A PvP Evaluation on July 2023 Group Day… don’t miss out on Poliwrath!

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What's this? One other Group Day that's really fairly nice for us PvPers? Not one other Boomburst or one thing? Nope. Seems that the double function we're getting for the official July 2023 Group Day is fairly nice! How nice? Let's take a look at our Backside Line Up Entrance after which get into the nitty gritty particulars.


  • Politoed's new transfer brings in protection that it could actually have already got, however extra cheaply. Ultimately, nonetheless, it's not a transfer that stands out as in comparison with closing strikes Politoed already has readily available. The brand new transfer is value getting, however not a undertaking it's essential to spend money on past that at this level.
  • Poliwrath, then again, is NOT one to overlook out on this month! Whereas its new transfer shouldn't be a strict improve, it's very near it, and noticeably improves Poliwrath's efficiency throughout the board, and in a number of Leagues. Exiting Group Day with a number of Poliwraths with its unique Group Day transfer ought to be your high GO precedence this weekend!

Now let's run by our evaluation of each of them, beginning with what already makes them each good in PvP, and what — if any — enhancements include their new strikes. Right here we go!

POLITOED Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
115 (113 Excessive Stat Product) 122 (126 Excessive Stat Product) 140 (141 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-15-11, 1500 CP, Stage 23.5)

Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
147 (145 Excessive Stat Product) 157 (162 Excessive Stat Product) 181 (184 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-15-14, 2498 CP, Stage 48.5)

Gonna hold Politoed evaluation comparatively transient, not as a result of it's not an excellent PvP Pokémon — it completely is — however as you'll see, this Group Day is much much less thrilling for it than it's for Toed's punchy, ham-handed cousin.

Politoed is, in fact, a pure Water sort, and deceptively good defensive typing. Sure sure, there's the well-known weaknesses to Electrical and notably worrisome Grass. However Water has twice as many resistances: Hearth, Ice, Metal (lots of people overlook about that one), and different Waters.

Going even higher for Toed is its bulk, larger than issues like Ninetales (each of them), Guzzlord, Tapu Fini, and others, roughly the identical as Cofagrigus, Aurorus, and Walrein. Not the tankiest Water round, however among the many higher ones.


  • Mud ShotFloor sort, 1.5 DPT, 4.5 EPT, 1.0 CD
  • BubbleWater sort, 2.33 DPT, 3.67 EPT, 1.5 CD

No adjustments right here on Group Day, so that you'll wish to simply persist with Mud Shot, I believe. That mixed with its cost strikes (arising in a second) make Politoed an honorary “Mud Boy”, akin to Swampert particularly, with a barely completely different resistance set because it's not an precise Mud Boy (no Floor subtyping). Bubble isn't a foul transfer both, however Politoed principally at all times needs the excessive vitality that comes from Mud Shot as an alternative. As a result of simply have a look at the cost strikes….

– Unique (Group Day) Transfer

– Legacy Transfer

– Purified-only Transfer


  • Climate Ball (Water)Water sort, 55 harm, 35 vitality
  • SurfWater sort, 65 harm, 40 vitality
  • Ice BeamᴱIce sort, 90 harm, 55 vitality
  • EarthquakeᴸFloor sort, 120 harm, 65 vitality
  • ReturnᴾRegular sort, 130 harm, 70 vitality
  • Hydro PumpWater sort, 130 harm, 75 vitality
  • BlizzardIce sort, 140 harm, 75 vitality

Mud Shot/Climate Ball was SO loopy when Politoed initially obtained it that Niantic finally went and nerfed Climate Ball. It's spammier than Swampert with Hydro Cannon, and you know the way frustratingly usually Swampert can throw THAT out. It's spammier than any Climate Ball person within the recreation (no different Climate Baller has a quick transfer that generates greater than 4.33 EPT, and most are capped at 4.0 EPT), and spammier than any cost transfer utilized by precise Mud Boys than Swampert's Muddy Water (which Swampie understandably by no means needs). That alone carries it quite a long way in PvP, and even after Group Day, your Politoed will at all times wish to run with Climate Ball. It's what makes it stand out and break down shields.

However what pushes Toed over the sting is carrying an enormous stick. Normally that is Legacy transfer Earthquake, making it actually function like a Mud Boy with Mud Shot, spammy Water harm, and an enormous fats Floor nearer. Akin to Whiscash, it could actually as an alternative run with Blizzard as a viable various to maintain Flyers and even Grasses on their toes, particularly in Extremely League the place its respectable bulk and excessive vitality positive factors from Mud Shot permit it to achieve such an costly cost transfer in significant spots, generally even in multiples. And naturally, Climate Ball is superb at setting it up by stealing shields even when the opponent doesn't wish to burn them, as a result of letting a possible Earthquake or Blizzard by can be devastating.

