Thrilling Dragon Pokémon Teased in Pokémon GO seventh Anniversary Artwork

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Trainers! The Pokémon GO seventh Anniversary artwork has been all around the web due to its many attention-grabbing reveals. There are masses to behold, from the Paldean starter Pokémon to some much-awaited Gen 8 Pokémon!

However one merely can not miss some actually thrilling dragons on the market! A regional pseudo legendary, an Extremely Beast, a field legendary identified for its a number of types, and the almighty Mega itself… Dragon sorts really take the highlight. 

So let's take a dive into how these Dragon sorts are going to suit into the meta and what to anticipate from them. 

Mega Rayquaza

Rayquaza (Mega)


Max CP at lvl 40 5066 | Max CP at lvl 50 5728
ATK 354 DEF 197 HP 213
Weak to Robust Towards
Ice Dragon Fairy Rock Dragon Bug Preventing Grass


Mega Ray is the Dragon supremo and an distinctive Flying kind. It's amongst THE Pokémon to have within the recreation as a consequence of its sky-high ATK stat and glorious strikes like Breaking Swipe and Dragon Ascent in its arsenal. 

It's a chief within the DPS division however can lose a little bit of an edge to Mega Garchomp in some conditions because of the latter's bulk. There's not a lot to say about this beast because it's already confirmed for GO Fest 2023 and everyone knows how good it may be!

This Pokémon will redefine the meta and showcase why it belongs to a tier of its personal.

Potential meta score for Mega Rayquaza: 5/5

Hisuian Goodra 

hisuian goodra pokemon go
Picture supply: Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Goomy normally maintains its pure Dragon typing all through its evolution (why not Dragon/Poison or Dragon/Fairy??!!) and this has been an enormous miss for thus many Pokémon trainers from all world wide.

However in Hisui, Goomy goes half-metal alchemist mode because it positive factors the very coveted Dragon/Metal typing as a Sliggoo and Goodra! That is a fully wonderful kind mixture and it presents an thrilling prospect for these dragons in PvP. It does… it ought to, proper? Proper?

Nicely, let's do the story of the tape between the 2 completely different types.

  Goodra Hisuian Goodra
Typing Dragon Dragon/Metal
ATK 220 211
DEF 242 255
HP 207 190
Max CP @ lvl 40 3505 3320
Max CP @ lvl 50 3963 3754


It goes with out saying that Goodra has higher stats than its Hisuian variant, having extra offensive and defensive prowess to its credit score. However H. Goodra has a trump card up its sleeve: the Metal sub-typing!

The Dragon/Metal combo provides a lot of resistances that embrace: Grass, Poison, Bug, Electrical, Flying, Regular, Psychic, Rock, Metal and Water.

That is undoubtedly a mighty spectacular set of resistances! Whereas Goodra has a tad higher stats, H. Goodra isn't any slouch both. It's nonetheless a bulkier mon than Dialga and may put in fairly a weight across the PvP meta.

In Legends Arceus, H.Goodra's movepool was relatively underwhelming, with no entry to present Dragon kind quick strikes in Pokémon Go and a scarcity of viable Metal strikes. 

Nevertheless, with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Hisuian Goodra lastly has entry to some actually good strikes to salvage: Dragon Tail, Dragon Breath, Counter, the fundamental punches, and Dragon Claw. Think about a Dragon/Metal mon with Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail/Counter with Dragon Claw and any of the opposite strikes! This might positively assist Hisuian Goodra make a mark in PvP. 

Potential meta score for Hisuian Goodra: 4/5


naganadel pokemon go
Supply: The Pokémon anime.

Naganadel is an Extremely Beast that's vastly widespread with Pokémon followers as a consequence of it being part of Ash's staff within the Solar & Moon anime. With a incredible Poison/Dragon typing, it isn't weak to Fairy Pokémon and may, in actual fact, deal STAB super-effective harm in opposition to them. 

However does it have the stats in addition? Let's test them out:

ATK 263
DEF 159
HP 177
Max CP @ lvl 40 3173
Max CP @ lvl 50 3587


To place it into perspective, it has Dragonite's ATK stat however lacks in bulk to a substantial diploma. Nonetheless, its good ATK is complemented by its entry to strikes like Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Poison Jab, and Sludge Bomb.

So Naganadel will nonetheless have the ability to carve an honest place for itself within the Dragon and/or Poison kind meta offered it is ready to get the suitable moveset in Pokémon Go.

Potential meta score for Naganadel: 4/5


zygarde pokemon go
Supply: The Pokémon anime.

Now, now… I do know that this doggo above just isn't the primary picture in your thoughts whenever you learn ‘Zygarde'. You could probably consider the 100% forme that appears like a Transformer robotic… or the long-lasting 50% forme that resembles a snake, or perhaps even the Zygarde cells made widespread by the anime. However I guess the ten% forme is the final one you are likely to think about. It's actually a canine that's a dragon. Even Altaria or Turtonator as a Dragon kind makes extra sense now, eh?

Anyway, Niantic has sadly by no means been good with releasing completely different types of Pokémon in a single go. So now we have to stay to what's proven within the poster: Zygarde 10% forme.

As a result of whoz a great boi, whoz a great boi???

Zygarde 10% forme, 100% doggo, and 100% dragon is!

However whenever you take a look at this legendary mon's stats:

ATK 205
DEF 173
HP 144
Max CP @ lvl 40 2685
Max CP @ lvl 50 2375


It's now not a great boi, proper? Dangerous doggo!

I'm not even going to take the hassle to listing down its Dragon and Floor strikes. It's not good. 

PS: The 50% and Full forme can have use in PvP. However we'll save that for after they're confirmed. 

Potential meta score for Zygarde 10%: 1/5

Parting phrases

Mega Rayquaza is on one other degree altogether. It's actually the GOAT. 

Hisuian Goodra and Naganadel could find yourself being thrilling additions to the meta if handled with a great movepool. And Fairy sorts don't like both of them. 

Zygarde 10% is simply not it. Perhaps take the doggo for a stroll within the park (map) and that's about it. The opposite types have extra potential.

Right here's wishing you a Pleased Pokémon Go seventh Anniversary, trainers!


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