Breaking Swipe Haxorus: Meta Relevance, Utility, & Greatest Construct for Grasp League

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“One coincidence is only a coincidence, two are a clue and three are proof”

-Agatha Christie (apparently)

All of us went bonkers when Gible Group Day was introduced for June 2021. Then, we felt the identical pomp when Deino Group Day was introduced for June 2022. And their shinies have been a part of the earlier yr's GO Fest. 

Hmm, it doesn't take a detective to infer that Axew Group Day would have been introduced for June this yr. And lo and behold… right here we're!

Now three factors are fairly clear:

  • Haxorus will get Breaking Swipe, the very best transfer it might hope for
  • Goomy Group Day appears all set for June 2024, now that we additionally know that Shiny Goomy will debut on this yr's GO Fest
  • Haxorus is NOT a pseudo legendary, although it ought to have been one and Niantic treats it as one

With that in perspective, let's give attention to Haxorus and see if this dragon ‘hax' the meta. So this text will make clear how higher Haxorus is with Breaking Swipe, the way it's a type of uncommon Group Day occasions that may make each PvP and PvE gamers blissful, and what moveset advantages it within the Grasp League. 

Let's start by highlighting Haxorus' stats and match-ups:



Max CP at lvl 40 3593 | Max CP at lvl 50 4062
ATK 284 DEF 172 HP 183
Weak to Robust In opposition to
Dragon Fairy Ice Dragon


Haxorus has a quite simple profile. It's like studying a neat and arranged job resume. 

For starters… err, pseud… duh, it's not even that, properly no matter! So Hax is a pure Dragon, elevating a center claw to different Dragon sorts with a 2x weak spot to Ice or Fairy in Pokémon GO ( you, Salamence, Garchomp, and Hydreigon). Whereas that is certainly a saving grace, it doesn't assist that Haxorus' bulk is first rate at greatest.

Ah properly, I used to be sugar coating it… Hax's bulk is just not actually good. 

Talking of sugar, there's an icing on the cake: 284 ATK. 

ArCeUS BLeSs Haxorus as a result of that ATK stat is similar as… oh sure… Rayquaza!

That stated, Haxorus' bulk is once more a sorry case because it's solely 80% of that of Rayquaza's. 

And so… *drum roll*… the cherry on prime of the sugar coated cake…Haxorus is given the reward of Breaking Swipe

It's not the very best, nevertheless it's sincere work. It doesn't make Haxorus an enormous deal however positively a much bigger deal than what it was. And it would nonetheless have one thing higher than different Dragon sorts. We'll see what that's!

Taking a Slice at Breaking Swipe

Everyone knows Breaking Swipe, in essence, isn't such a ‘highly effective transfer' when it comes to harm numbers alone. So what makes it so good and so coveted? Let's break it down by trying out the stats of Breaking Swipe first:


Energy: 50

Vitality: -35

Impact: Debuffs opponent's ATK by 1 stage


Energy: 35

Vitality: -33

Cooldown: 0.80 sec

Breaking Swipe in PvP

Once you take a look at the PvP stats, it's straightforward to see that Breaking Swipe is actually a Dragon Claw clone stat-wise. The one distinction is the truth that Breaking Swipe is ready to debuff the opponent's ATK by -1. This clearly makes Breaking Swipe the winner right here. 

Dragon Claw is an excellent transfer in itself however Breaking Swipe takes it a notch greater with the opponent's ATK debuff. So even when your opponent shields, their ATK goes down! As such, it's going to be simpler so that you can farm and/or survive longer until the opponent switches or is out of the bout. 

It's value noting that the mechanics of Breaking Swipe pair very properly with a Pokémon that has comparatively decrease bulk than different Pokémon within the meta. It will get even higher for Haxorus as a result of:

  1. It has a excessive ATK stat, that outshines each different related Dragon kind within the meta (besides Rayquaza, in fact). To place it into perspective, Hax's 284 ATK is greater than that of Palkia (280), Dialga (275), Reshiram and Zekrom (275), Dragonite (263), and Garchomp (261). Sure, its bulk is a significant concern however that's very a low-energy and intensely resourceful transfer like Breaking Swipe helps Haxorus
  2. Haxorus' quick strikes are a boon. Counter and Dragon Tail are two of the very best quick strikes on the whole, and Breaking Swipe blends seamlessly with them.

