A PvP Subject Information to International GO Fest 2023: Spawns, Raids, and Legacy Strikes To Goal

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Pokémon GO Fest concludes this weekend… wherever you're on the globe! There are many fascinating Pokémon in raids, analysis, and within the wild, so at this time I'm publishing our third and ultimate 2023 GO Fest PvP Subject Information. Not all of it's possible you'll want it, however some definitely WILL be searching for one thing akin to this, so right here you go: JRE's opinions on what GO Festers ought to prioritize looking down this weekend whilst you have the possibility!

The majority of this evaluation will probably be what's new, principally Legendaries and Mythicals (some with new strikes). However I'll have a fast “rating” of untamed spawns from the assorted habitats on the finish, with a number of highlighted specifically, AND a assessment of which returning Legacy strikes to prioritize evolving. And I will probably be borrowing liberally from the guides I printed for Osaka, London, and New York Metropolis GO Fests, as some could discover. It's not plagiarism when you're “stealing” from your personal previous writings, proper?




So not all that way back, I did an evaluation on Breaking Swipe Rayquaza and was lauding the sudden potential the large man lastly had in PvP. Significantly in Grasp League, the place it went from this all the way in which up to this. The issue nonetheless remained, nonetheless, of what second cost transfer to run. Hurricane is mostly thought-about the most effective due to the protection it may possibly present (with out it, RayRay is totally walled by issues that resist Dragon harm) and the closing energy, however Outrage had some play too (and even one thing like Ancient Power).

With all these choices, it's possible you'll not assume Rayquaza can be searching for one other transfer much more costly than all of these, however right here comes Dragon Ascent, a 70-energy Flying transfer (5 extra power than Hurricane) that offers a whopping 150 harm (40 extra harm than Hurricane!), second in Flying-type strikes solely to the wonderful Aeroblast that's unique to Lugia. Sure, it's much more costly on a comparatively flimsy Dragon that generates solely the typical 3.0 Power Per Flip with its most well-liked quick transfer (Dragon Tail), however contemplate this: with Dragon Tail being a three-turn transfer, each really generates 9 power (3.0 Power Per Flip x3), so after seven Tails, you're sitting at 63 power, 2 in need of firing off Hurricane. Including on yet one more Tail will get you over the 65 power wanted… however it's ALSO sufficient to fireplace off 70-energy Dragon Ascent anyway. Equally, after baiting with a 35-energy Breaking Swipe, seven extra Dragon Tails will get you to solely 64 power, once more simply in need of what's wanted for Hurricane, and once more it takes one extra Tail to get to the power essential for Hurricane OR Dragon Ascent. In brief: with the way in which Dragon Tail generates power, typically you received't even discover that Dragon Ascent is dearer than Hurricane, as they'll fairly often each develop into charged on the identical flip anyway.

“Yeah yeah, that's nice, JRE. However what does that MEAN?” Put merely, within the frequent 1-1 shielding situations, either of the Flying closing moves makes beating Zacian (minus Play Tough) attainable (not surprisingly, Outrage can't do that, and Dragon Ascent permits RayRay to beat Xerneas! Nicely… assuming you efficiently defend the Moonblast. Aaaaaaaaaand solely until Xerneas gets Geomancy as a substitute of the Deal with it's caught with now.

In brief, it's no worse than Hurricane, however not appreciably higher both. The place you'll see it pop a bit is with shields down, the place Dragon Ascent has the ability to knock out Sylveon and Zacian (even WITH Play Tough now!) whereas Hurricane falls quick. With that in thoughts, sure, it's truthful to name Dragon Ascent a slight improve general. Not a drastic enchancment, however very a lot viable and doubtless preferable to Hurricane (and Ray's different non-Breaking Swipe strikes) going ahead. For these going to Osaka or London: get it whilst you can. However for many who aren't… you're not lacking out on TOO a lot by ready. Win-win?






I already did a PvP evaluation on CARBINK which I extremely suggest trying out, however in brief… it's very, excellent in Nice League. However ONLY in Nice League, with a CP that maxes out at 1658 (and solely 1467 at Stage 40, so this factor requires XLs it doesn't matter what). Use the truth that it's in raids and analysis to grind for the sweet and XL Sweet it requires, and hope to land like a 14-15-15, which is simply nearly as good as the next rank IV one and MUCH cheaper to construct (solely must get to Stage 42.5). Good luck!

