At the moment Launched Paldean Pokémon as Raid Attackers: Baxcalibur, Starters, and Extra

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Baxcalibur is nice, however completely not definitely worth the rarity.

  • #1 non-shadow non-mega Ice attacker, narrowly surpassing Galarian Darmanitan and Mamoswine, however doesn’t imply a lot when Shadow Mamoswine is approach higher (and extra widespread).
  • Underwhelming as a Dragon. Despite the fact that it will possibly typically use Avalanche instead of Outrage, it nonetheless falls behind common Dragonite.

Starters: Meowscarada is essentially the most impactful at present (with out a CD transfer), whereas Quaquaval has the best future worth.

  • Meowscarada – even with Grass Knot – is already an amazing Grass attacker proper now, mainly a clone of pre-buff Roserade. Very helpful for brand spanking new gamers, particularly those that missed Chespin CD. However it would by no means exceed post-buff Magical Leaf Roserade, even with Frenzy Plant.
  • Quaquaval isn’t too nice now, however as soon as it will get a CD, Hydro Cannon will do it wonders. Higher than Greninja and Primarina (although simply barely), and virtually catches up with Origin Pulse Kyogre. The large query is that if we’ll get it earlier than Gen 8’s Inteleon.
  • Skeledirge‘s stats distribution isn’t a great match for raids. Even Blast Burn gained’t elevate it above mediocre starters of earlier generations.

Pawmot and Bombirdier ought to have been funds Electrical and Flying attackers in principle, however have little sensible relevance (see under for particulars).

My analyses of different sorts are in this spreadsheet. You can too observe me on Twitter (X) and Threads!

Be aware: This put up doesn’t comprise any unreleased Pokémon from Paldea. All non-legendary non-Paradoxes have preliminary movesets within the Recreation Grasp, however I can’t write on all of them, and most should not very notable in at present’s raid scene.


Ice attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.
Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered right here: Ice, Dragon.

Sadly, Baxcalibur acquired the 9% stats nerf (after we thought it wouldn’t).

Regardless of the nerf, it nonetheless turned the #1 non-shadow non-mega ice attacker (Ice Fang/Avalanche), narrowly outperforming Galarian Darmanitan and Mamoswine. However the distinction is so small that it’s actually not price it.

  • Baxcalibur has barely decrease DPS than G-Darmanitan, however higher bulk. They’re very related in TTW, however Baxcalibur pulls forward in Estimator.
  • Shadow Mamoswine exists, and laughs at Baxcalibur.

The place the nerf actually hurts it, although, is its viability as a dragon attacker.

  • You at all times need Dragon Breath, however the charged transfer alternative is intriguing.
    • Each time dragon and ice are each tremendous efficient, use Dragon Breath/Avalanche. (This occurs pretty typically, as most dragon-type raid bosses are additionally weak to ice.)
    • For bosses that aren’t weak to ice, equivalent to Palkia and Reshiram, you’ll largely go along with Outrage.
  • However even with the assistance from Avalanche, Baxcalibur is nearly at all times worse than Dragonite.
  • Within the much less splendid situation the place solely Outrage can be utilized (backside line on the chart), it’s even worse than Latios.
    • Chart notes: On the chart, the Baxcalibur and Kyurem traces are averages throughout all bosses, together with these weak to ice (the place they use ice charged strikes) and people not weak to ice (the place they use dragon charged strikes). Glaciate Kyurem advantages extra within the weak-to-ice situation, being among the many pack of many non-Rayquaza dragons.

For most individuals who can afford it, the sensible use of Baxcalibur is restricted to bosses with a double weak spot to ice: Rayquaza, Landorus, and some notable megas. Not very spectacular for an uber uncommon pseudo-legendary.

Starters: Meowscarada, Skeledirge and Quaquaval


Grass attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered here.

Surprisingly, the grass cat is already related at present – being a clone of the pre-buff Roserade, earlier than the latter acquired Magical Leaf.

  • This places it because the #2 non-legendary non-shadow non-mega grass attacker, and #6 in the event you embody legendaries.
  • When you missed Chespin Group Day, positively listen!
  • Meowscarada is kind of glassy, although – it has virtually the identical bulk as Roserade. Its enchancment from Tsareena, Chesnaught and Tangrowth can also be small to negligible, and certain typing-dependent. No must utterly exchange these cumbersome CD Chesnaughts by any means.

