A PvP Evaluation on Mamoswine in Pokémon GO – to Historic Energy or to not Historic Energy?

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Howdy people! It’s time as soon as once more for Group Day Basic, and this weekend options the return of MAMOSWINE. Imagine it or not, that is really my first time spotlighting Mamoswine, as I didn’t begin my Group Day highlight analyses till… Beedrill, was it? Someday round there. At any time when it was, it was after the unique Swinub Group Day!

Anyway, the occasion is nearly right here, so let’s dive proper in with our Backside Line Up Entrance!


  • No beating across the bush: unique Group Day transfer Historic Energy isn’t one which Mamoswine actually desires more often than not, particularly with its recent-ish addition of one other very potent protection transfer.
  • That mentioned, Mamoswine CAN be fairly nice in PvP, particularly in Grasp League the place it has been a staple for a lot of gamers for fairly a while now.
  • If nothing else, that is after all a terrific alternative to search out superb PvP IVs and many XL Sweet, so if Mamoswine continues to be a necessity for you, exit for that even in the event you don’t want/need the transfer itself. Good luck!

And now, as my youngsters would say, the “deets”.

MAMOSWINE Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
136 (136 Excessive Stat Product) 87 (89 Excessive Stat Product) 137 (137 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-15-7, 1500 CP, Degree 17)

Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
177 (175 Excessive Stat Product) 111 (114 Excessive Stat Product) 178 (180 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-15-13, 2500 CP, Degree 28)

Grasp League Stats

Assault Protection HP
135 215

(Assuming 15-15-15 IVs, CP 3763 at Degree 50)

So to try to sum this up shortly: Mamoswine isn’t almost as cumbersome as its body would suggest. It’s really very near spindly Gallade and Gardevoir (in Nice and Extremely Leagues, not less than, earlier than Mamoswine finally surpasses them each with increased CP and stat potential in Grasp League), with Bruxish, Yanmega, and Machamp additionally being fairly shut comps. A few of these are fairly helpful in PvP, however they’re all recognized for being fairly frail.

Couple that with Mamoswine’s very unfavorable typing mixture. I’ve bemoaned Ice many instances, which is weak to 4 sorts (Hearth, Preventing, Rock, and Metal… I don’t even should look that checklist up anymore, within the newest signal I’ve been on this enterprise FAR too lengthy! 🙃) and resists solely different Ice injury. It’s normally masked considerably by having a pleasant complementary subtyping, mostly Water, to beef up the resistances. However Floor isn’t the best at doing that. It DOES take away the weak point to Rock, but it surely leaves the opposite three in place, and provides worrying vulnerabilities to widespread Water and Grass injury as effectively. And heck, it takes away Ice’s one and solely resistance (Ice) and replaces it with solely two new ones: Electrical (2x) and Poison.

That’s proper… finish of the day, Mamoswine resists solely Electrical and Poison, and is left weak to Preventing, Hearth, Water, Grass, and Metal. The final of these is fairly unusual, however the first 4 are in every single place in PvP. This finally ends up one of many worst defensive kind mixtures within the sport, AND on a reasonably frail Pokemon.


Fortunately, as with a few of the names listed earlier like Gallade and Machamp and Bruxish, the strikes assist insulate (haha see what I did there? 🥶) Mamoswine from a few of these flaws.


Quick Strikes

  • Powder SnowIce kind, 2.5 DPT, 4.0 EPT, 1.0 CoolDown
  • Mud SlapFloor kind, 3.67 DPT, 2.67 EPT, 1.5 CD

Mamo has some good cost strikes, but it surely all begins with Powder Snow. With out that prime power era, nothing else would matter… its frailty would doom it prefer it does so many different Pokemon trapped behind subpar strikes. Powder Snow is likely one of the greatest general quick strikes within the sport, and one of the best STAB power era it may get aside from Mud Shot.

Mud Slap isn’t a horrible transfer, but it surely does nothing to masks Mamo’s weaknesses, and also you do NOT want it. It’s Powder all the way in which.