Enter the brand new Group Day transfer: Ice Beam. Cheaper than Earthquake and MUCH cheaper than Blizzard, it presents intriguing new potential as each a disruption to opponents that really feel they've the timing down of when to protect Politoed or not, and as extra reachable nuke to Flyers and Dragons and direct counter to Grasses that prey on Politoed. The apparent draw back, nonetheless: it offers quite a bit much less harm than Politoed's conventional closers as nicely. There's potential right here for it to achieve some floor towards issues the place Ice Beam's 90 harm is ample to complete one thing off… however lose simply as a lot floor to issues the place the additional 30+ harm from Quake or Blizzard would come in useful.

And ultimately… that's principally precisely what we get.

In Nice League, Ice Beam Toed does handle to scratch out one new win, over Noctowl. That's fairly good. However Blizzard already does all the things else Ice Beam can (and infrequently extra convincingly), plus its knockout energy provides on Umbreon and Altaria, that final one being a very bitter tablet to swallow for these hoping for extra from Ice Beam. Completed proper, with exact timing and somewhat luck, Ice Beam Politoed CAN nonetheless take Altaria down, however it's no positive factor. And the general outcomes are nonetheless in no way a transparent improve on Blizzard. Nor over Earthquake, which may't beat Altaria or Noctowl and normally falls simply brief towards Umbreon and Swampert. However Quake alone haa the correct cost-to-damage ratio and/or typing to beat Obstagoon, Froslass, and (Water Gun) Lanturn. Not a transparent winner both, however that's form of the purpose… Ice Beam is simply a part of an more and more crowded pack of viable strikes on Politoed.

That every one mentioned, there may be one vivid spot for Ice Beam in Nice League. Shadow Politoed is in some ways more threatening than non-Shadow, capable of overcome issues common Toed can't like Charizard, Sableye, and — with Earthquake particularly — Registeel, Azumarill, Shadow Walrein, and Spark Lanturn. And whereas Blizzard falls away, it's value noting that Ice Beam gets better, scratching out distinctive wins versus Toxicroak, Air Slash Mandibuzz, and even Trevenant and Venusaur, if it catches a protect on Climate Ball first. I personally nonetheless would lean in direction of Quake for the massive names it could actually slay, however maybe the very risk of presumably having Ice Beam might be sufficient to make Politoed somewhat extra threatening to the opponent in previously “protected” matchups. The mere existence of Ice Beam now being in its movepool may power shields the place it didn't earlier than.

Related total ends in Extremely League: EarthquakeBlizzard, and now Ice Beam are all very shut. Highlights of the variations: Quake once more uniquely overcomes Registeel and Shadow Walrein, additional provides on Tapu FIni, and has probably the most constant wins versus Swampert (and Shadow Swampert) and Poliwrath. Both of the Ice strikes as an alternative beat Cobalion, Mandibuzz, and normally Guzzlord, with Blizzard having the wanted energy to additionally beat Trevenant, and Ice Beam helpfully including on Cofagrigus and Altered Giratina (with Shadow Claw) as an alternative. I assume I CAN say that Ice Beam has maybe a hair extra worth than Blizzard total, however I believe it's nonetheless laborious to completely justify leaving Earthquake exterior in… nicely, the chilly. 🥶

And at last, Shadow Politoed in Extremely League. And right here the outcomes actually shocked me. Whereas in Nice League, the majority Politoed offers up is properly compensated by the relative velocity of reaching Ice Beam, conserving it close to the highest of the dialogue, at this stage the other is as an alternative true: Earthquake and Blizzard each appear to outclass Ice Beam, no less than in 1v1 shielding. Quake once more will get distinctive wins like Shadow Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Muk, and this time Toxicroak (who's distinctly NOT Alolan). Blizzard, in the meantime, manages to beat all the things Ice Beam can (like Gliscor and Altered Giratina) PLUS Trevenant, Virizion, and Guzzlord. Even in different even protect conditions (0v0 and 2v2 shielding), Ice Beam fails to drag forward and infrequently falls behind current closing/protection transfer alternate options.

