Delphox and Mystical Hearth in PvP

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It’s time for our final Neighborhood Day of the Season Of Rising Heroes, and we end it off with DELPHOX! How does it look in PvP with not one, however TWO new cost strikes? Properly, it’s largely proper right here in our Backside Line Up Entrance:


  • Not gonna sugar coat it: whereas it IS getting some good new strikes to play with, even these massive upgrades don’t actually save Phoxy in PvP. There are simply higher Hearth choices on the market, they usually stay higher even after this weekend.
  • That mentioned, Delphox (and its distinctive subtyping) might sneak into some metas the place different Fires can not, and it’s not straight up horrible, so grabbing one for Nice League and maybe Extremely League is a worthwhile enterprise for those who can handle it.
  • Mystical Hearth debuts as a little bit of a waste right here, nevertheless it may very well be fairly candy on a variety of different Pokémon recipients. We’ll have a look at a few of them on the finish!

DELPHOX Stats and Strikes



Nice League Stats

Assault Protection HP
133 (132 Excessive Stat Product) 116 (115 Excessive Stat Product) 109 (112 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 0-11-14, 1499 CP, Stage 18.5)

Extremely League Stats

Assault Protection HP
172 (170 Excessive Stat Product) 147 (150 Excessive Stat Product) 143 (144 Excessive Stat Product)

(Highest Stat Product IVs: 1-15-13, 2500 CP, Stage 30.5)

Grasp League Stats

Assault Protection HP
206 171 164

(Assuming 15-15-15 IVs, CP 3459 at Stage 50)

Actual fast, since you’re extra right here for the strikes than something. Delphox has roughly the identical Assault, bulk, and general stat product as Charizard and Typhlosion in Nice League and Extremely League, and barely exceeds them in Grasp League (passing them by with about 200 extra CP and practically 500 extra complete stat product). Simply to provide you a ballpark. It’s not nice when it comes to bulk, however not too far off what you often anticipate of among the higher Hearth varieties on the market.

The typing is the extra fascinating half. The Psychic subtyping is a double edged sword, coming with resistances to Preventing (like Charizard and Talonflame) and Psychic (fairly not like most different Fires). Nonetheless, the draw back is simply as notable, with massive vulnerabilities to Darkish and Ghost injury. It doesn’t have to fret about Electrical or Ice injury like Charizard and Talonflame do, however on the flipside, it DOES have to fret about Floor, whereas these Flyers truly resist Floor. Simply to spotlight among the tradeoffs.

However you’re right here for the strikes, so let’s get proper to it!

Quick Strikes

  • Hearth SpinHearth sort, 3.0 DPT, 3.33 EPT, 1.5 CoolDown
  • Zen HeadbuttPsychic sort, 2.67 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 1.5 CD
  • ScratchRegular sort, 4.0 DPT, 2.0 EPT, 0.5 CD

Holding this easy too: it is vitally clearly Hearth Spin you need. Scratch appears decent-ish in concept, however very similar to Chew (which shares the very same stats), it doesn’t work out practically in addition to you’d hope. And regardless of the intruguing and distinctive promise of Psychic (the typing) quick transfer injury, Zen Headbutt is horrible, largely to maintain Chansey from being any extra ridonkulous than it already is in sure PvP metas. Hearth Spin is mainly your ONLY viable choice.

And it’s the one one which has an opportunity of producing sufficient vitality to make full use of the nifty cost transfer pool….

ᴱ – Unique (Neighborhood Day) Transfer

ᴺ – New Transfer beginning on Neighborhood Day

Cost Strikes

  • Mystical FireᴺHearth sort, 60 injury, 45 vitality, Reduces Opponent Assault -1 Stage
  • Flame Cost  Hearth sort, 65 injury, 50 vitality, Raises Person Assault +1 Stage
  • Blast BurnᴱHearth sort, 110 injury, 50 vitality
  • FlamethrowerHearth sort, 90 injury, 55 vitality
  • PsychicPsychic sort, 90 injury, 55 vitality, 10% Likelihood: Scale back Opponent Protection -1 Stage
  • Hearth BlastHearth sort, 140 injury, 80 vitality

