Breaking Swipe Rayquaza as a Raid Attacker – Better than Outrage

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Are you uninterested in utilizing the identical outdated strikes in your raids? Wish to strive one thing new? Then look no additional than Rayquaza and its new Breaking Swipe transfer. This newly added transfer could be the important thing to a profitable raid.

On this article, we’ll discover why Breaking Swipe Rayquaza is a greater possibility than the generally used Outrage Rayquaza. With professional insights from high gamers in the neighborhood, we’ll dive into the mechanics of every transfer, and exhibit why Breaking Swipe Rayquaza will be the difference-maker in your raids.

However why take our phrase for it? We may even present concrete simulation information, stats and real-world examples to show our level. So, in the event you’re seeking to up your raid recreation, be part of us as we take a deep dive into the world of Rayquaza and uncover the facility of Breaking Swipe. Don’t miss out on this chance so as to add a brand new weapon to your raiding arsenal!


Breaking Swipe Rayquaza isn’t meta-breaking, nevertheless it does outperform Outrage a bit on common, and it’s much more constant. Until you swipe left and proper to dodge.

“However it has decrease DPS!!!” The plot under ought to clarify why. I’ll present this once more and clarify later.

(Extra TL;DR factors under this)

Different TL;DR factors:

  • In 60% of instances, Breaking Swipe is best, and infrequently by so much.
  • Even when Outrage is best, its benefit could be very small.
  • If the boss hits again with a Tremendous Efficient charged transfer, BS wins. If the boss offers NVE injury, Outrage wins. Impartial injury is a coin flip.
  • BS Rayquaza nonetheless doesn’t dominate different non-shadow non-mega dragons (solely the most effective 60% of the time), so there’s no want for six*L40 and I don’t assume it’s value the fee. However it solidifies its benefit over others.
  • Not value a number of ETMs. The advance is just too small. Until you’re swimming in ETMs, save them for Groudon.

Hold studying for:

  • WHY Breaking Swipe is best than Outrage: Theoretical and experimental explanations
  • Different Breaking Swipe candidates, together with Haxorus
  • Listing of my earlier analyses (in Appendix 2)


From Wednesday, February 22 to the morning (10am) of Wednesday, March 1, Rayquaza shall be again in Tier 5 raids. Any Rayquaza caught earlier than 10am on March 1 will be taught the unique transfer, Breaking Swipe.

There are actually a variety of hype going for it: Rayquaza is a fan favourite, and Breaking Swipe in PvP is a ridiculously overpowered (OP) transfer that has good odds of coming into the Grasp League meta.

However till now, individuals who don’t PvP have reacted with “meh” concerning Breaking Swipe’s utility in raids. All of it originates from this:

Complete DPS of DT/O and DT/BS Rayquaza (Supply: GamePress DPS/TDO Spreadsheet)

This desk exhibits DT/Outrage Rayquaza has 2.3% increased DPS than DT/BS. That’s it, proper? Since apparently DPS is the one factor that issues, we are able to simply TM to Outrage and name it a day, proper?


Sure, let me make that clear. Utilizing each Pokebattler simulations and theoretical justifications, I’ll present on this article that Breaking Swipe is higher than Outrage, except you dodge.

After a short look (Half 0) at Breaking Swipe’s stats, the article will escape into the next sections:

  • Half 1: Sure, Breaking Swipe is best (common efficiency & generic dragon-type plots)
  • Half 2: Concept – How is it even doable?
  • Half 3: Simulations – When is Breaking Swipe higher, and by how a lot?
  • Half 4: What in the event you use each Outrage and Breaking Swipe?
  • Half 5: Rayquaza vs. different dragons; Is it value constructing?
  • Half 6: How can different Pokemon can get Breaking Swipe? Particularly Haxorus?

For those who’re on desktop and wish to leap to a specific half, search “Half X”.

Components 2 and three are the principle ones for veteran gamers and people who can’t wrap their head round how DPS may very well be “mistaken”. For those who’re questioning how laborious it is best to raid Rayquaza, go to Half 5.

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Half 0: Breaking Swipe’s stats

(Skippable within the curiosity of time)

Because of PokeMiners, we all know that Breaking Swipe in PvE has the next stats:

  • Energy: 35
  • Vitality: -33 (3-bar transfer)
  • Length: 0.8s (0.27s – 0.7s injury window)

When Niantic announced Breaking Swipe is a 35-power transfer, most individuals – together with myself – thought it will don’t have any relevance in raids. That is ridiculously low, even for a 3-bar transfer.

  • Different examples of 35 energy strikes embrace: Wrestle, Poison Fang, Feather Dance and Return. Yikes.

