A PvP Discipline Information to Osaka and London GO Fests 2023

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Pokémon GO Fest is again, kicking off this weekend in Osaka, Japan and London, England. There are many fascinating Pokémon in raids, analysis, and within the wild, so at this time I'm publishing a PvP Discipline Information to the occasion. Not all of chances are you'll want it, however some actually WILL be searching for one thing akin to this, so right here you go: JRE's opinions on what GO Festers ought to prioritize searching down this weekend when you have the possibility!

The majority of this evaluation shall be what's new, principally Legendaries and Mythicals (some with new strikes). However I'll have a fast “rating” of untamed spawns from the assorted habitats on the finish, with a couple of highlighted specifically.




So not all that way back, I did an evaluation on Breaking Swipe Rayquaza and was lauding the sudden potential the massive man lastly had in PvP. Significantly in Grasp League, the place it went from this all the way in which up to this. The issue nonetheless remained, nevertheless, of what second cost transfer to run. Hurricane is mostly thought-about one of the best due to the protection it could possibly present (with out it, RayRay is totally walled by issues that resist Dragon injury) and the closing energy, however Outrage had some play too (and even one thing like Ancient Power).

With all these choices, chances are you'll not assume Rayquaza could be searching for one other transfer much more costly than all of these, however right here comes Dragon Ascent, a 70-energy Flying transfer (5 extra power than Hurricane) that offers a whopping 150 injury (40 extra injury than Hurricane!), second in Flying-type strikes solely to the wonderful Aeroblast that's unique to Lugia. Sure, it's much more costly on a comparatively flimsy Dragon that generates solely the typical 3.0 Vitality Per Flip with its most popular quick transfer (Dragon Tail), however contemplate this: with Dragon Tail being a three-turn transfer, every one really generates 9 power (3.0 Vitality Per Flip x3), so after seven Tails, you're sitting at 63 power, 2 in need of firing off Hurricane. Including on yet another Tail will get you over the 65 power wanted… nevertheless it's ALSO sufficient to fireside off 70-energy Dragon Ascent anyway. Equally, after baiting with a 35-energy Breaking Swipe, seven extra Dragon Tails will get you to solely 64 power, once more simply in need of what's wanted for Hurricane, and once more it takes one extra Tail to get to the power vital for Hurricane OR Dragon Ascent. In brief: with the way in which Dragon Tail generates power, most often you received't even discover that Dragon Ascent is dearer than Hurricane, as they'll fairly often each change into charged on the identical flip anyway.

“Yeah yeah, that's nice, JRE. However what does that MEAN?” Put merely, within the widespread 1-1 shielding situations, either of the Flying closing moves makes beating Zacian (minus Play Tough) attainable (not surprisingly, Outrage can't do that, and Dragon Ascent permits RayRay to beat Xerneas! Nicely… assuming you efficiently protect the Moonblast. Aaaaaaaaaand solely until Xerneas gets Geomancy as a substitute of the Sort out it's caught with now.

In brief, it's no worse than Hurricane, however not appreciably higher both. The place you'll see it pop a bit is with shields down, the place Dragon Ascent has the ability to knock out Sylveon and Zacian (even WITH Play Tough now!) whereas Hurricane falls brief. With that in thoughts, sure, it's honest to name Dragon Ascent a slight improve general. Not a drastic enchancment, however very a lot viable and possibly preferrable to Hurricane (and Ray's different non-Breaking Swipe strikes) going ahead. For these going to Osaka or London: get it when you can. However for individuals who aren't… you're not lacking out on TOO a lot by ready. Win-win?




I already did a PvP evaluation on CARBINK which I extremely advocate trying out, however in brief… it's very, superb in Nice League. However ONLY in Nice League, with a CP that maxes out at 1658 (and solely 1467 at Degree 40, so this factor requires XLs it doesn't matter what). Use the truth that it's in raids to grind for the sweet and XL Sweet it requires, and hope to land like a 14-15-15, which is simply pretty much as good as a better rank IV one and MUCH cheaper to construct (solely must get to Degree 42.5). Good luck!