Haxorus with Breaking Swipe


Once you take the PvE facet of issues under consideration, it will get very attention-grabbing as a result of Breaking Swipe and Dragon Claw aren't clones right here. However let's see which one's higher, we could?

For that, take a look at Dragon Claw's PvE stats:

Energy: 50

Vitality: -33

Cooldown: 1.70 sec

At first look, it seems like Dragon Claw is best. However wait… did you see the cooldown figures? Dragon Claw's cooldown (1.70 sec) is greater than twice that of Breaking Swipe's (0.80 sec). So when you think about a raid battle the place the clock is ticking, and DPS (Harm per second) is of utmost precedence, we get the next:

DPS (Breaking Swipe) = 43.75

DPS (Dragon Claw) = 29.41

Breaking Swipe is clearly the higher transfer.

Breaking Swipe vs Outrage

In PvP, Breaking Swipe (and even Dragon Claw) is the popular transfer over Outrage. I say most well-liked and never higher as a result of a nuke transfer like Outrage is clearly harmful. Simply think about a Mud Shot Garchomp as a Nearer who's about to decimate you with Outrage! In different phrases, a less expensive transfer with first rate harm like Breaking Swipe/Dragon Claw is commonly extra versatile. In order that's that for PvP.

In PvE, nevertheless, it will get verrryyyy attention-grabbing. Outrage is a 2-bar 110 DMG charged transfer with a cooldown of three.90 sec whereas Breaking Swipe is a 3-bar 35 DMG charged transfer with a cooldown of 0.80 sec.

The numbers point out that Outrage is the higher one. And we're additionally used to throwing Dragon Tail + Outrage assaults for years now. So Outrage wins, proper? Proper?


Breaking Swipe is the very best Hax might get. Right here's why:

Tick, tick, the clock strikes whereas Haxorus swipes 

Did you see Breaking Swipe's cooldown? It's simply 0.8 sec!

Outrage takes 3.90 sec on the clock. Which means Outrage's period is almost 5 occasions greater than that of Breaking Swipe!

If that wasn't spectacular sufficient already, Breaking Swipe with 0.80 sec takes lesser time than quick strikes like Dragon Tail (1.10 sec) and Counter (0.90 sec)!

Which carry us to the subsequent spotlight…

The not-so-incredible bulk of Haxorus

For Pokémon with low bulk, time is of the essence greater than their comparatively bulkier friends. In raids when the clock is ticking, a Pokémon with low bulk must deal as a lot harm as attainable throughout its presence within the raid battle. 

With Breaking's Swipe low cooldown, Haxorus can kind of spam the transfer and maintain hitting the raid boss a number of occasions until it goes down. In distinction, Haxorus could or could not get to greater than a single Outrage. As well as, Outrage additionally has 5x the cooldown of Breaking Swipe. 

In a nutshell (cracked by Haxorus' razor-sharp axe tusks), Breaking Swipe lets Haxorus deal extra harm throughout its window of presence within the raid battle and is extra environment friendly, each when it comes to power and time. To not point out, dodging can be simpler with Breaking Swipe. 

Moveset Construct for the Grasp League

Let's see what strikes Haxorus learns in Pokémon GO as a result of most of us aren't/weren't conscious of any past Dragon Claw and Night time Slash.

Quick Strikes Cost Strikes
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Counter Combating
  • Breaking Swipe* Dragon
  • Dragon Claw Dragon
  • Night time Slash Darkish
  • Surf Water
  • Earthquake Floor

Increase your fingers in case you had no clue about Haxorus having Surf or Earthquake! Belief me, you aren't alone. 

Haxorus has at all times been a darkish horse within the Grasp League with its Counter/Dragon Tail + Dragon Claw and Night time Slash combo. So there was by no means a necessity for Surf or Earthquake per se. The main target was at all times to rack in STAB Dragon Claw and hopefully get off a fortunate 2x ATK increase with Night time Slash to make Counter/Dragon Tail hit arduous… very arduous.  

