Datamining Report: Cosmog and Crew GO Rocket Particular Analysis Texts

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Hiya Trainers! Pokémon GO has had some texts pushed pertaining to Pokémon Sleep, the texts for the Cosmog particular analysis for the Solstice Occasion, together with the texts for the Crew Go Rocket Particular Analysis. 

So spoiler alert for the 2 particular analysis strains!!  It's a knowledge mine report, in order that kinda goes with out saying however hey, by no means might be too cautious proper?

Please learn by means of all of this with a grain of salt – we frequently submit knowledge mining stories that take months to launch, and we don't need our readers disillusioned. Be sensible, learn this like hypothesis, and be completely satisfied as soon as it goes reside.

Disclaimer: the drill by now, all the things on this article is knowledge mined, and subsequently topic to vary or not even being launched in any respect. All this info is publicly offered by the PokéMiners and contains a few of my commentaries.

Solstice Occasion

RESOURCE ID: jun23_sol_collection_challenge_moon
TEXT: Solstice Horizons Assortment Problem: Nighttime

RESOURCE ID: jun23_sol_collection_challenge_sun
TEXT: Solstice Horizons Assortment Problem: Daytime

RESOURCE ID: quest_catch_type_ghost_dark_plural
TEXT: Catch {0} Ghost- or Darkish-type Pokémon

Texts for the Solstice occasion, together with a quest for catching Ghost or Darkish-type Pokémon.  Clearly for the Nighttime portion of the occasion.

Starry Skies – Cosmog

RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket_cosmog2023_description
TEXT: A ticket to entry an extra set of the Particular Analysis Starry Skies from Friday, June 16, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, June 25, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. native time, wherever you might be. This Particular Analysis offers you the chance to come across an extra Cosmog!

Analysis rewards additionally embrace:
 Premium in-game gadgets similar to Stardust, Extremely Balls, and extra
 Encounters with Galarian Slowpoke, Starmie, Metang, and Inkay

Particulars might be discovered within the in-game Information. 

You have to play throughout the specified time to obtain all of the particular occasion bonuses.

Generic texts for the occasion, together with the discover you could log in throughout the occasion to get the particular analysis.

Step 1

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0
TEXT: Starry Skies (1/4)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_0
TEXT: %PLAYERNAME%, nice timing!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_1
TEXT: I simply received again from a harrowing expedition. I’ll spare you the gritty particulars, however it concerned boulders, quicksand, and many Venipede.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_2
TEXT: Anyway, I’ve come out on the opposite facet with some thrilling treasures: fossils, King’s Rocks, and a trove of maps!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_3
TEXT: It’s exhausting to find out who or what left the maps behind, particularly given their contents. For instance, this one apparently results in “the world’s tastiest Poffin.”

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_4
TEXT: There was one particularly that caught my eye: a map of the skies exhibiting the precise place of the celebs as we speak!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_5
TEXT: It made me marvel if this can be a purely informational map, or if it factors towards one thing particular.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_6
TEXT: What do you say we discover out collectively?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_7
TEXT: Seeing as the celebs are our inspiration, how about we concentrate on both diurnal Pokémon—which means Pokémon which can be energetic throughout the day—or their reverse, nocturnal Pokémon?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_0_8
TEXT: Take a while to consider which Pokémon you’re extra thinking about researching. When you’ve determined, we are able to set off!

Oh look, Willow received himself in hassle once more… Additionally, I had no concept that the other of nocturnal was diurnal.  Anyway, seems like we get to decide on between day or night time.

Step 1 – Alternative Daytime or Nighttime

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_0
TEXT: Which might you fairly analysis: Pokémon that seem throughout the daytime or Pokémon that seem at night time?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_1_title_key
TEXT: Assist Analysis Daytime Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_1_button_key
TEXT: Assist Analysis Daytime Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_1_description_key
TEXT: Select this feature to assist analysis Pokémon which can be extra energetic throughout the day. You’ll be tasked with exploring extensively and catching many Pokémon.RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_2_title_key

TEXT: Assist Analysis Nighttime Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_2_button_key
TEXT: Assist Analysis Nighttime Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_branch_2_description_key
TEXT: Select this feature to assist analysis Pokémon which can be extra energetic at night time. You’ll be tasked with finishing analysis and catching Pokémon in several methods.

Texts for the Daytime and Nighttime department alternative.

Step 2 – Day

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1
TEXT: Starry Skies (2/4)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1a_0
TEXT: Nice alternative! There’s nothing like a heat sunbeam to refresh a drained physique!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1a_1
TEXT: Talking of which, right here’s a refreshing Pokémon reality: the leaves on Petilil’s head are extremely valued for medicinal functions. They supply reduction from weariness—much more so when boiled.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1a_2
TEXT: Heh. Now I’m within the temper to search for some Grass-type Pokémon. Lets, %PLAYERNAME%?

