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  2. Iguanas and Geckos rejoice! Reptiles are shedding their skins and bulking up for S2! See the fresh updates here👇 RunesCharmsRemember, these are the rune/charm changes but card changes are also coming! Please note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Stay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  3. It's happening! The Combat Network Stress Test is taking place this weekend form December 9th to the 11th! Get your boxing gloves on because it's time to jump in the ring! 🥊 #devikins #gamefi $DVK View the full article
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  5. Five years ago we set forth on a journey to change the future of gaming and collectibles. We were fascinated by an early NFT project called CryptoKitties and how it had made Web3 tangible, social, and fun. As community members, we dreamt that NFTs could be elevated far beyond collectible cat pictures— we knew we could do better. We envisioned a future where IPs could leverage digital collectibles that functioned as status symbols, access portals to various experiences, and crucially, indicators of progress and achievement in a way that elevated gaming forever. These pillars were a valid and sensible integration of Web3 with gaming. It made sense. We imagined ourselves building an IP to rival Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and Hello Kitty by delivering more benefits to our community. We’d deliver on their roadmap for 2080 by 2030. By doing this we’d act as Trojan horse for delivering property rights to a new generation, with gamers at the vanguard. We predicted that the next re-imagining of NFTs and digital collectibles would occur by harmonizing active use and engagement with the collectible element. For example, we wanted to tie the privilege to expand supply (breeding) to concrete actions in game. If blockchains have their token supplies expanded through proof of work or proof of stake, we saw NFT supplies being expanded through “proof of play”, “proof of skill”, and “proof of contribution”. This is why we made battling an initial core requirement for breeding. It made sense to “earn” the right to breed as this was something that could get out of hand if left unchecked. Along the way, we learned from you. We built up a ragtag band of missionaries that shared our fervor and vision. After conducting research into ERC 20 tokens we also realized that part of Web 3’s promise existed in the ability to align the incentives between all participants in an ecosystem. We learned that the true ownership players experienced of digital collectibles and game items could also be applied to the game itself. This unlock and invention led us to a wave of adoption. We shed light on a future where gamers could turn their time and effort in-game into tangible value by sharing upwards of 95% of in-game spend with those that are so crucial to the success of a game: its players. As upstarts, this was also a competitive strategy. While our game was still simple and early in development, we attracted players by cutting our profit margins. If Blizzard and Riot were going to take 100% of the revenue, we’d take a small slice of an infinite pie. Now, looking back upon the work of the last 4 years we see an opportunity. An opportunity to fulfill our destiny and revisit our roots: the linkage between collectability and play. We will achieve this by delivering on an expanded vision for Axie that goes far beyond any one single gaming experience. Henceforth, we will refer to it as Axie Core. This article will put forth our vision for Axie Core so that you all understand what we’re building toward. What is Axie Core?Axie Core is the Axie experience that is eternal and not tied to one particular game; it’s the universal Axie experience and aesthetic. The goal of Axie core is to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your axies. This is buttressed by the way axies have on-chain genetic code that can be permanently altered through on-chain actions. Here are aspects of Axie that can be defined as Axie Core: Equipping accessories Upgrading parts Breeding (with a more immersive breeding interface) Downloading an avatar or profile picture (PFP) Axie raising (feeding, petting) These are all aspects of axie that are key to establishing a powerful emotional connection between you and your axies. We know that the relationship between a pet and its owner is a primal feeling. As we enter a new digital age, we believe that your relationship with your axies will become core to your digital identity. Indeed, this has always been part of our vision but it’s been sidelined while we built out game experiences and infrastructure. Key Point: Axie Core is the foundational glue for all axie gaming experiences and will create a flywheel between the gaming and collectible areas of our ecosystem. This will in turn increase the emotional bond between our players and their axies, helping to drive a stronger, more resilient community & economy. Axie Core FeaturesAccessoriesWhat if your axie could own a pet or get a fresh tattoo? The first step towards adding more attachment to your axies will be through accessories. These are cosmetic pieces that you’ll soon be able to add on to your axies to further customize their appearance. Cosmetic enhancements are key to modern gaming ecosystems as titles like Fortnite have demonstrated. Through Axie Core, you’ll be able to do that. Customize your Axies’ appearance and even trade/sell your accessories as NFTs. We’re excited to unlock this incredible opportunity alongside our community. But there’s more. In 2021, Epic Games revealed it made $50M by selling one set of skins to Fortnite players. Yep: $50M for one set. It’s clear that leaning into cosmetics and skins will be a big boost in our efforts to strengthen Lunacia’s economy and bolster the Community Treasury. One of the points of feedback that we’ve seen recently is that economic balance is too dependent on Runes and Charms from Axie: Origins. Accessories will give us a new, cosmetic lever to use to strengthen the economy, reducing our reliance on in-game power boosts. We plan to introduce you all to accessories this Holiday Season. Part UpgradingPart upgrades have been a crucial element of our