A PvP Evaluation on Neighborhood Day Charjabug (Vikavolt who?)

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Howdy of us! No time to waste, as the following Neighborhood Day is upon us. It's time for our first DOUBLE evolution Neighborhood Day occasion, with each the ultimate AND middle evolution within the Grubbin line getting the particular transfer. And that's necessary, as a result of as we'll see shortly within the article and within the Backside Line Up Entrance, that center evolution is what we really need in PvP!


  • The important thing query: would you like Volt Change on these Bugs for PvP? Quick reply: sure, I imagine you do!
  • Charjabug will get some severe spice potential with Volt Change — if not extra than simply spice potential — in Restricted metas and even Open Nice League. It's not a straight improve, however fairly near it, and a major one.
  • Vikavolt stays a middling choice as a consequence of very poor bulk, no matter League. “Spice” is far more of a stretch right here, however there's some hope in PvE.

CHARJABUG Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
116 (113 Excessive Stat Product) 132 (136 Excessive Stat Product) 126 (128 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-13-15, 1500 CP, Degree 38.5)

Waitwaitwait… why am I supplied stats for the center evolution reasonably than Vikavolt? Preserving it quite simple, it's as a result of of the stats.

Charjabug has stats in shut alignment with Tapu Fini, Ninetales (and Alolan Ninetales), Poliwrath, Wigglytuff, Hakamo-O and others. Not overly cumbersome, however actually balanced. Vikavolt, on the opposite arms, has stats extra in step with Lucario, Banette, Sirfetch'd, Sneasler Pawmot, and Hoopa. Now a few of these work in PvP, after all, however usually solely these which can be spammy as all get-out. (Sirfetch'd and Lucario with Counter and 35-energy cost strikes, Sneasler with Shadow Claw and a number of low-cost cost strikes, and so forth.) Vika comes with some 40 and 45 power cost strikes, however let's maintain this easy: even with the brand new transfer, it simply doesn't work in any of the three major Leagues. Not even the best energy generation Electric has to offer can reserve it (and it doesn't be taught that quick transfer in MSG anyway). That is seemingly nearly as good as it should ever get, and it merely can't overcome its horrendous lack of bulk, having about 15 much less HP and almost 40 much less Protection than Charjabug. That is the final bit of research I'll be doing for Vikavolt on this article, although once more, suggest testing u/Teban54‘s nice PvE evaluation if you wish to see what it will possibly do in raids. There's hope!

As for us PvPers, our hope lies in Charjabug. Its Bug/Electrical typing needs to be acquainted to those that have battled with (or towards) Galvantula, however as a reminder, it's really a fairly neat combo. Bug negates the well-known Electrical weak point to Floor, whereas Electrical eliminates the large weak point Bug has to Flying. In the long run, Charjabug and its fellow supercharged Bugs are left susceptible solely to Hearth and Rock, and resist Combating, Grass, Electrical, and Metal. Galvantula doesn't usually get to make the most of what's a really strong defensive kind mixture, however a cumbersome block like Charjabug ought to be capable of!

Does it? Let's add within the strikes after which discover out….

ᴱ – Unique (Neighborhood Day) Transfer

Quick Strikes

  • Volt SwitchᴱElectrical kind, 3.0 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 2.0 CoolDown
  • SparkElectrical kind, 3.0 DPT, 3.5 EPT, 1.0 CD
  • Bug ChewBug kind, 3.0 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 0.5 CD

Bug Chew and Sparkare each strong sufficient strikes, the previous being Water Gun/Lick for Bugs, and the latter going by an notorious retooling this GBL season to show it from what was once a excessive power/low energy transfer into extra of a median power/barely above common power transfer, principally as a way of (considerably noneffectively) nerfing Lanturn. In a approach, this simply makes evaluating it to Neighborhood Day addition Volt Change all the simpler, as Change offers the identical harm per flip and has higher power era. Ought to make for a strict improve, proper? Nicely… sure and no. In a vacuum, Change is undoubtedly higher, however there's one other huge distinction between them that WILL come into play at occasions: Volt Change requires 4 full PvP turns (which equates to 2 seconds of actual time) per use, whereas Spark wants solely half of that. There ARE occasions the place Spark will help you fireplace off a cost transfer a flip or two sooner than Change regardless of technically producing much less power, just because it finishes its cooldown a full second sooner than Volt Change. It's a extra environment friendly transfer in thay approach, much less liable to needlessly overcharging like Change generally stuggles with.

However extra on that after we convey within the cost strikes after which take a look at some precise simulations. For now I'll simply say that 95% of the time (that 5% primarily being sure Restricted metas), it's all the way down to Spark or Change. Each are simply higher strikes than Bug Chew until the precedence is dealing Bug-type harm (that 5% I discussed).

Cost Strikes

  • X-ScissorBug kind, 65 harm, 40 power
  • DischargeElectrical kind, 65 harm, 45 power
  • CrunchDarkish kind, 70 harm, 45 power, 30% Likelihood: Decrease Opponent Protection -1 Stage

Wow, someway it's really refreshing to have solely three cost strikes to contemplate! Been a short time since we had such a “easy” goal to research.

