A PvP Evaluation on Regidrago and Regieleki

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Alright associates, time to lastly knock this one out. Time is brief for me after preventing off sickness and obligations all through the week, so right here we’re getting the long-awaited evaluation on REGIDRAGO and REGIELEKI mere hours earlier than the previous arrives in Elite Raids. However that’s okay, as a result of uh… SPOILER ALERT! … these sadly don’t require a really deep dive evaluation.

However let’s summarize THAT in our Backside Line Up Entrance earlier than attending to the unhappy story that follows….


  • No sugar coating it… with present strikes, Regidrago is principally nugatory. Yeah, no nicer approach I can put it, of us. I’ll look a bit at what it COULD be with an inexpensive overhaul, however its present moveset is simply very, very unhappy.
  • Regieleki is barely higher off, however nonetheless nothing approaching the usefulness of the opposite Regis already within the recreation.

Dang, that sounds miserable, doesn’t it? However as I usually say, generally evaluating WHY one thing unhealthy is unhealthy may be simply as enlightening as a glowing overview of one thing all of us already know is nice. So let’s see what we are able to study right here.




Earlier than I get into the strikes, briefly on REGIDRAGO‘s stats. The best and closest comparability I could make is Extremely Beast Guzzlord. Each have ridiculously excessive HP… High 10 in Nice League, High 5 in Extremely League behind solely Blissey and Chansey, and High 3 in Grasp League, trailing solely Blissey. However each even have atrocious Protection, trailing actually over 500 different Pokémon in Grasp League. So total you’ll be able to think about Regidrago “cumbersome” in the identical approach that Guzzlord is, however OOF, every particular person hit can HURT.

UNlike Guzzlord, Regidrago has simply the only typing (Dragon), leaving it famously weak to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice harm, and resisting all of the Parts (Grass, Hearth, Water, Electrical… so principally, Coloration Cup 🎨). The issue is that the weather usually present up FAR much less in Grasp League than do Ice, Fairy, and particularly Dragon harm. And practically half of the present Grasp League core meta include Ice, Fairy, or Dragon varieties… whereas solely six are of one of many 4 parts (with out being Dragons as properly, AKA Zekrom and Reshiram). It’s an uphill battle.

And once more, not desirous to sugarcoat this for you, I believe it’s finest to offer it to you straight: Regidrago is as bad as it gets in Master League. No, you’re not imagining issues… that actually is a document of ZERO wins.

What’s occurring right here? It’s the strikes, to place it merely.

For quick strikes, Drago is the one Regi that does NOT study Lock-On, the transfer that has change into synonomous with Regis so far. In reality, in Pokémon MSG, there are solely a small handful of strikes it learns which are quick strikes in Pokémon GO: all three Elemental FangsDragon Breath and Chew.

Guess which one Niantic gave it.

Yeah, Chew is an okay-ish PvP transfer (4.0 DPT, however solely 2.0 EPT), however it has completely zero synergy with Regidrago and what it desires to do. Doesn’t hit something tremendous successfully that you simply’d desire a Dragon to hit. And missing STAB, it could possibly’t even overpower issues it IS tremendous efficient towards, like Mewtwo or the Giratinas. A part of that can also be the fault of the cost strikes:

  • Dragon Pulse – Dragon kind, 90 harm, 60 power
  • Outrage – Dragon kind, 110 harm, 60 power
  • Hyper Beam – Regular kind, 150 harm, 80 power

That’s proper, of us. They gave one thing that may solely generate 2.0 Vitality Per Flip — solely 66% of what’s thought-about even common power era (3.0) — cost strikes all costing 60 or extra power. And with solely Hyper Beam for protection. Now in equity, it could possibly’t study Focus Blast or Zap Cannon and even Flash Cannon or the like that the opposite Regis are well-known for. However DANG it, Niantic… it can study loads of less expensive cost strikes, together with Physique Slam, Crunch, Historic Energy, Earth Energy, and naturally, Dragon Claw and Breaking Swipe. In reality, Dragon Claw was truly in its movepool when it was first mined approach again, after which eliminated. With Chew it could have nonetheless struggled, however heck, a move like that would help at least a little bit.

Heck, even giving it Dragon Breath AND Dragon Claw would nonetheless be FAR from overpowered, even with an extra good coverage move. Giving it Breath and Breaking Swipe would make it legit attention-grabbing, although removed from the perfect Dragon round. Dragonite and others would nonetheless outpace it, however hey, a minimum of any individual might use Regidrago then in the event that they actually needed to.

As is now, although? I imply, if zero wins doesn’t already inform the story… then yeah. This factor is the worst Legendary to hit PvP within the historical past of ceaselessly. No use in other Leagues both. I assume we are able to hope for a transfer overhaul someday, however as you’ll be able to see, it must be an in depth overhaul of each quick and cost strikes.