However the star of the present at this 12 months's GO Fests (as indicated by “The Season of Hidden Gems” and the apparent gem theme of GO Fest itself) is one other Fairy/Rock sort: the Legendary (and lengthy-awaited) DIANCIE.



In MSG, Diancie is “a sudden transformation of Carbink”, and so it's not a giant shock that (on the time of this writing, a minimum of) they share the very same strikes. Which means in Nice League, the place Carbink has the fourth highest stat product of ALL PokémonCarbink excels, whereas Diancie, with a stat product ranked round #230 (roughly the identical as issues like Dragalge, Grotle, Drapion, and the mighty Spoink), struggles in Great League. Whereas Diancie can beat most large title Fireplace, Ice, Darkish, Flying, and/or Dragon sorts (as you'd count on of a Fairy/Rock), Carbink goes on from there to ALSO beat many Fighters (Medicham and Scrafty, most notably) and quasi-Fighters (issues like Vigoroth and Obstagoon), notable Ghosts and Ghost injury sellers (Jellicent, Sableye, Cofagrigus, Alolan Sandslash), and different spectacular wins like Lickitung, Lanturn, and Drapion. Carbink does all that, and Diancie simply can't.

What Diancie CAN do is play in larger Leagues, and it appears to be like way more fascinating in that context. Ultra League Diancie is okay, nonetheless fighting Fighters, however properly clobbering the massive variety of Dragon, Darkish, Flying, Ice, and Fireplace sorts within the UL meta, in addition to bonuses like Snorlax, Dubwool, Golisopod, Greedent, and Charmers like Granbull, Sylveon, and Clefable. I feel it undoubtedly has a task to play, and Extremely League is THE League I feel I might need to prep one for…

…as a result of it's held back in Master League. Not as a result of it doesn't have a very good typing and strikes to compete, however as a result of it tops out at a barely-over-3000 CP. I think about Mega Diancie could escape in Mega Grasp League (each time that returns), and as my pal and colleague u/Teban54 recently wrote about, there's actually knowledge in powering Diancie up for PvE use. However strictly when it comes to PvP, I might get one constructed for Extremely League and cease there. It's one of the best bang on your buck.






For those who're searching for Grasp League influence and are upset by Diancie, do not forget that YVELTAL and XERNEAS shall be in raids for GO Fest ticketholders. Each shall be getting new strikes very quickly, although that's alleged to be AFTER London and Osaka GO Fests wrap (August sixteenth – twenty third), so except Niantic has a shock in retailer, these shall be on this first GO Fest weekend with none unique strikes.

Fortunately, each Yvette and Xernie are already adequate to make use of in Grasp League with none transfer tweaks, so there's actually no hurt in looking for a very good one even with out particular strikes. However on the very least, it is a good alternative for raid fans to get an early begin on grinding sweet (and, in fact, XL Sweet) for the pair. As a result of sure, each shall be higher with their new strikes. Yveltal with new Oblivion Wing has a better time within the mirror match and, like Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent, can blow previous Xerneas (with quick transfer Sort out), although it does lose to Lugia with out Darkish Pulse. And getting cute with Oblivion Wing/Dark Pulse causes different issues, as large Focus Blast is vital to have a shot at taking down Ursaluna, Excadrill, and Dialga, which is not any bueno. I feel Oblivion Wing/Focus Blast will seemingly be the usual going ahead, although present Darkish Pulse variants will nonetheless have a spot too.

As for Xerneas, the advance it's going to see with Geomancy — lastly giving it the Fairy quick transfer gamers have been begging for since its preliminary launch over two years in the past — can't be understated. SIX new wins change into attainable. Some, like Garchomp and each Giratinas (in addition to unlisted-in-that-sim Rayquaza and Yveltal, even with their very own new strikes), are moderately apparent. Others like Lugia are much less apparent however make sense, with Sort out producing solely 3.0 Vitality Per Flip, however Geomancy hitting the sport with 4.33 EPT and thus spamming Xernie's large cost strikes for giant injury. And nonetheless others are nice surprises, like Melmetal and Excadrill, thanks once more to the superior power of Geomancy resulting in extra Shut Fights that Steels hate. Paradoxically, although, Dialga is a win with Sort out and truly turns into a loss with Geomancy. Although each quick strikes are resisted, Sort out finally ends up dealing about 50% extra injury than Geomancy, and that quick transfer injury plus an unshielded Shut Fight results in knockout injury for Sort out, however not fairly sufficient for Geomancy. (Dialga reaches a second Iron Head and lives with about 17 HP versus Geomancy, however dies earlier than attending to that second Iron Head versus Tackle.) Total it is a clear improve, however do be aware that Dialga consequence and have a Plan B for it.