My recommendation? Evolve two for those who get respectable IVs, one for Nice and one for Extremely. (Or extra, in case you have good Shadow candidates able to go.) Simply don't anticipate to exchange your exisiting Politoed(s) within the instant future. Save them as a undertaking for a future meta the place Ice Beam appears to drag forward… however for Open codecs and usually even in Restricted codecs, I believe it's nonetheless Earthquake that will be my default. Simply an excessive amount of good that it does towards large names for me to advocate leaving it behind.

Conversely, it's largely wanting up for our different Group Day candidate. Let's shift over now to Wreck-It-Wrath!

POLIWRATH Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
117 (114 Excessive Stat Product) 120 (124 Excessive Stat Product) 138 (139 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-14-15, 1498 CP, Stage 22)

Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
149 (147 Excessive Stat Product) 157 (160 Excessive Stat Product) 177 (179 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-14-14, 2499 CP, Stage 44)

So not fairly as cumbersome as Politoed, however shut. It has principally the identical bulk and stat product as Wigglytuff, Alolan Sandslash, Tapu Fini, Gliscor, Hakamo-O and others. However maybe a greater comparability is to different Combating sorts, as Poliwrath outpaces many of the frequent ones (Machamp, Primeape, Sirfetch'd… principally ALL of them however Medicham, Scrafty, Cobalion and Virizion) by way of bulk and stat product. It's a comparatively tanky Fighter.

And the typing helps with that too. Whereas Water and Combating even have NO actual crossover (not nullifying any weaknesses of the opposite typing, or doubling up any resistances of weaknesses), we get all these good Water resistances (Water, Ice, Hearth, and Metal) and solely two new vulnerabilities (Grass and Electrical) tacked on to what Combating already does (resisting Darkish, Rock, and Bug, and being weak to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy). Ultimately, that leaves Poliwrath with seven resistances stacked towards solely 5 vulnerabilities.

All that to say: Poliwrath can… nicely, take a punch, versus the numerous surprisingly glass-jawed Fighters that (thus far, no less than) have garnered extra consideration and reward.

However you're not right here for all that. Let's get to the brand new transfer!

– Unique (Group Day) Transfer


  • CounterᴱCombating sort, 4.0 DPT, 3.5 EPT, 1.0 CoolDown
  • Mud ShotFloor sort, 1.5 DPT, 4.5 EPT, 1.0 CD
  • BubbleWater sort, 2.33 DPT, 3.67 EPT, 1.5 CD
  • Rock Smash Combating sort, 3.0 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD

I've mentioned it earlier than, many instances, however let's say it once more: Counter is one of the best quick transfer within the recreation, bar none. An “common” quick transfer in PvP involves a complete of 6 while you mix Injury Per Flip (DPT) and Power Per Flip (EPT), and there are lots of examples which are precisely common, with issues like Water Gun (3 DPT, 3 EPT), Snarl (1.67 DPT, 4.33 EPT), Chew (4 DPT, 2 EPT), and Poliwrath's very personal Mud Shot (1.5 DPT, 4.5 EPT) and Bubble (2.33 DPT, 3.67 EPT). A number of the higher quick strikes exceed 6 mixed, corresponding to Allure and Razor Leaf (5 DPT, 2 EPT), Vine Whip/Wing Assault/Powder Snow/Karate Chop (all 2.5 DPT, 4 EPT), Confusion and Dragon Breath (4 DPT, 3 EPT), the even higher Dragon Tail (4.33 DPT and nonetheless 3 EPT), and Poison Jab (3.5 DPT, 3.5 EPT). However none of them maintain a candle to Counter, which exceeds the typical harm output by 33% AND the typical vitality era by about 17%. There simply isn't every other transfer prefer it.

That mentioned, I do imagine there IS nonetheless room for a similar Mud Shot that Poliwrath has relied on without end. I can pause proper right here and say that, sure, you DO need Counter Poliwrath. However don't toss out any good Wrath you have already got constructed! You'll see why as we get into the sims a bit.

Bubble is a wonderful transfer, and there have been instances previously the place I really useful working it in sure metas, however that was earlier than Poliwrath obtained a less expensive Water cost transfer, and definitely earlier than the addition of Counter principally pushes it fully apart, practically matching its vitality positive factors and blowing it away by way of pure harm. And naturally, there isn't a room for under common Rock Smash, with or with out the existence of Counter. It's simply a kind of quick strikes that's so unhealthy that you simply principally can't ever run it even while you would possibly wish to.

Now let's see what cost strikes we've to work with earlier than we put all of it collectively in simulations….