vision since our genesis and we want to deliver on this dream in 2023. We see upgraded parts as a primitive that’s additive to every single gaming experience in our ecosystem but not dependent on a single product. For example, while Origins should add to the benefits of upgraded parts, players should also want to upgrade/breed/release their axies even if Origins and other axie games didn’t exist. In this way, we see the roadmap and progress on AxieCore pushing the entire ecosystem of experiences forward, rather than being held back “waiting” for the other experiences to be ready for upgraded part integration. This is a subtle but important change in our development philosophy. Over time then, the Axie experiences in our ecosystem will not be merely fun games or experiences where you can gather tokens, but experiences that allow you to upgrade the collectability and personality of your axies, making you fall in love with them even more. This will be key to unlocking truly satisfying progression and bonding with your axies. Imagine a world where you engage with many different experiences, gathering different upgrade materials through each game. These materials could correspond to different upgraded parts of the same body slot. For example, perhaps Origins could produce the material for one cosmetic variation of level 2 gecko eyes while Land or even a builder’s program project could produce the material needed for a different cosmetic variation. A sample formula for part upgrading a reptile part might look something like: (AXS) + (Material Obtained From Releasing reptiles) + (Material found in-game)= Level 2 part. While much of the current speculation and debate around level 2 parts will focus on its impact on Origins, it’s almost important to understand that layer 2 parts are a base primitive for every single axie experience to reference and build on top of. We plan to have part upgrades live in 2023 and have aggressively prioritized it within our product planning for next year. We will strive to keep you informed and updated on the progress of this initiative as we hit various milestones around app.axie, Origins, and the broader economy. Breeding & RaisingBreeding has always been a central aspect of the Axie experience. In addition, it’s also been by far, the largest contributor to treasury inflows. We’ve seen how events like Axie Summer can energize the community with exciting new content while also helping to balance the economy. In the future, we want to double down on how the breeding system interacts with the rest of the ecosystem. This will likely manifest though the part upgrading systems as well as potentially how we introduce new body parts and genes into the ecosystem. Feeding and raising axies as true digital pets will open up more design space for breeding as well. Axie breeding has become a profession similar to dog breeding but a big party of why puppies have monetary value is also due to the effort that goes into the diet and training of the pets. Recent advancements in AI also bode well for a future where axies are imbued with personalities based on their genes (nature) and experiences (nurture). Origin/MysticsThis renewed focus on Axie core will also deliver more benefits for Origin and Mystic Axies within our ecosystem. For example, Mystic parts will have unique art for their upgraded paths to further distinguish them aesthetically. The in-game benefits will be up to the game designers of various experiences to devise. However, as Origin and Mystic owners are among the most engaged and dedicated community members in our ecosystem, we expect that game developers will compete for their valuable attention by offering various in-game benefits to these collectors. We know that this has been something you’ve been looking forward to for years. Here are some aspects that we think are vital to establishing Mystic and Origin Axies as iconic digital collectibles: A distinct website for Mystic/Origin axies Token-gated merch Distinct branding and identity Enhanced and clarified commercial rights Separate Collections on the Marketplace Established lore In-game utility & reward boosts Feedback council(s) to provide a steady stream of structured feedback around the aesthetic, utility, and rarity of these assets Axie-Specific AchievementsCollecting, breeding, upgrading, and raising are an entirely new meta-game that deserves its own achievement system. For example, the first Axies with a certain part, the first axies of a certain part combination, Axies that were bred on Ethereum vs. Ronin. All of these vectors and more deserve to be highlighted within app.axie. While we’ve put significant effort into recognizing the efforts of battlers in our ecosystem— we also need to recognize the achievements of those that are progressing through the Axie Core loops of collecting, breeding, decorating, and upgrading. ConclusionAs laid out above, we believe that the key to entering axie’s next act will be through the angle of collectability. This will enhance and add to a sense of progression and purpose across our full ecosystem of games. Web3 gaming will never reach its true potential if we simply make good games that allow you to trade the items within them. Only by harnessing unique game loops and mechanisms, that merge collectibility, ownership, and economics with amazing and immersive gameplay can we once again define the path forward for this nascent industry. We look forward to working together on this and look forward to your feedback. Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is meant to be financial advice. The purpose of this article is to help the community understand the potential of the axie ecosystem when gaming and collectibility are united through never-before-seen loops. View the full article
  6. Will Aquatics float to the top in Season 2? With 2 new runes, the addition of Giant Bubble, and a flurry of charm changes, the Aquatic class archetype is getting more clearly defined. Let’s dive in 👇 RunesCharmsRemember, these are the rune/charm changes but card changes are also coming! Please note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Stay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  7. December 2022 Community Day: Previously featured Pokémon from 2022 and 2021 Community Days return!