However the high quality of a charged transfer in PvE is decided by 3 dimensions (in contrast to PvP which solely wants 2): Energy, Vitality and Length.

  • A charged transfer with shorter period is strictly higher than one with the identical energy and vitality however an extended period, because it’s extra environment friendly.
  • Even then, most 3-bar strikes take wherever between 1-2.5 seconds, and Breaking Swipe utilizing these stats would have been ineffective.

Then, Niantic stunned us: Breaking Swipe has a period of 0.8 seconds – second shortest within the recreation, solely behind Return (0.7s).

For context, one Breaking Swipe takes much less time than one Dragon Tail (1.1s, 15 energy). Regardless that Outrage (3.9s, 110 energy) offers 3x the injury, it takes virtually 5x as lengthy to make use of!

Regardless that Breaking Swipe continues to be nowhere close to the most effective 3-bar transfer, it’s now a superbly good one, in a approach that you simply wouldn’t count on from 35 energy. However how can it beat the almighty Outrage? Let’s see.

Half 1: A primary take a look at Breaking Swipe Rayquaza

[Section TL;DR] Not solely does Breaking Swipe present a median enchancment over Outrage with out dodging, however towards virtually each single raid boss with a “random” boss moveset, Breaking Swipe is the really useful transfer on Pokebattler! (L40 finest associates)

Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

See Appendix 1 (on the finish of this text) for technical particulars and how you can learn the charts. The Chandelure evaluation additionally comprises explanations on ASE vs ASTTW.


Outrage Rayquaza was already the most effective non-shadow non-mega dragon attacker on common, although solely narrowly forward of different dragons. However what this chart exhibits is: For those who don’t dodge, Breaking Swipe Rayquaza is even higher!

  • Averaged throughout all bosses, Breaking Swipe exhibits a ~2.5% enchancment in each Estimator and TTW at Degree 40.
    • (A larger enchancment is proven at decrease ranges, and a smaller one at increased ranges.)
  • Even in the event you do dodge, BS’s and Outrage’s common performances are just about equivalent.
  • Breaking Swipe creates an even bigger hole between Rayquaza and different non-shadow dragons. (Extra later.)
  • Nevertheless, the advance continues to be fairly small. The current legendary signature strikes sometimes have at the very least 4%, besides Fusion Bolt Zekrom.

Let’s evaluate Breaking Swipe and Outrage extra instantly, by taking a look at how usually is every of them higher than the opposite:

Breaking Swipe vs. Outrage on Rayquaza

This chart narrows right down to every moveset of every raid boss (e.g. Fireplace Fang/Crunch Reshiram). Towards ~60% of bosses and boss movesets, no-dodging Breaking Swipe is best than Outrage. That’s sufficient for a majority!

However what if we simply use Pokebattler’s default “random moveset” possibility for every boss (that is what infographics will present you)? Right here’s an much more stunning outcome:

With L40 finest associates and no dodging, towards each Tier 5 and Mega dragon-type raid boss that lacks a double weak point (besides Extremely Necrozma), Breaking Swipe is best than Outrage when dealing with random boss movesets!

Don’t consider me? Listed below are some screenshots from Pokebattler, which you’ll be able to confirm by yourself:

Pokebattler screenshots of high non-shadow non-mega counters towards choose dragon bosses (L40 finest associates).

In each considered one of them, Rayquaza prefers Breaking Swipe.

  • With out finest pal bonus and/or at different Pokemon ranges, Outrage can generally seem on high.

Half 2: Concept – How is that this even doable?

[Section TL;DR] Regardless that Breaking Swipe has marginally decrease best-case DPS ceiling (what GamePress DPS measures), it hits that ceiling extra ceaselessly and extra constantly than Outrage. Until you’ll be able to attain 4 Outrages, this makes BS the higher selection ~60% of the time: these are occasions whenever you would faint simply earlier than or throughout one other Outrage.

I do know what you’re pondering. “However how…? Doesn’t Outrage have increased DPS?”

Let’s first do a purely theoretical thought experiment. (For those who don’t wish to do math, skip to the subsequent chart.)

Ignore the precise boss, and assume Rayquaza is preventing towards a punchbag that offers no injury. No SE, no NVE… Simply zero injury.

  • Every Dragon Tail takes 1.1s, offers 15 injury and generates 9 vitality.
  • For those who’re working Outrage, you should utilize one after 6 DTs, and the Outrage takes 3.9s to deal 110 injury. Now 10.5s has elapsed, and also you’ve dealt 200 injury whole.
  • However what in the event you solely use Breaking Swipe? In 10.4s, is sufficient so that you can use 2 BSes and eight DTs, which deal 190 injury.

