Cutiefly Teased on Social Media

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Hey there, trainers! Cutiefly and Ribombee are presumably making their Pokémon GO debut in April. Right here’s what you want to know.

The Tweet

Lately on Twitter, this image was tweeted out by Pokémon GO India

                   “This Pokémon is perhaps tiny, however prepare for an enormous debut!”

Cutiefly, and Ribombee

In the event you look rigorously, on the left-hand aspect of the cellular phone display, you’ll be able to spot out a silhouette of a bee. That is none aside from Cutiefly, the Bee Fly Pokémon from Technology 7 (Alola) with a twin typing of Bug and Fairy


It would take 50 candies for Cutiefly to Ribombee, and it appears doubtless we’ll see their debuts throughout a spring impressed occasion subsequent month.

  • Cutiefly

  • Ribombee

The Stats

Cutiefly‘s evolution Ribombee isn’t going to be a helpful Pokémon in any respect, as a raid attacker, maxing out a really low CP of 2488, at degree 50. It doesn’t have extraordinary stats both, with the assault being 198, protection being 146, and stamina being 155.


Ribombee can be taught are Fairy and Wrestle Bug for the quick transfer division, and Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam as charged strikes. However who is aware of, it may get buffed on the final second and see some play in PVP. We simply have to attend and discover out. 


I’m so stoked about Cutiefly and Ribombee dropping, they’re soo cute! Are you too? Let me know under. 

And till subsequent time, trainers! Take care.

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