Yep, there are TWO new strikes to debate right here, in what appears to be a brand new development in Neighborhood Day starters: one unique to the Neighborhood Day occasion (Blast Burn, simply among the many Prime 5 cost strikes in GO when it comes to energy-to-power ratio with out any disadvantage), and one which turns into a part of the common movepool throughout Neighborhood Day (Mystical Hearth, which is model new to GO). And overlook what cost strikes Delphox has had up to now; transferring ahead, I feel it’s Blast Burn and Mystical Hearth that you really want.

Not that it doesn’t have already got viable (no less than on paper) cost strikes. Flame Cost is all the time good, although it does lose a few of its lustre when not paired with a strong quick transfer like Incinerate or Confusion (neither of which Delphox can study within the newest mainline video games, frustratingly). Flamethrower is boring however definitely viable on the precise Pokémon, although on this case it’s most likely Psychic (the transfer) that may be most well-liked, offering the identical injury and higher protection than Flamethrower, plus a possible opponent debuff. However that’s all educational now… as you’ll see, it truly is the new kids moves on the block you need now as a substitute, protection be darned.

Let’s simply get straight into it and also you’ll see what I imply….



Put merely, here is Delphox with old moves, and right here it’s with Mystical Fire/Blast Burn. Even with the mighty Blast Burn and Flame Cost, there is little to no improvement. You really want each of the brand new strikes for Delphox to get any extra fascinating than it already was. (Or wasn’t, extra appropriately.) Solely with the mixture of Mystical’s debuffing (critically giving Delphox extra of the majority it desperately wants) and Blast Burn’s sheer energy can Phoxy add on wins like Walrein (albeit solely the Shadow model), Dunsparce, Protection Deoxys, Obstagoon, and belongings you really feel prefer it actually SHOULD be beating anyway, like Vigoroth and Cresselia. (It resists actually ALL of Cresselia’s strikes!) That each one mentioned… Delphox nonetheless solely beats much less than a 3rd of the core meta, and doesn’t even cross 50% towards the whole of Great League. You’re nonetheless much better off with issues like Charizard (even with the identical Fire Spin that Phoxy makes use of), Talonflame, or heck, even stuff like Magcargo or Ninetales or the like. At the least it’s higher amongst Hearth starters than issues like Infernape? 🤷‍♂️

The one benefit that MAY show itself is that, as a Psychic sort, Delphox could possibly sneak into some restricted metas that the majority different Fires can not enter. Although uh… often you’d assume Victini (a fellow Psychic/Hearth sort) would have the ability to as properly, and it too outclasses Phoxy. Hey, I’m attempting right here, people!

Perhaps Extremely League will deal with it extra kindly?


Eh, maybe not. 😬 Heck, it’s even a merely modest enchancment over Psychic/Flame Charge, shedding now to Poliwrath and gaining solely Walrein, Toxicroak, and Dubwool to make up for it. And no, actually not any extra spectacular in Ultra League Premier, both. We maintain hovering round 33% wins towards the core meta Pokémon, at greatest.

Any higher in Grasp League? Spoiler alert: nah.


Here we go. I imply, this shouldn’t be surprising, as even the very best Fires (not named Ho-Oh or typically Reshiramtend to struggle. However Delphox can not even beat issues these different Fires can, like Garchomp, Groudon, Snorlax (being weak to Lick does not assist!), and others.

Yeah, this simply stays, as I feared, a poor PvP Pokémon, people.

Is there ANY hope? Properly, two alternative ways to take a look at that….


I imply, the cost strikes are strong, as I mentioned earlier. Even a relatively spammy cost transfer like Psyshock or Fire Punch doesn’t actually assist. The actual drawback is the shortage of a greater quick transfer. Hearth Spin is an above common transfer, however within the period of Incinerate and even the buffed Ember, it’s fallen from its days because the once-best Hearth quick transfer. However sadly, there isn’t a lot else that Delphox’s MSG movesets have to supply. It could actually study Hex, which might be an fascinating twist, however not really an improvement. It could actually additionally study Attraction, which is humorous to consider till you have a look at the actual performance.