The purpose is: 2 Breaking Swipes take virtually the identical time as 1 Outrage (barely quicker), and solely offers a littlt bit much less injury.

Visualizing this:

Rayquaza’s cumulative common DPS over time, towards a dummy raid boss, not taking any injury.

To grasp this: The x-axis (left to proper) is the time elapsed. The y-axis (high to backside) is the typical Injury Per Second (DPS) as much as that point. You wish to use the charged transfer that will get you increased at that time.

What GamePress DPS spreadsheet tells you is the “peak” of every curve. Outrage has a better peak than Breaking Swipe.

  • GamePress makes use of Complete DPS (explained here), which is a barely modified model of Cycle DPS.
  • Cycle DPS is, merely talking, the DPS on the actual second whenever you’ve simply completed a charged transfer. In different phrases, it’s the height of the curve, as I’ve highlighted in dotted strains above.
  • However in apply, you solely obtain that peak in the event you faint (or swap out) instantly after ending a charged transfer. In case your Rayquaza faints wherever between the first Outrage ends and the 2nd Outrage ends, your DPS suffers. And in the event you faint simply earlier than the 2nd Outrage registers injury… Your DPS is horrible.
  • Mainly, you don’t wish to faint when you’re midway to an Outrage. Or worse, in the course of one.

In apply, what issues is which curve is on high. Breaking Swipe is on high of Outrage extra usually, though it has a decrease peak (Cycle DPS).

  • Till you get to 4 Outrages, every time you utilize an odd variety of BSes (1,3,5,7), it offers extra injury and thus has increased DPS, and stays this fashion till the subsequent Outrage catches up.
    • (These are the blue areas on the plot.)
  • Mainly, 3 BS > 1 Outrage + just a few DT.
  • As I famous within the chart, till 4 Outrage/9 BS, BS finally ends up being higher 62% of the time.
  • If you may get 4 Outrages off, now Outrage stands out extra usually, as 4 Outrage > 9 BS. However Rayquaza’s glassiness means it doesn’t get to 4 Outrages ceaselessly.

In abstract, though Breaking Swipe has a decrease best-case Cycle DPS than Outrage, it will get to that best-case DPS extra usually. For those who faint earlier than an Outrage finishes, it’s actually unhealthy. Breaking Swipe prevents that.

  • And keep in mind, this doesn’t think about taking any injury from the boss. We’re not assuming that the boss offers Tremendous Efficient injury, nor that Rayquaza will faint to a heavy-hitting charged transfer.
  • Notice that “4 Outrage” as a break-even level is a really tough estimate. In apply, a variety of different elements (e.g. breakpoints, charged transfer timing from the boss) come into play.

What if we think about injury from the boss?

[Section TL;DR] When Rayquaza takes injury and generates vitality, it offers an additional increase to Breaking Swipe greater than Outrage. The heavier hitting the boss is, the higher Breaking Swipe turns into.

In actuality, we’re not preventing towards a punchbag. In PvE, whenever you take injury from the boss and fitness center defender, you achieve vitality whose numerical worth is half the HP misplaced. This helps you attain your charged strikes quicker, however crucially, it helps Breaking Swipe greater than Outrage.

  • A lesser-known truth is that GamePress Complete DPS does think about taking injury and the related vitality era (explained here). It assumes the boss offers injury at a continuing fee. That is clearly unrealistic for any explicit combat, however for this evaluation, I’ll use the identical assumption with the identical fee for Rayquaza (loses 6.2 HP per second).

At this fee of taking injury, Breaking Swipe will get much more of a bonus:

Rayquaza’s cumulative common DPS over time, towards a dummy raid boss, taking injury at a continuing fee.
  • Notice that this chart makes use of completely different x/y limits than the earlier one for readability. It solely exhibits as much as 35 seconds as an alternative of 45, and has DPS as much as 20 as an alternative of 19. If plotted on the identical chart, this one will peak increased and extra ceaselessly.

Because of vitality era from taking injury, now you get to each Breaking Swipe and Outrage sooner than earlier than. It used to take 3-4 DTs per BS, however now it takes 2-3.

Nevertheless, as a result of BS is a 3-bar transfer and Outrage is 2-bar, BS will get a larger increase in frequency than Outrage. 2 BS is now even shorter than 1 Outrage, in comparison with being related earlier than.

  • For example, in the event you evaluate the 2 plots, on the sooner plot 3 O lies nearer to six BS than 7 BS. Now, it’s nearer to 7 BS as an alternative.

The result’s that BS stands out for a good larger proportion of time, till you attain 4 Outrage.

  • As much as 9 BS, the earlier plot has BS being higher 62% of the time. Now it’s 75%.


