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The Grasp Ball is lastly coming to Pokémon GO. This ball has the power to have the ability to seize any Pokémon with a 100% catch charge, that means that you could now be capable of catch among the hardest Pokémon within the sport with ease. Whereas it could be robust to determine what it would be best to use your Grasp Ball on, we will probably be going by way of among the finest choices to assist ease your determination. 

To acquire a Grasp Ball, gamers should first full the Let’s GO Particular Season Analysis process. At the moment, it’s possible you’ll solely proceed as much as step 4 out of 6. On Could twenty second at 10:00 a.m. native time, the final 2 steps will probably be unlocked for gamers to finish the duty and in the end unlock this particular PokéBall.

With out additional ado, let’s dive into among the finest Pokémon you possibly can catch together with your newly obtained Grasp Ball.

Grasp Ball in Pokémon GO

Galarian Chook Trio

Articuno (Galarian)

Zapdos (Galarian)

Moltres (Galarian)

Whereas it could come as no shock for some, the Galarian Chook trio are among the hardest Pokémon in your complete sport to catch. For starters, these birds can solely seem with the usage of the Every day Journey Incense. Discovering one in all these birds is a rollercoaster of feelings since it’s an thrilling feeling to have one in all them in your encounter display, nevertheless, they’re virtually sure to flee instantly after breaking free from the primary throw.

With an abysmal catch charge of solely 0.3% (with out the usage of Berries or Extremely Balls) and a 90% flee charge, it could be a sensible determination to make use of a Grasp Ball on any of those 3 birds. To place that into perspective, a normal Legendary Pokémon has a 2% catch charge which could not sound like rather a lot however is far larger than catching any of the Galarian Birds.

100% IV Non-Shiny Pokémon 

From the official announcement, it’s confirmed that gamers will be capable of have the choice of utilizing a Grasp Ball alongside Premier Balls after a raid. This will probably be useful with regards to catching 100% IV Legendary Pokémon. Whereas it could be tempting to immediately launch a Grasp Ball at a 100% IV Legendary, take a breath and chill out first.

Give it your finest shot at catching it usually with the usage of Golden Razz Berries and hitting Wonderful Throws, if that doesn’t work and you’re in your final Premier Ball, then no doubt, use that Grasp Ball. Consider it as a worst-case state of affairs state of affairs. 

Remember to take note of the CP within the encounter display and ensure for sure that it’s a 100% IV earlier than doing this. There are a number of useful infographics that may have the IV unfold of every Legendary ‘mon, use them to your personal benefit.

Remember the fact that Shiny Legendaries have a 100% catch charge, that means that you just simply have to hit the Pokémon with a Premier Ball, that’s why it’s optimum to at all times use a Pinap Berry or Silver Pinap Berry to acquire extra assured sweet.

Shiny Wild Pokémon ✨

If you happen to handle to discover a uncommon shiny Pokémon you’ve been trying to find or discover one out of the blue, relying on the CP, utilizing a Grasp Ball could also be an choice. Whereas we’d nonetheless suggest the ol’ Gold Razz Berry + Wonderful Throw combo, if it retains breaking out and you’re apprehensive about it fleeing, you have got the choice to make use of a Grasp Ball.

Uncommon Regional Pokémon

If you end up travelling to a distinct area and handle to return throughout a uncommon Regional unique Pokémon with a excessive CP that’s supplying you with hassle to catch, there’s at all times the backup plan with the Grasp Ball, consider it as a strategy to lower stress ranges with regards to excessive CP wild uncommon Pokémon.

Honourable Mentions 


Unowns are no doubt one of many rarest Pokémon variants to spawn within the wild (aside from event-exclusive ones). Previous to their launch in occasions corresponding to Pokémon GO Fest and in raid occasions previously, Unown was once the final word trophy Pokémon and remains to be extremely arduous to seek out one within the wild. 

Lake Trio ❌

Uxie, Azelf and Mespirit are one of many uncommon exceptions through which a Legendary Pokémon can spawn within the wild, Nonetheless, understand that these Pokémon, as uncommon as they’re to seek out within the wild, can not flee the encounter display. As soon as you discover one, they are going to simply take just a few balls to catch, which signifies that utilizing a Grasp Ball is redundant. 

Parting Phrases

As we are able to see, probably the most viable choice for the Grasp Ball is the Galarian Chook trio. Every thing else can and must be obtained with Golden Razz Berries with an Wonderful throw to extend your odds. With that being stated, every coach has the choice to play how they need. 

For me personally, I’ve had far too many Galarian Birds flee on me, and it is going to be a no brainer to apply it to one in all them, ideally a Galarian Moltres since I signify group Valor and would love to have the ability to have it as my Buddy Pokémon.

What’s going to you catch together with your newly obtained Grasp Ball? 

Till subsequent time, Trainers.
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