Baldur's Gate 3's avian fans could have discovered proof that Larian doesn't know what a Blue Jay is

Kath Santarin
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Devastatingly, it seems that Baldur's Gate 3 may not be fully correct in its portrayal of birds, with an avian fanatic on Reddit having picked out some points of Larian’s Blue Jays that don’t add up.

To be trustworthy, it’s stunning that somebody has been capable of take their eyes off of a few of BG3’s tremendous cute ground-dwelling animals, such because the owlbear cub and this cat that may kind of turn out to be your son in case you cross an intelligence test. Nevertheless, Reddit consumer AstroAri has seemingly had their peepers skilled on the skies, having managed to identify a number of particulars that they assume show Larian has no thought how one fowl ought to behave.

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“I’m an avid birder, and blue jays are my favorite hen,” they defined in a publish on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit, “So the portrayal of blue jays on this recreation is hysterically humorous to me. It’s extraordinarily clear that Larian (a Belgian firm) has completely no clue what a Blue Jay (a corvid endemic to North America) really is.”

By way of proof to again up this very critical declare, they cite three in-game encounters involving the hen in query.

The primary is the Pink Jay belonging to the druid Apikusis, with AstroAri explaining: “The existence of this hen implies that it is some kind of uncommon morph of the blue jay with pink pigmentation as an alternative of blue. Which, in a fantasy setting, would parse…besides blue jays do not even have blue pigmentation in any respect!”

Second is the truth that, attributable to the truth that actual blue jays are “solely able to screaming”, that interplay bards can have with a singing one within the Emerald Grove isn’t too correct.

Lastly, they define: “The blue jay at Rosymorn Monastery, who asks for assist ridding ‘his’ nest of the Large Eagles at present inhabiting it. An actual blue jay would name up a bunch of his blue jay associates and assault the eagles en masse in an act referred to as mobbing, as a result of blue jays are suicidally overconfident.”

“So, I feel Larian thinks blue jays are like common bluebirds or songbirds, after they're really simply crows, however smaller and extra evil,” AstroAri concluded, “BG3 is pro-blue jay propaganda.”

Additionally they added: “Completely no shade in any respect to Larian, simply poking some enjoyable at them!”

So, the following time you play a pleasant duet with that grove Blue Jay, keep in mind that it’s really screaming very melodically.

If you happen to’ve been left saddened by this information, you’re most likely feeling a bit like Baldur’s Gate 3’s intercourse speedrunning group, who’ve had the wind taken out of their sails by the sport’s newest patch.

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