A Temporary PvP Evaluation on Magma Storm Heatran, Turtonator, and Mega Sableye

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Hey once more, Pokéfriends! A brand new occasion means a brand new evaluation, so let's take a look at the potential PvP standouts from the Darkish Flames occasion, beginning with our customary Backside Line Up Entrance after which simply dive proper in.


  • Heatran IS higher now with Magma Storm, although I don't count on a sudden rise in its significance within the present meta. It's simply not fairly sufficient, I don't assume, which is a disgrace as a result of the transfer itself is GREAT.
  • Turtonator nonetheless has potential with some addtional transfer tweaking, however with its present moveset? It's left type of unhappy, even with the late addition of Incinerate. Wants extra Dragon, Niantic!
  • The reply to the favored query “Is Mega Sableye higher or worse?” lies inside. (Spoiler alert: it's truly higher, people!)

Alright, on to the evaluation! I promise it's comparatively quick this time so you may get again on the market and hunt stuff down. (And so I possibly don't trip Reddit's “spam filter” again? 🙃)




So proper off the bat, let's get to HEATRAN, lengthy the butt of many jokes in GO, and its new-to-GO signature transfer Magma Storm.

First, the transfer itself is definitely implausible.


Hearth-type Charged Transfer

Injury: 65

Vitality Req'd: 40

Right here we now have an actual clone (apart from typing, after all) of Surf, Drill Peck, Brutal Swing, and Icicle Spear, with a really strong 1.62 Injury Per Vitality (DPE). As in comparison with different Hearth strikes, the one one that's cheaper is Climate Ball, which comes 5 vitality cheaper however offers 10 much less vitality, leading to “solely” 1.57 DPE. However apart from that, that is simply the perfect cheap cost transfer amongst Hearth strikes, dealing 10 extra injury than Hearth Punch and Blaze Kick for a similar 40 vitality value, and dealing the identical injury as Flame Cost for 10 much less vitality (albeit with out Cost's Assault increase). It is a actually good transfer, particularly contemplating different Hearth options.

Sadly, this can be a true signature transfer, with ONLY Heatran studying it in MLG. So whereas I might LOVE to see it distributed to different Hearth sorts, that's not gonna occur. Which is an actual disgrace, as a result of Heatran… remains to be Heatran.

First, I'm simply going to level out the simulations. Assuming Stone Edge because the second transfer, listed below are the sims for current Earth Power and Flamethrower, as in comparison with the brand new Magma Storm. And yeah… excessive degree, they're all the identical. Okay, anaylsis over, byeeeeeeeeeeee!






Nah, you realize I ain't lett you off THAT simple. There's truly some very notable variations.

First off, the velocity of Magma Storm (10-15 vitality cheaper than any of Heatran's different strikes) permits it to beat three issues it couldn't earlier than: Melmetal, Mamoswine, and Yveltal. And that's good! Props to Magma Storm for including just a little extra intrigue.

Moreover, whereas Magma Storm truly exhibits new losses to Zacian (with both Wild Cost or Play Tough), that's not fairly true. Stone Edge alone usually wins, so clearly Magma Storm/Stone Edge can as nicely. Silly sims.

So it's truly all sunshine and rainbows for Magma Storm, proper? Beats the whole lot the opposite strikes can beat PLUS three new issues… oh, wait. Really, there may be one other notable loss than can't be simply defined away, and it's a biggie: Dialga. Magma Storm offers impartial injury (Metal weak to Hearth, however Dragon resists), and simply doesn't deal sufficient of it to forestall Dialga from attending to a giant ending Thunder, whereas Earth Power (tremendous efficient) and even Flamethrower (impartial like Storm, however greater injury) each end off Dialga earlier than it will probably attain a closing Thunder. So… nonetheless an general enchancment, little question, however dropping Dialga to get there kinda hurts.

Related tradeoffs include shields down. Flamethrower alone has the ability to incinerate Melmetal, and it Earth Power are capable of punch out Metagross whereas Magma Storm lacks the ability to complete the job. Nonetheless, the velocity of Storm permits solely it to outrace Mamoswine, Xerneas, and sometimes Mewtwo as nicely. Not a straight improve by any means, however I DO assume we will name Magma Storm an general improve right here.

And the improve turns into crystal clear in 2v2 shielding. Simply take a look at Flamethrower and Earth Power… as in comparison with Magma Storm. 😱 This time it's ALL good points, with Melmetal, Zacian, Mewtwo, Yveltal, Xerneas, and new names Gyarados, Ho-Oh, and Reshiram all sliding into the win column. And NO new losses. It's not stunning {that a} 40-energy transfer improves the efficiency of one thing that usually runs solely 55-energy strikes, however THIS type of enchancment is fairly uncommon and admittedly spectacular. I don't know that it'll all of the sudden soar in utilization or impression within the Grasp League meta — PvPoke nonetheless has it ranked exterior the Prime 50, as one doable signal of that — however not less than it's not totally a joke anymore.