As Charjabug's least expensive cost transfer (and solely supply of Bug harm as soon as we take away Bug Chew from the equation), X-Scissor is mainly a should. Keep in mind that it was additionally rebalanced this GBL season, going from a former 35e/45d transfer to now a 40e/65d transfer this season. That has made it a little bit clumsier for baiting than it was once for a lot of Bugs, but it surely nonetheless works like a appeal with Volt Change particularly. Every Change generates 16 power, so whereas that does end in overcharging for the primary X-Scissor (3 Switches = 48 power), the power left over permits Charjabug to hit precisely the 40 power required for its second X-Scissor after solely two extra Switches (8 leftover power + 16 + 16 = 40). That's fairly neat, and extra environment friendly than Galvantula with its excessive stress Lunge (which prices 45 power, and due to this fact requires one additional Volt Change to do back-to-back Large cost strikes). In fact, X-Scissor comes with out Lunge's opponent-Assault-nerf bonus, however Charj being the cumbersome little boi it's doesn't want that almost as a lot as Galv (which is barely bulkier than Vikavolt).

As for the second cost transfer, they each value a extra awkward 45 power. Discharge is much less thrilling, dealing the identical harm as X-Scissor however for five extra power. That would appear to disqualify it straight away, however the Electrical-type harm it offers is totally key in sure Restricted metas. Usually although, I believe Crunch is the higher option to go. Volt Change itself rips off chunks of life with its Electrical-type harm, so the protection that comes with Crunch (to not point out the potential Defensive nerf to the opponent) seemingly has extra worth in Open play.

However sufficient speak. Let's take a look at some numbers!


Earlier than Volt Change, Charjabug was interesting but subdued in Open GL. It flexed its bulk and typing to deal with some huge names like Medicham (although provided that it lacks Psychic {the transfer}) and a slew of Waters (a lot of the huge names besides Mud Boys), Flyers (Gligar and Altaria are points, however not a lot else), Psychics (Cress, DD, and so forth.), Darks (to incorporate Umbreon, Scrafty, Obstagoon, and Mandi), and a handful of Grasses. (And only for comparative functions, you may rapidly see the limitations of Bug Bite.) What Volt Switch does is shore up Medicham (it will possibly now outrace even Psychic {the transfer!} variants) and drag Venusaur and Froslass into the win column, the previous by now reaching three cost strikes earlier than Venusaur can attain a 3rd, and the latter by now attending to a killer Crunch earlier than Froslass can attain the Shadow Ball it wants. (Charj can survive an Avalanche, however not Shadow Ball.) And whereas it's much less obvious on the stat sheet, with high bulk IVs it will possibly additionally pressure a minimum of a tie with Toxicroak and Cofagrigus too.

The advance is especially spectacular in 2v2 shielding. Spark Charjabug was okay, however Volt Switch Charjabug is sort of clearly higher, selecting up wins versus Venusaur, Shadow Victreebel, Water Gun Lanturn (Spark Lanturn already was a win), Froslass, and Lickitung… all fairly vital names. It additionally turns what was a razor skinny win versus Trevenant (simply 5 HP left over) into a really secure win (over 40 HP), amongst others.

Now, there IS a case to be made for Discharge too. As I mentioned, Crunch is often higher however there's one thing to be mentioned for optimum Electrical harm output generally too. That is most obvious with shields down, the place Discharge seemingly blows Crunch away with further wins versus plenty of Waters (Azumarill, Jellicent), Flyers (Mandibuzz), and issues that resist Crunch however not Electrical harm (Toxicroak, Powder Snow Alolan Ninetales), in addition to Registeel (towards which solely STAB Discharge has the appropriate impartial harm and value to JUST outrace the large dumb dumbell). On the flipside, solely with Crunch do you beat issues like Froslass, so there's nonetheless a tradeoff, particularly in metas just like the upcoming Halloween Cup (the place Crunch will likely be nice versus all of the Ghosts, whereas Discharge will likely be superior versus Fairies). Discharge additionally has niches in different shielding situations, akin to overcoming Toxicroak in 1v1 shielding, and issues like Mandibuzz in 2v2 shielding, although I believe Crunch continues to be what I'd go along with for all-around protection more often than not. That will simply be me!

Lengthy story quick: Volt Change is at worst a strong sidegrade to present Spark on Charjabug, and it's actually higher to name it an total improve. Some vital names begin popping into the win column with Change that I believe push it over the sting, sufficient that I might argue it even bears a minimum of bench consideration in Play! Pokémon tournaments, to not point out on the appropriate workforce in GBL. Suggest popping out of Neighborhood Day with a minimum of one actually strong Volt Change Charjabug for Nice League.

Sadly you received't be capable of use Charjabug (and even Vikavolt) in Electrical Cup later this season, which appears SO odd. I do know they had been banned final time, however… we will't even get Charj unbanned this time? Such a disgrace. You WILL, nonetheless, get to unleash it in Halloween Cup, the place I think it should make a pleasant displaying with its diversified and potent moveset. Chances are you'll even need to look out for Little League model… can't damage, proper?


As I discussed, sure, go get your self Volt Change Charjabug. However I HAVE to take a fast second for a associated subject. That is our first Neighborhood Day the place the center evolution can be getting the transfer, which makes me lament that we by no means noticed, say, Shadow Ball Dusclops, or Surf Slowpoke, or heck, even Icicle Spear Sealeo. None could be gamebreaking or something, however man, they WOULD be enjoyable. I doubt Niantic will return and revisit any of these, however right here's hoping it is a new pattern they'll contemplate sticking with sooner or later. There are literally loads of very attention-grabbing center evolutions within the recreation which can be only one transfer tweak away from potential PvP glory, so I'm excited to see if we'll get our shot at extra. What center evolutions would YOU wish to see get the Neighborhood Day therapy, pricey reader?

Alright, that's all I received for at the moment. Neighborhood Day is nearly right here! (This text marks #491 within the march to 500, for these holding observe.) Till subsequent time, you may all the time discover me on Twitter with common PoGO evaluation nuggets or Patreon.

Thanks for taking trip of your day to learn this, of us. I hope it's a assist! Keep secure on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends.

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