The speed at which the boss is dealing injury (“boss DPS”) issues. There’s no simple strategy to estimate this fee for each boss moveset, however right here’s a normal pattern:

The heavier hitting the boss, the higher Breaking Swipe turns into. If the boss offers little injury, Outrage turns into comparatively higher than earlier than.

  • This is because of two results: 1) A heavy-hitting boss reduces Rayquaza’s time on the sector, stopping it from reaching the “break even” level of 4 Outrages.
  • However extra importantly, 2) A heavy-hitting boss provides a larger increase to BS, as Rayquaza generates vitality quicker. Mainly the “62% to 75%” change illustrated above.
  • In essentially the most excessive instances, a charged transfer can both KO Rayquaza, or depart it with solely sufficient well being to outlive one or two further quick strikes (thus you may get off 1-2 BS however not an Outrage). However even with out these extremes, the pattern nonetheless holds.

Particular due to the GamePress staff for writing the comprehensive DPS calculation guide, RyanSwag ( u/RyanoftheDay) for his double move Salamence analysis that impressed this part, and u/Hawaii_01 for documenting their DPS calculations here.

Half 3: Simulations – When is Breaking Swipe higher, and by how a lot?

[Section TL;DR] With out dodging, Breaking Swipe outperforms Outrage 60% of the time. Furthermore, BS has a larger benefit in its house discipline than Outrage does in its personal: In instances the place Outrage wins, BS is carefully behind, however the instances the place BS wins can embrace some actually unhealthy situations for Outrage.

Your complete Half 2 doesn’t depend on any actual simulations in any respect. Does our theoretical growth agree with what’s taking place in apply?

Let’s first take the “Breaking Swipe vs. Outrage for every boss moveset” bar chart I confirmed earlier, and break it down by whether or not Rayquaza is hit by Tremendous Efficient (SE), Not Very Efficient (NVE) or impartial injury:

Breaking Swipe vs. Outrage on Rayquaza, with breakdown by effectiveness of boss charged strikes

Estimator and TTW are very related right here (equivalent bulk so no relobbying variations). Let’s ignore dodging for a second:

  • When the boss hits Rayquaza for Tremendous Efficient injury, Breaking Swipe is sort of all the time higher.
  • When the boss hits impartial, it’s a coin flip. BS and Outrage have very related numbers right here (21% vs 24% in estimator).
    • [Minor note] In apply, this may occasionally lean much more in favor of BS. That is due to Extremely Necrozma: Pokebattler lists Pound/Physique Slam as its solely moveset, that itself contributes 4%, and Outrage wins.
  • When the boss hits Not Very Successfully, Outrage is mostly higher. (There are some outliers.)

This does agree with our principle above. SE injury makes the boss extra heavy-hitting, which helps Breaking Swipe. Alternatively, NVE injury doesn’t present sufficient vitality increase for BS to face out, and generally it might let Rayquaza survive lengthy sufficient attain the break-even level (3-4 Outrages), past which it’s higher most of the time.

Fast point out on dodging. Whereas dodging makes Outrage the higher selection most of the time (~60%), the typical estimator continues to be related between the 2. Dodging successfully slows down injury taking a lot that Rayquaza has an excellent probability at hitting 3-4 Outrages. Attributable to inconsistency of dodging, particularly with Dragon Tail, this received’t be the main target for the article.

However how a lot better?

(Already summarized within the final Part TL;DR.)

The chart above doesn’t think about the extent to which BS and Outrage differ – it treats 20% higher and 1% higher the identical. Let’s take one other shot:

Distribution of Breaking Swipe’s enchancment over Outrage, from “finest for BS” state of affairs (left) to “finest for Outrage” state of affairs (proper).

To grasp this: I took all boss movesets and sorted them from most favorable for BS (left), to most favorable for Outrage (proper). The upper the worth on the y-axis, the larger BS’s benefit is over Outrage.

The “areas underneath curve”, or the coloured areas, approximate “in all situations the place BS outperforms Outrage (or vice versa), how a lot benefit does it have”. Anybody who remembers calculus ought to discover this intuitive.

What does this inform us?

  • Breaking Swipe is best than Outrage ~60% of the time.
  • Inside these 60%, there’s a small probability that Outrage is ridiculously unhealthy (proven on the far left), the place BS could do as a lot as 26% higher!
    • These are seemingly instances the place a single charged transfer OHKOs Rayquaza, earlier than it finishes a significant variety of Outrages.
    • Notice {that a} vital variety of these extremes are Kyurem, and you actually shouldn’t use Rayquaza towards any of its varieties. So in actuality, it received’t be as excessive as proven right here.
    • The main non-Kyurem instances are: Outrage Mega Latias, Outrage Zekrom, Draco Meteor Reshiram, and Dragon Pulse Eternatus.
  • Even in the event you ignore these excessive instances, when Breaking Swipe wins, it nonetheless exhibits a considerably average benefit.
    • When BS is best than Outrage, it’s 6.0% higher on common.
    • If we exclude all the acute instances, it’s nonetheless ~3% higher.
  • Alternatively, within the ~40% of instances that Outrage is best, the distinction is sort of small.
    • When Outrage is best than BS, it’s solely 1.2% higher on common.

