Dragon Ascent Rayquaza, Mega Rayquaza and Oblivion Wing Yveltal as Raid Attackers

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Mega Rayquaza is #1 Flying and #1 Dragon in solo energy, in a league of its personal. Common Rayquaza can be #1 non-mega Flying attacker, above Shadow Moltres.

  • Double transfer your Mega Ray: Dragon Ascent & Breaking Swipe (or Outrage)

Oblivion Wing Yveltal is #3 non-mega Flying, solely beneath Rayquaza(s) and Shadow Moltres. In raids solely, it's a lot stronger than Xerneas (although that may't be stated for PvP).

Sadly, utilities of flying sorts depart a lot to be desired: solely helpful towards a small variety of legendary bosses, most of that are straightforward duos. The saving grace is that it's typically the one choice each time it may be used, and Rayquaza and Yveltal are additionally high counters for Mega Mewtwo X raids.

Whilst a generalist, Mega Rayquaza has insane energy. It's akin to top-tier specialists from nearly each kind, even when Mega Ray “solely” offers impartial injury with Dragon Ascent. It may fill a spot on most of your raid groups.

Mega Ray's solely “draw back”: It's a solo participant, however not fairly a bunch participant. In raids with 5+ folks utilizing Dragon sorts, it contributes much less injury than future Mega Garchomp or a background Primal.

(My evaluation on Geomancy Xerneas and Mega Diancie could be discovered right here, in case you missed it.)

Occasion Information & A Be aware on Meteorites



Mega Rayquaza has been launched at in-person GO Fests, and will probably be out there for everybody at GO Fest World Day 2 on Sunday, August 27.

Rayquaza must be taught the Flying-type charged transfer Dragon Ascent with a purpose to Mega Evolve. You possibly can completely educate it Dragon Ascent utilizing a Meteorite, a “Dragon Ascent-specific Elite TM”.

The way to receive Meteorites

  • Pokémon GO Fest 2023 World (Aug 27): 1 free for everybody from particular analysis, 1 paid for GO Fest World ticket holders
  • In-person GO Fests: 2 every for ticket holders
  • Catching Rayquaza from raids additionally has a small probability of dropping a Meteorite (probably solely after finishing the particular analysis) (edit: attainable even for those who didn't full the particular analysis).
    • Preliminary information exhibits very low odds, looks like 1/30 (one other report) with some claiming 1/200.

Take into account: This implies each Dragon Ascent Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza are (usually) restricted in amount.

  • It's unclear if we'll have the ability to get (assured) Meteorites once more when Rayquaza returns to raids sooner or later.
  • Additionally, it's unclear whether or not future Shadow Rayquaza can even have the ability to be taught Dragon Ascent, however maintain that in thoughts.

Yveltal returns to raids throughout August 16-23 and August 27-September 1, along with Xerneas. Yveltal caught throughout this time will know its unique Flying-type charged transfer Oblivion Wing (and Xerneas with Geomancy). You possibly can in a position use an Elite Charged TM to get Oblivion Wing.

Flying Attackers and Megas: Mega Rayquaza, Rayquaza, Yveltal

Flying attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.
Flying megas ranked by injury as much as a set time-frame (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered here.

Mega Rayquaza (Air Slash/Dragon Ascent) is uncontested. Easy as that.

Common Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent additionally instantly jumps to the highest amongst Flying sorts, with a large 33% enchancment over Hurricane.

  • It's additionally persistently above the earlier finest attacker, Shadow Moltres (simply that I didn't present the comparability charts).
  • The one draw back is that Meteorite is quantity-limited, so that you're unlikely to have greater than 1-2 Rayquazas of any type in your Flying group. Which brings us to…

Oblivion Wing Yveltal additionally emerges as a powerful choice, itself seeing a major 21% enchancment, simply overshadowed by Rayquaza and Shadow Moltres.

  • Nevertheless, it's realistically the most suitable choice that's not quantity-limited by premium objects (Meteorites and Elite TMs for Shadow Moltres), for those who bought it from raiding a brand new one this time spherical.
  • For anybody trying to make use of an Elite Charged TM (other than PvP issues), I nonetheless suggest ready for Shadow Moltres raids; see beneath.

Yveltal vs. Xerneas: Which one to raid?

In phrases or utility in raids solely, they're polar opposites:

  • Yveltal has the energy (fairly robust in its kind, amount limits thought-about), however lacks the utility (see the subsequent part).
  • Xerneas has the utility (Fairy attackers counter an enormous variety of raid bosses), however lacks the energy (worse than most dragons and Shadow Gardevoir).