And sure, for what it's value, Magma Storm is healthier than existing options elsewhere like Extremely League as nicely, however it could take a specialised, Cup-type format for it to have any actual probability of breaking on the market. This was and stays a Grasp League choose — extra of a spice choose, actually — than anyplace else. Get one whilst you can, and hope for the hundo, simply assume lengthy and exhausting about whether or not it's value your funding. Both approach, good luck!




Let's begin with the nice. TURTONATOR suits snuggly into Nice League even leveled into the mid-20s, so sure, you CAN nonetheless run your newly raided Turtonators in that format when you wanna. However uh… you proooooobably don't wanna.

Hearth/Dragon is a reasonably intriguing typing, negating the usual Dragon weaknesses to Fairy AND Ice, and the common Hearth weak point to Water, however opening up Floor and Rock vulnerabilities that the majority Dragons don't want to fret about, and remaining weak to Dragon injury… whereas missing ANY Dragon quick strikes to reply again with. And that proper there may be in all probability Turtonator's best flaw… it's a Dragon that's pitifully outmatched by different Dragons. And with a record like this, you're more likely to solely ever think about it in Restricted metas the place, presumably, it is going to be surrounded by aforementioned Dragons. Its finest wager could also be in a meta that enables Hearth sorts and NOT different Dragons, and may then flex its double resistance to Hearth (alongside resistances to Metal, Electrical, Bug, and double resistance to Grass, if these find yourself mattering). However the issue once more is missing any Dragon injury output besides mediocre cost transfer Dragon Pulse, and thus Turt nonetheless manages to lose to just about all of the big-name Hearth sorts (Charizard, Talonflame, Victini, A-Wak, Blaziken, and so forth.) who include ample non-Hearth injury choices.

Briefly… whereas I completely love the design of Turtonator, I don't see it doing something however sitting on the bench. It will take a bizarre and funky Nice League format for it to do something past that.

Turtonator is a little more fascinating in Ultra League, for what it's value, however observe that it must be totally maxed (AND almost hundo) to tickle 2500 CP. And but once more, there are muchmuchmuch higher Hearth choices already, together with my boy Charizard with the Dragon quick transfer (AND a spammy Dragon cost transfer) that Turtonator pines for.

Poor Turtonator.

There MAY be hope down the road, as it will probably be taught a number of good Dragon strikes in MLG, together with Outrage, Draco Meteor, and sure, Dragon Claw. AND quick transfer Dragon Tail! The potential is there, and it's nice to dream. I'd try to land not less than a pair in case higher days are on the horizon for the fiery Draco-turtle. Simply don't count on that day to be simply over the horizon, as Niantic already lately tweaked Turtonator by giving it Incinerate (and Flash Cannon for… uh… some motive?) and are unlikely to tinker once more quickly.


Sableye (Mega)


Whereas we're dreaming, let's take a peek at MEGA SABLEYE in PvP.

Now this actually DOES have to be a dream, as we've by no means had Megas eligible in PvP apart from Mega Grasp League, and whilst a Mega, Sableye doesn't cross even 2000 CP, a lot much less get anyplace near being Grasp League viable. That is nonetheless only a Nice League dialogue.

However there IS dialogue to have, as a result of Mega Sableye outclasses non-Mega in almost each approach. Mega is bulkier (much less HP than non-Mega, but in addition about 40 extra Protection!) and has a better general stat product. Now whereas its decrease Assault (trailing non-Mega by roughly 8 within the Assault stat) signifies that Mega fails to Alolan Sandslash and (Water Gun) Lanturn as non-Mega can, a theoretical Mega Sableye in Great League would be capable of beat Venusaur, Walrein, Shadow Victreebel, Skarmory, Pelipper, Registeel, and usually the mirror match (versus non-Mega Sable), none of which regular old Sableye can reliably replicate.

Briefly: Mega Sableye could be a boon in Nice League, and is BETTER than the unique. In all probability the ONLY Mega that may flex in that approach, and sadly considerably unlikely to ever truly be permitted, however hey… dare to dream! Now you realize the reply to a query I do know lots of you may have been questioning about.

Alrighty, that's it for now. Tried to maintain it quick and candy for as soon as!

Till subsequent time, you possibly can all the time discover me on Twitter with common GO evaluation nuggets or Patreon.

Continued due to my PvP mates, native and world wide, who've lent their very own concepts and ideas during the last FOUR years of PvP play, and helped educate me to be a greater participant and scholar of the sport. And as all the time, thank you for studying… I respect your consideration and encouragement.

Keep protected on the market, Pokéfriends, and good searching (and raiding) through the occasion!

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