A PvP Evaluation on Brutal Swing Conkeldurr

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No beating across the bush… let's simply get proper to our evaluation on Neighborhood Day Conkeldurr with Brutal Swing  and our Backside Line Up Entrance :


  • New unique transfer Brutal Swing Darkish is mainly at all times a legitimate sidegrade possibility in any respect ranges, and infrequently higher than that.
  • Efficiency-wise. the most important enhancements are present in Nice League, however that's additionally essentially the most crowded place to attempt to escape. I as a substitute think about Conkeldurr might begin displaying up extra in Extremely League and maybe resurging a bit in Grasp as properly.
  • In a number of methods, this new transfer is precisely what the physician ordered for Conkeldurr's viability… however there IS some good you normally have to surrender to squeeze it in.

Conkeldurr stats



Nice League Stats

Wanting on the Highest Stat Product IVs for Nice League, 3-15-15 leads to 1500 CP at Stage 16.5:

Assault Protection HP
(133 Excessive Stat Product)
(94 Excessive Stat Product)
(134 Excessive Stat Product)

Extremely League Stats

Wanting on the Highest Stat Product IVs for Extremely League 0-15-12 leads to 2499 CP at Stage 28:

Assault Protection HP
(172 Excessive Stat Product)
(122 Excessive Stat Product)
(173 Excessive Stat Product)

Grasp League Stats

Assuming 15-15-15 IVs, and CP 3773 at Stage 50 for Grasp League:

Assault Protection HP
217 145 208

So the pure inclination right here is to check Conkle's stats to different pure Fighters… and yeah, that's precisely what I'm gonna do. In desk kind!

Fighter Assault Protection Stamina Complete*


135 93 132 1658


136 97 124 1644


140 99 115 1599


146 107 98 1537


122 151 100 1842

(*) Complete stands for Complete Stat Product

That's for Nice League, however you get the purpose. Conkeldurr is definitely bulkier than a lot of the widespread mono-Fighters, however not almost as a lot as bulkier ones like Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, and naturally multi-type Fighters like Poliwrath (117 Assault, 120 Protection, 138 HP, 1925 T.S.P.) or, after all, the mighty (annoying!) Medicham (107 Assault, 139 Protection, 141 HP, 2103 T.S.P.).

Anyway, because of this, give Conkeldurr the identical moveset as, say, Machamp, and it performs about the same. However after all, they do NOT have the identical moveset, in order that's the place the principle variations will lie.

What DOES Conkle have? Let's look!

Conkeldurr strikes

Quick Strikes

  • Counter – Combating kind, 4.0 DPT, 3.5 EPT, 1.0 CoolDown
  • Poison JabPoison kind, 3.5 DPT, 3.5 EPT, 1.0 CD

This isn't a debate we see with many Fighters, although it IS the identical as we discover with Buzzwole and Toxicroak: Counter for larger injury, or Poison Jab for attention-grabbing protection? Had been Counter almost some other quick transfer as a substitute, the reply could be straightforward, as Jab is a implausible quick transfer, with above common injury output AND power era. Solely three quick strikes within the sport can declare that. Sadly for Jab, Counter is one in every of them, and the ONLY quick transfer that's strictly higher, with the identical power era however greater injury… plus STAB on prime of it. There might come a meta the place Jab will get the nod, however 99% of the time, it's going to be Counter, fingers down.

– Unique (Neighborhood Day) Transfer


Cost strikes

  • Brutal SwingDarkish kind, 65 injury, 40 power
  • Dynamic PunchCombating kind, 90 injury, 50 power
  • Stone EdgeRock kind, 100 injury, 55 power
  • Focus BlastCombating kind, 150 injury, 75 power

Up to now, the principle motive Conkeldurr has been virtually completely absent from PvP play (not less than exterior of Grasp League), regardless of its competitive-among-Fighters stats, primarily due to its cost strikes. Excluding the brand new Neighborhood Day transfer for a second, Conkle had no cost strikes costing lower than 50 power, whereas widespread Fighters like Machamp and Sirfetch'd (and naturally, multi-role Fighters like Medicham and Poliwrath and Scrafty) have a number of cost strikes with a decrease value than that.

Now that may nonetheless kinda-sorta work in Grasp League, the place the upper HP and protracted battles are extra accomodating to winding up sluggish cost strikes, and thus Conkeldurr already makes a mark in ML, significantly in ML Premier. However in decrease Leagues, that sluggish windup has made Conker persona non grata. Put merely, it suffers as a result of it's too sluggish to bash on shields and infrequently fails to succeed in cost strikes when it wants them most. Counter is in and of itself good stress, however not almost sufficient when so many different Combating choices have that AND protect stress going for them.