  8. Hello Lunacians! Earlier this year, we shared our thoughts on how we intend to progressively decentralize Axie Infinity. If you haven’t read that yet, we recommend doing so before continuing on with the rest of today’s governance update. To supplement your reading, here is the TLDR: We intend to actively work towards an end-state where “invested” (with effort/meaningful contributions) community members are responsible for making resourcing decisions around the Axie Infinity ecosystem As progress is made on the decentralization continuum, actions like council formation, resource allocation, on-chain voting, and treasury activation will be unlocked. The ultimate goal is to empower the collective with the responsibility of guiding one another in advancing the community’s mission through self-organization. Additionally, at AxieCon, we spoke about the details of the specific steps of progressive decentralization for the community: We’d encourage you to watch if you haven’t already, but inside the presentation, we shared the concrete steps we believe will make progressive decentralization successful: Establish the “Urban Planning” Team Sustainably / Comprehensively Identify Community Contributors Establish Community Councils (composed of Contributors) Empower Community Councils Resource Community Councils Decentralize Community Treasury Governance We are still early, but over the past months, we’ve made considerable headway in operationalizing these steps, creating the framework to allow for progressive decentralization to initiate and take hold. Below is a recap of our progress: In May, we established the Axie Infinity “Town Builders,” a collective of well-established community members with a demonstrated history of governance contributions while invariably abiding by the Axie Code of Conduct. This group, composed of Artic, Baronar, Freak, Odin, and Zee, with support from Metaportal, have been hard at work creating the framework that will ultimately spur the first structure within the progressive decentralization continuum. In July, these Town Builders elected to bring in a number of Contributor Electors, namely Akhil, Britt, ChuckFresco, Kookoo, Muri, Ouchie, Prism, and YCB to play a critical role in helping design and execute on an inaugural contributors pilot program. In August, the Town Builders and Contributor Electors distributed applications for the contributors program, which saw applicants from multiple continents, each spawning hundreds of applications. In October, Syntax and Akhil were elected as Town Builders by the founding Town Builder team. In November, the last of the applications rolled in, and the contributor electors, using a systematic approach, identified the final list of entrants into the pilot program. Rejected applicants either did not have enough evidence of contribution, wasn’t in the community long enough, or had a history of violating the Axie Code of Conduct. And that brings us to now: we are proud to announce that we have close to 700 Lunacians who will join the inaugural pilot “season” of the Axie Contributors! Each season 0 contributor will soon receive an acceptance letter, a Discord role, and access to a newly created “Governance” section in the Axie Infinity Discord. There, they can partake in conversation facilitated by Town Builders, meet other contributors, and experiment with community governance formation! If you didn’t get approved this time or forgot to apply, don’t worry! Remember that this is season 0, and there will be more opportunities in the future. This pilot will give us tremendous insight on how to make this a robust and ongoing process, and there will be routine opportunities to attain this credential in the future. Our dream is that in the future, every contributor in our ecosystem will be comprehensively recognized. We had this idea deeply entrenched in our minds when we developed season 0 of the contributors program. The pathway to creating a burgeoning digital nation is uncharted, but we know one thing: the community is and will always be the heartbeat of Axie Infinity. Our hope is to see this become the first landmark in empowering and unlocking the full potential of every contributor in our ecosystem. We are very excited to see where this goes. Well, what are you waiting for? We’ll see you where the action is! Thanks for reading The Lunacian! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. View the full article
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  10. Will Birds soar in Season 2? We’ll find out in The Arena. Check the changes below 👇 RunesCharmsRemember, these are the rune/charm changes but card changes are also coming! Please note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Stay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  11. Bugs are evolving with Season 2. New runes, major charm changes, and a brand new mechanic: Cocoon! Check the changes below 👇 RunesCharmsPlease note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Stay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
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  13. You should check this https://bestonlinecasinosincanada.com/best-payout-casinos link if you are looking for good casinos. I am sure you will have a great time and learn about gambling nuances.
  14. With Nomini Casino I present you a provider that relies on mass. My Nomini Casino experiences show that this is a serious online casino that wants to animate you to play with a funny design concept in comic design. Does Nomini Casino have what it takes to stand up to the competition? The online casino, whose operator is based on Curaçao, only opened its virtual doors in 2019. What is behind the offer and how do you like it? Certainly, Nomini does not reinvent the wheel, but it uses tried and tested methods in such a way that it can be described as unique. Is the casino reputable or a scam? What does the virtual arcade have to offer? Read my Nomini Casino experiences here. Nomini Casino game offer: A game portfolio of the extra class Slots enthusiasts in particular will have positive Nomini Casino experiences. Because the online slots are the focus of the provider. A variety of providers make up the portfolio, which includes well-known developers as well as smaller providers. In addition to the digital slots, the gaming portfolio includes a handful of table games and also some bingo titles. However, the focus is completely on the slot games. The game portfolio in numbers A game offer of over 4,000 games, that comes not by chance. But here 38 software companies do the honors. Such a number of games can only be found in a small selection of virtual arcades. The biggest advantage you have is that the selection of games is excellent. This ranges from slots, table games like blackjack and roulette to scratch cards, bingo and jackpot games. The portfolio is rounded off with a live dealer area, which provides a good selection with 56 tables. It is easy to notice that attention to detail was paid during the development of the portal. The jackpot counter is always in view, which allows you to decide when it might be worthwhile to enter. There is also a list of winners, which allows you to filter out the most lucrative games. As far as the search function is concerned, the Nomini Casino software beats everything I have come across so far. This one is simply top notch, as the provider has divided its slots into categories: Features, Collection, Headlines, where there are further categories such as Themes, Popular Games and High Volatility. In addition, there is still a selection directly by manufacturer. The quality of the games here cannot be doubted