Better of Varieties: Darkish (Pokémon GO PVE)

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About this Collection

Welcome to my latest collection right here on Pokémon GO Hub! The Better of Varieties collection goals to assist trainers perceive which Pokémon are greatest for every kind within the sport in relation to PVE. By means of using in-depth statistics, outlined beneath, we will make a ranked listing. This collection will characteristic an article and an infographic for every kind. Every Pokémon within the collection have to be a pure attacker, that means their quick and charged assault have to be the identical kind. Credit go to GamePress for the statistics discovered on this text. Let's get began!

NOTE: This collection additionally analyses future unreleased Pokémon and what their rank and statistics could also be like. This may be discovered close to the tip of the article.


PVE – Participant Vs Atmosphere

PVE means Participant vs Atmosphere which includes any battle in-game involving battling in opposition to a non-playable character or Pokémon, for instance Raid Battles, Health club Battles and Staff GO Rocket.

ER – Equal Score

Equal Score is a mixture of Whole Injury Output and Injury Per Second, and is calculated by the formulation DPS^3*TDO.

TDO – Whole Injury Output

Whole Injury Output is the typical quantity of injury a Pokémon can deal earlier than it runs out of HP.

DPS – Injury Per Second

Injury Per Second is the typical quantity of injury a Pokémon can deal per second.


Finest Darkish Varieties – PVE Rankings

1. Mega Tyranitar

Tyranitar (Mega)

Moveset: Darkish Chew & Darkish Brutal Swing

ER: 53.55 DPS: 20.29 TDO: 983.6

Mega Tyranitar is one of the best Darkish-type choice within the sport and is beneficial for use as a Darkish-type attacker with Brutal Swing in PVE.

2. Shadow Tyranitar

Tyranitar (Shadow)

Moveset: Darkish Chew & Darkish Brutal Swing

ER: 48.83 DPS: 20.72 TDO: 638.6

Equally to Mega Tyranitar, for those who plan to make use of a Darkish-type attacker in PVE, Shadow Tyranitar is a best choice.

3. Mega Houndoom

Houndoom (Mega)

Moveset: Darkish Snarl & Darkish Foul Play

ER: 42.6 DPS: 18.44 TDO: 524.4

Mega Houndoom is a top quality alternative for a Darkish-type attacker in PVE, however can be noteworthy for those who don't have many Hearth-type PVE attackers.

4. Tyranitar


Moveset: Darkish Chew & Darkish Brutal Swing

ER: 42.2 DPS: 17.11 TDO: 632.8

In case you don't have a Shadow or Mega, common Tyranitar continues to be an excellent choice.

5. Hydreigon


Moveset: Darkish Chew & Darkish Brutal Swing*

ER: 41.64 DPS: 17.53 TDO: 558.1

Hydreigon is a fine quality PVE Darkish-type, however you should have it's Group Day transfer of Brutal Swing.

6. Mega Gyarados

Gyarados (Mega)

Moveset: Darkish Chew & Darkish Crunch

ER: 41.35 DPS: 16.24 TDO: 682.3

Mega Gyarados is a superb and simply accessible Darkish-type PVE attacker, however it's also price point out it may be used as a excessive ranked Water-type too.

7. Shadow Weavile

Weavile (Shadow)

Moveset: Darkish Snarl & Darkish Foul Play

ER: 40.37 DPS: 19.06 TDO: 383.4

Though it's fairly fragile defensively, Shadow Weavile is a superb Darkish-type attacker in case you have one.

8. Darkrai


Moveset: Darkish Snarl & Darkish Foul Play

ER: 38.53 DPS: 16.8 TDO: 464.5

Not too long ago out there in 5-Star Raids (as of October 2023), Darkrai is a good alternative for Darkish-type attacking.

9. Mega Absol

Absol (Mega)

Moveset: Darkish Snarl & Darkish Darkish Pulse

ER: 38.5 DPS: 18.71 TDO: 335.2

Mega Absol hasn't been out there for some time however is a good Darkish-type attacker for PVE.

Honorable Mentions:

10. Shadow Honchkrow

Honchkrow (Shadow)

11. Yveltal


12. Shadow Houndoom

Houndoom (Shadow)

13. Guzzlord


14. Zarude


15. Shadow Absol

Absol (Shadow)

Future Meta Shake-Ups

Shadow Hydreigon

Hydreigon (Shadow)

There isn't a doubt that Shadow Hydreigon would rank very extremely, with a rank just like Shadow Tyranitar round 2nd or third.

Shadow Darkrai

Darkrai (Shadow)

It's fairly unlikely we'll see Shadow Darkrai any time quickly, but when we do it will rank 4th/fifth within the present Meta.

Shadow Yveltal

Yveltal (Shadow)

Though unlikely, Shadow Yveltal might contest for a High 5 spot within the present Meta.

Shadow Guzzlord or Zarude

Guzzlord (Shadow)

These 2 are extremely unlikely, however would rank between seventh to ninth based mostly on present Meta statistics.

For anybody curious, Mega Sharpedo seems to not carry out very properly, so I've not given it a point out.

See you all subsequent time. Subsequent on this collection is Fairy!

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