Baxcalibur Pokémon GO Meta Evaluation

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Your final information to understanding Baxcalibur's efficiency in PvP and PvE battles, together with particulars about its stats, comparability with different dragon heavyweights, and its aggressive profile in Pokémon GO.

With the beginning of the Extremely Unlock: Paldea occasion, Pokémon GO trainers from all all over the world will get the chance to catch extra species from the Paldean area. 

After including the three starters and Lechonk (hopefully a shiny) to their Pokédex, trainers are notably wanting ahead to catching the Gen 9 pseudo legendary Pokémon: Baxcalibur.

This Godzilla-esque monster has the best ATK and HP of all pseudo legendaries within the Principal Collection Video games however sadly, it obtained hit with the dreaded 9% nerf in Pokémon GO. Actually, it's the one pseudo to get this baneful ‘honor' and now, it's within the recreation with nerfed stats.

However does it imply Baxcalibur is dangerous? Does it do higher than the Dragon/Ice legendary Kyurem? And in the end, will it wreak havoc in PvP and PvE battles?

We'll get into all of that and extra as we analyze Baxcalibur intimately and discover out if it shatters the meta. So, let's start!

Baxcalibur sort and match-ups

Baxcalibur is a Dragon/Ice Pokémon and is the one second line of species (together with Frigibax and Arctibax) to have this kind mixture after Kyurem. 

With this kind combo, it resists the Electrical, Grass, and Water sorts and its weaknesses embody the Dragon, Fairy, Preventing, Rock, and Metal sorts. 

Baxcalibur stats

Right here's Baxcalibur's stat distribution in Pokémon GO:



Degree 40 CP 3550 | Degree 50 CP 4013
ATK 254 DEF 168 HP 229
Weak to Sturdy Towards
Dragon Fairy Preventing Rock Metal Dragon Flying Grass Floor


Key takeaways from Baxcalibur's sort and stats

Baxcalibur's defensive profile just isn't precisely one thing to boast about. Its Protection stat is satisfactory and while you add the truth that its 5 weaknesses are fairly exploitable in PvP, one would assume that it wouldn't do a lot in battles.

However hey, that 229 HP stat is nothing to sneeze at! We've seen different mons with low DEF, and a mix of excessive ATK + HP work within the Grasp League (take Excadrill as an illustration). Nonetheless, similar to Excadrill, that will come right down to the moveset.

Earlier than we get to Bax's strikes, it's price mentioning that Ice is definitely a reasonably neat offensive sort because it takes out the highly effective Dragon, Floor, Flying, and an ML-relevant Grass sort like Zarude. 

Furthermore, not solely does Bax lack a double weak spot (bear in mind, ‘4x weak spot' doesn't exist in Pokémon GO similar to immunities don't), however it's not weak to the Ice sort like different dragons operating rampant in PvP.

In a nutshell, Baxcalibur just isn't wasted from a typing perspective and does have one thing going for it. So cheers to that!

Now, let's get to maybe an important issue for a mon in Pokémon GO: its moveset.

Pokédex picture for Baxcalibur from Scarlet and Violet

Baxcalibur moveset

Baxcalibur learns the next strikes in Pokémon GO:

Quick Strikes Charged Strikes
  • Dragon Breath Dragon
  • Ice Fang Ice
  • Outrage Dragon
  • Dragon Claw Dragon
  • Avalanche Ice
  • Blizzard Ice


Okay, okay… Baxcalibur obtained it good, yeah!

It truly obtained handled effectively by Niantic and acquired a moveset it may well use in each PvP and PvE. Now, that's uncommon! As an example, Metagross and Hydreigon had been just about ineffective earlier than their Neighborhood Day and that's not the case with Baxcalibur.

Let's dig into every transfer.

Quick Strikes

Proper off the bat, Dragon Breath is a incredible PvP transfer basically and for a Dragon mon with spectacular stats, it gels effectively with Baxcalibur. With a [DPT/EPT] (Injury Per Flip and Vitality Per Flip, of us) of [4.00/3.00] and a cooldown of 1s, Dragon Breath is a clean Quick Transfer to make use of, designed to perform like a surgeon's knife in distinction to Dragon Tail's butchering model. 

Ice Fang, however, comes with a [DPT/EPT] of [4.00/2.50] and a cooldown of 1s, being a tad shy of Dragon Breath in EPT. Whereas it's good, Dragon Breath edges out as the higher Quick Transfer basically and in addition will get higher protection by dealing unresisted harm towards 16 of the 18 Pokémon sorts.