according to my Nomini Casino experience, as the most well-known manufacturers include Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Play'n GO and Quickspin. Live Dealer Games Of course, I also took a look at the live dealer area within my Nomini Casino test. This is exclusive and is operated by Evolution Gaming. Therefore, you can be sure that the live streaming meets the highest standards. There are no jerks or serious sound problems here. The live casino offers the possibility to play baccarat, poker and other live games in addition to the classics, such as live blackjack and the kettle games in the live roulette casino. Moreover, the popular entertainment games like Dream Catcher, Live Monopoly and Deal or No Deals are also available here. Mobile App: The desktop variant on the smartphone Today, a modern online casino simply cannot do without a mobile variant of its gaming offer. This is also clear to Nomini Casino. However, the provider here also relies, like many other virtual arcades on a mobile web app. This means that there is no need for a casino app and no download. You simply call up the mobile gaming offer via your current browser and the website automatically adapts to the smaller screens due to the HTML5 format. Visually, the mobile and desktop versions are similar, although some games are not playable on mobile due to long loading times. A look at the betting limits Within my Nomini Casino review, I also took a look at the betting limits. I was mainly interested in whether they appeal to all types of players - i.e. whether they are suitable for both inexperienced and experienced players. My experience here has been excellent, because the operator appeals to all groups of players. You can play the slots from as little as one cent per payline and spin, while others only start at €0.10 or €0.20 respectively. This is absolutely within the beginner-friendly range. The maximum stakes vary for the slots depending on the provider, but can be as high as €250 in some cases. Bonus points from the test In this section of the test report, I would like to award some bonus points. It must not be forgotten here that Nomini Casino is a new online casino. The portfolio is already huge, which is also being further expanded. For the new customer bonus, which includes free spins in addition to the extra credit, the provider definitely gets an extra point and likewise for the existing customer offers. Here Nomini can easily keep up with the casino bonus of other providers. I am also happy to award a point for the additional offer, due to the tournaments that are regularly offered and where there are lucrative winnings. There are no special games, but there are some games from providers that are not so often represented in online casinos. Thus, another bonus point from me. There is also a loyalty program, which is a VIP club divided into five levels. The higher the level, the more additional bonuses and perks you get, as well as a higher payout limit. Definitely worth a point for me. Conclusion: Nomini Casino - absolutely positive experience My final Nomini Casino review turns out to be positive from A to Z. No one will be disappointed here, because not only is there an insane gaming offer of 4,000+ games from 38 providers, even the bonus offer is creative and fits the design of the website. With the welcome bonus of up to 500 euros plus 100 free spins, everyone should be satisfied. On a positive note, the new casino is not only available on desktop and Mac, but also on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The gaming offer is rounded off by a live casino, which comes from the premium provider Evolution Gaming. To put it in a nutshell. If you are looking for a reputable online casino, where the best and most renowned providers and their game portfolio is represented, then you should think about creating an account at Nomini Casino. But if you want to consider other options, you can search for more casino reviews online. Related Resources: What makes Bitcoin casinos so attractive for players? Bitcasino.io Review THE HISTORY OF CASINOS IN CANADA How to Play and Win at Online Casino in Canada
  15. NFT game is not a new term for those knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Yet, gamers may ask, “Why should you put NFT and why should I care? I only want to play!” Rest assured, you are about to discover a surprise that will boost your gaming experience with Outland Odyssey! Here are the things you should know about Outland Odyssey and why this NFT game feels like a classic RPG & not a web3 game. What is NFT?NFT is a certificate of ownership of unique items. The non-fungible token (NFT) represents that you are owning this digital asset based on blockchain technology. NFT game means the addition of these NFTs into the game itself. Let’s compare it to the usual RPG game where you have tons of equipment: swords, bows, armor, and many more. In an offline game, they stay as your inventory unless you sell them away at shops. In online MMORPG, these pieces of equipment have a more fluid option: keep it or sell it to another player. You will compete with a number of players that happen to sell the exact same item, though, and these are really just duplicates. NFT in Outland Odyssey is Different from Other NFT GamesThose pieces of equipment we talked about before? In NFT game like Outland Odyssey, these can be minted as NFTs! You are free to level up each piece of equipment to further enhance its stats. The higher stats you have, the more useful it is in battle, and the pricier it would be when you mint it as NFT to be sold in the marketplace! This is where play-and-earn games are different from other games. Your item is marked as unique, with clear ownership that is yours. Your friend had the same sword with the same name? No worry, yours and theirs are very different in code, and in its stat improvement (depends on how you mint it), so there is no duplicate in NFT game! Outland Odyssey NFT TypesNFT game commonly offers up to let you buy NFT right from the go. Yet in Outland Odyssey, NFT is gained by playing the game (you don’t need one to start playing!) or directly buying it from the marketplace. The buying/selling of NFT works both ways, you can buy one too and immediately jump-start your character, making the quest you have been trying hard to defeat a breeze! NFTs in Outland Odyssey are usable–can be reverted back to in-game equipment–and are tradeable in the marketplace. Outland Odyssey NFTs come in several types: Weapons: A powerful weapon is both a valuable asset in-game and off-game in the marketplace.Armor: Strong and sturdy armor will boost defense, making it easier to fight against Zeds with high damage.Zeds: These creatures will serve as powerful companions to help you in battle.Outland Odyssey wants to appreciate the players’ time and energy. The game utilizes features as an NFT game and the NFTs are here as a way to allow players to earn a passive income simply by playing the game. The NFT provides ownership to players and makes it possible to mint unique items to be traded that have no other duplicate. With every item having a different stat, the uniqueness does not stop only as a label but as actual in-game benefits! Head to Google Play Store and Download Outland Odyssey here. View the full article
  16. Today, let’s take a look at the Plant class Runes and Charms update! You can check out yesterday’s Beast Runes and Charms updates here if you missed it. RunesCharmsPlease note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Stay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  17. Keep sharp during the Mythic Blade event!