Followers of Conkeldurr have been rooting for it to get an inexpensive, pressuring cost transfer to raised emulate the success of issues like Machamp (35-energy Cross Chop), Sirfetch'd (35-energy Leaf Blade AND Evening Slash), Primeape (Evening Slash, Cross Chop, AND 40-energy Ice Punch) and others. In MSG, Conker doesn't be taught any of these particular strikes (properly, it could actually be taught Ice Punch and the opposite Elemental Punches, however that territory is already well-covered by Hitmonchan and considerably by Medicham too), however it can be taught issues like Brick Break, Energy-Up Punch, Superpower, and Shut Fight, all of which might give it extra velocity.

However in the long run, I believe we could also be getting one thing even higher, as Brutal Swing not solely is available in with 65 injury for under 40 power (tied with Magma Storm, Surf, Drill Peck, and the new-and-maybe-improved X-Scissor), but in addition offers some spiffy protection. Being a Darkish-type transfer, Brutal Swing responds to normally-scary-for-Fighters Psychic and Ghost sorts with tremendous efficient injury. Actually, it turns Conkeldurr into considerably of an inverse of the mighty Machamp with its personal Neighborhood Day transfer Payback. Machamp has a spammy STAB transfer (Cross Chop) and a giant costly closing protection transfer in Payback, whereas Conkeldurr now has the protection as its spammy transfer (Brutal Swing) and works with both Dynamic Punch for a giant STAB nearer or Stone Edge for closing energy and much more protection (versus Flyers, for instance).

Anyway, earlier than I ramble on an excessive amount of, let's get to some numbers. As a result of many individuals which have used or seen Conkeldurr have solely skilled it in Grasp League, we're going to go in reverse order and begin there and work our manner down.

Grasp League

Beginning easy, as a reminder, here is current Conkeldurr in ML, and here it is with Brutal Swing. Even higher, right here it's with Brutal Swing and Stone Edge, missing any Combating cost strikes however nonetheless pulling the identical precise report. What offers? Shouldn't a transfer like Brutal Swing make it higher? Nicely, it does, however we've got to form of tease that out.

First off, we have to discuss in regards to the different cost strikes. With out Stone Edge within the combine, Conkeldurr can't usually beat Ho-Oh, Gyarados (for the uncommon instances it might present up), or Landorus Incarnate, however it CAN beat all three with Stone Edge, and whether or not the opposite transfer is Brutal or Dynamic doesn't matter. Conversely, Conkle wants Dynamic Punch to knock out Swampert or (not less than situationally) Garchomp, no matter second cost transfer. Preserve these type of issues in thoughts, as we'll see comparable themes with these two strikes in all Leagues.

The place Brutal Swing makes a distinction is including in potential new wins over Reshiram and Zekrom due to newfound bait/velocity potential, no matter whether or not the nearer is Dynamic Punch or Stone Edge. And it provides on a win versus Metagross particularly when paired with Dynamic Punch. Add all of these components up, and the information in 1v1 shielding come out to be the identical, however Conkeldurr will get there alternative ways.

Apart from Metagross, Brutal Swing doesn't result in any shock wins over Psychic or Ghost sorts, and it doesn't enormously elevate Conkle's general efficiency. Nevertheless it does give it a brand new twist and makes a few of its present wins (most notably Dialga, Melmetal, Rhyperior, and Ursaluna) way more snug and constant.

And it makes a BIG distinction when each shields come into play. Not surprisingly, the distinction in 2v2 shields between Brutal Swing and no Brutal Swing is fairly huge, with new wins displaying up versus Metagross, Swampert, and even Zacian, Yveltal, and Therian Landorus, all with both Dynamic Punch or Stone Edge. That's fairly vital!

On the flipside, Brutal Swing makes mainly no distinction with shields down and is in truth worse than rolling with both closers. This shouldn't come as a giant shock, since with out shields in the best way you may maximize the effectiveness of each — Stone Edge beating Yveltal and Gyarados, and Dynamic Punch beating Dialga and Ursaluna — however I believe it IS a bit of notable that Brutal Swing doesn't result in any notable new wins or assist both of these different strikes to new wins both.

The identical is mainly true of Grasp League Premier as properly (ought to Niantic ever make {that a} semi-regular factor once more… simply two whole weeks of it since March of this yr!): a sidegrade in 1v1 shielding (mainly buying and selling Gyarados for Garchomp and Metagross as a substitute), slight downgrade with shields down, and solely clearly higher in 2v2 shielding with new wins that current Conker can't get versus Metagross, Swampert, and Gholdengo, of all issues.