So sure, look forward with a smile to the improved variations we'll be getting AFTER GO Fest. However prep now whereas they're in raids for that future success later.




Time to get to the wild spawns throughout these occasions. As with different latest GO Fests, these are principally tied to sure habitats, and beneath I'll cowl every of these habitats and briefly discuss in regards to the precedence targets from every (once more, strictly from a PvP perspective). However there's one spawn that's value speaking about that shall be obtainable in ALL habitats… and no, I don't imply Unown or Amethyst Crown Pikachu. 😝 I'm speaking in regards to the first likelihood many may have at touchdown themselves SIGILYPH.

Usually, the odd “Avianoid Pokémon” is out there solely in a comparatively small space of the world that primarily contains Egypt, Israel, and Greece, so it is a nice alternative to flesh out your Pokédex. However sadly, I feel its usefulness ends there, because it's simply not superb in PvP, be it Great League or Ultra League. A part of that is subpar bulk, half is a typing mixture that has extra vulnerabilities than resistances, however the best half is simply boring strikes. Air Slash is its solely viable quick transfer, and its greatest cost strikes (Bug-type Sign Beam and Rock-type Historical Energy) lack STAB injury and cohesion. Simply what are you anticipating to beat with a hodgepodge of Flying, Bug, and Rock injury? Grasses, positive, however not a lot else. Now it DOES study some okay-ish strikes in MSG that would assist it, however not very much. Not each new addition could be a star, and I feel Sigilyph will stay only a ‘dex filler (albeit a really uncommon one that's WELL value scooping up for buying and selling to your area people once you get again dwelling!).

Now for the remainder of the spawns. Observe that the majority are the bottom type that you simply need to evolve up for PvP. There may be an infographic within the works to summarize all these, although it might not be prepared till Thursday, so test for that later. However for now, I'll use the next key as a fast reference.


A pair fast notes of markings I'll be including to Pokémon all through:

– Shadow consideration. Not all Shadows are higher, however most are viable alternate options, so test and see when you've got de-Annoyed candidates to construct up too!

– Purified consideration. Some issues are simply higher, or a minimum of equally viable, with Return.

– Legacy/Unique Transfer Required. On the time of this writing, we're not anticipating something caught throughout the occasion (apart from Rayquaza) shall be coming with any strikes exterior of their regular movepool, so these would require Elite TMs to get their wanted Legacy strikes. I'll spell out any such transfer(s) particularly per Pokémon.

💰 – Excessive XL Funding. Clearly something in Grasp League requires all 296 XL Sweet to max, however that is extra to indicate issues that require deep XL funding to work greatest in Extremely and even Nice League. Even when you've got a very good specimen or two of those species already, chances are you'll want extra XLs to complete them off, so that is your grinding alternative!

And to make it EVEN simpler, with a fast visible reference when you're out grinding, right here's every habitat with the precedence spawns to grind out for every one! Observe the emoji by every habitat, as I shall be utilizing these as I'm going into element on a few of these spawns beneath the desk.

Habitat Precedence Spawns (in tough order)
Darkish Jungle  Heracross, Skorupi, Zubat, Deino, Dewpider, Venipede
Fairy Backyard  Bulbasaur, Ferroseed, Hoppip, Jigglypuff, Dedenne, Oddish, Spritzee
Hypnotic Glacier  Amaura, Seel, Snorlax, Castform, Bergmite, Galarian Mr. Mime
Volcanic Island  Dratini, Charizard, Lucario, Mantine, Nosepass, Inkay, Squirtle

All that out of the way in which… let's see what we've set to work with!


