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Hiya once more, fellow PvPers, and welcome to a different version of Core Meltdown!

Final yr, I began doing not simply my customary “Nifty Or Thrifty” meta/funds overviews of weekly GBL codecs, but additionally a companion piece centered on teambuilding… particularly “cores” to construct round. Issues ultimately received busy and hectic and I needed to droop the collection, however for Evolution Cup, a minimum of, it’s again!

Not ALL cores are coated right here, in fact, as there will probably be loads of different homebrewed ones… and that’s a very good factor! That is merely meant to offer you only a few of the massive ones (and a few spicy options!) to get you began on making your personal superior staff… and/or gearing as much as fight the extra widespread groups on the market!

What’s a “core”, you ask? Merely a bunch of Pokémon that work properly collectively on a staff, overlaying one another’s weaknesses and responding properly to the larger threats in a specific meta. Generally a core will probably be outlined as three (or much more, within the case of “present six, play three” codecs like The Silph Area) Pokémon that synergize collectively, however often we’re speaking core duos. And that’s what I’ll primarily concentrate on right here: pairs of Pokémon that may make up a stable core to construct your staff round. Nonetheless, because it’s been some time, normally under I’ve them proven with a 3rd prompt teammate already!

For the visually inclined, as a substitute of solely linking to a bunch of sims, I’m going to hyperlink to graphical representations of what these cores can (and can’t) deal with within the Evolution Cup meta, closely using PvPoke’s implausible Team Builder instrument, in addition to options impressed by GOBattleLog. Strongly suggest testing BOTH of these instruments if you happen to haven’t already!

And with all that out of the way in which, and time principally up earlier than the Cup arrives, let’s gooooooo!


A number of the greatest and (normally) likely-to-be hottest cores within the Cup. Whilst you could not run these yourselves, research them exhausting to a minimum of know easy methods to break them! These cores embody (however are most definity not restricted to):

THE VANILLA – Vigoroth + Dusclops

  • Undoubtedly among the finest core duos within the Cup, Vigoroth and Dusclops cover each other almost perfectly, with Clops keeping off Fighters, Poisons, and/or Flyers that give Vigoroth suits, and Viggy dealing with… properly, just about all the things else.
  • Sealeo (as proven above) does an admirable job backing up the place the core duo are weakest, and ensures that very almost all the things is a minimum of double coated. Piloswine is analogous and significantly better versus Electrics (like Alolan Graveler), however barely shakier total.

THE VANILLA, PART 2 – Dragonair + Dusclops

  • Dragonair and Dusclops additionally again one another up fairly properly, although there are a pair cracks versus issues like Zweilous and Chansey.
  • The easiest way to plug these holes is quite apparent: a Fighter. Vigoroth works out properly (principally merging this staff with the final), however in fact a real Fighter like Machoke suits the invoice too, although it actually doesn’t like Chansey’s Zen Headbutting.
  • This does depart some matchups (like Zweil, Chansey, and Golbat) one deep, with solely considered one of your three dealing with them, and is due to this fact doubtlessly slightly extra RPS than the Vigoroth/Dusclops/Ice staff advisable earlier… although it’s nonetheless not unhealthy. And Dragonair’s huge impartial protection provides you extra “out”s on paper anyway. It is a nonetheless a really stable and versatile staff composition.

THE JUNGLE FRIENDS – Vigoroth + Golbat

  • As a duo core, Vigoroth and Golbat technically have good coverege (although your solely Golbat counter is… Golbat).
  • Although the general staff rating comes down a bit, I see alternative for Alolan Graveler right here to smack apart opposing Golbat and problematic Electrics and Poisons usually. The rating comes down as a result of A-Grav can get locked into some VERY unhealthy spots if you happen to’re not cancel, so be cautious with when and the way you swap so that you don’t get locked right into a blowout scenario. Simpler mentioned than executed, I do know.

THE STING LIKE A BUG – Charjabug + Hakamo-O

  • Get it? Bug stinging and well-known preventing phrase multi function? Bah, you’re no enjoyable.
  • Charjabug does an admirable job plugging Hakamo’s holes, with simply Piloswine (resist Electrical) and Dusclops (resisting Combating and Bug) as apparent flaws.
  • I hate to maintain going again to the Vigoroth properly, however it is a good option. One thing like Haunter works too if you wish to spice it up.


The beginnings of your “ABB” cores, overloaded with a pair of comparable Pokémon and a “pivot” meant to deal with their exhausting counters.

THE DOUBLE DRAGON – Zweilous + Hakamo-O

  • Performed round with a number of Dragons to attempt to get this one working, and Zweilous and Hakamo actually appear to plug essentially the most holes, with Hak overlaying Fighter that hurt Zweil, and Zweilous holding off Ghost and Psychic stuff that offers Hakamo suits.
  • The largest gap is Ice sorts, which a Fighter like Machoke or, even perhaps higher, Vigoroth can deal with with out a lot challenge. Conveniently, this leaves the staff with two Dragons and two Fighters, which for us old-school avid gamers, is just SO thematic! 🤩

THE FIGHT CLUB – Machoke + Vigoroth

  • With solely considered one of these being an precise Combating sort and spamming extensively unresistedPhysique Slam left and proper, there are surprisingly few holes with this pair… actually only a couple Dragons and Poisons to fret about.
  • Conveniently, Piloswine fills each holes properly, keeping off most Dragons with regular Ice harm and resisting Poison harm to beat most of these as properly.
  • Magneton is a enjoyable various for additionally dealing with most Dragons and Poisons (thanks primarily to resisting harm from every), although it does nonetheless endure versus half-Combating Hakamo-O.