Meowscarada’s future prospects aren’t as spectacular, nonetheless.

  • Even Frenzy Plant Meowscarada, which can probably take at the very least 2-4 years, solely ties Magical Leaf Roserade – which is offered proper now. Not a lot cause to attend that lengthy for it.
  • Gen 8’s Rillaboom can also be much more OP. FP Rillaboom approaches grass-type shadows, and blows Meowcarada out of water. The query is whether or not Gen 8 or Gen 9 starters have CDs first.
  • Compulsory “Stage 30 Kartana exists”.


Water attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered here.

In distinction to Meowscarada, Quaquaval does rather a lot higher on the longer term entrance. As soon as it will get Hydro Cannon, it could develop into the perfect common non-legendary water sort.

  • HC Quaquaval > Greninja.
  • HC Quaquaval > HC Primarina, though simply barely.
    • The very small distinction may make the additional 2-year wait a lot much less sensible, although.
  • Quaquaval is even not removed from Origin Pulse Kyogre ranges.

A priority is that Quaquaval additionally faces threats from Galar, identical to Meowscarada does. Gen 8’s Inteleon is an insane glass cannon, even higher than Origin Pulse Kyogre, and effectively above Meowscarada. Quaxly must get a CD earlier than Sobble to be able to not be outclassed on arrival.


Hearth attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered here.

I didn’t anticipate a lot from 207 base assault (lowest of any hearth starter), and I’m nonetheless disenchanted.

Skeledirge has considerably defensive stats. This helps it get speedy relevance in PvP, however not in raids. Even after Blast Burn, it would nonetheless be solely on par with the “worst” of all hearth starters, like Typhlosion and Infernape.

  • It’s additionally worse than Flareon. Ouch.
  • The additional bulk might assist it in area of interest events, however I doubt it issues a lot.

“Funds” attackers: Pawmot and Bombirdier

Electrical attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE.

I made a chart for Pawmot largely as a result of it’s handy for me (I’m overlaying electrical in 3 consecutive articles). It could technically be a funds attacker for these very new gamers with nothing else, however Vikavolt is best in that position, and it’s having a CD subsequent weekend.

Bombirdier technically exhibits up on the Flying-type charts, however in an analogous place as Pawmot – it’s under Unfezant and above Toucannon. Lmao.

  • Staraptor and Honchkrow are significantly better non-legendary fliers than all of those.
  • To be truthful, that’s a reasonably spectacular achievement for Bombirdier, which solely has 198 base assault and low bulk. It advantages from the charged transfer Fly, an OP transfer, and it’s solely the second launched Pokemon that acquired it (the opposite being Flying Pikachu). However with such low stats, even an OP transfer can solely achieve this a lot.
  • Would have been at the very least good for brand spanking new gamers if it wasn’t raid-exclusive. As it’s, virtually no cause to speculate as a raid attacker.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Sure, Mega Gardevoir with Triple Axel exhibits up on ice-type charts. It turns into the perfect ice-type mega in solo energy, due to the precise ice-type megas being somewhat lame. Nevertheless, it doesn’t present the ice-type mega enhance.
    • Main edit: Appears that Mega Gardevoir is overinflated on this chart, and isn’t practically nearly as good in apply. The chart really exhibits the perfect of all quick strikes, not simply Cost Beam. See this comment for particulars.
  • Not one of the starters have relevance in raids of their secondary sorts (but). They don’t even have STAB quick strikes for them, and even when they did, their stats are too far behind.

Minor observe: Attributable to Pokebattler bugs, all simulations on this evaluation are with out friendship enhance (versus greatest pals that I’ve used up to now).

What’s subsequent?

A fast evaluation/charts of Vikavolt earlier than its CD.

  • Spark vs. Volt Change (CD transfer) is once more the query. Spark continues to be higher on common, however it could be barely totally different from Magnezone because of totally different charged strikes, so I must examine.

A consolidated chart with each sort will most likely be out afterwards, in addition to a observe on some long-term adjustments.

Previous analyses on different sorts

An entire listing of all my previous analyses – on each single sort apart from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

You can too observe me on Twitter (X) and Threads! I typically put up sneak peeks of WIP articles earlier than they go reside.

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