For these , here’s one other model of this plot with factors coloured by tremendous effectiveness of the boss charged transfer. Some fascinating observations are:

  • You’ll face a Tremendous Efficient charged transfer 20-30% of the time (that’s the battle with all dragons not named Dialga). The overwhelming majority of them are on the far left (i.e. favor BS essentially the most).
  • If you recognize you’re dealing with a impartial or NVE charged transfer, the distinction between BS and Outrage is now small (BS is just one.9% higher when it does win). Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless a slim win for BS.

In abstract, ~30% of the time you’ll get a nasty transfer, and BS clearly wins, generally by so much. The not-so-bad strikes are a coin flip between BS and Outrage – principally splitting hairs, however BS nonetheless has a slim benefit.

Even when Outrage wins, it doesn’t beat Breaking Swipe by a mile; however when Breaking Swipe wins, it’d.

Half 4: Combining Outrage and Breaking Swipe

(Skippable within the curiosity of time)

[Section TL;DR] For those who unlock two charged strikes, “use as many Outrages as you’ll be able to, then throw a BS simply earlier than fainting” is the most effective technique. Nevertheless, it’ll most likely solely do at most 1% higher than simply BS alone. Not value the fee.

We’ve established that Outrage doesn’t stay as much as its full potential resulting from lack of consistency: For those who faint earlier than ending the subsequent Outrage, it’s actually unhealthy. Can we get round the issue by having each Outrage and Breaking Swipe, and spam BS when you recognize you’ll be able to’t attain one other Outrage?

Sadly, you most likely can’t do that on a Grasp League Rayquaza – you will have double legacy strikes Breaking Swipe/Hurricane, and later, BS/Dragon Ascent. However in the event you’re not utilizing it for Grasp League, having two charged strikes does assist:

Rayquaza’s cumulative common DPS over time, towards a dummy raid boss, not taking any injury. Reveals methods of utilizing X variety of Outrages, then spamming Breaking Swipe.

As seen right here, the “1 Outrage + BS” technique (i.e. use an Outrage then spam BS until you faint) virtually all the time outperforms utilizing solely BS. The “2 Outrage + BS” technique outperforms them each. Nevertheless, in the course of the interval instantly after an Outrage, the “Outrage solely” technique continues to be the most effective.

So the most effective technique appears to be:

  • Use as many Outrages as you’ll be able to.
  • Simply earlier than fainting (i.e. you’ll be able to’t end one other Outrage), use Breaking Swipe to make use of up your vitality.

The issue is… This technique doesn’t appear to carry out too otherwise from “simply spam BS”.

  • You may see from the plot above that numerous blue curves are fairly shut.
  • It’s unimaginable to measure this in simulations, as no simulators enable the “1 Outrage + BS” technique.
  • My finest effort is taking the most effective of “BS solely” and “Outrage solely” methods for every boss moveset, i.e. select a transfer at the beginning of a battle and follow it (thus taking the max of the crimson curve and the sunshine blue curve). This solely provides a 0.4% enchancment.
  • All issues thought-about, my finest estimate for “X Outrage + BS” is: at most 1% higher than “simply BS”. Mayyyyyyyybe 2%.
  • In all probability not value 100k mud and 100 (uncommon) candies.

Half 5: Rayquaza vs. different dragon attackers

[Section TL;DR] Breaking Swipe Rayquaza solidifies its benefit over different non-shadow dragons, however nonetheless not dominant over them, and shadows are higher. Given that each one dragons are interchangeable and lots of have a wide range of different makes use of, I don’t assume it’s value constructing 6 Rayquaza for many gamers. (Or 6 of the identical non-shadow dragon for that matter.)

As seen within the Half 1 plot, each Outrage Rayquaza and Breaking Swipe Rayquaza have a greater common efficiency (each Estimator and TTW) than all different non-shadow non-mega dragons. Nevertheless, Rayquaza continues to be far worse than Shadow Salamence and Shadow Dragonite.

If we ignore shadows, we are able to do a extra detailed comparability:

Comparisons of all finest non-shadow non-mega dragons when it comes to their #1 frequency. Left: With Breaking Swipe Rayquaza. Proper: With out BS.