THE POISON IVY – Nidorino & Haunter

    • These two plug one another’s holes fairly properly, with huge impartial protection from Haunter and heavy Poison harm for many all the things else from Nidorino (for example Poison sort, chosen principally as a result of it manages to beat down Vigoroth).
  • What holes stay are comparatively straightforward to fill: Dragons and Floor harm (learn as: Marshtomp). VERY conveniently, Floette takes care of both, dealing with Dragons with relative ease and Marshtomp as properly thanks largely to Vine Whip.
  • I actually wished to discover a good staff for Floette’s admittedly restricted protection, and it suits SO properly right here!

THE WET N’ WILD – Sealeo + Marshtomp

  • Surprisingly few gaps left with this Watery duo… they complement one another remarkably properly. Actually the one holes left are Combating and Floette.
  • One might go together with a FULL Water staff (as proven above) with Brionne, although Vigoroth and Flo stay points.
  • Higher could also be Dusclops with Return (or Shadow Clops which may deal with Viggy and Flo and, in fact, a number of different issues.

THE WINTER WONDERLAND – Galarian Mr. Mime + Piloswine/Sealeo

  • I used to be wracking my mind attempting to assume up a means for an Ice-themed staff to really deal with issues like Vigoroth and Machoke, and voila! Enter half-Psychic G-Mime. It’s NOT good protection (Vigoroth and Steely Magneton stay points), however these might be dealt with with a Fighter of your own.
  • If you wish to go together with a FULL Ice staff, you are able to do so with Mime, Sealeo, AND Swine and simply attempt to gang deal with Viggy and ‘Ton. Relies upon how spicy/thematic you doggedly need to be.


Right here’s your spicier stuff, a few of which might really work REALLY properly, however all carry a minimum of a average threat of blowing up in your face. If Hazard is your center identify, a few of these could also be for you!

THE PHANTOM FIGHTER – Haunter + Machoke

  • Talking of Haunter, mashing it along with a Combating sort makes for fairly good protection. Very little slips through the cracks. The draw back, and the explanation that is listed on this part as a substitute of earlier, is having principally NO bulk to talk of.
  • There are a pair straightforward methods to plug holes and shore up weaknesses, corresponding to Piloswine or Dragonair, although neither do a lot to assist out with the dearth of bulk. A minimum of video games will probably be over rapidly, a method or one other?

THE CHILLED VENOM – Ivysaur, Haunter, Sealeo

  • Arguably might have been up within the Overloaded Cores with Haunter and Ivysaur each being Poison sorts, however this appeared particularly funky and a greater match right here.
  • It’s Ivysaur, not a lot Haunter, than constantly handles Vigoroth, and it additionally plugs holes versus Charjabug and others that Sealeo and Haunter wrestle with.
  • Conversely, Sealeo holds down Dragons and Grounds that give Haunter hassle, releasing it as much as roam fairly freely.

THE CHILLED BUG – Charjabug, Ivysaur, Sealeo

  • A variation on the final staff, with Charjabug being the wild card that Ivy and Sealeo attempt to liberate. Charj handles Haunter and Magneton, however the different two can maintain down the remainder.
  • A bit much less versatile and extra RPS than the Haunter model, with Charj’s strikes being resisted by a bit greater than Ghost harm is. However I just like the look of this anyway… on paper, a minimum of.

THE BLUES – Marshtomp, Sealeo, Nidorino

  • I actually just like the randomness of this staff, and the protection is fairly swell, however there’s positively an RPS really feel to it, with most opponents shedding to just one member of this trio. In principle it’s versatile and even most of the losses aren’t exhausting ones, however uh… excessive threat together with doubtlessly excessive rewards.

Outta time, so we’ll wrap it up right here for now. I DO have my previous Nifty Or Thrifty meta/funds overview of the complete format that I like to recommend testing as properly… the meta is barely modified since final time, however I WILL tweak that as quickly as I can. (Poltergeist Dusclops is a brand new pressure, for instance.)

As I discussed on the high, that is NOT absolutely complete. A few of these cores and Pokémon are positively ones you’ll come throughout, and a few are extra off the wall and chances are you’ll by no means encounter in any respect… and there are completely viable cores and groups that don’t observe ANY of those suggestions. However all are meant to get your personal inventive juices flowing and provide you with a place to begin to make no matter staff works greatest for YOU. As a result of that’s what that is all about, proper? Discovering a staff that matches your personal type, doesn’t have too many gaping holes, and is FUN.

Till subsequent time (Togekiss Neighborhood Day evaluation!), you’ll be able to all the time discover me on Twitter with common PvP evaluation nuggets, or on Patreon.

Thanks for studying! Keep protected on the market, Pokéfriends, and catch you subsequent time. Cheers!

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