I actually don’t get Niantic’s considering right here. To editorialize for a second, aren’t Elite Raids purported to encourage us to get out and collect and raid collectively in individual? I actually don’t see how one thing like THIS goes to inspire us to get out, Niantic. I don’t assume the attract of getting one thing new is as nice as you may assume it’s. Not when it could possibly’t be shiny and, frankly, can’t be used besides to point out off to associates. Heck, you’ll be able to’t even defend a gymnasium with the factor and present it off that approach, and anybody who sees you pull it out in a raid goes to groan slightly than cheer. What’s the enchantment, once more? All of us KNOW we’ll be capable of get it will definitely another approach… that’s simply the way it works on this recreation. And perhaps by then it should have some strikes that make it truly attention-grabbing.

Till then… sorry, of us. It is a textbook instance of the way to construct a very, actually unhealthy Pokémon. Such a disgrace, as a result of it LOOKS so superior. No shade on anybody who makes a unique determination, after all, however I personally don’t see myself getting out for this factor. It’ll come round once more finally, and I can wait.

Want I had higher information. MAYBE I can on the opposite new Regi? Let’s look.




Excellent news first: REGIELEKI comes with Lock-On, so huzzah to the sport’s finest power era.

However uh… yeah, that could be it for excellent news, I’m afraid.

In MSG, Regidrago and Regieleki even have fairly related stats, with the identical Assault, Protection, Particular Assault, and Particular Protection. The distinction is that their HP and Velocity stats are swapped… 200 HP and 80 Velocity for Drago, and solely 80 HP and 200 Velocity for Eleki. Within the MSG, that retains them comparatively shut, however with how GO’s stat calculus does issues, the distinction finally ends up HUGE. In Grasp League, Eleki has about 40 extra Assault and 20 extra Protection than Drago… however has solely HALF of Regidrago’s 348 HP, and trails by a couple of rating of about 1500 of their complete stat merchandise. (About 6200 for Dragon, and barely over 4500 for Eleki.)

To place it in less complicated phrases: Electrical varieties already battle in PvP, particularly in Grasp League. At that stage, Regieleki ranks twenty fourth amongst Grasp League Electrical varieties in complete stat product, JUST forward of Heliolisk and Stunfisk, and trailing such powerhouses (that may be very tongue in cheek, of us) as Rotom, Eelektross, and Jolteon.

Like Regidrago, Regieleki can also be left wanting for protection. It has STAB Thunder and Thunderbolt, however once more, no Focus Blast or such right here, and as a substitute it’s left with Hyper Beam. Booo. And that’s true in MSG video games as properly, the place the one protection strikes it could possibly study with any sort of closing energy are Acrobatics and — sigh — Hyper Beam/Giga Affect. It learns a TON of Electrical strikes however little or no else that has made its approach over to go. And after I say little or no, I imply principally simply Historic Energy and Physique Slam and I believe that’s actually it.

Put all of it collectively, and whereas it does carry out higher than Regidrago… yeah, “better” is very subjective. It beats Gyarados, and uh… that’s it. Huge sads. And no, not worth it in Ultra League, actually. As I mentioned earlier, Electrical varieties have a tough go of it anyway, and when issues like Jolteon are dancing circles round you, it’s time for some self-reflection.

Attempt as you may, including the opposite strikes it could possibly study into the combination (Thunder Shock and/or Hyper Beam), there’s simply no enchancment to be discovered. And once more, there’s little obvious assist in different Pokémon video games, as they’re principally all Electrical strikes. Not even the mighty Zap Cannon strikes the needle in any notable approach, nor Acrobatics or the rest at the moment in GO. I see even much less hope for future enchancment than I do with Regidrago, and that’s actually saying one thing. So this time, can’t actually blame Niantic… they didn’t have a lot to work with. (Nonetheless not forgiving y’all for Regidrago although, Niantic. Grrrrr.)

Regieleki and Regidrago finally arrive in a superpowered new Pokémon Go season - Dot Esports

So there you go. Quite a miserable learn… sorry about that. Perhaps it will prevent a visit out in nasty climate this weekend… or not. The selection is yours what you do with this info. My job is simply to place it into your fingers and allow you to determine the way to use that data. I’m certain I’m not the primary individual to let you know these two sully the “Regi” title, however perhaps, simply perhaps, that is the primary time you’ve seen simply HOW unhealthy these two are. There MAY be some future hope, a minimum of for Regidrago, however the right here and now… properly, it’s what it’s. Good luck when you do go raiding, and I hope you discover a good one to take some pleasure in!

Alrighty, that’s all I acquired on these two. Not less than now you’re forewarned and forearmed! Till subsequent time — hopefully a extra uplifting evaluation! — you’ll be able to all the time discover me on Twitter with common Pokémon GO and PvP evaluation nuggets, or Patreon.

Pleased raiding, Pokéfriends, for these of you who enterprise out… keep protected on the market! Catch you subsequent time!

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