Blizzard tells Diablo 4 one percenters swimming in Uber Uniques to hold on to them

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Having unused Uber Unique pieces of loot is a problem very few Diablo 4 players are likely to be familiar with. If the name didn’t give it away, this is a higher tier of Unique weapons and gear that has a ridiculously small chance of dropping.

If you luck out and get one or more of them to drop, however, you may find yourself in the privileged situation where you just don’t have a use for them.

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I’ve put over 250 hours into Diablo 4 and have only gotten Uniques in the endgame, but never Uber Uniques. That is to say; it’s a struggle I do not sympathise with. If you frequent Diablo forums and Reddit, you’ll now that those who do have a few of them laying around basically have no use for them once a season ends.

While you could always return to the Eternal Realm, load up an existing character and continue using your Uber Uniques, most of us who play Diablo 4 regularly simply start a new character in the Seasonal Realm, so a lot of players end up selling their Uber Uniques.

But Blizzard is not happy with that fate, it appears, because the developer has advised players who have Uber Uniques to hold on to them. “The design team has some upcoming plans for players who may have numerous Uber Uniques that they may not use,” community lead, Adam Fletcher, wrote on the official forums.

Though Fletcher didn’t offer any hints as to what that might be, he clarified on twitter that the feature will arrive in a future patch, and that it will be revealed soon. So take this as your PSA to not get rid of them.

Just a friendly PSA from the #Diablo4 team here

Hang onto unused Uber Uniques. The team has some plans for something in a future patch which we will share soon, but figured this heads up was warranted for those that may have some Uber Uniques they aren’t utiliziing.…

— Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) February 1, 2024

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