Regardless that Outrage Rayquaza has all the time been the best-performing dragon of any particular person possibility, the issue was that it didn’t stand out from different dragons. Earlier than BS, Outrage Rayquaza is simply the #1 counter 37% of the time, with all different dragons additionally getting some “#1 share” (even Dragonite).

Breaking Swipe makes Rayquaza extra aggressive, however nonetheless not the dominant dragon. Combining BS and Outrage Rayquaza provides it a 57% “#1 share” in estimator, a rise of 20%. Now it’s technically the bulk, however one other dragon can nonetheless take the highest spot virtually half the time, seemingly resulting from typing variations.

  • (I hesitate to make use of TTW for dragons. Relobbying is extra widespread for dragons than different sorts, even in a 6-player foyer, resulting from being hit by SE dragon strikes and the bosses usually having excessive assault.)

There are two benefits of Rayquaza that aren’t captured by the chart above:

  • When utilizing a “Random” boss moveset, Rayquaza continues to be #1 majority of the time (even with out dodging, and even in Estimator).
    • That is true with each Outrage and Breaking Swipe.
    • However notably, Reshiram and Zekrom are nonetheless higher countered by different dragons (and non-dragons), on common.
      • Contemplating these are two of the three most helpful bosses to make use of dragons for (the opposite being Giratina), it’s laborious to swallow…
  • Even when Rayquaza isn’t #1, Breaking Swipe provides sufficient consistency that it doesn’t fall an excessive amount of behind the opposite #1 dragons.

Funding & Elite TM ideas

In distinction to above, there are just a few arguments towards 6*L40+ Rayquaza, or 6 copies of any single non-shadow dragon usually:

  • All dragons are so shut that they’re simply interchangeable. You may construct 6 completely different dragons and nonetheless obtain related efficiency as 6 Rayquaza.
    • That is much less true after Breaking Swipe, however usually nonetheless holds – the efficiency distinction is just not large and sometimes typing-dependent.
  • Rayquaza is a glass cannon, so a 6-Rayquaza staff could lead to extra relobbies than a blended staff with just a few bulkier dragons (particularly Dialga).
  • Most different dragons are both extra accessible or have extra double duties. That’s extra questionable for Rayquaza.
    • “Double duties” right here embrace PvP (Dialga, Garchomp, Dragonite) and attackers of different sorts (Garchomp, Zekrom).
    • Whereas Rayquaza could be a flying attacker, flying isn’t used usually.
    • L50 Dragonite >= L40 Rayquaza.
  • Dragon sort as a complete is helpful, however not top-tier helpful.
    • I touched on this within the Strength & Utility plot for my Primals evaluation. You’d be stunned to see even Shadow Salamence falling under sorts you might not be anticipating: Metal, Electrical, even Flying.
    • Probably the most helpful or hardest dragon bosses (Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, Mega Lati@s) usually have non-dragon counters which might be extra accessible and/or see extra utility, with no huge efficiency tradeoff.
    • Towards Palkia is the one time whenever you actually want to make use of dragons.

Whereas constructing 1 Rayquaza is actually value it, my private opinion is that in 2023, there’s now not a powerful argument for constructing 6 of the similar dragon, not even 6 Rayquaza.

Certain, Rayquaza is nice, and in order for you the very best staff of 6 non-shadow dragons, then 6 Breaking Swipe Rayquaza is the way in which to go. However for most individuals, constructing 6 isn’t value the fee, particularly when so many glorious options exist.

As for Elite TMs? Regardless that Breaking Swipe is mostly higher, I don’t assume it’s a powerful Elite TM candidate. 2.5% enchancment is just too small, particularly when it’s situational. Clearly don’t do away with Breaking Swipe on any Rayquaza you catch this time, however skip the ETMs on a number of outdated Rayquazas except it’s for PvP or sentimental worth (e.g. a hundo). Save your ETMs on one thing else except you’re swimming in them.

Half 6: Different dragons with Breaking Swipe

(Skippable within the curiosity of time)

[Section TL;DR] Breaking Swipe is an enchancment on virtually all dragon attackers – the query is which of them will get it. Haxorus, the more than likely candidate, will find yourself between Outrage Rayquaza and Outrage Salamence if given BS.

Breaking Swipe has a large learnset within the Major Collection Video games – actually each dragon I discussed on this article besides Extremely Necrozma can doubtlessly be taught it. Clearly some are impossible to occur (e.g. BS Dialga will fully break PvP), however for a thought experiment, let’s assume each dragon will get it:

Breaking Swipe’s hypothetical enchancment on each dragon attacker
  • Notice: Mega Rayquaza right here makes use of unnerfed stats. With a 3% nerf, the advance shall be higher than proven right here, however nonetheless much less tha non-mega Rayquaza.

