Datamining Report: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmighoul

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Good day Trainers! Some new texts have been pushed to the sport, and we’re getting a just about full view of how Gimmighoul goes to work in Pokémon GO!

Please learn by way of all of this with a grain of salt – we regularly put up information mining experiences which find yourself taking months to launch, and we don’t need our readers to be dissatisfied. Be good, learn this like hypothesis, and be completely happy as soon as it goes stay.

Disclaimer: You recognize the drill by now, every thing on this article is information mined, and due to this fact topic to vary or not even being launched in any respect. All of this info is publicly offered by the PokéMiners and contains a few of my commentaries.


For these of you who don’t know, Gimmighoul is a Pokémon that was launched within the Pokémon major sequence video games Scarlet and Violet.  It has two kinds, roaming type and chest type.  Chest type is the shape that you may catch in Scarlet and Violet, and it seems that its roaming type will likely be unique to Pokémon GO.

Gimmighoul’s first look in Pokémon GO was proper after Dratini Group Day Basic when Pokéstops began turning gold and dropping unusual cash. Since then we haven’t seen or heard from the little man, however now because of the Pokéminers (who by the best way, have been the primary to interrupt this new Pokémon’s existence, kudos to them) we have now a full take a look at how Gimmighoul will work in Pokémon GO.


RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen9
TEXT: Register {0} Pokémon first found within the Paldea area to the Pokédex.

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen9_singular
TEXT: Register {0} Pokémon first found within the Paldea area to the Pokédex.

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokedex_entries_gen9_title
TEXT: Paldea

The badge for Technology 9, often known as the Paldea area.

New Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0999
TEXT: Gimmighoul

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_0999
TEXT: Coin Hunter Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_0999
TEXT: This Pokémon was born from ardour that seeped right into a coin. It wanders, apparently in search of to return to the treasure chest it as soon as inhabited.

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_1000
TEXT: Gholdengo

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_category_1000
TEXT: Coin Entity Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_1000
TEXT: Its physique appears to be made up of 1,000 cash. This Pokémon will get alongside properly with others and is fast to make mates with anyone.

Pokédex entries for Pokédex entry quantity 999 Gimmighoul, and its evolution Pokédex entry quantity 1000 Gholdengo. 

Sparkly Incense aka Coin Bag

+RESOURCE ID: item_incense_sparkly_name
+TEXT: Coin Bag

+RESOURCE ID: sparkly_incense_description
+TEXT: The Coin Bag is out there!

+RESOURCE ID: sparkly_incense_description_detail
+TEXT: Open the Coin Bag in your Merchandise Bag for a mysterious impact.

+RESOURCE ID: cannot_use_mystery_box_and_incense
+TEXT: Solely the Coin Bag, Thriller Field, or both Incense could be lively at a time.

+RESOURCE ID: cannot_use_mystery_box_and_incense2
+TEXT: Solely the Coin Bag, Thriller Field, or both Incense could be lively at a time.

+RESOURCE ID: sparkly_incense_counter
+TEXT: The Coin Bag can be utilized as soon as per day.

+RESOURCE ID: item_incense_sparkly_desc
+TEXT: A bag of cash. Opening it causes a sure Pokémon to look for a restricted time.

The Coin Bag will act like every other incense, virtually precisely just like the Meltan Thriller Field in that you may solely use it as soon as per day, and it’ll spawn a singular Pokémon: Gimmighoul. It received’t work if in case you have one other incense operating, Thriller Field, Day by day Journey Incense, or common Incense. 

Gimmighoul Coin

RESOURCE ID: item_other_evolution_stone_a_name
Eliminated TEXT: ?????? Coin
Added TEXT: Gimmighoul Cash

RESOURCE ID: item_other_evolution_stone_a_name_plural
TEXT: Gimmighoul Cash

The Gimmighoul coin now has a correct identify.

Catching Gimmighoul

+RESOURCE ID: encounter_caught_pokemon_held_item
+TEXT: {0} dropped {1}!

It seems catching Gimmighoul will drop cash, we’ll have to attend to see what number of cash we’ll get per catch. This might open up the opportunity of different Pokémon dropping different gadgets.

Sparkly Lure aka Golden Lure 

+RESOURCE ID: item_troy_disk_sparkly_desc
+TEXT: A glimmering Lure Module that pulls Pokémon for half-hour. It's possible you'll discover Gimmighoul Cash by spinning the Photograph Disc.

+RESOURCE ID: item_troy_disk_sparkly_name
+TEXT: Golden Lure Module

The wording on that is completely different from the incense. It seems that the Golden Lure will spawn Pokémon like an everyday Lure, however it’ll drop Gimmighoul cash whenever you spin the cease.

Sending Postcards to Scarlet and Violet

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_name
+TEXT: Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet

+RESOURCE ID: sparkly_incense_activate_message
+TEXT: You'll be able to activate the Coin Bag as soon as per day by sending Postcards to Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet.

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_button

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_complete
+TEXT: Postcard despatched!

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_sending
+TEXT: Sending Postcard...

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_available_to_send

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_not_available_to_send

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_transfer_privacy_warning
+TEXT: While you join Pokémon GO with Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet, sure restricted information will likely be shared with Nintendo whenever you switch Postcards. Please see the Assist Article for extra info. Information shared with Nintendo is topic to Nintendo’s personal privateness coverage.

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_confirm_title1
+TEXT: Do you need to ship this Postcard to a Nintendo Swap?

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_confirm_title2
+TEXT: Are you certain you need to ship this Postcard?

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_already_sent
+TEXT: You might have already despatched this Postcard to a Nintendo Swap.

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_confirm_text1
+TEXT: You'll be able to solely ship every Postcard as soon as to a Nintendo Swap.

+RESOURCE ID: postcard_book_send_to_saturday_text
+TEXT: Sending a Postcard doesn't take away it out of your Postcard Guide.

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_send_gift_daily_limit
+TEXT: You can not ship extra Postcards at present.

As a way to activate the Coin Bag it’s essential ship a postcard to a Nintendo Swap. (Saturday is the code identify for Scarlet and Violet). You’ll solely have the ability to ship every postcard as soon as, and there will likely be a restrict to what number of you may ship a day.  Sending a postcard out of your recreation to the Swap is not going to take away it out of your recreation.

Evolving Gimmighoul

+RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_evolve_need_key_item_count
+TEXT: Want {0} extra {1}

In Scarlet and Violet, you want 1000 cash to evolve Gimmighoul. I don’t see any purpose it will likely be any completely different in Pokémon Go.

Day by day Streaks

+RESOURCE ID: general_1_day
+TEXT: 1 day

+RESOURCE ID: general_number_days
+TEXT: {0} days

+RESOURCE ID: saturday_num_days_streak_bonus

Day by day streaks.  No thought what the bonuses are.  We’ll have to attend.


So right here’s the way it seems to be how this all will work. 

You ship a postcard to a Nintendo Swap, and in flip, the Sparkly Incense (Gold bag) is activated and it’ll spawn Gimmighoul. Catching Gimmighoul will trigger it to drop cash.

Utilizing the Golden Lure will trigger a Pokéstop to spawn Pokémon and drop cash whenever you spin it. 

Accumulating 1000 cash will help you evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo, which is a beast in Scarlet and Violet.

They’ll have to pressure the newest model of the sport earlier than they’ll launch this, so count on that fairly quickly.

That’s all for now.  Keep secure on the market.

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