Relating to PvE, the tables flip as Ice Fang has a greater EPS (13.33) than Dragon Breath (12.00) though the previous's cooldown is a complete 1s larger. 

Charged Strikes


Outrage and Dragon Claw, eh? In PvP, Dragon Claw is the clear alternative as it's means cheaper and can be utilized to bait shields whereas additionally being able to dealing good harm. That is, in truth, the evergreen success system of Dragonite, and Baxcalibur can make the most of the identical.

Outrage is the clear winner in PvE however you'd need Dragon Tail to be able to obtain good synergy. Since that's not within the equation and the truth that its ATK stat just isn't that prime, Baxcalibur's Dragon sort profile shifts solely to PvP. 


Avalanche and Blizzard? It is a no-brainer.

Avalanche is likely one of the greatest Ice strikes, be it PvP or PvE. In PvP, it offers a decent 90 harm at simply 45 vitality and is a 2-bar Charged Transfer with the identical 90 harm output. 

What's Baxcalibur's greatest moveset?

In PvP

Baxcalibur's greatest PvP moveset is Dragon Breath with Dragon Claw and Avalanche.

Dragon Breath and Claw work like toast and butter, placing stress on opponents to make use of shields whereas Avalanche is a strong closing transfer.

In PvE

Baxcalibur's greatest PvE moveset is Ice Fang with Avalanche.

Ice Fang and Avalanche type an ideal Ice duo, making Baxcalibur excel within the PvE meta. Bax would have additionally accomplished decently good as a Dragon if it had obtained Outrage however then its ATK stat of 254 anyway wouldn't have let or not it's a high canine.

That stated, Baxcalibur has a signature transfer in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Glaive Rush. Making that transfer OP and including it to Bax's moveset in, say, its eventual Neighborhood Day might propel it to the higher echelon of Dragon sorts so long as it will get phenomenal stats. We'll come to extra of this later within the article, so hold on!

However nonetheless, it's among the best Ice Pokémon you will get. So hooray for that!

Professional tip! You'll be able to go forward and provides it Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw and Avalanche, and use a single Quick TM to get Ice Fanf to enrich its PvE duties.

Efficiency in PvE

Pokémon Go trainers normally get the shorter finish of the stick in terms of PvE so, it's not day by day that they get the posh of getting a PvE-relevant mon within the recreation. 

However PvE lovers have scored massive with Baxcalibur as this new pseudo legendary is all set to be a top-notch Ice sort within the meta!

It trails behind solely Galarian Darmanitan (together with the Zen mode) and Shadow Mamoswine and has superior TDO (Whole Injury Output) than both, making it a extremely dependable Ice Pokémon. 

Nonetheless, Excalibur is a double-edged sword (get it? The, umm, sword on its again haha). Whereas it's cool (no pun supposed) to make use of Baxcalibur towards these pesky Dragon Raid Bosses who're double weak to Ice assaults like Rayquaza or Salamence, there's a drawback. You see, Baxcalibur, in contrast to different widespread Ice Pokémon, is weak to Dragon sort assaults. So, you need to use it with warning and dodge these hard-hitting super-effective strikes. 

Efficiency in PvP (Grasp League)

Baxcalibur's typing, stats, and moveset make it a professional menace within the Grasp League meta. Like most dragons, it would have its struggles towards Fairy sorts though it may well beat the formidable Togekiss in shieldless situations.

Different spectacular wins within the (0-0) state of affairs embody Dragon Breath Gyarados, Palkia, Mewtwo, Excadrill, the anticipated Groudon and Kyogre, Snorlax, Dragon Tail Garchomp, Mamoswine, Swampert, and so on.

Within the conventional (1-1) shield scenario, the profile isn't too totally different from (0-0). It loses the bout towards Togekiss and trades the earlier W towards Dragon Tail Chomp for the Mud Shot one.

And at last, the difficult (2-2) isn't too favorable for Bax because it loses most of the battles it gained in (0-0) and (1-1) because it's reliant on Dragon Breath solely, one thing that Dragonite excels in. Furthermore, in a bout towards Dnite, the Gen 1 pseudo takes the CMP (Cost Transfer Precedence) resulting from its larger ATK stat than Baxcalibur.

Professional tip! Attempt to use Baxcalibur as a switch-in or a better when one or two shields are down, and attempt to keep away from utilizing it as a lead. 

Comparability with Glaciate Kyurem

Baxcalibur's underwhelming outing within the (2-2) defend state of affairs is an effective instance to contemplate when evaluating it with Kyurem.