In the event you're not desirous about PvP, and need to use some raid passes proper now, I'd go for Yveltal.

But when raid passes are a limiting issue, it may not be a foul concept to attend. Mega Ray and Primal raids are arising, and Shadow Moltres could enter Shadow Raids 2 seasons from now, being a “higher Yveltal” general, although it does require an Elite Charged TM whereas Yveltal doesn't proper now.

  • Flying-type Shadow Moltres > Flying-type Yveltal; Fireplace-type Shadow Moltres >> Darkish-type Yveltal.

In fact, the second you care about PvP Grasp League, Xerneas is certainly the best way to go (see JRE47‘s evaluation).

Utility of Flying Attackers: Low?

[Section TL;DR] Flying sorts are solely helpful towards a comparatively small variety of bosses, most of that are straightforward duos even by L40 price range counters. Nevertheless, it's typically the one counter each time it is helpful. Rayquaza and Yveltal are additionally high counters for Mega Mewtwo X raids.

Beforehand, in February 2023, I made the Type Utility chart and Strength and Utility (S&U) chart (explanations in this text), each aiming to quantify how helpful every kind is – when it comes to what number of raid bosses you should use them towards.

On each charts, Flying kind ranks as common to beneath common.

Flying attackers are tremendous efficient towards Grass, Bug and Preventing, none of which see substantial illustration amongst legendary raid bosses. The primary targets are:

  • Tier 5: VirizionPheromosaBuzzwole, Zamazenta, Urshifu (Fast Strike)
  • Future Megas: HeracrossMewtwo X, Gallade
  • Speculative Mythicals in Elite Raids: Shaymin (Land), Keldeo
    • Daring are bosses with a double weak point to Flying. These bosses successfully have Flying attackers as their solely counters.
    • Italics are different bosses that Rayquaza is the most effective non-mega counter towards.

Positives and negatives for Flying attackers:

  • [–] The checklist of helpful bosses is brief, in comparison with different sorts.
  • [++] When Flying is beneficial, it's typically the one counter. (Double weaknesses)
  • [-] The bolded bosses with double weaknesses to Flying are all straightforward duos, so an costly flying group appears much less essential.
    • Even with out friendship, VirizionBuzzwole and Mega Heracross could be duoed by L40 non-shadow Honchkrow and CD Staraptor (even Stone Edge Virizion)Pheromosa may even be soloed.
    • Mega Heracross solo does appear to require a few Rayquaza, Shadow Moltres and Yveltal, however that's extra as a problem.
  • [+] Rayquaza and Yveltal are additionally high counters for Mega Mewtwo X raids, a giant identify in itself that's possible onerous to beat.
    • On the Mega Mewtwo X counters checklist, you may even see non-mega Rayquaza falling behind, however that's primarily due to Ice Beam. In any other case, it's the most effective non-mega towards Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and Focus Blast.
    • If the boss has Psychic, then Yveltal rises to the highest, adopted by Shadow Moltres after which Rayquaza.
    • The identical applies to Mega Gallade.
  • [+] Rayquaza ≈ common Mewtwo towards Preventing-type bosses, solely beneath Shadow Mewtwo.
    • Contemplating how costly Shadow Mewtwo is, even a non-mega Rayquaza will possible seem in your anti-Preventing group. Although, consider, it is a uncommon state of affairs.
    • If folks discovered non-shadow Mewtwo an excellent funding (I disagree), then Rayquaza is equally good whereas having extra secondary makes use of (as a Dragon attacker).
  • [+] Mega Rayquaza is the present finest counter towards all abovementioned bosses. It even rivals future Mega Mewtwo Y.

Solely you'll be able to determine whether or not a Flying group is value it for you. It's not a high precedence, however for these with uncommon candies, having a combined group of pricy counters (Rayquaza, Shadow Moltres, OW Yveltal) and low-cost counters (Honchkrow, Staraptor) hits the precise steadiness between assets and high quality, which additionally contains consistency for the duos.

Mega Rayquaza as a Dragon Attacker and Mega

Dragon attackers ranked by their common in-raid efficiency, utilizing ASE and ASTTW.
Dragon megas ranked by injury as much as a set time-frame (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Chart with ASE and ASE Dodge could be discovered here.

Once more, in particular person energy, Mega Rayquaza is in a tier of its personal. Not even future Mega Garchomp can compete.

