A PvP Evaluation on Gogoat (Metropolis Safari New Launch)

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Howdy of us! Whereas there's absolutely some controversy in regards to the restricted nature of its launch (with introduced releases solely in upcoming Metropolis Safaris in Seoul, Barcelona, and Mexico Metropolis), the very fact is that GOGOAT is coming to Pokémon GO in the end, so it's time to check out it.

If you wish to minimize RIGHT to the center of the evaluation, let's put our TLDR proper right here up right here on the prime with our Backside Line Up Entrance:


  • Gogoat is a greater Tangrowth, with a greater Grass cost transfer and barely higher bulk. Sorry, shaggy one.
  • Gogoat has a improbable (and fully distinctive) Grass moveset and a near-perfect protection transfer that offers tremendous efficient injury to 4 of the 5 typings that symbolize its most direct counters.
  • This one has some legit worth in all three major Leagues. Extremely is the place it might take advantage of instant affect, however sure Nice League Cups will certainly really feel its affect, and it even has some potential manner up in Grasp League. This can be a good one to grind when in a position, of us!

Now for particulars on that abstract, learn on!

GOGOAT Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
119 (118 Excessive Stat Product) 95 (96 Excessive Stat Product) 165 (167 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 2-15-15, 1500 CP, Stage 20)

Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
155 (118 Excessive Stat Product) 122 (124 Excessive Stat Product) 214 (217 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-14-15, 2498 CP, Stage 37.5)

Grasp League Stats

Assault Protection HP
177 135 235

(Assuming 15-15-15 IVs; 3163 CP at Stage 50)

Lots of the greater Grasses in PvP have a secondary typing, so a fast reminder on a mono-Grass like Gogoat: resists Water, Floor, Electrical, and different Grass, and susceptible to Fireplace, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug injury. Not great, not terrible.

Gogoat falls in the midst of Grasses by way of stats, being bulkier than issues like Venusaur, Trevenant, and Lurantis, however much less cumbersome than issues like Meganium and Serperior. Total its stats observe very intently to Abomasnow, and virtually immediately in step with Chesnaught, simply to offer some frames of reference.

However sufficient of that. Let's get to what's shaping up as a improbable movepool.

Quick Strikes

  • Vine Whip – Grass sort, 2.5 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CoolDown
  • Rock SmashPreventing sort, 3.0 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD
  • Zen HeadbuttPsychic sort, 2.67 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD

In order an analyst of the sport, I've had to spend so much of time explaining numerous quick strikes and explaining in numerous articles why one is best than one other for a selected Pokémon, typically diving deep in nuances of effectiveness and STAB and synergy with the cost strikes and such between a number of seemingly viable quick strikes.

This isn't a type of instances. Vine Whip blows the opposite two away, as you possibly can see by their stats. Rock Smash and Zen Headbutt are simply not viable strikes until you occur to be Zen Headbutt Throh in Preventing Cup or one thing.

Go along with Vine Whip. Quick transfer evaluation full! 😁

Properly, I do have yet another attention-grabbing piece of study. Apart from Technology 9's Legendary Ogerpon, Gogoat is the final Pokémon we'll see launched into Pokémon GO that learns Vine Whip in the principle sequence video games. Every thing else is both Gen 6 or earlier, Comfey from Gen 7, or Zarude from Gen 8, all of that are already in GO. This can be a disgrace, as Vine Whip is by far the very best total PvP transfer Grass has, IMO. After Gen6, Bullet Seed and Leafage more and more took over and Vine Whip principally disappears. Preserve this in thoughts as we get to Dolliv/Arboliva evaluation subsequent week…. 😬

For now, although, on to the cost strikes.

Cost Strikes

  • Brick BreakPreventing sort, 40 injury, 35 power
  • Leaf BladeGrass sort, 70 injury, 35 power
  • Seed BombGrass sort, 60 injury, 45 power
  • Rock SlideRock sort, 75 injury, 45 power

As with quick strikes, cost transfer evaluation will be painstaking, even onerous work.