However the star of the present at this 12 months's GO Fests (as indicated by “The Season of Hidden Gems” and the plain gem theme of GO Fest itself) is one other Fairy/Rock sort: the Legendary (and lengthy-awaited) DIANCIE.

In MSG, Diancie is “a sudden transformation of Carbink”, and so it's not a giant shock that (on the time of this writing, a minimum of) they share the very same strikes. Which means in Nice League, the place Carbink has the fourth highest stat product of ALL PokémonCarbink excels, whereas Diancie, with a stat product ranked round #230 (roughly the identical as issues like Dragalge, Grotle, Drapion, and the mighty Spoink), struggles in Great League. Whereas Diancie can beat most massive identify Fireplace, Ice, Darkish, Flying, and/or Dragon sorts (as you'd anticipate of a Fairy/Rock), Carbink goes on from there to ALSO beat many Fighters (Medicham and Scrafty, most notably) and quasi-Fighters (issues like Vigoroth and Obstagoon), notable Ghosts and Ghost harm sellers (Jellicent, Sableye, Cofagrigus, Alolan Sandslash), and different spectacular wins like Lickitung, Lanturn, and Drapion. Carbink does all that, and Diancie simply can't.

What Diancie CAN do is play in larger Leagues, and it appears to be like far more fascinating in that context. Ultra League Diancie is okay, nonetheless battling Fighters, however properly clobbering the massive variety of Dragon, Darkish, Flying, Ice, and Fireplace sorts within the UL meta, in addition to bonuses like Snorlax, Dubwool, Golisopod, Greedent, and Charmers like Granbull, Sylveon, and Clefable. I believe it undoubtedly has a job to play, and Extremely League is THE League I believe I'd need to prep one for…

…as a result of it's held back in Master League. Not as a result of it doesn't have a great typing and strikes to compete, however as a result of it tops out at a barely-over-3000 CP. I think about Mega Diancie could get away in Mega Grasp League (at any time when that returns), and as my good friend and colleague u/Teban54 recently wrote about, there may be definitely knowledge in powering Diancie up for PvE use. However strictly when it comes to PvP, I'd get one constructed for Extremely League and cease there. It's the most effective bang on your buck.

X + Y = YOU?





In case you're searching for Grasp League impression and are disenchanted by Diancie, keep in mind that YVELTAL and XERNEAS will probably be again in raids on Sunday, and they'll have their new strikes as properly! I wrote a longer evaluation on each final week, however so that you don't have to leap round an excessive amount of, right here's a shorter abstract of their professionals and cons.

Each Yvette and Xernie have been already ok to make use of in Grasp League with none transfer tweaks, however sure, each at the moment are higher with these new strikes. Yveltal with new Oblivion Wing has a better time within the mirror match and, like Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent, can blow previous Xerneas (those who nonetheless have quick transfer Deal with, that's), although it does lose to Lugia with out Darkish Pulse. And getting cute with Oblivion Wing/Dark Pulse causes different issues, as massive Focus Blast is vital to have a shot at taking down Ursaluna, Excadrill, and Dialga, which isn't any bueno. I believe Oblivion Wing/Focus Blast will doubtless be the usual going ahead, although current Darkish Pulse variants will nonetheless have a spot too.

As for Xerneas, the development it sees with Geomancy — lastly giving it the Fairy quick transfer gamers have been begging for since its preliminary launch over two years in the past — can't be understated. SEVEN new wins develop into attainable. Some, like Yveltal (even with Oblivion Wing), Garchomp, and each Giratinas (in addition to unlisted-in-that-sim Dragon Ascent Rayquaza, which beats Xerneas with Deal with), are slightly apparent. Others like Lugia are much less apparent however make sense, with Deal with producing solely 3.0 Power Per Flip, however Geomancy hitting the sport with 4.33 EPT and thus spamming Xernie's massive cost strikes for match-flipping harm. And nonetheless others are nice surprises, like Melmetal and Excadrill, thanks once more to the superior power of Geomancy resulting in extra Shut Fights that Steels hate. On this approach, it may possibly beat Diagla in ALL even shield scenarios. Or when you don't need to go the self-nerfing route, you possibly can keep on with straight Moonblast and nonetheless win with shields down and 1v1 shielding, which is fairly nifty! In case you already constructed a Xerneas and don't really feel like making that grind once more, I DO assume Geomancy is value an Elite TM, however when you're nonetheless engaged on constructing one up, bye-bye Deal with… Geomancy Xernie is clearly THE solution to go from right here on out.