  • Charged transfer: Breaking Swipe is the most effective on common, nevertheless it's a legacy transfer. Non-legacy Outrage is extraordinarily shut and situationally higher. (Previous evaluation)

The one “problem” with Mega Rayquaza – I repeat, the one one – is its decrease bulk than Mega Garchomp (and Mega Salamence). That is extra of a difficulty for megas, which offer a injury enhance once they're alive.

Because of this, in giant lobbies (5+ gamers complete), Mega Garchomp and a background Primal contribute extra injury (group DPS) than Mega Rayquaza.

  • Be aware that Mega Rayquaza does NOT present a “background enhance”, as proven here.
  • Mega Garchomp can be a lot simpler to XL than Mega Rayquaza.

Mega Rayquaza as a Generalist?

Mega Rayquaza as a generalist dealing impartial injury, in comparison with specialists dealing Tremendous Efficient injury.

As I stated within the desk and TL;DR… Mega Rayquaza is OP. A neutral-damage-dealing Mega Ray is as robust as top-tier specialists dealing Tremendous Efficient injury!

Copying over factors from the desk, DT/DA Mega Ray is:

  • Stronger than (nearly) all Bug, Electrical, Ice, Poison-type attackers
  • Ties high Fairy, Preventing, Grass, Rock-type attackers
  • Ties high non-mega Fireplace, Floor, Water-type attackers
  • Stays top-tier in comparison with Darkish/Ghost, Psychic, Metal-type attackers

So long as the raid boss doesn't resist Dragon Ascent (usually, not an Electrical, Rock or Metal-type boss), and doesn't have a double weak point, likelihood is:

  • In the event you don't know what counters to convey, utilizing a Mega Rayquaza is all the time a protected guess.
  • In case you have a weak spot in a type-specific group, Mega Rayquaza can fill that gap.

These could even apply to gamers with well-prepared raid groups.

That is so OP that truthfully it's a bit damaged. We haven't seen such a powerful generalist since 2017/18, earlier than the tremendous effectiveness multiplier was modified.

Additionally, FYI, Mega Rayquaza has larger impartial DPS than Mega Mewtwo Y.

Mega Rayquaza as a “Psychic-type” Mega

Psychic megas ranked by injury as much as a set time-frame (relative to the no-mega baseline).

Mega Rayquaza does give a 30% injury boost to different gamers' Psychic-type assaults in raids, along with Dragon and Flying (though it's presently bugged and doesn't boost Psychic candies).

Even when dealing impartial injury, it could possibly already perform as a “pretend Psychic mega”, being just like Mega Lati@s and Gardevoir.

  • See the underside black strains on the chart.

As an anti-Preventing mega, Mega Rayquaza is the clear best choice. It offers Tremendous Efficient injury, and also you additionally don't have to fret about whether or not others are bringing Psychic or Flying sorts.

  • See the highest black strains on the chart.
  • It does get outperformed by a background Primal in bigger lobbies, and ultimately by Mega Mewtwo Y narrowly.

Temporary Future Issues

Who has an opportunity to problem common Rayquaza as a Flying attacker?

  • Shadow Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent (after all)
  • Shadow Dragonite, however provided that given Wing Assault and Fly
  • Shadow Salamence, however provided that given Air Slash and Fly
  • Shadow Ho-Oh, however provided that given Gust and Fly
  • Mega Charizard Y and Mega Salamence, however provided that given Fly (and Air Slash for Salamence)
  • Shadow Archeops, however provided that given Sky Assault, and solely in TTW (not in estimator)

And that's it.

None of those, other than Shadow Rayquaza, has a remotely lifelike probability of taking place anytime quickly. The truth that I've to resort to itemizing these simply exhibits how ridiculously future-proof Rayquaza is.

When Shadow Rayquaza drops – and assuming it could possibly be taught Dragon Ascent – it is going to in all probability by no means be surpassed amongst non-megas. By no means.

Shadow Yveltal is far much less excellent, however I count on it to be barely above common Rayquaza, solely second to Shadow Ray. Drawback is, we're in all probability taking a look at 2030 or later. Will you continue to be taking part in by then?

Previous analyses on different sorts

A whole checklist of all my previous analyses – on each single kind apart from regular – can now be present in this spreadsheet!

You can too comply with me on Twitter (or X?) and Threads! I typically put up sneak peeks of WIP articles earlier than they go reside.

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