However Breaking Swipe is actually an abomination of Dragon Claw in PvP, providing you with the reassurance of a assured opponent's ATK drop. This successfully makes Haxorus bulkier as your opponent is hitting you with a lowered ATK. 

Now, let's elaborate on the very best moveset for Haxorus within the Grasp League.

Greatest Charged Assault Combo?

Breaking Swipe is a default addition to your Haxorus. However what concerning the second charged transfer?

Dragon Claw

Clearly out of the equation already.

Night time Slash

One would financial institution on a assured (100%) probability at reducing the opponent's ATK any day compared to a attainable (12.5%) probability at rising your individual ATK. Furthermore, in a shedding situation, the Breaking Swipe is clearly most well-liked over Night time Slash. What this entails is the truth that one has no actual purpose to pack Night time Slash when there may be extra to be gained from Breaking Swipe on the similar 35 power value. So together with Night time Slash as a second charged transfer together with Breaking Swipe doesn't serve any objective.


Earthquake is a superb nuke however let's face it… it favors a Pokémon with both an affordable quick transfer or respectable bulk. Sadly, Hax has neither. Sure, Counter has a low power per flip (EPT) of three.50 however Hax's bulk makes a tragic case for this transfer to efficiently execute an Earthquake.


Sporting 65 DMG and 40 power value, Surf is a decently good PvP transfer. It prices simply 5 extra power than Night time Slash and offers 15 extra harm. Extra importantly, Water is a extra helpful attacking kind than Darkish within the ML meta.


So the very best charged transfer combo for Haxorus is Breaking Swipe + Surf.

Greatest Quick Transfer?

Ah, it is a fantastic debate!

Counter has a [DPT/EPT] profile of [4.00/3.50] and a cooldown of 1.00 sec. STAB? No. 

Dragon Tail has a [DPT/EPT] profile of [4.33/3.00] and a cooldown of 1.50 sec. STAB? Sure.

Each have their logical arguments and each have their functions. Counter helps with Metal sorts, whereas Dragon Tail helps with Dragon and Flying sorts. So every case presents a formidable slew of victories for Hax.

However let's give them some relatable views to your profit!

  • Counter for Haxorus is like giving a knife to a surgeon. Methodical, easy, and really versatile. Counter presents breadth.
  • Dragon Tail for Haxorus is like giving a knife to a butcher. Harmful, brutal, and really concise. Dragon Tail presents depth.


Actually apples and oranges, my good friend! Haxorus' enchancment with Breaking Swipe doesn't break the meta; moderately it shifts the meta. It may be an amazing match for a staff that already has Pokémon with respectable bulk of their arsenal. In different phrases, it's a ‘welcome pivot' to a staff that has already been constructed properly. 

The Greatest Haxorus ML Moveset

One of the best moveset for an ML Haxorus is Counter/Dragon Tail paired with Breaking Swipe and Surf.

In truth, the numbers present the next:

Grasp League Premier

Counter + Breaking Swipe and Surf


Dragon Tail + Breaking Swipe and Surf


Open Grasp League

Counter + Breaking Swipe and Surf


Dragon Tail + Breaking Swipe and Surf


Whereas Dragon Tail provides considerably higher efficiency numbers than Counter in opposition to the meta, each are actually good choices with every providing utility in battles. 


Haxorus acquired the very best it might anticipate from its Group Day. It's an amazing alternative for trainers to get a superb Dragon kind Pokémon of their arsenal. Whereas Breaking Swipe Haxorus might not be as highly effective as different legendary and pseudo legendary dragons, it presents nice utility courtesy of fantastic quick strikes, a sky-high ATK stat, and the mono Dragon typing. 

Most Dragon sorts need to depend on costly charged strikes like Outrage and Draco Meteor, Haxorus has a tremendous time-efficient charged transfer to salvage in raids in addition to GBL. 

And the way might I overlook to say how attractive the Shinies of the complete Axew line are (notably Fraxure and Haxorus!).

So let's have a beautiful Group Day that hosts a uncommon and highly effective Pokémon that's extraordinarily widespread as properly!


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