Groudon (Primal)


Kyogre (Primal)


Not precisely a part of GO Festivities, however marketed on Saturday as “a part of” GO Fest anyway, we've got Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre hanging round in raids earlier than handing the highlight again to Xernie and Yvette on Sunday. Far as I do know, they do NOT include their signature strikes Precipice Blades and Origin Pulse (respectively), in order that's a bummer and sort of stops my evaluation proper there. I'll level out, nonetheless, that I did a full evaluation article on the pair earlier this 12 months which can be value your whereas to return and dirt off for a recent learn. In brief although, in the event that they DO someway include their particular strikes, Groudon is by far the precedence. Kyogre arguably operates higher in PvP with out Origin Pulse, however Groudon will get a really good increase from Precipice.


Time to get to the wild spawns throughout these occasions. As with different latest GO Fests, these are principally tied to sure habitats — with the International occasion, these habitats rotate each hour — and beneath I'll cowl every of these habitats and briefly speak in regards to the precedence targets from every (once more, strictly from a PvP perspective). Notice that almost all are the bottom kind that you just need to evolve up for PvP. I'll use the next key as a fast reference.


A pair fast notes of markings I'll be including to Pokémon all through:

– Shadow consideration. Not all Shadows are higher, however most are viable options, so examine and see when you've got de-Pissed off candidates to construct up too!

– Legacy/Unique Transfer Required. These would require Elite TMs (or the occasion's particular evolve window… see final part of this text for particulars) to get their wanted Legacy strikes. I'll spell out any such transfer(s) particularly per Pokémon.

– Excessive XL Funding. Clearly something in Grasp League requires all 296 XL Sweet to max, however that is extra to indicate issues that require deep XL funding to work greatest in Extremely and even Nice League. Even when you've got a great specimen or two of those species already, it's possible you'll want extra XLs to complete them off, so that is your grinding alternative!

– Spice Choose. Typically not viable in Open codecs, however has sufficient potential to be good in sure Restricted/Cup codecs. Value having available, however not fairly as excessive a precedence.

– Incense-only Spawn. These Pokémon will present up throughout their related habitat, however ONLY as a spawn from energetic Incense. In case you don't use an Incense, these won't present up in any respect. Niantic additionally hinted that solely common (inexperienced) Incense will work, not the blue Each day Journey Incense.

And to make it EVEN simpler, with a fast visible reference whilst you're out grinding, right here's every habitat with the precedence spawns to grind out for each! Notice the emoji by every habitat, as I will probably be utilizing these as I am going into element on a few of these spawns beneath the desk.

Habitat Precedence Spawns (in tough order)
Quartz Terrarium  Lickitung, Heracross, Clefairy, Miltank, Shellos (East Sea), Hisuian Growlithe
Pyrite Sands  Gible, Joltik, Pawniard , Trapinch, Grubbin, Timburr, Sandshrew , Girafarig
Malachite Wilderness  Snover, Stunfisk, Ferroseed, Fomantis, Cowboy Hat Snorlax, Cottonee, Roselia, Scyther, Spinarak, Oranguru, Carnivine
Aquamarine Shores  Pachirisu , Beldum, Lapras, Marill, Barboach, Mareanie, Horsea, Shellos (West Sea) 🌶

All that out of the way in which… let's see what we've started working with!


These Pokémon must be your highest precedence to search out when you nonetheless lack them in your PvP arsenal. In case you pursue nothing else throughout GO Fest, lock up a great one (or a number of) of every of those!