Baxcalibur hits tougher than Kyurem and has a decrease bulk however what's attention-grabbing right here is that each these icy dragons are Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw abusers (with Bax getting the CMP right here). However what really makes Kyurem the victor right here is the truth that it has a greater Ice sort closing transfer.

Look, Avalanche is nice, little question about that. 90 DMG at 45 vitality is unimaginable while you see that Glaciate offers 60 DMG at 40 vitality. However right here's the catch: Glaciate ensures an opponent ATK debuff by one stage.

Even supposing on paper Avalanche is the higher transfer, with 1.5x harm potential at simply 5 extra vitality, Glaciate is the extra helpful transfer.

So even when your opponent makes use of a defend, their ATK goes down, y'all! This in the end makes Kyurem extra resourceful and thus, the higher of the 2.

However hey, no less than Baxcalibur's again is robust sufficient to hold an enormous ‘sword' whereas Kyurem is a hunchback with a power backpain, who in all probability wants a chiropractor.

However you realize what Baxcalibur wants? A brand new transfer!

Baxcalibur: Will the Dragon rise?

Breaking Swipe?

It's not so Farfetch'd to provide Baxcalibur Breaking Swipe! I imply, the newest and MASSIVE GBL transfer rebalance gave this very transfer to many of us and Baxcalibir ought to obtain it within the close to future.

As a result of with Breaking Swipe, Baxcalibur will get the caliber to be an absolute unit within the Grasp League, clearly dominating the (2-2) shield scenario the place it kinda suffers now, and even reveals the middle claw to Kyurem, hehe.

Glaive Rush?

“Rush.” Effectively, I'm nonetheless unhappy that Niantic was lazy sufficient to not give a brand-new Dragon Rush to Garchomp on its Neighborhood Day however Sport Freak additionally hasn't given Dragon Dance to Garchomp but and took off Scale Shot from its Gen 9 movepool, and umm, Garchomp has been hanging on a thread in OU and… *sniff*… oh, sorry… the aggressive Pokémon participant in me obtained carried away however… sure! Baxcalibur!

So for many who don't play aggressive or the mainline video games, Glaive Rush is a clone of Outrage in harm and accuracy however it comes with a catch. So when Bax hits its signature Glaive Rush ala Godzilla, it turns into weak and can obtain double the harm within the subsequent flip.

So technically, it's a higher Outrage with no ‘negative effects' if Bax KOs the subsequent opponent after Glaive Rush, leaving no “subsequent flip” for the opponent to use. 😉 However sure, it's child of analogous to having its DEF drop within the flip after it has used Glaive Rush.

Now, if I had been to create a hypothetical Glaive Rush for Pokémon Go, it ought to be one thing alongside the traces of this:

Injury: 110/100 ( identical as Outrage)

Vitality value: 50 (As an alternative of Outrage's 60)


Debuffs consumer's Protection stat by two levels (to mirror the truth that Glaive Rush leaves Bax vulnerable to double the harm)

Sure, that is wishful pondering (so please don't bonkers on me within the feedback, huh) however hey, it's sensible, proper? It might additionally make Baxcalibur a biggggeeerrrrr menace in battles. 

If Glaive Rush comes alive, nice! Even one thing with totally different stats would do so long as it's higher than Outrage. 

Comparability with different pseudo legendary dragons

One essential factor to notice about Baxcalibur is that it's good!

Dragonite is arguably probably the most threatening Dragon pseudo within the Grasp League, and beats Baxcalibur within the Dragon Breath/Claw recreation by numbers. 

Garchomp comes subsequent, providing good flexibility with two very totally different playstyles with Mud Shot/Earth Energy/Outrage and Dragon Tail/Sand Tomb/Outrage.

After which, we've Baxcalibur, even with none unique transfer! Sure, it's higher than Hydreigon in PvP because the latter suffers from the dearth of a usable second Charged Transfer.

Kommo-o is fairly good however its potential stays to be explored additional whereas Goodra can go absolutely insane with Breaking Swipe (June 2024 Neighborhood Day perhaps?)

However the reality of the matter is that Baxcalibur is fairly spectacular with out its future CD transfer and whereas it gained't be breaking the meta, it's undoubtedly price constructing one. Bonus factors for Baxcalibur's nice PvE potential!

And that's all it is advisable to learn about Baxcalibur in Pokémon Go PvP and PvE as Godchilla makes its debut within the recreation.


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