A PvP Evaluation on Oblivion Wing Yveltal and Geomancy Xerneas

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Lastly, Xerneas and Yveltal can be found for everybody with their signature strikes! How a lot better do they turn out to be with Geomancy and Oblivion Wing? Let's verify our Backside Line Up Entrance for a fast abstract after which get into the thick of it!


  • Yveltal's new transfer is principally a sidegrade choice… at the very least in Grasp League. There are simply too many issues that detest the Darkish or Combating protection that you simply give as much as make room for Wing. It's viable, completely, however nothing significantly particular.
  • In case you DO grind for a very good new Yveltal, achieve this for Extremely League as an alternative. The brand new transfer helps it fairly a bit there, with a number of good targets to blow over!
  • Xerneas goes to be a complete new Pokémon with its new, STAB quick transfer. If you must select between the 2, I'd take Xerneas raids any day (and twice on raid day!) over Yveltal this month. I can't overstate how a lot BETTER Xerneas works now that it doesn't should depend on the peerlessly common — even uninteresting — Deal with to get its licks in.

Alright, in case you're nonetheless with me, let's get to the deeper evaluation on this pair!

Yveltal and Xerneas: Stats and Strikes





Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
169 (166 Excessive Stat Product) 130 (132 Excessive Stat Product) 169 (172 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 1-15-14, 2500 CP, Degree 24.5)

Grasp League Stats

Assault Protection HP
223 168 219

(Assuming 15-15-15 IVs; CP 4275 at Degree 50)

That's good data and all, however let's simply do some fast comparisons to different issues which may be extra acquainted.

Yveltal has roughly the identical stat product and general Assault and bulk as fellow Darkish kind Tyranitar (in Grasp League), and even nearer to Palkia and Melmetal, falling simply barely behind Zacian and Rhyperior, however with extra bulk than issues like Dragonite, Metagross, and plenty of different in style Grasp League picks. It represents the bulkiest big-name Darkish in Grasp League behind solely Zarude, and is and neck-and-neck with Tyranitar. What separates Yvette and TTar additional is their typing, as Tyranitar (weak to seven typings, most of them in style typings in Grasp League, together with its well-known double weak point to Combating) has a way more exploitable typing mixture than Yveltal's Darkish/Flying (weak to solely Fairy, Ice, Rock, and Electrical, these final two being fairly uncommon in Grasp League). It's nonetheless not unbelievable, however contemplating typing vulnerabilities taking part in into the equation, I believe it's truthful to say that solely Zarude surpasses Yveltal when it comes to Darkish-type bulkiness on the Grasp League stage.

And sure, Xerneas has the precise identical stats. And that places it on the highest CP and stat product of any (non-Mega) Fairy within the sport apart from Zacian (and Xernie has barely higher bulk), by no means to be surpassed besides by something nonetheless coming besides maybe Everlasting Flower Floette (so, someday within the 2030s ). By stats alone, it has the makings of a VERY good Fairy for Grasp League (and maybe elsewhere too!).

After all, all of it comes all the way down to the strikes, and that's the primary motive we're right here right now. Let's begin with Yveltal.






  • SnarlDarkish kind, 1.67 DPT, 4.33 EPT, 1.5 CoolDown
  • Sucker PunchDarkish kind, 2.5 DPT, 3.5 EPT, 1.0 CD
  • GustFlying kind, 4.0 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 2.0 CD

So there's a case to be made for Gust, however not a lot in Grasp League. There simply aren't all that many issues which can be weak to it, and regardless of the excessive harm it can deal, Yvette is a lot better off attending to its cost strikes early and sometimes.

Snarl is normally the way in which to go right here. As a result of have a look at these strikes!