  18. Nov 25, 2021 — Ather Labs was created to make great games, create meaningful products for our users with excellent experiences, and build long-lasting communities. A year later, we’ve finally done it! The inception of Ather Labs was a peculiar yet inspiring one. We began as a game studio, exclusively developing our main title Sipher Odyssey. However, on the journey to build an amazing game, we had an epiphany “Why only stop at games when we can do so much more”. Our mission soon evolved to introducing Web3 to the masses through amazing products, fostering a core community of like-minded members who actively engage with us and each other in the open, hence Ather Labs was born. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and check out the 1-year recap of our Ather Labs journey. https://medium.com/media/ba8bd645266e633c4784d9395b02af6a/href1 Year Highlights SEPT 2021 — Sipherian Surge ReleaseOCT 2021 — Seed Round SecureNOV 2021 — Sipherian Flash ReleaseDEC 2021 — $SIPHER IBCOJAN 2022 — Headquarter Office OpeningMAR 2022 — Sipher Comics’ LaunchAPR 2022 — Launch of SpaceshipsMAY 2022 — Unreal Engine 5 SwitchJUN 2022 — Sipher Merch & SculptureJUL 2022 — Sipher Odyssey Website 3.0AUG 2022 — Ather Labs Grows to 170 MembersSEPT 2022 — Ather Club LaunchOCT 2022 — Da Nang Office OpeningFor now, to infinity and beyond we go! Thank you for being a part of our success and we hope for your continued support in the long run. There are so much more ahead of us that you can expect to see, many awesome products, game & experiences from Ather Labs. Three cheers for all the milestones we are going to crush in 2023! Ather Labs 1st #ATHERversary was originally published in playSIPHER on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. View the full article
  19. It's here and it's happening! You can now vote for #Devikins in the Best Blockchain Game of 2022 category on @play2earncrypto! 🏆 Vote here: playtoearn.net/awards/2022 Well? What are you waiting for? Let's go Devikings and Queens! View the full article
  20. A massive congratulations to our latest Top Ten, all of whom are the proud recipients of an Exciting Invitation alongside an exclusive NFT! 🤯 To the winners - your rewards will be airdropped to you this weekend 📦 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  21. November has wrapped up and we only have one more month before Project SEED bids farewell to 2023. We have a lot of fun happenings across the month and we have it compiled for you. It is surprising how much time flies! SHILLoween Reached its ConclusionAt the end of October to very early November, Project SEED held an online event to engage with the community. The event coincided with Halloween, thus the content that urged people to share their best blood-curdling ghost stories with winners getting $SHILL reward. The team chose the best stories that seems scary enough and could befall our beloved green-haired Outland Odyssey heroine. The five stories were then processed and adapted into Lenora’s mini-comic and posted on social media. We have gathered the finished comics (three so far!) and have it all here in case you haven’t seen them! Comic 1 posted in November 18th, 2022Comic 2 posted in November 25th, 2022Comic 3 posted in November 28th, 2022Thanksgiving SEEDbake Event and Social Media MentionsThe community had a blast this time in welcoming Thanksgiving across the world. The online event was commemorated with members from Project SEED’s community showing off their talent in BAKING! Though it is an unusual genre of event, the event was a blast with so many members showing off their $SHILL cakes and various food. We want you to see how awesome the dedication that goes to these yum-looking dishes here! This time we also have a lot of mentions in social media. Several accounts on Twitter are mentioning $SHILL token, Project SEED, and Outland Odyssey as a project and NFT game. Here are the mentions that the studio have gathered in a month: Project SEED is listed as Most Mentioned on Solana ProjectOutland Odyssey is on the TOP 2 GameFi with Highest Social InfluenceTop Most-Mentioned Solana Projects on Social MediaTop Ranked by #GalaxyScore which weighs token performance & Social metrics across the entire market#OutlandOdyssey is in FIRST RANK in Web3 game with most social point category on #BNBChainTop Projects by Lunarcrush Most-Mentioned Solana Projects on Social Media againTop gaming Projects Running on Beta Version on BNB ChainTop Solana Chain NEW Games in 24hrsOutland Odyssey Top Blockchain Games with Highest Social ScoreProject Seed Most-Mentioned Solana Projects on Social MediaProject SEED Top 10 Most-Mentioned Solana Projects on Social MediaOutland Odyssey Top 6 HIGHEST SOCIAL INFLUENCE GAMEFI ON @BNBCHAINOutland Odyssey top 10 Blockchain Game with Highest Social ScoreListed as Top Project Solana by ALTRANKAllied Network Program is ThrivingA lot of influencers with high following joins Project SEED’s Allied Network Program in November. These key opinion leaders will start promoting and distributing content about Outland Odyssey to reach an even bigger audience once the game is ready! The idea is to get these renowned gamers and NFT channels to spread awareness when Outland Odyssey officially launches and create a big uproar at once. The influencers are coming from various places in the world, though focusing on South-East Asia to reach the game’s target market. Here are the name of the allies joining the program in this month: IcarusCryptoTrading (Philippines) | Followers: 8.9KHunter NFT Academia (Philippines) | Followers 4KRixxy (Philippines) | Followers 11.4KCrypto Capital (India) | Followers 7.1KDoveZ NFT (Thailand) | Followers 18.4KNFT Ninja (Philippines) | 13.8KMeta 2150s | Followers 36.9KXPLAYS ID | Followers 26KProject SEED Conferences AttendanceIn November, the studio has representatives going to two events that mainly talk about blockchain technology and web3. We visited Korea G-Star which was held in Busan, November 17th-20th, 2022. The studio also sent a representative to the Blockchain Thailand Genesis (November 24th-30th, 2022), in which we learned a lot as the main topic discussed was “Road to Web3” and the sentiment for the technology in SEA. November AMA SessionWith Outland