– Legacy Transfer

– Purified-only Transfer


  • Energy-Up PunchCombating sort, 20 harm, 35 vitality, Raises Consumer Assault +1 Stage
  • Ice PunchIce sort, 55 harm, 40 vitality
  • SubmissionᴸCombating sort, 60 harm, 50 vitality
  • ScaldWater sort, 80 harm, 50 vitality, 30% Probability: Decrease Opponent Assault -1 Stage
  • Dynamic PunchCombating sort, 90 harm, 50 vitality
  • ReturnᴾRegular sort, 130 harm, 70 vitality
  • Hydro PumpWater sort, 130 harm, 75 vitality

Yep, we obtained a bunch… however actually, the choice normally comes right down to your favourite two out of Ice Punch (impartial spam and protection), Scald (realistically your solely Water harm, and a pleasant debuff that may flip issues round if it triggers), and Dynamic Punch (once more, Poliwrath's solely viable supply of Combating harm thus far, and a very good finisher).

Sometimes, Ice Punch is in after which Scald and Dynamic are left scrapping for the second transfer slot. Generally, particularly in Extremely League, gamers will forgo Ice Punch and run Scald/Dynamic, however I received't be diving into that transfer combo a lot on this evaluation to maintain issues easy.

Energy-Up Punch shouldn't be actually a consideration with low-powered Mud Shot, and different closers Hydro Pump and Return are impractical and fewer impactful than Scald and Dynamic Punch. And poor Submission… I want they'd increase it a little bit, no less than, to make it an attention-grabbing Legacy transfer for the few issues which have it, however alas.

So to evaluate: we'll be wanting primarily right here at Ice Punch/Scald and Ice Punch/Dynamic Punch, with Mud Shot and the brand new Counter. Right here we go!


As per normal with these highlight analyses, let's set our baseline first.

Right here is GL Poliwrath with Mud Shot, with each Ice Punch/Scald and Ice Punch/Dynamic Punch, in commonplace 1v1 shielding (which is each the most typical situation and likewise the one which I've discovered over time to be virtually at all times be most indicative of how nicely a Pokémon performs total). And to wrap it up with a bow, right here is Shadow Poliwrath with Scald after which with Dynamic Punch, the latter particularly being a bit higher total. (Non-Shadow can hold in there to beat out Diggersby, however ShadoWrath outpunches Scrafty, Alolan Marowak, and Shadow Swampert as an alternative… way more priceless oveall.)

However purely by the numbers, none of these maintain a candle to Counter Poliwrath.

With both Dynamic or Scald, and in both regular or Shadow form, the development is straight away apparent, although not absolute… Mud Shot can nonetheless do some cool and distinctive issues due to its superior vitality era, higher outracing Altaria and (with Scald) A-Wak and Charizard for regular Poliwrath, and Shadow Swampert and generally Toxicroak for ShadoWrath. As superb as Counter is, it DOES nonetheless path Mud Shot by 0.5 EPT, and it IS resisted by some issues the place Mud Shot shouldn't be (or, versus issues like Poisons and such, hits for even tremendous efficient harm [see: Toxicroak]), so it's not a straight improve by any means.

However sure, it IS an improve. Counter pairs specific nicely with Scald, shifting the formerly-critical Combating-type harm from a hope-it-gets-around-shields cost transfer to an unblockable, steadily-increasing-over-time quick transfer. And with an output now of stable Combating AND Water harm, and Ice Punch to combine issues up, Poliwrath turns into extra… nicely, dynamic than ever. With that trio of strikes, normal Poliwrath can beat many issues it couldn't earlier than, corresponding to Lickitung, Registeel, and Scrafty (largely all due to that regular Combating harm from Counter), in addition to now Alolan Ninetales (with Powder Snow), Skarmory, Snarl Mandibuzz, and (non-Shadow) Swampert. That's an total achieve of six wins, all of them large names that you simply'll see in GBL and even the very best ranges of play, such because the Play! Pokémon tournaments. And it's even higher for Shadow Poliwrath, which additionally positive factors Registeel, Lickitung, Scrafty, Skarmory, and PowderTales, retains a win over Altaria, and additional positive factors Froslass, Sableye, Alolan Marowak, and even Water Gun Lanturn! (Although it does hand over Swampert.)

There's additionally ShadoWrath with Dynamic Punch, and whereas it's definitely higher total than Shadow Poliwrath with Mud Shot, it's not practically spectacular a leap because the versatile mixture of Counter and Scald exhibits.

