Neighborhood Day Greninja with Hydro Cannon as a Raid Attacker

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Water Shuriken/Hydro Cannon Greninja is the #1 non-legendary non-shadow non-mega Water attacker. It's a transparent enchancment from the “conventional” non-legendaries: Swampert, Kingler, Samurott, and so forth.

Nevertheless, it's worse than most shadows and Origin Pulse Kyogre (and similar to Surf Kyogre). If you have already got a crew of those, you received't want (many) Greninja.

  • L50 Greninja > L40 Origin Pulse Kyogre

For most gamers who don't have a full crew of these premium counters, it is a nice time to construct or spherical out your crew of Water attackers.

Water attackers usually see low utility, however they're the one solutions to Primal Groudon raids, which is able to return throughout GO Fest International.

Occasion Data

Froakie Neighborhood Day occurs on Sunday, August 13, from 2pm to 5pm native time. Any Greninja developed earlier than 10pm will know its CD transfer Hydro Cannon. Moreover, Water Shuriken will added to Greninja's everlasting transfer pool (which suggests you'll be able to at all times use an everyday Quick TM to get it at any time, nevertheless it will not be assured upon evolution throughout CD).

Basic Feedback and Charts

Water attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Greninja vs. comparable water attackers (L40 finest associates)

Along with the TL;DR, I also needs to point out that Greninja is a basic glass cannon. Its bulk is the bottom of all launched Water-type starters, just like Kingler. Fortunately, it does have larger raw DPS than all different starters, and the consistency of Hydro Cannon mitigates among the points with low bulk. However nonetheless, in the event you use a crew of Greninja, be ready to relobby in the course of the raid.

Water Shuriken vs. Bubble

Water Shuriken is a an excellent PvE quick transfer in itself with top-tier power technology, and a transparent improve over Bubble when paired with Hydro Cannon.

Nevertheless, what permits Greninja to realize relevance in raids will not be Water Shuriken, however Hydro Cannon – a widely known overpowered (OP) transfer. In case you're pondering of utilizing a Water Shuriken/Surf Greninja… It's not solely ineffective, however you'll find higher choices (together with a WS/HC Greninja with worse IVs).

  • For many who are curious, Bubble/Hydro Cannon Greninja nonetheless sits above Swampert and Kingler, however simply barely, and fewer constantly than Water Shuriken does.

Utility of Water Sorts, or Lack Thereof

This may be shocking to you, however: Water attackers usually have few use circumstances in legendary raids.

Water is Tremendous Efficient in opposition to Hearth, Rock and Floor. Nevertheless, legendaries of those varieties are uncommon, and lots of of them are:

  • Double weak to one thing else (Ho-Oh, Heatran, Landorus)
  • Not weak to Water (Reshiram)
  • Or, are higher countered by one thing else (typical contenders are Kartana, Metagross and Preventing varieties)

The one legendary or Extremely Beast raid bosses which are weak to Water are:

  • Entei, Groudon (T5), Primal Groudon, Regirock, Terrakion, Blacephalon, Ting-Lu

That's a really quick record. For reference, Psychic attackers – which I've typically criticized for low utility – have an inventory that's principally simply as quick. The low utility can also be mirrored in my Type Utility chart and Strength and Utility (S&U) chart (explanations on this article), each of which have Water close to the underside.

Not simply that, however most of those use circumstances are meh. Entei and Regirock will not be very fascinating, and apart from the Groudons, all these bosses are countered by different varieties which are extra helpful on their very own (Preventing, Darkish/Ghost, Rock/Floor) or are vastly stronger (Psychic, Metal).

General, Water attackers virtually “solely” function anti-Groudon specialists in raids. Nevertheless, that's arguably a precious position in itself. Primal Groudon is troublesome to beat, and successfully solely countered by Water varieties. Having at the least a crew of low-cost Water varieties goes a good distance in contributing to the raid. And what's the simplest method to get an affordable crew? Neighborhood Day.

Future Water Starters

Future water attackers ranked by ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge might be discovered here.

Primarina will land on the identical degree as Greninja, or barely stronger, as soon as Popplio CD occurs. Related TTW (and decrease uncooked DPS), however its additional bulk makes it stand out a bit in estimator and extra constant.

Inteleon (Gen 8) with HC will blow all different starters out of water. It's arguably even higher than Origin Pulse Kyogre and rivals Shadow Swampert.

  • Quaquaval (Gen 9) isn't proven on the chart, nevertheless it sits between Inteleon and Primarina.

The query is when. These days, starter CDs appear to solely occur one technology each 2 years (Gen 5 in 2021, Gen 4 in 2019-20). So we most likely received't see Popplio CD till 2025 and Sobble CD till 2027, maybe later. Your Greninjas will see nice worth for the time being.

Additionally, simply FYI, Shadow Greninja will possible outclass Shadow Swampert ultimately. However then, Shadow Kyogre, Shadow Primarina and Shadow Inteleon may even outclass it.

Ash Greninja?

In Gen 7-8 MSG, Greninja has the power Battle Bond that transforms it into Ash Greninja, with vastly improved stats. Nevertheless, in Gen 9 MSG, Battle Bond was modified to forestall the transformation. Whereas the Ash type does exist in PoGO APK, it's not clear when or if we are going to see it truly launched – although PoGO releasing mechanics that had been scrapped from MSG is nothing new (see Megas).

If it ever involves PoGO, Ash Greninja will likely be an insane raid attacker, possible in the identical tier as Primal Kyogre.

  • It has mega-level stats with 339 base assault.
  • Increased raw DPS than Primal Kyogre, however decrease ER.
  • Utilizing u/Elastic_Space‘s EER and TER metrics, Ash Greninja is estimated to have comparable Estimator and better TTW than Primal Kyogre. So in brief, comparable or higher.

One other query is whether or not Ash Greninja will likely be handled as a mega or a everlasting type change in PoGO. If it makes use of mega mechanics, then there can be little purpose to make use of it for the mega slot over Primal Kyogre (which has a everlasting group injury enhance). But when not, then a crew of 6 Ash Greninja will most likely be the strongest.

Previous analyses on different varieties

An entire record of all my previous analyses – on each single sort aside from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

You can even comply with me on Twitter (or X?) and Threads! I typically publish sneak peeks of WIP articles earlier than they go stay.

What's Subsequent?

An article on Mega Rayquaza and Oblivion Wing Yveltal. Unsure if I could make it in time for NYC GO Fest, however positively earlier than international.

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