Odyssey Strix Beta Release having been out for six months, many people are wondering when the studio will drop the next major update: the official launch. Project SEED’s CEO, Liko Subakti, wants to address the growing question from the community in the AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session directly. On November 25th, 2022, the session was held in live Twitter Space, with an amazing number of 1.6K listeners tuned in to the space. The biggest question being answered was: How is the progress on Outland Odyssey so far and when is the game released? Liko addressed how Outland Odyssey needs to be in perfect condition, devoid of any bugs, and to get a release date that does not collide head-on with giant game developers (Q4 2022 has major developers releasing their games in anticipation of the holiday season). Not only that question, Liko also explains the NFT plan in Outland Odyssey and how the studio will keep on developing the game to ensure everyone’s enjoyment, safety, and game’s longevity. The AMA became the event that closes November for the studio. Project SEED hopes to reach out and stay engaged with the community even after the game has launched in the future. It is heartwarming how our events are actively responded by the community in November. We hope that Outland Odyssey and Project SEED will grow even bigger and richer in the future! Follow Project SEED to never miss our announcement and latest news: Twitter: https://twitter.com/projectseedgame Discord: https://discord.gg/projectseed Telegram: https://t.me/ProjectSeed Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectseedgame Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/projectseedgame/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ProjectSeedGame Website: https://projectseed.com View the full article
  22. As we focus on making Axie Origins Season 2 the most competitive and best season of Origins yet—we’ll be rolling out changes to runes, charms, cards, and mechanics. All balancing and game improvements were inspired by data we gathered from the previous season, as well as community feedback. To kick things off we’ll be revealing Rune and Charm Changes. Once these changes are revealed, we’ll drop the new card changes! The patch with full changes is predicted to go live on 12/14 with Season 2 starting ~1 week later. This plan may change as there are a variety of moving parts involved. Please note that these changes are not final and may be subject to change. Do not make market decisions based on these teasers—they are meant to serve as a taste of what’s to come in Origins Season 2. Today, let’s take a look at the Beast class Runes and Charms update! RunesCharmsStay tuned for the other class runes & charms sneak peeks in the coming days! 🌟 Join Axie Discord 🌊 Support 🗞️Axie Media Kit Disclaimer: Please note that anything written in this document should not be taken as financial advice. Axie is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology. Development priorities, roadmap, and features are subject to radical overhaul based on research, traction, feedback from the community, and a myriad of other factors. View the full article
  23. There's less than 22 hours remaining to mint one of these three fancy Thanksgiving Genes! 🦃 nitter.net/devikins_game/status/1595183259922857985#m View the full article
  24. A reminder that we're giving away another five Exciting Invitations today to five lucky M.A.D subscribers! The snapshot for eligible winners takes place tonight at 11:59PM PST, or 7:59AM UTC - so make sure you're locked and loaded! 📧 #devikins #gamefi View the full article
  25. We recommend reading this whole article. Pre alpha testing returns tomorrow. Read this checklist carefully and do all the steps to prepare for the launch. Summary of Launch Tomorrow: The game will be downloaded through the Mist Launcher Hub. Download Link will be shared Tomorrow.It is possible your computer will give a warning message when downloading or running the game. This is okay, and is due to regular firewall settings. Just click “More Info”, “More Options” or “Run Anyway”. Disabling firewall may also work, if needed.To play, you will need to create or import a wallet into the Mist Wallet desktop app. It takes a few seconds to do. You can either create a new, empty wallet, or import your current MetaMask wallet. Whatever is easiest for you. Both ways are fully decentralized and you control your keys and privacy. This will be done in the Mist Launcher Hub, available for download tomorrow.To play, you must be holding 100k MIST tokens, or tier 3–5 NFTs in the Mist Wallet or Imported MetaMask. You can send the MIST Tokens or NFTs to your Mist Wallet.Winners of Whitelist Round 1 will be able to enter, and must import the same wallet (with winning address) to the Mist Wallet.This version of the Pre Alpha will test Quests. Find some questgivers and complete the quests. There is a final boss that may be difficult to kill solo.PVP may be enabled too. If you see a player from the opposite faction, be warned. They may try to kill you. Keep your friends close.Commands in-game, like “ /unstuck “ will be helpful.Get your BSC Testnet BNB. This is very important. (See below for instructions on how to do this).Bug Reporting will be a task for all players. If you see a bug, tell us!Remember, this is Pre Alpha Testing. Many phases will exist and we will start testing from most basic to more advanced systems. Pre alpha will evolve as we finish tests.Quick Summary of PreparationThe client download link will be shared tomorrow. The full installation should be quick. Step 1. Download the installer from the link we will provide. Step 2. If you receive any firewall warnings, just click “More Info”, “More Options” or “Run Anyway”. This is standard firewall stuff. Disabling firewall may help too, if needed. Step 3. Create or Import a wallet (account) Step 4. Click “Install Game” on the top left Step 5. Play Step 6. Obtain testnet BNB if needed Creating a new Mist Wallet and Importing MetaMaskThe Mist Wallet is the seamless, fully integrated connection between Mist and the blockchain. It is wonderful and allows pure immersion for gamers. Welcome to the Web3 Metaverse. Your wallet is your login. It is your