One different transfer you CAN now think about that didn't actually jive with Mud Shot is Energy-Up Punch, notably with ShadoWrath to maximise that Counter harm. It nonetheless works nicely with Scald, clearly giving up Altaria (resulting from no extra Ice Punch) however gaining Swampert again as a replacement and retaining all the opposite similar 1shield wins as Scald/Ice Punch. However surprisingly, it really is perhaps finest with not a real closing transfer, however as an alternative what you'd usually consider as Poliwrath's bait transfer: Ice Punch. Now you possibly can beat Altaria AND Swampert, and whereas dropping Scald means no extra wins over Talonflame, Sableye, or Froslass, you choose up some loopy new wins as an alternative, like Toxicroak, Noctowl, Venusaur, and Trevenant! Sure sure, clearly the PuP baits have to be ever in your favor, however having the within monitor at taking down the likes of Noctowl, Venusaur, and Trevenant whereas they wail away with tremendous efficient strikes is dang spectacular, no?

Briefly on different shielding situations earlier than we transfer on to Extremely League, 0v0 shielding is much less spectacular (although still a notable improvement over Mud Shot. However impressively, when you would possibly anticipate Mud Shot to drag even and even overtake Counter in 2v2 shielding due to its larger vitality positive factors, that's not the case in any respect… Counter is clearly superior to Mud Shot even there.

In brief: whereas there ARE metas that I believe will nonetheless profit from Mud Shot Poliwrath sooner or later, Counter may be very clearly a transfer you wish to have for Nice League, and virtually definitely will develop into the usual quick transfer for Poliwrath in Open Nice League and most Cups shifting ahead. It's adequate to make even one of the best of one of the best groups tremble, with lots of its positive factors being names on the tippy high of the present GL meta. Get one, and even a number of, when you can this weekend!


Nice League Poliwrath, thus far in PvP, has been extra of a Restricted format star than an Open GL standout. And whereas that could be on the cusp of adjusting, one factor that's already true is that Poliwrath has made its mark on Extremely League for some time now. Ice Punch/Dynamic Punch (with Mud Shot, in fact) has been the usual, and at this stage, non-Shadow is barely most well-liked over ShadoWrath (largely for its potential to hold in there lengthy sufficient to beat Registeel and Escavalier, which Shadow Poliwrath typically simply can't fairly replicate), however each are helpful for having the ability to threaten Steels, Dragons, Grounds, Darks, Ices, and a wide range of others in equal measure, in addition to resisting all of the Water and Ice and Darkish harm being thrown round. Poliwrath hasn't been THE finest at many issues in Extremely League, however it could actually do quite a lot of issues nicely in a flexible bundle that nothing else can handle to duplicate.

However as soon as once more, Counter is simply higher, be it with Dynamic PunchScald (which principally does all the things IP/DP can do plus Talonflame and Charizard), and even with Power-Up Punch within the combine (finest with Scald, however works okay with Ice Punch as nicely). No matter you roll with, although, Counter brings in wins you merely don't get with Mud Shot, like Mandibuzz, Alolan Ninetales (once more, with Powder Snow), Golisopod, and even Gyarados. And once more, the versatile mixture of my really useful default moveset — Counter/Ice Punch/Scald — covers a a lot wider swath of the meta than Mud Shot and any combo of two cost strikes ever may.

So in brief, my recommendation right here is similar because it was in Nice League: get a superb UL Poliwrath with Counter throughout this Group Day occasion. Don't do away with your Mud Shot ones, however you do NOT wish to exit this weekend with no Counter one. Even with #1 IVs, it doesn't require an excessive amount of XL Sweet (Stage 44 for these Number one, 0-14-14 IVs), so even with comparatively informal grinding it is best to be capable of get greater than sufficient XLs for it. Extra simply than Politoed, anyway!


I imply, I wouldn't say I heartily endorse it, however you can do a lot worse! Heck, that's a greater efficiency total than your standard Machamp, and even the Close Combat Machamp I normally advocate as an alternative. Once more, not saying I'd construct one, essentially, however for those who land your self a hundo Poliwag… simply evolve and maintain onto it, is all I'm saying.


Simply to reiterate one ultimate time: each of those are worthy evolves throughout the Group Day occasion, however prioritize Poliwrath at first. Counter is an enormous boon to its efficiency, and represents THE quick transfer Poliwrath will need going ahead in virtually each format the place it is going to seem. And it SHOULD begin showing much more!

Gonna wrap it up proper right here, as Group Day is FAST approaching, and I wish to go away you all time to correctly prep. So till subsequent time, you possibly can at all times discover me on Twitter (@JRESeawolf) or the brand new Threads with common evaluation nuggets or Patreon, for those who're feeling additional beneficiant.

Good searching, of us! Do keep protected on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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