Which feeds instantly into its pool of cost strikes….

– Unique (Group Day) Transfer

Cost Strikes

  • AvalancheIce kind, 90 injury, 45 power
  • Historic EnergyRock kind, 60 injury, 45 power, 10% Probability to Enhance Consumer Assault/Protection +1 Stage
  • Stone EdgeRock kind, 100 injury, 55 power
  • BulldozeFloor kind, 80 injury, 60 power
  • Excessive HorsepowerFloor kind, 100 injury, 60 power

Avalanche is Mamoswine’s bread and frozen butter. As with Froslass, it performs fantastically with Powder Snow for prime strain, spammy injury. 45 power is clearly not tremendous low-cost, but it surely nonetheless comes out fast with Powder Snow powering it up.

Unique transfer Historic Energy is ALSO solely 45 power, and supplies helpful protection versus Fires and good impartial protection towards Waters that resist Ice (amongst others). The issue is that even after being un-nerfed a short time again, it’s nonetheless a transfer that offers solely 60 injury for that 45 power, which is way from nice. That signifies that even towards issues that resist Ice and take neutral from Rock, or take neutral from Ice and super effective from Rock, Avalanche will STILL find yourself dealing extra uncooked injury than Historic Energy. In case you use Historic Energy, you’re hoping for that good Assault/Protection enhance. However that’s nonetheless solely a ten% likelihood, and is not the two-stage bonus it was once, however as a substitute only one stage, so even when it does go off it’s not as match-changing because it as soon as was. It’s additionally not overly synergetic on Mamoswine, as Powder Snow, superior as it’s, nonetheless offers beneath common injury. This isn’t like Historic Energy going off for Togekiss’ Allure or one thing… the large enhance, once you luck into it, is one thing that may seemingly solely make a huge impact the subsequent time you hit a cost transfer.

If you need Rock protection, simply go together with Stone Edge. At the least the primary time by means of, it requires just one extra Powder Snow than Avalanche, and offers MUCH extra injury than Historic Energy, barely trailing Avalanche when each are impartial (do not forget that Avalanche will get a STAB bonus and Edge doesn’t) and dealing near 50% extra injury than Avalanche when Edge is a level of effectiveness higher than Avalanche.

That every one mentioned… most of the time, I don’t suppose it’s Rock protection you need in any respect. Sure, it’s tremendous efficient versus Fires, which is helpful, and may punch by means of opposing Ice sorts and a handful of Flyers (considering Water/Flying particularly) that take solely impartial from Ice, however usually there’s a variety of overlap between Ice and Rock protection.

As an alternative, Mamoswine normally prefers to run Floor protection. That was once the mediocre Bulldoze, however after all as of late, it’s Excessive Horsepower, which offers much more injury for a similar power value.

Floor additionally supplies the identical helpful anti-Hearth protection as Stone Edge (although Charizard and Talonflame snicker at it, however hey, no protection is ideal) and brings in a strategy to slam the door on Steels and Rocks that principally prey on Mamoswine in any other case, in addition to giving it attain towards new targets like Poisons and Electrics. Even higher, the issues that resist Floor injury take at worst impartial (Bug) or tremendous efficient (Grass and Flying) from Mamo’s Ice strikes. No messy overlap between these like there’s with Avalanche and Stone Edge/Historic Energy.

All that to arrange a fast run by means of the simulations….


Maintaining this easy… you don’t actually need Mamo in Nice League. It’s not that it NEVER has use… there have been various Restricted metas which have elevated the efficiency of Ice/Floor Swines. The issue is that the Swine of selection at this degree is usually PILOSWINE, which has the identical Powder Snow/Avalanche/Excessive Horsepower (or Stone Edge) as Mamo, however considerably increased bulk (10ish extra Protection and almost 20 extra HP) and the next stat product (by about 200). You’ll be able to see this clearly by evaluating the variety of core meta wins between Mamoswine and Piloswine, and with a variety of moves… Piloswine is consistently better. Mamoswine (with Excessive Horsepower) DOES have one benefit: its increased Assault means it could actually outrace a handful of issues, like Venusaur Spark Lanturn, that Piloswine cannot (not less than not reliably). However usually it’s benefit Pilo, with its personal wins like Pelipper (with no need Stone Edge!), Skarmory, Dunsparce, Shadow Alolan Ninetales, and maybe most vital, Galarian Stunfisk. Mamoswine merely can’t dangle round lengthy sufficient to get these.