If we go to earlier generations, Delphox might study Ember as just lately as Technology 7, which does enhance it just a little bit at least in Ultra League, although it stays lackluster. It additionally DID study Incinerate as soon as upon a time, although solely in its preliminary look in Gen6. That would help in Great League, although as you may see, it nonetheless stays subpar. Confusion would no less than be a bit fascinating, nevertheless it by no means realized that in MSG.

However even attempting to essentially attain for a few of its greatest (and, actually, not possible) choices, Delphox continues to be on the skin trying in on different, higher Hearth varieties. I feel it simply is what it’s. The shaky bulk and lack of any good protection simply leaves it a lesser choice in PvP. Sorry… I attempted!

However let’s finish on a excessive be aware….


So only for simplicity, here is a link to all Pokémon that can learn Mystical Fire in MSG). It’s a fairly large record. However listed here are among the highlights that might actually stand to learn in the event that they get Mystical Hearth in GO sooner or later. Niantic HAS proven a sample of distributing new strikes like this the next in-game Season, so we might not even have to attend lengthy!



  • Beginning with precise Hearth varieties that get it, VOLCARONA would actually respect it (simply evaluate to its current, sad performance… may even be well worth the egg grind after that, eh? (Okay, possibly not. 🙃)



  • I think about this far much less seemingly contemplating its glut of strikes (together with already having a Neighborhood Day transfer), however SHADOW MAGMORTAR would probably develop into a enjoyable wild card choice with Mystical Hearth.







  • HO-OH would truly prefer it much more than Sacred Fire… which is why I don’t think about this can ever truly occur.



  • Just a little extra seemingly can be CHANDELURE, however I’d be awfully shocked. Niantic appears to have executed sufficient with it already and have most likely moved on.

Extra fascinating, maybe, are the non-Hearth varieties….



  • There are a number of notable Charmers that may study Mystical Hearth in MSG, and I feel none of them would respect it greater than CLEFABLE. Poor fella has been relegated to complete afterthought in Extremely League today. However man oh man, Mystical Fire would change all that! It could additionally assist SYLVEON (and make the Quick Attack version very fascinating certainly!), and it could be a small bump to SHADOW GARDEVOIR anyplace you’d consider using it as properly. However actually, I simply need poor ol’ Clefable to get some love, don’t you? Come on, Niantic… make this one occur! 🙏

Rapidash (Galarian)


  • NOT a Charmer, however fellow Fairy GALARIAN RAPIDASH would develop into fairly spicy in Extremely League with Mystical Hearth too, which appears higher (at that degree) than Megahorn OOR Excessive Horsepower. (I feel, by and enormous, it could nonetheless choose these different closers in Nice League, nonetheless.)



  • Keep in mind that Mystical Hearth is a clone (aside from typing, after all) of Icy Wind, so it’s most likely no shock that it’s not an improve for DRIFBLIM… nevertheless it IS definitely an interesting sidegrade.









  • Different oddball beneficiaries can be GOURGEIST (giving it a pleasant area of interest away from Trevenant), SOLGALEO, and the still-pending, heavily-rumored-for-GOFest DIANCIE. That may be fascinating, no?

So yeah… Mystical Hearth COULD find yourself being a enjoyable, impactful transfer in PvP. Simply… not on Delphox.

Poor Delphox.

Alright, that’s it for right this moment! I’m working up a re-review of Shadow Mewtwo forward of subsequent week’s debut of Shadow Raids, and obtained one other challenge or two within the hopper as I attempt to ramp again up after a pair weeks “off” from writing. Occasions are powerful proper now, however hopefully these analyses can proceed to offer just a little pick-me-up!

Till subsequent time, you may all the time discover me on Twitter with near-daily PvP evaluation nuggets or Patreon, for those who’re feeling additional beneficiant.

Good searching, people! Do keep protected on the market, and catch you subsequent time, Pokéfriends!

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