Little League Precedence: HIGH

Nice League Precedence: VERY HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: LOW-MODERATE (Lickilicky)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

I imply, does Licki want any introduction at this level? it's perpetually ranked within the High 10 in mainly each Nice League format the place it seems, including even Open Great League, and it places up the numbers to again it up. Do observe which you could save your self a little XL sweet by going with a near hundo and lose virtually nothing in efficiency (dropping a brilliant shut win over Dunsparce, of all issues, to as a substitute win the mirror match), however both approach, this is among the crazier XL grinds within the recreation (exterior of Grasp League, after all). Hopefully you have already got a Licki you're engaged on that has Physique Slam, as a result of in any other case, you're going to want an Elite TM to get it now. Good luck on the grind!




Little League Precedence: n/a

Nice League Precedence: MODERATE (Garchomp)

Extremely League Precedence: LOW-MODERATE (Garchomp)

Grasp League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Garchomp)

Earth Power/Outrage Garchomp is what you actually need in Grasp League, whichever fast move you prefer… however that requires an Elite TM (for Earth Energy). Luckily, non-Legacy Chompy works too, although it's far more bait-reliant with Sand Tomb. Both approach, this can be a good one to have in your Grasp League assortment, so grind these XLs if nothing else!




Little League Precedence: MODERATE (Snover & Abomasnow)

Nice League Precedence: HIGH (Abomasnow)

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH (Abomasnow)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

Would you consider there was a time when Abomasnow was a spice possibility at greatest? These have been within the days earlier than Climate Ball. Ever since getting that, Aboma has been a staple of many codecs in GreatUltra, and even Little League (properly, when allowed in Little, that's… and when it's not, Snover does properly sufficient for itself). It's a famous person in lots of Cup codecs, and persistently ranks within the High 50 even in Open play. In case you lack a great one in any of these three Leagues — or sufficient XLs to construct up a full-fledged Extremely League specimen — go get 'em!




Little League Precedence: HIGH

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: n/a

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

If ever there was higher proof that bulk mattered, it's right here. Electrics have a spotty historical past in PvP, being superior in some codecs however usually taking a again seat to different typings even within the anti-Flying/Water function. Electrics that thrive with ONLY Electrical strikes are virtually unprecedented… the one ones that do make it generally depend on different strikes and/or typing (Metal, Bug, Water, Rock, Fireplace… one thing) to carve a distinct segment.

…after which there's Pachirisu, who places mainly all different Electrical sorts to disgrace. By document, it even outpaces the mighty Lanturn. About the one issues Lanturn can beat that Pachi can't are Sableye and Water-weak Bastiodon, whereas Pachi wins the head-to-head versus Lanturn AND provides on issues like Vigoroth, Toxicroak, and even Registeel. Little or no stops it other than Grounds, a number of Grasses, and some issues that outbulk even Pachi.

So why don't you see it all over the place in PvP? As a result of it's A.) one of many rarer Regionals within the recreation, mainly obtainable solely in Canada, and B.) it's prohibitively costly. SO cumbersome is Pachirisu that it finally ends up as one thing that doesn't even attain 1500 when totally maxed out, hitting solely 1372 even at Stage 50 (therefore the double s). So yeah… even our Canadian mates have a tough time constructing one. I believe it's extremely unlikely it will spawn in sufficient quantity so that you can go from none to abruptly having a Stage 50 within the two one-hour slots the place it may be discovered (particularly because it's an Incense-only spawn), however that is a minimum of an opportunity to get began, and who know once we'll have even THAT likelihood once more. That is THE precedence goal of the Aquamarine Shores habitat timeslot AND of any Incense spawns of the day. Do no matter you need to do to catch each single one you possibly can. On the very least, you can use it in Little League for now.




Little League Precedence: MODERATE

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: VERY HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: MODERATE

Clearly being one other one of many uncommon Regionals that everyone knows and love (cough), this can be a nice alternative to scoop up one thing that's helpful throughout all Leagues… even Little League for potential use in Little Jungle Cup. Heracross works properly sufficient in Great and even Master, however its actual standout spot nowadays might be Ultra League as a reliable Fighter that may additionally carry down Bugs because of Rock Blast, beats most Grounds and different Fighters because of resisting Floor and Preventing harm, and even beats most Grasses and even some Psychics because of Megahorn. This can be very versatile and matches the UL meta very, very properly. Get a bunch whilst you can… the mix of usefulness and rarity exterior of occasions like this make Heracross one of many highest wild spawn priorities to focus on this weekend for PvPers.