As for Ancient Power… it simply doesn’t reduce it in comparison with Stone Edge or Horsepower.

And the identical stays true of Shadow Mamo. High Horsepower takes the general crown (with some spiffy wins over Bastiodon and, distinctive to Shadow, Registeel and Toxapex too), However Stone Edge and Ancient Power don’t actually maintain a candle to it. (Of specific word, although… Historic Energy CAN slay Froslass, so MAYBE construct one in the event you can for all these Ice-heavy Cups?)


Properly, identical story right here. Ancient Power isn’t horrible, but it surely doesn’t stand out from Stone Edge or High Horsepower, and considerably trails Piloswine (with Horsepower or Stone Edge). That mentioned, Mamoswine is MUCH cheaper to construct, not even eclipsing Degree 30 whereas Piloswine must be pushed into the excessive 40s. This IS a terrific alternative to grind for these XLs, and I’d really advocate that AFTER constructing a Grasp League Mamo. (Extra on that in a second.) Piloswine can beat issues Mamo can’t, like Drapion, Greedent, Cofagrigus, Empoleon (with Excessive Horsepower), and Gyarados and Shadow Alolan Ninetales (with Stone Edge). Mamo does handle to notch a novel win over Talonflame with Historic Energy, and in contrast to Nice League, it’s Mamoswine that may beat Galarian Stunfisk as a substitute of Piloswine, however general it takes a backseat to Piloswine. I can perceive utilizing this occasion to construct one for these particular G-Fisk and Talonflame wins although!

I usually don’t advocate Shadow, although… Galarian Stunfisk now gets away, which is ungood.

However now the actual story….


Mamoswine’s greatest success has at all times are available Grasp League, and that continues today. Issues get a bit clearer right here, with Piloswine falling utterly away, and Excessive Horsepower occupying the next tier than the Rock strikes. Sure, Stone Edge will get in a novel win versus double-weak-to-Rock Ho-Oh, however in any other case it’s all Excessive Horsepower, which overwhelms Mewtwo and massive unhealthy Steels Metagross and, after all, Dialga. (Metagross and Mewtwo have been the 2 that moved to the win column with the improve from Bulldoze to Horsepower, by the way in which.) And neglect about Ancient Power… it could actually’t do in Ho-Oh, and likewise loses to Reshiram that Excessive Horsepower and Stone Edge each beat.

We’ll name Shadow Mamoswine a sidegrade, because it will get distinctive wins versus Xerneas, Gyarados, and even Swampert (!!!), but it surely simply offers up an excessive amount of, IMO, to take action: Snorlax, Mewtwo, Metagross, and Dragonite. Ouch.


So what to construct? Properly, I believe you completely DO nonetheless need a Grasp League Mamoswine, which continues to hold round within the meta and, regardless of the rise of different Ice sorts through the years, hasn’t given up its lofty spot (particularly in Master League Premier!).

Past that, although? PIloswine continues to be higher in Nice League (and sure at all times will likely be). It’s additionally higher than Mamoswine general in Extremely League, although Mamoswine has good standout wins over G-Fisk and typically Talonflame that make it price it in the event you discover a good one. If you find yourself with further XLs after build up a ML Mamo, Extremely League Piloswine is a worthy funding.

And that’s it for in the present day! Sorry this comes so late within the sport — Group Day is mere hours away from our APAC buddies! — but it surely’s simply been that sort of week. 😵

Till subsequent time (Volcarona, seemingly! 🔥), you’ll be able to at all times discover me on Twitter with near-daily PvP evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in the event you’re feeling further beneficiant.

Good searching! Keep secure on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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