All the brand new Shiny Pokémon you may catch at World GO Fest 2023

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Pokémon GO Fest is the largest occasion of the yr within the sport and one of many causes for the recognition of this world spectacle is the debut of latest Shiny Pokémon within the occasion. 

This yr isn't any completely different because the World GO Fest 2023 occasion guarantees many thrilling debuts of latest Shiny mons and trainers are past excited to seek out out which shinies will make their presence felt on this yr's extravaganza. As well as, trainers are additionally curious concerning the habitats through which they will discover these shiny Pokémon.

So, we'll uncover all the small print concerning the Shiny Pokémon making their debut in Go Fest 2023. Right here we go!

Each new Shiny Pokémon out there in Go Fest 2023

Listed below are all the brand new Shiny Pokémon in Go Fest 2023 alongside their habitats:

Pokémon Habitat Shiny Look
Shiny Goomy Aquamarine Shores


Shiny Joltik Pyrite Sands


Shiny Orangaru Malachite Wilderness


Shiny Shellos (West Sea) Aquamarine Shores

Shellos (West Sea)

Shiny Shellos (East Sea) Quartz Terrarium

Shellos (East Sea)


As well as, trainers may even discover shinies of costumed Pikachu with crowns representing their habitats, Cowboy Hat Snorlax, and Unown M.

Pokémon Habitat Shiny Look
Shiny Cowboy Hat Snorlax Malachite Wilderness

sporting a cowboy hat

Shiny Unown M Accessible in all habitats to ticket holders solely.

Unown (M)

Shiny Pikachu with an Aquamarine Crown Aquamarine Shores

sporting an aquamarine crown

Shiny Pikachu with a Malachite Crown Malachite Wilderness

sporting a malachite crown

Shiny Pikachu with a Pyrite Crown Pyrite Sands

sporting a pyrite crown

Shiny Pikachu with a Quartz Crown Quartz Terrarium

sporting a quartz crown


Pokémon Go Fest 2023 Shiny fee

Whereas all trainers can play, GO Fest ticket holders will be capable of get pleasure from a boosted shiny fee of Pokémon in the course of the occasion. The shiny fee of Pokémon for ticket holders will likely be between 1 in 64 to 1 in 128. Furthermore, ticket holders may even be capable of expertise extra bonuses reminiscent of the prospect to come across and catch shiny Unowns.

Alternatively, the shiny fee for non-ticket holders would be the conventional 1 in 500. For a full comparability of the variations between the free occasion, and the ticketed occasion, try our full breakdown of the variations.

We hope you'll be able to catch numerous shinies and have a gala time throughout Pokémon Go Fest 2023!

All the most effective, trainers!

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