– Unique (Particular Occasion) Transfer


  • Darkish PulseDarkish kind, 80 harm, 50 power
  • Oblivion WingFlying kind, 85 harm, 50 power
  • PsychicPsychic kind, 90 harm, 55 power, 10% Likelihood: Cut back Opponent Protection
  • HurricaneFlying kind, 110 harm, 65 power
  • Focus BlastCombating kind, 150 harm, 75 power
  • Hyper BeamRegular kind, 150 harm, 80 power)

Yveltal was already pretty good in Grasp League with none transfer tweaks, operating usually with Snarl/Darkish Pulse/Focus Blast. Darkish and Combating present glorious protection, with solely Fairy resisting each. With extensively unresisted Darkish Pulse, Yvette has its method with the Giratinas, Mewtwo, Metagross, and Lugia, its Flying subtyping carries it to wins over Swampert, Groudon, and Garchomp, and even Melmetal too. Focus Blast then contributes wins over a number of issues weak to Combating, to incorporate Ursaluna, Snorlax, Zarude, Excadrill, and even Dialga.

However for all that good, Yvette continues to be somewhat frailer than you desire to, and loses not solely to all of the Fairies, however to most Dragons too, in addition to massive names like Gyarados, Kyogre, Ho-Oh, Landorus, Palkia, and naturally Mamoswine.

The factor with Oblivion Wing is that, whereas it supplies totally different protection and offers a bit extra harm to impartial targets for a similar price as Darkish Pulse… it's somewhat awkward to seek out room for it. With out Pulse, you lose the heavy stress placed on Ghost and particularly Psychic varieties, popping out a lot worse for put on in suddenly-close wins versus Metagross and Mewtwo, and truly shedding now to Lugia. On the plus facet, you decide up the mirror match and achieve extra versatility on the entire. However getting cute with Oblivion Wing/Dark Pulse causes different issues, as massive Focus Blast is essential to have a shot at taking down Ursaluna, Excadrill, Dialga and others, and shedding these isn't any bueno.

Similiarly, with shields down or 2v2 shielding isn't solely not an enchancment on Darkish Pulse, it's truly a small step backwards in each, with Oblivion Wing beating Garchomp in 0S and the mirror in 2S, however Darkish Pulse as an alternative beating Altered Giratina in 0v0 shielding and Excadrill in 2v2 shielding… and Lugia in each as properly.

So although Oblivion Wing is a greater transfer on paper, that doesn't quantity to a lot in Grasp League. Now we have a dreaded sidegrade right here, of us! That is at the very least partly due to the dearth of issues weak to Flying harm at Grasp League stage. Would possibly we now have extra success in a decrease League? Why sure… sure, I believe we do!

In Extremely League, Oblivion is a extra apparent improve general due to the variety of related Grasses, Bugs, and/or Fighters to select on with it. Pulse does nonetheless uniquely beat Cresselia, unsurprisingly, however Oblivion Wing comes again with its personal distinctive wins versus Toxicroak, Buzzwole, Golisopod, Venusaur, and Virizion, whereas nonetheless holding down the Ghosts (and the whole lot else) it might beat earlier than with Darkish Pulse. This works a LOT higher and extra reliably than the Flying/Darkish combo you might do earlier than: Gust/Dark Pulse.




– Unique (Particular Occasion) Transfer


  • GeomancyFairy kind, 1.33 DPT, 4.33 EPT, 1.5 CoolDown
  • Deal withRegular kind, 3.0 DPT, 3.0 EPT, 0.5 CD
  • Zen HeadbuttPsychic kind, 2.67 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD

Look, don't run Zen Headbutt, okay? That's all I've to say about that.

Till now, Xernie has been counting on plain outdated Deal with to get by. It's uninteresting, it's by no means tremendous efficient, but it surely was adequate to hold Xerneas to a respectable record in Master League on the power of its cost strikes and bulk.

However now, we lastly get a transfer with STAB, and an awesome transfer it's, regardless of technically falling wanting the “common” 6.0 general (once you mix Injury Per Flip and Vitality Per Flip). (As in comparison with Yveltal's Snarl, the power technology is similar, however Geomancy trails in harm by about 0.33.) Clearly this places a TON of emphasis on the cost strikes… so good factor that Xernie has some goodies in that division!