So general… I believe it's a viable sidegrade in Grasp League, at worst, and situationally higher at greatest. It's most likely extra constant and positively value getting in case you plan to ever use Conkeldurr in Grasp League, however on the identical time there are virtually at all times tradeoffs, and no matter Conkle you could have maxed out already isn't all of a sudden pushed to the facet. There's ample room for previous AND new Conkeldurrs, I believe!

The extra apparent enchancment comes as we step down from Grasp League and have a look at the place Conkeldurr hasn't actually seen any play but… and might now after this Neighborhood Day. Perhaps.

Extremely League

Strictly by the ultimate numbers, that is the place it appears like Brutal Swing Conkeldurr has its greatest area of interest. And it begins in the usual 1v1 shielding this time, with the advance from non-Brutal Conk to new Brutal Conk jumps off the display screen a bit. The likes of (so as) Cobalion, Dubwool, Escavalier, Guzzlord, and Swampert (common and Shadow) pop up within the win column now, and working with Stone Edge instead of Dynamic Punch even appears probably viable with Steelix and non-Shadow Swampert being as a substitute changed by Gyarados and Golisopod.

Curiously, it's now in 2v2 shielding that we see extra of a mere sidegrade as in comparison with current moves, with Brutal/Edge selecting up the now-clear-favorite model (Snarl/Aerial Ace/Darkish Pulse) of Mandiuzz, and Brutal/Punch gaining solely Steelix as a substitute. Slight enchancment both manner, however not something that catches your eye almost as a lot because the 1shield outcomes.

And never surprisingly, the 0shield outcomes swing way more on whether or not you're working Stone Edge (beating Golisopod and Alolan Ninetales) or Dynamic Punch (smashing Registeel, G-Fisk, Swampert, and curiously, Mandibuzz… just because Punch is 5 power cheaper and thus you should utilize two Punches and just one Edge in the identical timeframe) than in case you're working Brutal Swing (and once more, Edge/Punch is still overall best on this particular, hard-to-engineer state of affairs for its best-of-both-worlds high quality). And even right here, Brutal Swing DOES nonetheless stand out a bit of with a unique win versus Cofagrigus that you just don't get some other manner. It doesn't occur usually, however when you may sneak in a win like that, it's a GOOD feeling, and a small signal of the protection that Brutal can present.

So once more, no worse than a sidegrade. Labored proper, it could actually deal with itself properly as an general improve, and maybe worthy now of legit consideration, proper up there with the best of the best amongst Fighters.

Nevertheless it's largest general soar remains to be to come back….

Nice League

So yeah, the excellent news is that the win proportion from old Conker to new hotness Conker swings very dramatically, almost doubling with new wins that embrace Lickitung, Dewgong, Alolan Ninetales, Swampert, and owing to the effectiveness of Brutal Swing, even Froslass and Trevenant! And so long as you're additionally packing Dynamic Punch, you may tack on Noctowl, Carbink, and Lanturn (with both quick transfer) too. These ARE some legit good wins. So why am I not singing its praises extra loudly? This can be a HUGE enchancment, in any case.

The issue is that there are only a ton of different viable Fighters at Nice League stage too — a lot moreso than Grasp and even Extremely League — from Machamp and Sirfetch'd to dual-typed stars like Poliwrath and Scrafty and Hakamo-O and, after all, Medicham.

I might see Conkle breaking out a bit in a Restricted format as a Fighter with a relatively distinctive skill to punch again at issues like Trevenant and Froslass (as talked about above), however in Open? It maybe deserves extra consideration, however I really feel is harmed — maybe unfairly — by simply having an uphill battle to get seen among the many already-crowded subject.

Perhaps it can escape anyway, however satirically, regardless of having essentially the most notable enchancment (to incorporate 2v2 shielding with new wins versus Mandibuzz and Lanturn once more) in Nice League, it's maybe the League the place I least anticipate it to make a splash. I'd like to be confirmed improper, although!

In summation

There's greater than sufficient good occurring with new Brutal Swing that I do suggest snagging not less than one stable Conkeldurr with Brutal for every League the place you possibly can use a good Combating kind. The potential is there throughout the board. It's only a matter of justifying utilizing it over different Fighters obtainable… together with, in some Leagues, present Conkeldurrs themselves.

Gonna wrap it up proper right here, as Neighborhood Day is FAST approaching, and I wish to depart you all time to correctly prep. So till subsequent time (Greavard and buddies, greater than doubtless), you may at all times discover me on Twitter with common evaluation nuggets, or Patreon in case you're feeling further beneficiant.

Good searching, people! Do keep protected on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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