Neighborhood Day Delphox with Blast Burn as a Hearth-type Raid Attacker (Fast Evaluation)

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Nice probability for new gamers (2023) to get an inexpensive Hearth workforce that works nice. If you have already got Chandelure (Dec 2022 CD) or higher, not a lot must hassle.

Amongst starters solely, Blast Burn Delphox is (and will likely be) the 2nd finest, solely behind Blaziken and tied with Emboar. However a lot better choices exist: Reshiram, Shadows, Volcarona/Darmanitan/Chandelure.

Preserve studying for:

  • Hearth-type attacker charts
  • Comparisons of Delphox vs. all starters and Flareon
  • Does Mystical Hearth have any relevance in raids? (Delphox and different Pokémon)
  • Record of my earlier analyses, in Appendix
    • Transient be aware about Shadow Mewtwo on the finish of the article


Fennekin Neighborhood Day takes place this Sunday, Might 21, from 2pm to 5pm. Any Delphox developed earlier than 10pm will be taught its CD transfer, Blast Burn. Moreover, Mystical Hearth will even be added to Delphox’s everlasting transfer pool, which could be discovered through evolution or by common TMs even after the occasion.

Blast Burn was an enormous addition to Hearth-type raid attackers when it was first given to Charizard and Blaziken years in the past. However as we speak, because the sixth Hearth-type starter will get Blast Burn, is it notable anymore? We’ll see.

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Blast Burn Delphox amongst Hearth-type attackers

Hearth attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Charts of ASE with and with out dodging are here. (They’re now separated from the ASE/ASTTW chart, in an try to enhance readability.)



In comparison with its fellow starters, Delphox (Hearth Spin/Blast Burn) is worse than Blaziken, however comparable or higher than Emboar, and higher than all different starters.

  • ER and DPS charts of all starters and some comparable choices are here.
    • This consists of some future Blast Burn starters (Incineroar, Cinderace, Hisuian Typhlosion with speculative strikes).
  • Comparability plots within the subsequent part.

Sadly, Blast Burn Delphox is nicely beneath Reshiram, Shadows, the non-legendary trio Volcarona, Darmanitan and Chandelure, and the “outclassed legendary trio” Moltres, Entei and Heatran.

  • L30 Reshiram > L50 Delphox
  • L35 Shadow Blaziken > L50 Delphox
  • L40 Chandelure > L50 Delphox

Despite the fact that Delphox can also be getting Mystical Hearth, it’s worse than Blast Burn. It’s the most effective non-legacy transfer on Delphox, although, changing Overheat.

  • Extra on Mystical Hearth in later sections.

Delphox vs. all fireplace starters (and Flareon)

Delphox vs. all Gen 1-8 Blast Burn starters and Flareon (L40 finest associates)

Word that these are solely when in comparison with Delphox, and doesn’t essentially give a strict order among the many different starters themselves.

Generally, right here’s a “tier listing” of launched Blast Burn starters and Flareon (an “honorary starter” and a severely underrated finances choice):

  • Blaziken
  • Delphox, Emboar
  • Charizard, Flareon
  • Infernape, Typhlosion

Gaps between tiers are very small, however somewhat constant (exterior of typing benefits).

Word that Delphox is the bulkiest Blast Burn consumer proper now, in a stark distinction to Blaziken. Solely Incinerate and Skeledirge out-bulk it.

As for starters that haven’t acquired Blast Burn but:

  • Incineroar and Cinderace (Gen 8) will possible slot in-between the Delphox-Emboar tier and Charizard-Flareon tier.
  • The identical goes for non-shadow Hisuian Typhlosion and Skeledirge (Gen 9) in the event that they get the absolute best strikes, although H-Typhlosion could also be underrated and Skeledirge could also be overrated. I can’t run sims on them but.

This implies Delphox is the 2nd finest Blast Burn starter in all (presently identified) generations, solely behind Blaziken.


For new gamers who began in 2023, it is a nice alternative to get a workforce of first rate, low cost Hearth attackers.

Nevertheless, long-term gamers in all probability have Chandelure from final yr’s CDs, or one thing higher. These are nicely above Delphox… So not a lot must hassle with this CD.

  • Devoted gamers may nonetheless farm Shadow Blaziken, which is obtainable in Rocket grunts proper now. Right here’s an evaluation on it.