However but once more, this isn't a type of events.

Leaf Blade makes Seed Bomb pointless, dealing 10 extra injury for 10 much less power. And it additionally makes Brick Break principally superfluous too, because it takes two ranges of effectiveness for Brick Break to be higher than Leaf Blade. “Uhhhh… what does ‘ranges of effectiveness' imply, JRE?” Issues on the identical “degree of effectiveness” are strikes that each deal impartial injury to a goal, similar to when dealing with a Regular sort, every part is on the identical degree of effectiveness (impartial) apart from tremendous efficient Preventing injury, and not very efficient Ghost injury. Equally, Grass and Electrical each deal the identical degree of efficient injury (tremendous efficient) versus Water sorts, and equally, the identical degree of effectiveness (resisted, or “not very efficient”) versus opposing Grass sorts. Issues separated by one “degree” of effectiveness would come with, say, Brick Break and Leaf Blade versus a Regular sort, the place Break is tremendous efficient, and Blade is merely impartial. Nonetheless, in circumstances like this, Leaf Blade is STILL higher as a result of it nonetheless finally ends up dealing extra injury than Brick Break for a similar power value. (For instance, versus Vigoroth in Nice League, Leaf Blade offers 58 injury on common, whereas Brick Break — regardless of being tremendous efficient — nonetheless offers solely 44 injury.) That is additionally true versus issues like Umbreon, which additionally takes tremendous efficient from Break and solely impartial from Blade… and Blade persistently offers notably extra injury. (And with Leaf Blade alone, Gogoat defeats Umbreon AND Vigoroth, by the way in which.) The one circumstances the place Brick Break can be higher is the place there are TWO ranges of effectiveness between it and Leaf Blade, similar to versus Metal sorts the place Break is tremendous efficient and Blade is just not very efficient. One such instance can be Registeel, which takes about 27 injury from Brick Break, however solely 22 from resisted Leaf Blade. Admittedly, nevertheless, these circumstances are reasonably uncommon, as in reality Metal is the ONLY typing that resists Grass and takes tremendous efficient injury from Preventing. Most Steels in PvP have a secondary typing, similar to Floor (Galarian Stunfisk, Steelix, Excadrill) which takes impartial from Grass and thus leaves Leaf Blade higher (only one degree of effectiveness distinction).

All that to say: whereas there ARE edge circumstances for Brick Break, I feel it's, at greatest, a attainable standout in sure funky Restricted metas. In Open, I feel you need Leaf Blade for positive. And as a enjoyable apart, this makes Gogoat the ONLY Pokémon within the sport with the potent Vine Whip/Leaf Blade combo. I ran a poll on Twitter (it's solely ‘X' if I acknowledge the title change! 🙉) asking of us to choose the very best Grass quick transfer out of Vine Whip, Bullet Seed, Magical Leaf, and Leafage, and Vine Whip took 70% of the vote. And as hinted earlier, apart from future Gen9 Legendary Ogerpon, Gogoat is the final Pokémon we'll be getting in Pokémon GO with Vine Whip. No different unreleased Pokémon (apart from Ogerpon) learns that transfer in MSG. No less than they acquired that Whip/Blade combo in as soon as, right here on the finish of the road!

For protection/second transfer, I feel it's Rock Slide with out query. Not solely does it deal far more injury than anything right here NOT named Leaf Blade, nevertheless it supplies glorious protection versus Ice, Fireplace, Bug, and Flying sorts that plague Grasses like Gogoat. The one factor that Gogoat is left susceptible to that Rock Slide doesn't immediately threaten with tremendous efficient injury are Poison sorts, and it at the least offers impartial to them (Grass is resisted).