These Pokémon must be your highest precedence to search out in case you nonetheless lack them in your PvP arsenal. For those who pursue nothing else throughout GO Fest, lock up a very good one (or a number of) of every of those!




Little League Precedence: MODERATE

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: VERY HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: MODERATE

Extraordinarily uncommon for the nations internet hosting these first 2023 GO Fests, Heracross is beneficial throughout all Leagues… even Little League for potential use in Little Jungle Cup. It really works effectively sufficient in Great and even Master, however its actual standout spot nowadays might be Ultra League as a reliable Fighter that may additionally convey down Bugs because of Rock Blast, beats most Grounds and different Fighters because of resisting Floor and Combating injury, and even beats most Grasses and even some Psychics because of Megahorn. This can be very versatile and matches the UL meta very, very effectively. Get a bunch when you can… the mixture of usefulness and rarity exterior of occasions like this make Heracross maybe THAT prime wild spawn to focus on this weekend for PvPers.




Little League Precedence: MODERATE (Dratini)

Nice League Precedence: HIGH (Dragonair, Dragonite)

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH (Dragonite)

Grasp League Precedence: VERY HIGH (Dragonite)

There are a pair different Pokemon I would rank greater when it comes to general PvP utility, however the Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite line nonetheless has that in spades, AND is way rarer exterior of occasions than most all the pieces else listed beneath. I in all probability don't must extol the well-known virtues of Master League Dragonite (to incorporate the Shadow version), particularly because it bought Superpower a couple of months again, nevertheless it additionally has potential in Great League (particularly in sure Cup codecs) and Ultra League as effectively. If there's any of these ranges the place you lack a very good one, it is a GREAT likelihood to treatment that. Additionally don't neglect underrated Great League Dragonair and Little League Dratini too, ideally each in Shadow type however that's not strictly vital. If nothing else, grind sweet and XLs!




Little League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Amaura)

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: MODERATE

Amaura is underrated in Little League, however the actual “get” right here is Aurorus, which has damaged out as a Great League and Ultra League star, significantly in a number of Restricted/Cup codecs. However do you know it even has some use in Master League? Significantly in ML Premier! 👀 Even in case you're good on GL and UL Aurorus coming off Journey Week, right here's one other shot to grind XLs for a possible Grasp League shock! And, in fact, one other shot at that attractive shiny. 🤩




Little League Precedence: HIGH (Bulbasaur)

Nice League Precedence: VERY HIGH (Venusaur)

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH (Venusaur)

Grasp League Precedence: LOW

  • Legacy Unique Strikes: Frenzy Plant

For those who've performed PvP for any size of time, then Venusaur seemingly wants no introduction. It's been a staple for the reason that days earlier than GBL, when the now-sadly-defunct Silph Area was rocking PvP touraments a 12 months earlier than GBL ever arrived. Metas have shifted from side to side through the years, however Venusaur has remained a fixture by means of all of it in Great and Ultra codecs, and arguably solely gotten higher with the addition of its Shadow model (particularly in Great League). You actually ought to have one by now, however in case you don't, grind away. And in addition don't neglect that Bulbasaur is a fixture in Little League codecs as effectively, and in contrast to its large bro, requires no Elite TMs to be at its greatest.




Little League Precedence: MODERATE

Nice League Precedence: VERY HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: HIGH

Grasp League Precedence: LOW-MODERATE (Mega Grasp League)

  • Legacy Unique Strikes: Wing Assault and Blast Burn

I imply, for the reason that buff to Wing Assault, Charizard is all over the place now. I'll simply throw out how good it's in Great LeagueUltra League (particularly as a Shadow! 😱), and likewise a enjoyable tidbit: it's even good in Little League when there's a format the place it's eligible, like Little Jungle Cup. 🔥 Betcha don't have one below 500 CP but. You recognize what to do. The one draw back? TWO Elite TMs are required for it to be at its greatest.




Little League Precedence: MODERATE (Ferroseed)

Nice League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Ferrothorn)

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH (Ferrothorn)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

  • Legacy Unique Strikes: Frenzy Plant

Ferrothorn is extra a star of Restricted/Cup codecs, however boy oh boy has it had a few of these the place it has shone out brightly. (Just like the just-wrapping Fossil Cup!) So whereas its numbers are maybe somewhat tepid in Great League, maintain a few of these Limited metas firmly in thoughts and search for a very good one in case you lack it. It's good in Ultra League as effectively, and little Ferroseed has moved into Little League dialogue for the reason that recent-ish buff to Sort out.




