Exciting Updates on Axie Infinity

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Take a closer look at the captivating world of the blockchain-based P2E game Axie Infinity. In addition to interesting updates from 2022, the game offers significant strategic updates designed to fundamentally overhaul its gameplay. Among the most outstanding Web3 game platforms in the whole blockchain gaming industry right now is Axie Infinity.

This article provides a quick description of these tactical new upgrades to Axie Infinity and what they might entail for the gaming community. A few of these major changes include the launch of Axie Core, the introduction of Tales of Lunacia, and the “Lunar New Year” competition in January 2023. 

Overview of Axie Infinity in 2022

Axie Infinity made some great improvements and a rise in its user community regardless of the overall negative trajectory of the 2022 cryptocurrency market. Here is a quick summary of some of Axies’ most significant updates from December 2022. These major updates consist of the following:

1. The Tales of Lunacia Unveiling

Among the best Axie updates from December is this one. It also gave Axie players a chance to preview the enchanted realm of Axie Lore, which is anticipated to release this year. The Axie Infinity community provided strong support for the Tales of Lunacia debut, which helped to make it a major success.                                                                               

A number of Axie accessories were also introduced as part of the Launch. Lunacians had access to these special items. Simply releasing Axies will grant Lunacians accessibility to these decorations.     

2/ Okay, it’s not thousands of tweets long.

But it’s big, and we’re proud of the enormous progress we’ve made over the past few months

Let’s start in December 2022, when we revealed the Tales of Lunacia to the world. pic.twitter.com/O2k0q7LAtN

— Axie Infinity | #AxieOrigins, #AxieHomeland (@AxieInfinity) January 27, 2023

2. Axie Core                                                                                                           

Axie Core went live not long after the Tales of Lunacia were launched. Gamers will be able to clearly express themselves using Axies they truly own, thanks to Axie Core. The universal Axie aesthetic and experience will be provided through Axie Core. Simply said, it is independent of any particular game and will serve as the foundation and reality for all players on Axie Infinity. 

Axie Core features elements such as: 

Equipping accessories
Raising Axies 
Upgrading parts

3. Egg and Incubator Art by Axie

Additionally, the play-to-earn (P2E) game has released its Incubator and Egg images. This year will see many improvements thanks to these new artistic aspects. Launch of “The Premiere” in late October is another significant development that occurred in 2022. The event was called “Plantstravaganza,” and it ran from November 24 to December 5, 2022.

Updates for 2023

With the recent Alpha launch of its Axie Infinity: Homeland, Axie Infinity got off to a great start this year. Homeland is an original land-based game where players construct and equip a hamlet to combat several waves of enemies.

16/ We started the new year with the successful alpha release of Axie Infinity: Homeland!

This is a land-based game where players develop an axie village and battle waves of monsters. pic.twitter.com/kuhm9Cenlo

— Axie Infinity | #AxieOrigins, #AxieHomeland (@AxieInfinity) January 27, 2023

The official statement states that Axie Infinity’s primary goal for 2023 is to bring the following generation of players into the blockchain gaming scene. Axie Infinity is working diligently to expand its core game, add intriguing new features, and optimize the effectiveness of current features in order to do this. Additionally, the P2E game will feature crucial tutorials to guarantee that players are informed and motivated to try the game.


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