Little League Precedence: LOW

Nice League Precedence: HIGH (Galvantula)

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH (Galvantula)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

One other Stage 50 candidate is Ultra League Galvantula, which hits a pleasant cool 2494 CP proper at Stage 50. If nothing else, use this chance to grind these XL Candies, however after all Great League Galv is sort of superior too. We've had some tried replacements come alongside since (reminiscent of Charjabug, which can be a worthy grind goal within the Pyrite Sands habitat {as pre-evolution Grubbin}), however none can or doubtless ever will surpass the OG. Galvantula is more likely to all the time be a fixture in PvP, and is one thing each PvPer ought to have on the prepared always.




Little League Precedence: MODERATE

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

Clearly not as prolific as its Galarian bear lure cousin, Unique Recipe Stunfisk continues to be pretty awesome in its personal proper, and has extra utility even in Ultra League than it's possible you'll assume. The primary factor holding it again actually is Galarian Stunfisk, since you possibly can't use each on the identical crew in GBL and G-Fisk really is generally better throughout. However when you want XLs for Extremely League G-Fisk, you possibly can grind them by way of unique Stunfisk in Malachite Wilderness. In case you already have a maxed out G-Fisk, you possibly can nonetheless grind XLs for an UL Unovan Stunfisk too. I actually do assume it's value having BOTH maxed out when you've got a humiliation of XL riches.




Little League Precedence: n/a

Nice League Precedence: LOW

Extremely League Precedence: LOW

Grasp League Precedence: HIGH (Metagross)

Admittedly a one-trick pony in PvP, as Metagross is absolutely solely usable in Grasp League, however it's good trick, notably in Master Premier. And whereas I do know this can be a PvP evaluation just about solely, I'd be remiss to not level out that Metagross is and mainly will eternally be the most effective Metal in PvE as properly. And it owes its PvP and PvE success to the superior Meteor Mash, which is a legacy transfer BUT is conveniently obtainable throughout this identical GO Fest occasion (extra on that later), driving up the grinding precedence even additional. If it wasn't for Pachirisu, Beldum would slightly simply be the highest “get” within the Aquamarine Shores habitat.




Little League Precedence: LOW

Nice League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Clefable)

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH (Clefable)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

For my third and ultimate Quartz Terrarium spotlight, it was actually a toss-up between Clefable and Miltank, and actually you possibly can't go fallacious both approach. Clefable is much much less spectacular in Great League, although I nonetheless see extra of a spot for it in each Open and Cup metas, and PvPoke appears to agree as Clefable is larger ranked in each Open GL and Open UL. And it's that latter case that pushes Clefable up larger for me, as a result of whereas Miltank is greater than ok to be value constructing for Ultra League, it mainly HAS to be maxed out, whereas Clefable is each cheaper and more effective overall, even at “only” Level 45. Each are worthy, but when I had to decide on one to grind XLs for this weekend, for me it's Clefable, and (actually) twice on Sunday!




Little League Precedence: HIGH (Pawniard)

Nice League Precedence: MODERATE (Bisharp)

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE (Bisharp)

Grasp League Precedence: HIGH? (Kingambit – future)

A novel alternative to get Pawniard below 500 CP for Little League, the place it's actually quite good, beating many massive names like Deino, Swinub, Vullaby, Igglybuff, Onix, Chansey, A-Shrew, Stunky, and the good evil generally known as Bronzor, amongst others. Even a Analysis stage Pawnie is just too massive to squeeze into Little League, so use this distinctive likelihood to land one for you personal squad!

As for Bisharp, if I'm being trustworthy, it's actually a spice possibility at greatest, in each Great and Ultra League. There have been a pair metas the place it has kinda-sorta labored on the correct crew, however I don't see it ever transferring past fringe. Nonetheless, Little League Pawniard make this a worthy goal. As does the potential of Kingambit sooner or later in Grasp League…..