  • Shut FightCombating kind, 100 harm, 45 power, Reduces Consumer Protection -2 Levels
  • Megahorn  – Bug kind, 110 harm, 55 power
  • ThunderElectrical kind, 100 harm, 60 power
  • MoonblastFairy kind, 110 harm, 60 power, 10% Likelihood: Cut back Opponent Assault
  • Giga InfluenceRegular kind, 150 harm, 80 power

As with Yveltal, and as I simply linked a pair paragraphs in the past, Xerneas has been advantageous in Grasp League since the buff to Tackle, operating as kind of a “poor man's” Zacian, with Shut Fight and Moonblast for good all-around protection, taking down most all Dragons (to incorporate Dialga) and Darks and Fighters AND stuff like Mamoswine, Snorlax, and the aforementioned Dialga due to the Combating protection, with fellow Fairies Togekiss, Sylveon, and sure, Zacian thrown in as bonuses. It helps that Xernie resists Zacian's quick transfer AND Shut Combats, whereas Zacian takes regular impartial harm from Deal with all through.

So what if I advised you that Geomancy makes Xerneas higher? And never just a bit bit, however considerably higher?

The advance Xernie sees with Geomancy — lastly giving it the Fairy quick transfer gamers have been begging for since its preliminary launch over two years in the past — can't be understated. SEVEN new wins turn out to be potential. Some, like Yveltal (even with Oblivion Wing), Garchomp, and each Giratinas (in addition to unlisted-in-that-sim Dragon Ascent Rayquaza, which beats Xerneas with Deal with), are quite apparent. Others like Lugia are much less apparent however make sense, with Deal with producing solely 3.0 Vitality Per Flip, however Geomancy hitting the sport with 4.33 EPT and thus spamming Xernie's massive cost strikes for match-flipping harm. And nonetheless others are nice surprises, like Melmetal and Excadrill, thanks once more to the superior power of Geomancy resulting in extra Shut Combats that Steels hate. On this method, it may possibly beat Diagla in ALL even shield scenarios. Or in case you don't wish to go the self-nerfing route, you possibly can persist with straight Moonblast and nonetheless win with shields down and 1v1 shielding, which is fairly nifty! It's additionally one thing Xerneas might NOT do beforehand, falling quick in multiple shielding scenarios with Moonblast alone, forcing Shut Fight self-nerfing to maintain change benefit. Not an issue anymore with Geomancy!

In case you already constructed a Xerneas and don't really feel like making that grind once more, I DO assume Geomancy is price an Elite TM, however in case you're nonetheless engaged on constructing one up, bye-bye Deal with… Geomancy Xernie is clearly THE solution to go from right here on out. And if these sims about didn't persuade you, take a look at the distinction between sad Tackle and super happy Geomancy in 2v2 shielding! No comparability.

All that mentioned, in contrast to Yveltal, Xerneas simply doesn't have a lot of a spot in Extremely League, Geomancy or no Geomancy. And no, getting cute with alternative movesets doesn't make the state of affairs any higher both. Yvette I'd be tempted to maintain beneath 2500 CP, however Xernie? Xernie goes ALL the way in which, of us. It's gonna be a BIG deal for Grasp League fanatics from right here on out.


Alright, that's all I obtained for right now! Tomorrow I ought to have my New York Metropolis GOFest Area Information up (practically achieved!) and hoping to get in some evaluation for Thursday's return of Fantasy Cup as properly earlier than I head to New York myself on Friday! I'd love to fulfill anybody else that might be there Friday afternoon or Saturday (Sat. morning is my official park time), so verify the Battle Floor or Notable Coach space and hopefully I'll see you there!

Till subsequent time, you possibly can at all times discover me on Twitter and Threads (@JRESeawolf for every) with common evaluation nuggets or Patreon, in case you're feeling additional beneficiant.

Completely happy raiding, of us! Do keep protected on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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