key to the world. You will need to create a new Mist Wallet, or import your MetaMask. Both ways work, and both ways are fully decentralized. You own your keys both ways, and you have full privacy and control. Our system does not track IPs either. Option 1: Importing from MetamaskIf you have your tokens or NFTs in Metamask and would like to keep them there, you can import your account as shown below. This method may be faster and more organized, as you can keep your current MetaMask wallet and connect it to the Mist Metaverse. This is fully decentralized and all imports are private. Nobody sees your keys but you. Step 1. After downloading the Hub, click the Mist logo and click “Create Account / Log In” Step 2. On Account Creation page, click “Log In” or “Import” on the bottom left Step 3. Paste your private key (not seed phrase) of the wallet you want to import, and press “Import Account” on the right. Again, your keys are fully private and the whole process if fully decentralized. If you lose your keys we can not help you. Option 2: Creating a New Mist WalletIf you would like to create a new Mist Wallet, follow the steps below. This wallet will be new, blank, and have no tokens or BNB in it. Fully fresh. So you will need to fund with NFTs or tokens to log in. This method creates you a brand new, fresh wallet. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PRIVATE KEYS. KEEP THEM SAFE, DON’T LOSE THEM, AND DONT LET ANYONE SEE THEM. WE CAN NOT HELP YOU IF YOU LOSE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS. You can also import this new account into your MetaMask plugin if you like, for ease of organization. Step 1. After downloading the Hub, click the Mist logo and click “Create Account / Log In” Step 2. Enter your custom gamertag name. Then Click “Next”. This gamertag will be linked to your wallet, and the wallet will be your decentralized login for all Mist services. Step 3. Your Wallet has been created. WARNING!!!: COPY AND SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY. KEEP IT SAFE AND SECURE. IF YOU LOSE IT YOU MAY BE UNABLE TO ENTER YOUR WALLET. DON’T LET ANYONE SEE THIS PRIVATE KEY. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THIS PRIVATE KEY SAFE AND SECURE. WE CAN NOT HELP YOU IF YOU LOSE IT. Step 4. To See Wallet Address, and other Account details, click the Mist logo at the top left and click “My Account”. You can see balances, wallet address, and even see your private key if you lose it. Notes on SecurityThe Mist Wallet system does not track your IP. Our hub is a fully decentralized piece of tech. This means your wallets, your private keys, and everything else is decentralized in a proper Web3 format. We can not see anything, we can not help you if you forget your keys, and we have no access to your accounts (even to help you if needed). You have full control, and full responsibility. Regardless if you choose to import your Metamask, or if you choose to create a brand new wallet, please keep your keys somewhere ONLY YOU can find them. This is blockchain. If you lose your keys, you may lose your login to your account. Additionally, we note: Mist’s system will automatically log you in on boot up. So if you are using shared computers, please make sure to password protect your computer, as is standard cybersecurity protocol always. Just like with a logged in Metamask, be aware that your private key must be protected. The Almighty “ /unstuck ” Command. Remember this one.There are some commands you’ll need in-game. The most important one is “ /unstuck “. Type this into the chat box at any time if your character is stuck in game. It will teleport you to a safe place where you can begin playing again. Say it with us: /unstuck Help your fellow players as well. If they have an issue or get stuck, remind them of this command. How and When to Download the Game?More details and download links tomorrow. But very importantly: You will download the Mist Launcher Hub (link will be given tomorrow). From there, you will click “Install Game” on the top left of the Hub. After it is downloaded, you can play as long as your Mist Wallet has been created and 100k MIST tokens or a tier 3–5 NFT is in it. Get TestNet BNBPre alpha will be on BSC Testnet. You’ll need 0.5–1 Testnet BNB from Binance’s faucet. It takes just a second. The Mist Wallet is automatically Multichain. It connects to BSC Testnet and BSC Mainnet automatically. You don’t need to change chains. Go to the official Binance Smart Chain faucet (https://testnet.bnbchain.org/faucet-smart) which gives free TestNet BNBs. Obtain at least 1 TestNet BNB: Simply go to the official Binance Smart Chain faucet website, paste your wallet address (ONLY your wallet address, not private key), press “Give me BNB”, and press “0.5 BNB”. You can check your balance now, you have obtained a TestNet BNB which will be used in-game. Bug Reporting. How You Can Help the Devs.Bug reports will be available. If you encounter a bug we will need your help in reporting it so we can fix it (we expect there to be a few. It is pre alpha testing, after all.) We will be testing HUNDREDS of systems. As with any first test we are expecting to fix a few bugs. Your bug reporting will help us identify and fix these items. Remember. This is Pre Alpha Testing. Re-post of Prior Article Below.Remember pre alpha is a testing phase testing many different game systems. This is Pre-Alpha. That is before Alpha. Before Beta. We will release content in different phases of pre alpha. Read a re-post of an important article below. We truly recommend reading this article in-depth. During Pre-Alpha the development team has specific goals to accomplish. We want to set positive and productive expectations for pre-alpha. We will be delivering a fun experience for players. However we want everyone to remember that pre-alpha is a testing phase of many elements of the game. Here, we will discuss what Pre-Alpha IS, and what Pre-Alpha IS NOT. We will also discuss briefly on how to prepare for the launch, how to get tokens on BSC Testnet. Many features will be available, and many more will come as we finish our tests on core elements and add the advanced elements for testing. Together with our players, we can make the Pre-Alpha tests fun, exciting, and