For selection lovers aka “Distinctive 6” gamers, Delphox is the #17 non-mega*, #9 non-mega non-shadow, and #5 non-mega non-shadow non-legendary**. Until you’re actually thrifting, nonetheless not a lot want.

  • (*) Excludes a number of costly however outclassed choices, similar to Shadow Houndoom and Apex Purified Ho-Oh.
  • (**) Consists of Volcarona.

Mystical Hearth?

As talked about above, Delphox gained’t actually respect it for raids, as a result of it’s a lot worse than Blast Burn.

Nevertheless, Mystical Hearth is definitely a superb transfer, simply not an overpowered one. Paired with widespread Hearth-type quick strikes, it’s solely barely worse than Blaze Kick, and higher than Overheat (the commonest charged transfer on good Hearth attackers).

This implies a number of different Pokémon can presumably make use of it: Volcarona, Darmanitan, Chandelure, and future Blacephalon.

Equal Score (ER) and DPS of Blacephalon, Volcarona, Darmanitan and Chandelure with Mystical Hearth and Overheat. Desk sorted by ER. (Hearth Spin on Blacephalon is speculative)

Reminder: Though all these Pokémon can theoretically get Mystical Hearth in Go (as a result of they be taught it within the MSG), that does NOT point out whether or not it should or is not going to occur on this recreation.

As you may see, Mystical Hearth isn’t an enormous enchancment from Overheat, with DPS variations between 0.7% and 4%. This implies it gained’t make a full tier’s distinction for these Pokémon. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless a small improve whereas additionally making them rather more constant.

  • Reshiram may be taught Mystical Hearth, nevertheless it already has the a lot better Fusion Flare.
  • Hearth Spin/Mystical Hearth Blacephalon will in all probability nonetheless carry out worse than Fusion Flare Reshiram in observe, regardless of increased DPS. (Blacephalon has its personal signature transfer Thoughts Blown anyway, should you’re prepared to attend one other few years.)

What’s subsequent?

Not planning to write down one other evaluation on Shadow Mewtwo or every other Pokémon in shadow raids, as a result of I already wrote an in-depth Shadow Mewtwo evaluation, in addition to a tier listing of all shadows for raids.

  • I nonetheless stand by my opinion: No, whaling out 6 Shadow Mewtwo just isn’t a precedence. Not even value it for these with restricted sources (and thus different priorities). Primarily as a result of Psychic sorts are not often used within the first place.
  • As a result of I at all times get disagreements and accusations each time I speak about my views on Shadow Mewtwo… I’ll cease proper right here.

I may need to scale down the frequency and depth of my analyses quickly. Extra particulars and explanations to return, hopefully by my subsequent article (June CD?).

If I really feel motivated (and free) to work on one thing earlier than then, it should possible be a “touchdown web page” below my profile that hyperlinks to all my articles, changing the appendix beneath.

Appendix: Previous analyses on different sorts

  • Bug: Volcarona, Mega Pinsir and Kleavor
    • For an additional set of future attackers: Bug Out
  • Darkish/Ghost: Gholdengo & DIB Melmetal
    • For Tyranitar speculations: Tyranitar CD Traditional
    • For Giratina-O comparisons: Shadow Power Giratina-O
  • Dragon: Breaking Swipe Rayquaza
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  • Electrical: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (Thunderbolt) knowledge is mistaken
    • For Xurkitree comparability: Bug Out
  • Fairy: Togekiss CD
    • For full future attackers and detailed fairy-dragon comparisons: Mega Gardevoir
  • Combating: Shadow Mewtwo (Half 2 Terrakion part), with a number of future and speculative attackers
    • For future megas: September GBL replace (Mega Mewtwo X knowledge is mistaken)
    • Additionally Galarian birds, Extremely Beasts & Sneasler
  • Hearth: This text
    • For extra on Volcarona: Volcarona, Mega Pinsir and Kleavor
    • For extra on Shadow Blaziken: Shadow Sceptile & Blaziken
    • For extra on Reshiram and Zekrom: Reshiram & Zekrom with Fusion strikes
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  • Psychic: Mega Gardevoir
    • For Shadow Mewtwo with IVs: Shadow Mewtwo
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    • Mega Mewtwo knowledge is mistaken
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  • Metal: Gholdengo & DIB Melmetal
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  • Water: Mega Slowbro CD
    • For extra on Primal Kyogre: Primal Kyogre & Groudon
    • For full future attackers: Gen 3 mega starters

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