Put all of it collectively (Vine Whip + Leaf Blade + Rock Slide), and also you get the next:


So right here is how Gogoat finally ends up in Open Great League. Not surprisingly shreds most all the massive Waters besides freeze-em-out Dewgong and buffed-Aerial Ace Mantine, however together with scary Walrein and Pelipper (Rock Slide helps quite a bit in that latter case), in addition to the massive Grounds (to incorporate even Galarian Stunfisk). Then it goes out and overpowers Umbreon, Obstagoon, Vigoroth, Dunsparce, Protection Deoxys, and Cresselia in neutral-on-neutral battles. And only for good measure, due to Rock Slide, Gogoat runs by way of Froslass, Attraction Alolan Ninetales, Talonflame, and non-Shadow Charizard too! (Gogogoat CAN outrace Shadow Charizard too, nevertheless it's a a lot nearer race.) And Rock Slide additionally offers it a leg up versus different (non-Poison, non-Preventing) Grass types as properly.

Admittedly, it's in all probability not fairly adequate for basic Open GL play, and is as an alternative maybe higher suited to Limited metas. However I do consider we'll begin seeing it pop up at the least in Cups, and having one in your Nice League bench can be a good suggestion.


At this degree we've a maybe extra encouraging story. Grasses already thrive a bit higher versus the present Extremely League meta, and Gogogoat does as well. You continue to lock down practically all Waters (the only a few exceptions embody issues like Pelipper/Mantine, Tentacruel, and Shadow Walrein), in addition to Rocks (Crustle, Aurorus, and Nihilego being the one exceptions) and Grounds (Steelix, Nidoqueen, Shadow Gliscor and Shadow Flygon being the one notable exceptions), as anticipated. You continue to beat Charizard, although Talonflame turns into extra of a who-has-more-energy coin flip. Gogogogoat has sufficient bulk and impartial injury output to outlast the massive Charmers and issues like Scrafty, Obstagoon, Greedent, Dubwool, Snorlax, Cofagrigus, Cresselia, and CharmTales (principally just like Nice League), and with the fitting IVs, Umbreon nonetheless as properly. Right here too I believe we'll see it extra in Cups than in Open play, however on the fitting staff, there are far crazier concepts.

Gogoat Sprite Shiny Gogoat Sprite


Wait wait… Grasp League? THE Grasp League? For a Grass sort that tops out at 3163 CP? ‘JRE, have you ever fully misplaced it?!' I imply, possibly. However simply hear me out.

Grass sorts have sneaky excessive potential in Grasp League. A full dozen of the highest meta choices are Water and/or Floor sorts, together with Groudon, Kyogre, Swampert, Landorus, Excadrill, Gyarados, Garchomp, Mamoswine, Ursaluna and others. Gogogogogoat beats ALL of these besides Groudon, regardless of what is commonly an enormous CP hole, in addition to all the principle Fairies (Charmers and Zacian/Xerneas). And it even comes a breath away from outmuscling the mighty Mewtwo.

Now in fact, that doesn't fairly stack as much as the efficiency of Legendary/Mythicals like Virizion or Zarude. They'll beat issues Gogogogogogoat can not like Dialga and Yveltal (Virizion), Mewtwo and the Giratinas (Zarude), and Snorlax and Melmetal (each) due to the typing and/or protection of that pair's secondary typings. That being mentioned, neither of them can beat Fairies like Gogogogogogogoat is ready to. And Gogogogogogogogoat will be constructed far more simply (as soon as it will definitely turns into a extra frequent spawn/hatch for these of us not attending Metropolis Safaris) and cheaply than a Legendary like Virizion or particularly a Legendary like Zarude, in fact. In case you can't afford these and need to see what a Grass can do in Grasp, take into account giving Go⁸goat a strive. 🐐

Alright, that's all I acquired for right this moment. Sorry this one took some time, it's simply been one heck of every week with little or no free time to write down. No less than that is going out forward of the primary Metropolis Safari!

Till subsequent time (which can be JRE Article #494!), you possibly can all the time discover me on Twitter with common Pokémon GO evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in case you're feeling further beneficiant.

Thanks to your trustworthy readership, of us. Keep secure on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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