productive for everyone. We are happy to have everyone on as Pre-Alpha Testers. OverviewDuring pre-alpha, players will act as test users for the most core essential, systems in Mist. Players will help us conduct tests on these systems, to make sure we can optimize these core elements and attach the other elements on a strong base. We will include many systems pre-alpha version of the game, but not everything. The development team will focus on a very important handful of these features. Please know, our team is excited to showcase every single system we have built. There are hundreds of them and we are dying to show it all off. However our past experience has taught us 2 things: (1) proper testing starts with the core elements, and (2) if the core is not tested properly you risk many bugs that give a bad player experience.To ensure the best testing methodology and player experience, we will release updates to the pre-alpha when we finish one stage of testing and move to the next. We will strive to provide a fun, immersive pre-alpha experience why being efficient with our testing as we near the next stage of launch. Pre alpha WILL INCLUDE:Many features of the game. Some of these features will be more advanced. Some of these features will be more core-level. From combat, to NFTs, to blockchain transactions, to PVP, the features in-game have been hand-selected by the dev team to ensure proper testing. This means that some features are purposely included. It also means some features are purposely limited or even removed from the game files. This is important, as it allows our developers to properly test the most important core elements of the game and make progress to the next stage of launch (with the players’ help). This can be compared to building a house: the foundation must be tested, measured, and strong before you add the other parts of the house. The pre-alpha release will include the whole “foundation”, along with a few extra systems to make the game fun and enjoyable. As we finish tests, we will include more parts of “the house”. As a game development example, can you imagine making competitive PVP without optimizing spells and abilities first? That would be no fun for anyone. These are the sorts of problems that are avoided by proper game testing. Important to note: pre-alpha will be dynamic. This means as soon as we finish testing one system, we may add another system in-game to test. These updates will be done in the form of patches. Pre-alpha on day 1 will not be the same as pre-alpha in week 3, because new systems will be added and tested.A general summary (but not FULL summary) of systems we will test starting day 1 include: Server load and performanceCharacter controller and action combat systemBasic physical combat, basic ranged combat, and basic spell combatFunctional basic NFT item and stats importLarge-scale in-game environment performanceFunctional basic stats system with working bonusesMost races playable (some females, but not all)Functional basic blockchain transactionsFunctional basic shopkeep system merged to blockchainAnd much more to testAs the tests finish on each of these areas, we may and will import new systems to test in the form of patch updates to the game client. Pre alpha WILL NOT INCLUDE:every single in-game feature at the start. As we want to make very clear, the players are acting as pre-alpha testers. This means that they will be helping us test, optimize, and re-design systems that need it. This is the main focus of the pre-alpha release. For example: parts of the environment may be made more (or less) graphically intense to test how well the framerate reacts on players’ computers. Some things are purposely inserted into the game, while others may be purposely left out, until it is time to test them.As another example, we may use specific models and assets that have extremely high (or extremely low) polygon counts, very high shine, and more to test the performance. Things that will NOT be optimized or available in the release for testing on day 1 of pre-alpha (but will be added as we reach the testing phases) include: Larger player count and server loadNFT crafting system build-out testingRemaining character races and gender will be added as we finish testing on previous onesAddition of different items, weapons, and cities to test performance and polygonsPVP earning competitionsGuild System build-outMist Bank optimization (staking and banking)Full NFT Land buildout (custom farms, custom fishery, custom mines, and more)Optimized mount systemand much, much more to test as we finish testing the aboveThe Mist World and Item ModelsThe world players will be entering will be large. Very large, actually. In the pre-alpha we are measuring terrain loading performance. This includes land, trees, water, etc. This does not necessarily include performance testing of buildings or towns. As is the proper testing methodology, environment is priority #1. Once that is optimized, with a single click we will patch in the larger cities and towns. As a result many of the towns in-game will be limited in some areas, and made more detailed in other areas. This is an important part of testing. This is quite a sad feeling for our development and 3d modeler team as we have removed some of their beautiful towns in-game (or put less intensive placeholders) while we optimize the game performance. Item models such as armor, weapons, and even the character models themselves will be specially tweaked for performance testing too. For example we will add certain armor models or assets because we are testing a multitude of things. That means we may use a specific armor model for no reason other than to test how the reflective surfaces affect the game’s performance. Another example of required testing is how the armors and weapons react to certain animations, game lighting, and more. So in short, the models you see of weapons, armor, and even our characters, may be purposely upgraded or downgraded for our testing. What you see will often be purposely put in place for testing purposes, and may possibly not even be in the final game release. Learn More About Mist:YouTube VideosTwitterTelegramDiscordView the full article
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