In the event you select the day department, you'll be after some Grass-type Pokémon.

Step 2 – Night time

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1
TEXT: Starry Skies (2/4)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1b_0
TEXT: Nice alternative! I all the time take pleasure in a stroll within the cool, crisp moonlight.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1b_1
TEXT: Talking of which, right here’s a cool Pokémon reality: Misdreavus conceals itself in darkness, sending chills up vacationers’ spines with its childlike weeping.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_1b_2
TEXT: Spooky, eh? Now I’m within the temper to search for some Ghost-type Pokémon. Lets, %PLAYERNAME%?

In the event you select the Nighttime department you'll be despatched after some Ghost-type Pokémon.

Step 3

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2
TEXT: Starry Skies (3/4)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_0

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_1
TEXT: It has been a while since we final spoke. Have you ever been faring properly?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_2
TEXT: Splendid. Are you out doing analysis for Professor Willow?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_4
TEXT: I, too, discover the cycles of the solar and moon fascinating.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_5
TEXT: However I'm right here for a distinct matter. I've picked up readings that point out the presence of one thing from past this world.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2_6
TEXT: I had hoped to request your organization, however your analysis for Professor Willow comes first.

It's Cosmog, so Rhi is making an look. They'll stick round that can assist you with Willow's duties.

Step 3 – Day

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2a_3
TEXT: I see. So that you‘ve each been moved to check Pokémon related to daytime after discovering a celestial chart.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2a_7
TEXT: That is farewell for now. I hope you and your Buddy Pokémon have a radiant day, %PLAYERNAME%.

Step 3 – Night time

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2b_3
TEXT: I see. So that you‘ve each been moved to check Pokémon related to nighttime after discovering a celestial chart.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_2b_7
TEXT: That is farewell for now, %PLAYERNAME%. I hope you've got a fruitful day—or ought to I say night time?—studying about Pokémon.

Step 4

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3
TEXT: Starry Skies (4/4)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_0
TEXT: Welcome again, %PLAYERNAME%! How did it go?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_1
TEXT: You bumped into Rhi? They only stopped by to talk with me, too!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_2
TEXT: Rhi was sizzling on the heels of one thing otherworldly. We had been on the brink of rally the Crew Leaders when—get this—a Cosmog blissfully bobbed by!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_3
TEXT: You don’t see that each day.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_4
TEXT: I recall Rhi mentioning that Cosmog’s gaseous physique might be blown away by the slightest breeze, however it doesn’t appear to care.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_5
TEXT: Even so, we are able to’t simply depart or not it's. You’d higher hurry and catch that Cosmog earlier than it blows into some hassle!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_6
TEXT: When you’re doing that, I’ll ponder how one other Cosmog discovered its means right here...and whether or not it was greater than luck that we occurred to have a map of the celebs on this actual day.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_cosmog_sol23_3_7
TEXT: Mysteries to light up sooner or later, as Rhi would possibly say!

Apparently, it's good to save Cosmog from blowing away.  Get catching!

A Shadowy Disturbance

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_title
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance

This spherical of the Crew Go Rocket Particular Analysis is known as A Shadowy Disturbance.

Step 1

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance (1/5)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_0
TEXT: I’m certain I left them round right here someplace...

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_1

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_2
TEXT: You haven’t seen my earplugs, have you ever? These Crew GO Rocket Grunts over there have been blasting music at greater quantity than a Loudred all day!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_3
TEXT: What’s extra, I’ve barely been in a position to stroll two steps with out the crinkling of littered sweet wrappers underfoot.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_4
TEXT: And do you see all the intense purple Rs they’ve spray-painted round right here?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_5
TEXT: I’m all for a superb occasion, however theirs has been an actual nuisance.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_0_6
TEXT: Might you've got a chat with these Grunts whereas I clear issues up, %PLAYERNAME%?

Willow needs us to have a chat with some Crew GO Rocket grunts as a result of chit-chat is what they're identified for.

Step 2

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance (2/5)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1_0
TEXT: How did it go, %PLAYERNAME%? Did you've got a peaceful, cheap dialogue with these Crew GO Rocket Grunts?

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1_1
TEXT: No? They only began battling you? *sigh* I assume that’s to be anticipated.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1_2
TEXT: Properly, thanks for getting them to cool down all the identical! I can lastly hear myself suppose once more.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1_3
TEXT: And what I’m considering is, there’s no means these rambunctious Grunts would cool down so simply. I’m constructive they’ll come again earlier than lengthy.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_1_4
TEXT: Might you “chat” with them once more if you happen to see them, please?

That's proper Willow, they weren't thinking about speaking. Stunning, I do know.