Little League Precedence: HIGH

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE

Grasp League Precedence: LOW

Man, Volcanic Island spawns are loaded, aren't they? I nonetheless advocate getting your Great League (and even Ultra League, in order for you one) Lucario through an already-second-moved Riolu, because you'll save 65,000 mud that method. However both method, Luc is one thing you need to undoubtedly have in your arsenal in case you play any Cup codecs, because it excels in a number of. And it is a tremendous uncommon alternative to get a Little League Lucario, and it has sneaky good potential there if ever allowed in Little Cups.




Little League Precedence: HIGH (Zubat)

Nice League Precedence: HIGH (Golbat)

Extremely League Precedence: MODERATE (Crobat)

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

All three are good of their respective Leagues: Zubat in Little League, long-time finances hero Golbat in Great League, and Crobat in Ultra. All took a slight hit with the eventual Poison Fang nerf (effectively, not likely Golbat since Wing Assault was finally buffed to compensate), however all are nonetheless stars in sure Restricted metas and viable in Open play on the best group, too. Shadow variations of all three are comparable, as are Zubat and Golbat with Return in case you purify them (rather than Sludge Bomb for Zubat — a Legacy transfer, BTW — or Shadow Ball for Golbat). These should not uncommon spawns exterior of occasions, however in case you're there anyway, could as effectively scoop some up at GO Fest with the boosted shiny odds, proper?




Little League Precedence: MODERATE-HIGH

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: n/a

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

Sure, ANOTHER Volcanic Island spawn. Pelipper is immensely common in Nice League, however di you already know that its performance is intently mirrored by Mantine, even when it doesn't rely on baity Bubble Beam? There are variations between them, in fact, with Pelipper extra simply spamming by means of issues like Drapion, and shutting it out with Hurricane in opposition to Cresselia, Jellicent, and Walrein, however Mantine does good, distinctive issues as effectively, like taking down Altaria, Mandibuzz, Trevenant, and Venusaur because of Ice Beam. It's fairly underrated and value having readily available. Additionally a pleasant alternative for Little League Mantine, which is not any Ducklett, however nonetheless fairly darn good!




Little League Precedence: HIGH (Seel)

Nice League Precedence: HIGH

Extremely League Precedence: n/a

Grasp League Precedence: n/a

  • Legacy Unique Strikes (Dewgong): Ice Shard and Icy Wind

You all know that Dewgong has lengthy been a Nice League staple, although on that light a bit over time. I'm positive you additionally know that, as with Charizard, it requires two Elite TMs, one for quick transfer Ice Shard and the opposite for Icy Wind. And in case you missed the memo, this GBL season it was gifted Drill Run to lastly give it the protection transfer it at all times longed for, and Gong is on the rise as soon as once more. It's effectively well worth the Elite TMs and constructing from the bottom up in case you by no means did earlier than, and it is a unbelievable alternative to hunt (or commerce!) for these superb PvP IVs. Go get 'em!


Within the curiosity of time, I'm going to only refer again to the desk above once more for what else I contemplate worthy targets to grind… or maybe extra helpfully, I'm excited to disclose a useful infographic from ThePokeGOHunter, meant as a useful, fast reference on what to anticipate because the habitats rotate and allow you to maximize your searching time.

Thanks for the collab, my pal! 🤝

Most ‘mons I didn't already speak about are strong in Restricted/Cup codecs on the very least, they usually (and their evolutions) are all good ones to have readily available! Simply wished to focus on above what I personally contemplate those to go after the hardest.

Good luck on the market, people! Right here's hoping the climate is nice, the lag is minimal, and the spawns are plentiful!

Till subsequent time, you may at all times discover me on Twitter (“X” isn't actual in my actuality… viva la Twitter!) or Threads (@JRESeawolf) for normal evaluation nuggets, or Patreon.

Good searching, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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