Little League Precedence: MODERATE (Ferroseed)

Nice League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Ferrothorn)

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Ferrothorn)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

Man, Malachite Wilderness is loaded. Whereas Ferrothorn is extra a star of Restricted/Cup codecs, boy oh boy has it had a few of these the place it has shone out brightly. (Just like the latest Fossil Cup!) So whereas its numbers are maybe just a little tepid in Great League, maintain a few of these Limited metas firmly in thoughts and search for a great one when you lack it. It's good in Ultra League as properly, and little Ferroseed has moved into Little League dialogue for the reason that recent-ish buff to Deal with.




Little League Precedence: LOW

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: LOW

Sure, it would typically require a minimum of one Elite TM for Ice Shard and/or Ice Beam (so probably two Elite TMs.) And sure, Lapras has been round eternally and slipped backward a bit with the rise of different Icy Waters like Walrein and (extra just lately) Dewgong. However there may be nonetheless a LOT to love about ol' Lappie, in each Great and Ultra Leagues. The factor that almost all separates it from the others is having the ability to dish out spammy Water harm because of Surf. The truth is, nowadays, it's arguably higher with Water Gun as properly, giving it a pleasant increase in Nice League (it's possible you'll not have even seen the GL sim above has Water Gun… Ice Shard is less impressive) and even Ultra League too. Level is… it's good to have a pair completely different Lappies available, and whereas it's maybe in a crowded subject nowadays, it's by no means going to fade away from being a viable possibility. Perhaps use this chance to scoop up these nifty Water Gun variations, eh?

Others Of Notice

  • Miltank

  • Gastrodon

  • Growlithe (Hisuian)

  • Arcanine (Hisuian)

  • Quartz Terrarium 💎: As I famous earlier, it's good to have a great Miltank (or two)…. Shellos really reveals up in two habitats (East Sea right here, and West Sea in Aquamarine Shores), however aside from having the ability to snatch up whichever model just isn't native to your a part of the world, you in all probability haven't although a lot about it. However Gastrodon is quietly an excellent Pokémon in the correct Restricted metas and value having because of its unique-among-Mud Boys mixture of Mud Slap and Physique Slam…. Hisuian Growlithe is that this habitat's Incense-only spawn, and whereas it's just okay in Little League Hisuian Arcanine is just so-so in Great and Ultra, I stay satisfied it would have its day within the solar, simply as Magcargo with the identical Fireplace/Rock typing has. And extra importantly, that is the primary and solely time we've been capable of get them beneath hatch stage, so the primary time H-9 has been attainable in Nice League and H-Growlie in Little League. That alone is value an Incense or two, I believe.

  • Flygon

  • Charjabug

  • Girafarig

  • Pyrite Sands 🏜Trapinch JUST missed the minimize earlier, so don't mistake its comparatively low placement on this article. Flygon continues to be one thing you need available in Great League and particularly in Ultra League. Simply observe that you actually need former Neighborhood Day transfer Earth Energy for ol' Goggle Eyes to be at its greatest, which is fortunately obtainable in the course of the weekend! (Extra on that shortly, I promise)…. I briefly talked about Grubbin, however solely insofar as its fast evolution Charjabug is a barely worse Galvantula. Nonetheless, we a minimum of have the priority of Electrical Cup to indicate that it CAN shine on the correct stage and it's value scooping up if you've gotten different larger precedence spawns round you already…. Gotta give a shout-out to my boy Farigamarif… I imply Geoffamarag… okay, okay, it's Girafarig, not an entire joke because it bought each Psychic Fangs and Double Kick. It nonetheless isn't all that in Open, however it's greater than ok to be legit viable now in sure Cup codecs. Scoop a number of up to take a look at the IVs later, on the very least.