I received’t go into particulars, however listed below are the principle observations:

  • Breaking Swipe is a greater transfer on each dragon attacker besides Zekrom (and Mega Salamence/Garchomp).
  • Dragon Tail customers get extra use from Breaking Swipe than Dragon Breath customers.
  • Non-Outrage customers get extra use than Outrage customers.
  • The glassier the Pokemon, the larger the advance. (Shadows included)

Breaking Swipe Haxorus?

One notable Pokemon with the best probability of receiving Breaking Swipe is Haxorus. Not solely is Axew a extremely seemingly Group Day candidate (presumably within the close to future), however Breaking Swipe’s advantages to Haxorus in each raids and PvP are wholesome, not meta-destroying.

Clearly BS could not really find yourself being Haxorus’s CD transfer, however let’s assume it’s:

Breaking Swipe Haxorus and different dragon attackers ranked by ASE, ASE with dodging, and ASTTW.

As proven right here, Breaking Swipe Haxorus lies between Outrage Rayquaza and Outrage Salamence, relying on metric (and strictly worse than Breaking Swipe Rayquaza).

  • Haxorus has 284 base assault, similar as Rayquaza, however solely 87% of its bulk. This makes it dangerously glassy as a dragon attacker.
  • Breaking Swipe’s consistency alleviates the majority points, and it’s virtually a strict improve over Dragon Claw. However there’s solely a lot you are able to do.

Nonetheless a really helpful dragon attacker, however not forward of something you seemingly have.

Closing, miscellaneous remarks and private ideas

(Utterly skippable)

One last item about Rayquaza: Its function as a flying attacker.

  • As seen from my Staraptor CD evaluation, Rayquaza (with both legacy Hurricane or non-legacy Aerial Ace) is an effective one, under Sky Assault Moltres however above most different choices like Yveltal, Honchkrow and Staraptor.
  • Nevertheless, flying attackers have slightly low utility, as there aren’t many raid bosses to make use of them towards. At the moment, they’re specialists towards Virizion, Pheromosa and Buzzwole. There’s additionally Mega Heracross sooner or later.
  • Until you actually need a double legacy Hurricane/BS Rayquaza for PvP proper now, it’s virtually actually not value an ETM to get Hurricane. Particularly when Dragon Ascent (a flying-type transfer) will come some day and we simply don’t know when.

Now shifting on to non-Rayquaza features.

This text was fairly a wild trip, even for me. I used to be already anticipating Breaking Swipe to outperform its theoretical DPS numbers after I noticed the stats (extra under), however I truthfully didn’t count on it to be this good. If anybody nonetheless wants proof that DPS isn’t all the pieces, I believe that is it.

That is removed from the one state of affairs wherein a decrease DPS, shorter period moveset outperforms a better DPS, longer period moveset situationally, and generally even on common. Listed below are just a few different instances I’ve recognized to this point:

  • Shadow Ball vs Darkish Pulse on Darkrai: Shadow Ball has increased DPS, however Darkish Pulse is situationally higher. I haven’t checked their common numbers.
  • Drill Run vs Earth Energy (hypothetical) on Excadrill: Earth Energy has increased DPS, however Drill Run is best on common.
  • Fusion Flare vs Blast Burn (hypothetical) on Reshiram: Blast Burn has increased DPS, however Fusion Flare is best on common.

I personally actually loved scripting this evaluation (and I can’t say this to a variety of my articles). It combines an intensive examination of simulation information from numerous angles with a deep dive into PvE battle mechanics and theoretical measures (a few of which have been even new to me). I don’t count on to do that fairly often, and I don’t anticipate any must, however hopefully I’ve made a powerful case for this seemingly unusual phenomenon.

One concern I’ve about this raid rotation (along with all of the drama previously 3 days): 2nd raid-exclusive transfer.

  • Breaking Swipe is the second raid-exclusive transfer that Rayquaza obtained, the primary being Hurricane. It’s extensively anticipated that Rayquaza will ultimately acquired a 3rd unique transfer, Dragon Ascent.
  • Who’s to say there received’t be extra? Think about if each time Rayquaza comes again, it will get a unique particular transfer… Now it’s possible you’ll not even have the ability to have all transfer combos you want on a single Rayquaza, to not point out the variety of Elite Charged TMs you want. At that time, a brand new raid-exclusive transfer could really feel extra like an ETM bait, slightly than an precise incentive to raid extra.
    • (I’m certain many long-term PvPers already felt this fashion about Zap Cannon Registeel.)
  • And who’s to say it received’t occur to Pokemon aside from Rayquaza? Blue Flare, Bolt Strike and Darkish Void are the obvious examples. And I can consider a number of extra: Incinerate Groudon (for its primal and PvP), Counter/Aura Sphere Mewtwo (mega and PvP), Wild Cost Zapdos, Gust Lugia and Ho-Oh, Freeze-Dry Kyurem as a quick transfer…