Step 3

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance (3/5)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2_0
TEXT: Properly performed, %PLAYERNAME%!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2_1
TEXT: You defeated them so shortly, it virtually makes ME wish to begin a celebration!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2_2
TEXT: But it surely’ll have to attend, as a result of proper as these Grunts scampered away, I overheard them muttering about coming again greater, louder, and wilder than ever.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2_3
TEXT: We are able to’t have them disturbing the native Pokémon—to say nothing of the assault on my eardrums!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_2_4
TEXT: Let’s put in a criticism with their superiors, lets? Defeat the Crew GO Rocket Leaders!

Ah sure, let's go discuss to the leaders now. I don't suppose that's going to go the way you need it to Willow.

Step 4

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_3
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance (4/5)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_3_0
TEXT: Nice work, %PLAYERNAME%!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_3_1
TEXT: You’ve received us some peace and quiet, however I feel we must always make sure Crew GO Rocket isn’t planning any extra mischief.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_3_2
TEXT: And which means taking down their boss, Giovanni!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_3_3
TEXT: I do know you are able to do it!

No less than he's not suggesting we've got some kind of dialog with Giovanni.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4
TEXT: A Shadowy Disturbance (5/5)

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4_0
TEXT: Expertly performed, %PLAYERNAME%!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4_1
TEXT: Excellent news on my finish—Meltan and I are nearly completed choosing up all of the litter Crew GO Rocket left behind.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4_2
TEXT: Thanks in your assist as we speak. We should always throw our personal occasion to have a good time your success!

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4_3
TEXT: an affordable quantity. And we’ll choose up after ourselves, after all.

RESOURCE ID: story_quest_rockethq15_4_4
TEXT: I’ll see you once more quickly, %PLAYERNAME%!

Ey, I'm down for a celebration!  

Miscellaneous Stuff

Oh, you're nonetheless right here.  Right here's a small assortment of minor updates. 

Raid Updates

RESOURCE ID: campfire_raid_ready_notification
TEXT: Raid group discovered! You will have 1 minute to affix.

RESOURCE ID: rocket_raid_increase
TEXT: Shadow Raids showing extra usually

A notification for locating a raid group in Campfire, and Shadow raids showing extra usually.


RESOURCE ID: badge_max_size_first_place_win_singular
TEXT: Win a PokeStop Showcase

I'm actually to see how these work.

Route Textual content's Updates

RESOURCE ID: route_creation_abandon_header
Eliminated TEXT: Are you certain you wish to depart the Route creator?
Added TEXT: Are you certain you wish to stop Route creation?

RESOURCE ID: route_creation_abandon_toast
Eliminated TEXT: You’ve left the Route Creator.
Added TEXT: You stop Route creation.

A few minor updates to some texts for Routes.

Pokémon Sleep

RESOURCE ID: button_confirm_pair

RESOURCE ID: button_confirm_unpair

RESOURCE ID: settings_wearables_auto_spin_pbp
Eliminated TEXT: PokéStop Auto-spin
Added TEXT: PokéStop Auto-Spin

RESOURCE ID: sleep_duration_hrs_min
Eliminated TEXT: 0} hours and 1 minute
Added TEXT: {0} hours and 1 minute

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_first_connect
Eliminated TEXT: Are you certain you wish to pair this Pokémon GO Plus ?
Added TEXT: Would you want to complete pairing and join this Pokémon GO Plus ?

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_first_connect_description
Eliminated TEXT: This Pokémon GO Plus  will probably be reset after pairing. If another person was utilizing it earlier than you, pairing it can erase any sleep knowledge they'd saved.
Added TEXT: This Pokémon GO Plus  is now related along with your account. If another person was utilizing this Pokémon GO Plus  earlier than you, their saved sleep knowledge will probably be erased if you happen to proceed with pairing.

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_reconnect
Eliminated TEXT: This machine has been initialized. Would you wish to pair it once more?
Added TEXT: Do you wish to clear this Pokémon GO Plus  and attempt to pair it once more?

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_reconnect_description
TEXT: This Pokémon GO Plus  was related along with your account, however is not configured correctly. This Pokémon GO Plus  will should be cleared of all sleep knowledge earlier than you'll be able to proceed.

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_reconnect_reject
Eliminated TEXT: Your accent machine was not in a position to reconnect as a result of the server detected mismatched machine knowledge. Do you continue to wish to pair this accent machine? Any saved sleep knowledge will probably be erased.
Added TEXT: Do you wish to clear this Pokémon GO Plus  and attempt to pair it once more?

RESOURCE ID: waina_user_dialog_reconnect_reject_description
TEXT: This Pokémon GO Plus  was related to an account up to now. The related account couldn't be verified, so this Pokémon GO Plus  will should be cleared of all sleep knowledge earlier than you'll be able to proceed.

Just a few textual content updates for Pokémon Sleep, together with a observe that signifies if it's unable to acknowledge the account related to the machine it can should be reset.

That's all for now Trainers, keep protected on the market.

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