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  3. Aura Kingdom 2 Guild War Preparation Phase Guild War Preparation phase can be accessed from 00:00 - 20:59 server time, by going to Guild Interface. Tap on the Preparation button Select the Guild War Skill that you want to upgrade Upgrade the Guild War Skill either with Gold or Blue Diamond Guild War Map to follow*
  4. Guild War Update We know many of you have been waiting for Guild War since AK2 released! Good news here, you don't need to wait anymore! The Guild War system will be updated in the game after the maintenance tomorrow!! Before Guild War is up tomorrow, let's take a lesson of the interesting system together! Guild War is divided into 4 phases: Registration Matchmaking, Preparation and Battle Registration Guild War is a seasonal competition, Guild Leader can register in registration day. (every Mon. Wed. Fri.) Guild War day is every Tue. Thur. Sat. night. Registration lasts a season.(28 days a season) Matchmaking The system will match guild with similar ranking. When matchmaking finished, you can see enemy guild’s information. Preparation There are two keeps, Western Keep and Eastern Keep, each keep contains two skills. W & E At preparation phase, guild leader can swap <keep skills> by clicking the keep. Some keep skills need certain guild level to unlock. Guild members can fortify keep skills, each member has 3 fortification times. Keep skill level resets every Guild War. After finishing preparation, let’s enter battlefield! Battle The goal of Guild War is to destroy enemy keep. Battle Rule: Kill an enemy player gets 20 points, destroying enemy keep gets 2000 points. The first guild to get 4000 points wins! At the start of the battle, there will be 5 minutes preparation time, players can only move around in respawn area. Keep HP shows at the top right in game. Player can pick up Fortifying Resources to claim buff. Player can only claim one buff at a time. After preparation time, try to protect your keep, and destroy enemy’s keep! The maintenance will be arranged on 4/29(Wed.) 14:00~17:00 (GMT+8) tomorrow. Please do not log in to the game during this time. We wish you all the best and see you soon! SOURCE
  5. Best Eidolon for Defense, All Stats, Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for Defense, Recovery, Damage & Speed Best Eidolon for Full Defense & Recovery Best Eidolon for High Defense, High Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for High Defense, Recovery & Critical Best Eidolon for High Defense, Recovery & Full Stats Best Eidolon for Super High Defense & Recovery Best Eidolon for Super High Evasion, Defense and Recovery Credits to ReiKit伈杰
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