Articles developing subsequent

When my IRL schedule permits, I plan to research the next:

  • Ending the complete Primal Kyogre & Groudon evaluation.
  • I’ve earlier talked about the opportunity of a poison-type evaluation, each as a Tapu Bulu counters information, and since it’s the one sort I’ve not coated. Nevertheless, now I’m unsure if I’ll have sufficient motivation to drag it off, particularly if the distant raid adjustments go stay… We’ll see.

Appendix 1: Information on how you can learn the charts & Technical particulars

Don’t know how you can learn the charts?

For those who’re completely misplaced, simply take a look at the primary two plots, or simply the primary one in the event you don’t dodge in raids. These two plots are primarily based on my Common Scaled Estimator (ASE) metric, which approximates in-raid efficiency utilizing Pokebattler Estimator, finest fitted to sensible shortmanning (2-5 raiders).

The Common Scaled Time to Win (ASTTW) plots are related, however finest fitted to medium or massive lobbies (6+ raiders). This metric assumes no relobbying (i.e. reentering the raid in any case Pokemon fainted).

The ER (aka DPS3*TDO scaled) and DPS plots are for skilled gamers who wish to examine these metrics.

In all six plots, the upper, the higher. Instance: Shadow Salamence is mostly higher than Rayquaza, which is best than Dragonite, in the event that they’re all on the similar Pokémon stage. However all the pieces listed is completely usable and can allow you to pull your weight in raids.

You can too evaluate completely different attackers at completely different ranges: factors on the identical horizontal line imply they’re equally pretty much as good. Instance: Wanting on the “ASE no dodging” plot, A Degree 35 Shadow Salamence performs equally to Degree 40 Breaking Swipe Rayquaza and Degree 45 Salamence.

Reminder: All plots present common efficiency towards many raid bosses. Towards a particular raid boss, the rankings will be completely different.

Technical particulars

  • The primary two plots are primarily based on my in-house Common Scaled Estimator (ASE) metric, which estimates in-raid efficiency by routinely computing the typical Pokebattler estimators towards a wide range of T5, Mega and T3 raid bosses, scaled in order that the most effective attacker at L40 will get 1.0. The smaller, the higher. For extra particulars, consult with my Venusaur analysis in January 2022 and the feedback.
  • The final plot makes use of Common Scaled Time to Win (ASTTW) observe the identical methodology, however replaces Pokebattler estimator with TTW.
  • “ASE Dodge” makes use of simulations with the “Dodge Specials” + “Sensible Dodging” choices on Pokebattler. You may evaluate it to ASE with out dodging to see how a lot dodging helps an attacker.
    • For instance, Breaking Swipe Rayquaza’s ASE at Degree 40 drops from 1.141 with out dodging to 1.128 with dodging, so dodging usually helps Rayquaza’s efficiency.
    • Nevertheless, Mega Latios’s L40 ASE rises from 1.028 to 1.032 with dodging, so dodging could damage Mega Latios greater than it helps.

Appendix 2: Previous analyses on different sorts

  • Bug: Bug Out
  • Darkish/Ghost: Tyranitar CD Basic
    • For Giratina-O comparisons: Shadow Power Giratina-O
  • Dragon: Mega Salamence
  • Electrical: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Thunderbolt) information is mistaken
    • For Xurkitree comparability: Bug Out
  • Fairy: Mega Gardevoir
  • Combating: Shadow Mewtwo (Half 2 Terrakion part), with just a few future and speculative attackers
    • For future megas: September replace (Mega Mewtwo X information is mistaken)
    • Additionally Galarian birds, Extremely Beasts & Sneasler
  • Fireplace: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Flamethroewer) information is mistaken
    • For full future attackers: Gen 3 mega starters
  • Flying: Staraptor CD
  • Grass: Gen 3 mega starters (with out Chesnaught in present attackers)
    • For full future attackers: Kartana
    • For Chesnaught-specific plots: Chesnaught CD
  • Floor: Primal Groudon (Partial)
  • Ice: Kyurem & Mega Glalie
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Ice Beam) information is mistaken
  • Psychic: September replace/Psychic Spectacular
    • Mega Mewtwo information is mistaken
  • Rock: Tyranitar CD Basic
    • For full future attackers: Gigalith CD
  • Metal: Mega Aggron
  • Water: Primal Kyogre (Partial)
    • For full future attackers: Gen 3 mega starters

Lacking sorts: Poison

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