  • Fomantis

  • Lurantis

  • Snorlax

  • Cottonee

  • Whimsicott

  • Roserade

  • Scizor

  • Ariados

  • Oranguru

  • Carnivine

  • Malachite Wilderness 🏞: Truthfully, there's actually not a nasty spawn on this habitat. Fomantis (and particularly Lurantis), Cowboy Hat SnorlaxCottonee (and Whimsicott), Roselia's evolution Roserade (extra on her shortly), Scyther's and Spinarak's evolutions (I nonetheless have a tender spot for Ariados, and Oranguru are ALL Cup choices on the very least, and even Incense-exclusive Carnivine has a minimum of enough potential to be interesting. I wouldn't say any are MUST haves, however they're all WORTH having. That is in all probability the most effective habitat wherein it's good to only let your GO Plus gadget of alternative go ham for the entire two hours we've got it. There aren't ANY true clunkers right here.

  • Azumarill

  • Barboach

  • Whiscash

  • Toxapex

  • Kingdra

  • Aquamarine Shores 🌊Marill is value it for the XL Sweet alone, however when you someway don't have (or simply want a greater) Azumarill, then critically, what are you waiting for?…. Barboach stays a JRE favourite in mainly each Little League format the place it may be used (no person expects the Ice Beam Inquisition!), however after all, its evolution Whiscash is extra of a family identify, particularly with the Mud Bomb buff…. I stay satisfied the rise of Toxapex continues to be nigh, so I'm nonetheless on the hunt for Mareanie at any time when it's broadly obtainable…. Kingdra has by no means been a private favourite, however many individuals nonetheless swear by it in Ultra League, so positive, scoop up some Horsea, I assume. At the least it's a stunning shiny. Very aquamarine!


Distinctive to International GO Fest — this wasn't a part of Osaka, London, or New York — we've got the chance to get some Legacy strikes again on our Pokémon (by way of evolving)! Not all of them are stuff you really need — or in some instances, will not be stuff you even need — however let's wrap this up by speaking about them.



  • Metagross we talked about earlier, as a great instrument for Grasp League and PvE that's unlikely to ever really be surpassed in its Metal function, however it's all thanks completely to Meteor Mash. With out that, there IS no Metagross. This one within the highest evolve precedence of all, and fortunately Beldum is among the wild spawns in the course of the occasion, so you possibly can theoretically construct one from scratch if you have to.



  • Roserade‘s pre-evolution (Roselia) is ALSO spawning in the course of the occasion, within the crowded and excessive worth Malachite Wilderness habitat, and Roserade will get TWO strikes upon evolving throughout occasion hours: quick transfer Bullet Seed and essential cost transfer Climate Ball (Fireplace). Rose is sweet with both of those moves, however it's additionally a good suggestion to have one or two with Climate Ball and quick transfer Poison Jab as a substitute. Ensure you come out of this weekend with a Bullet Seed AND Poison Jab model for whichever League(s) you may use Rose in.



  • Flygon is — you guessed it! — obtainable in the course of the occasion by way of wild Trapinch, and whereas it CAN perform alright without its Legacy move (and no, I do NOT imply with Boomburst! 😝), it's solely at its greatest with Legacy Earth Power. Get one whilst you can!

  • Butterfree

  • Sandslash

  • Lickilicky

  • Salamence

  • Clefable

  • As for the remaining, Butterfree (Bug Chunk), Sandslash (Evening Slash), Lickilicky (Physique Slam… why couldn't we get Lickitung with this as a substitute?! 😑), and Salamence (Outrage) stay mere fringe choices in PvP (although Salamence is okay in PvE, a minimum of), and whereas Clefable, as a reminder, IS good in PvP, it needs NO components of Legacy Pound. Evolve every of these when you've got a spare pre-evo sitting round, positive, however don't anticipate to really use these anytime actual quickly.


Most ‘mons I didn't already discuss are strong in Restricted/Cup codecs on the very least, and so they (and their evolutions) are all good ones to have available! Simply wished to focus on above what ‘mons and strikes I personally contemplate those to go after the hardest.

Good luck on the market, people! Right here's hoping the climate is nice, the lag is minimal, and the spawns are plentiful!

Till subsequent time, you possibly can all the time discover me on Twitter or Threads (@JRESeawolf for each) for normal evaluation nuggets, or Patreon.

Good looking, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

P.S. – Apologies on the dearth of an infographic like we had for Osaka/London and New York Metropolis. It IS in progress however my buddy has had a tough go of it this week. If it is available in time for the occasion, we'll get that posted later as properly!

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