo places the clamps on the Fairies AND different Steels, to incorporate large dangerous Dialga. Whereas a pair Fairies can flip the tables with shields down (particularly Zacian with Wild Cost and Togekiss with Flamethrower), the opposite Fairies, Steels (other than the apparent Excadrill), and most prominently Dialga are constant wins throughout all even shield scenarios, in addition to Mewtwo (missing its personal Focus Blast), Lugia, and most of the time Dragonite and Gyarados too, with others like Reshiram and Zekrom displaying up in 2v2 shielding, Palkia and Landorun in 1v1 shielding, and Zarude and Focus Blast Mewtwo with shields down.

Admittedly, it’s nonetheless not the spectacular efficiency one would hope for, although. An excellent area of interest, however nonetheless extra of a distinct segment. Fortunately, I do have ONE promising factor to finish this fast, excessive stage evaluation on: Master League Premier, which Niantic has stated must be rather more widespread in coming seasons as penance for killing off Basic codecs. Along with the glut of Fairies it may possibly prey on, it additionally beats out stuff like Ursaluna, Walrein, Machamp, Chesnaught, (Smack Down) Rhyperior, Shadow Snorlax and Dragonite, and kindred spirit Magnezone, amongst others. And hey, constructing one for this might make you’re feeling higher about splurging for the anti-Dialga/Fairy area of interest in Open.


Once more, there could also be extra but to return for Gholdengo with different strikes, reminiscent of an nearly sure future occasion (like, in 2026 or so) with unique transfer Make It Rain simply as Melmetal is about to lastly get Double Iron Bash. However within the right here and now, Gholdengo fills an honest area of interest in Grasp League and should make one thing of itself in Premier as properly. However general, if I’m being sincere, I hoped for a bit extra. Don’t really feel too dangerous about how lengthy the grind could tackle this one, as you’re not lacking out on something recreation breaking. And sure, that features PvE as properly, the place my pal and colleague Teban54 tells me (as an early teaser for a future PvE evaluation?) that it’s up there amongst Ghost/Darkish attackers, however nonetheless trails different, easier-to-get issues like Chandelure, Hydreigon, and naturally various Megas. Similar to in PvP, MAYBE price constructing one finally, however no have to rush.

Okay, perhaps not as fast as I promised 😅, however we’re performed! Good luck in your grind!

Till subsequent time, you’ll be able to all the time discover me on Twitter with common evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in case you’re feeling further beneficiant.

Till then, be protected on the market, Pokéfriends, and catch you subsequent time!

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