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Community Land Sale Announcement

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You read that title right — we are doing a community land sale! What is a community land sale, you ask? Fret not! This blog post will go into a bit more detail about what the sale is, who it’s for and how to participate.

Before we get into that, we wanted to address the purchases made off-site during the previous Solarwood land sale. The community land sale is, in part, a direct response to people missing out on land due to these and other issues during the first sale. We realized that nullifying all purchases not made through our site would be a very destructive operation and take a lot of time and effort away from actual game development, which is something we want to avoid at all cost. Rather than being punitive, we decided to instead run this special sale, focusing on giving the most passionate members of our community the chance to become land owners.

Let’s get into how that is going to work.

What is the community land sale?

The community land sale is a special event in which up to 6,000 Solarwood plots will be made available for purchase. The purpose of this sale is to give some of the amazing guilds, groups and individual members of our community who are passionate about owning land in our game a way to become a land owner in Ember Sword.

If you’re a great guild-in-the-making, a long-time community member with a passion for being the best land owner you can possibly be, or a group that came together during the land sale to secure your own piece of Thanabus but unfortunately missed out, this sale is for you! We want people like you to lead by example as land owners in Ember Sword, so we’re giving you the chance to become one!

The community sale differs from a regular one, as it will be on a case-by-case basis, meaning you will have to fill out a form on our website explaining why you want to buy land and what role you plan to play in the Ember Sword community. Upon completion of the form, we will evaluate your application, and, if selected, you will be sent instructions on how to purchase the land you want. Keep in mind that, because of the limited supply, you might not be able to get all of the land you requested on your form. We will fulfill your needs to the best of our ability, whilst being mindful that everyone gets a fair share.

Prices will remain the same as the first Solarwood land sale, meaning land will still be discounted by 50%. Our website features pricing cards with up-to-date pricing for each type of land. The community sale will be in USDC. Prices of USDC and USD are 1:1 — identical. Keep in mind that only those of you that are selected for this sale will need to purchase USDC, so you shouldn’t rush to get some right away. If you are selected, you can follow our guide on how to purchase USDC, located here.

Participating in the community land sale

To be eligible to take part in the community land sale, you have to fill in the application form.

The form requires you to fill in some contact info and features a couple of questions designed to, as mentioned above, show us how you will approach land ownership. The application process will run from the 8th to the 31st of July 00:00 CET. After that, we will be evaluating and ranking your submissions until the 16th of August. If you have been selected, you will receive an email letting you know how much of the requested land has been allotted to you and how you’ll be able to make your purchase. After that, you will have until August 31st to complete the transaction. Your land will be distributed by the 17th of September.

And it is as simple as that! Should you have any questions, we have updated the FAQ portion of our website with information relevant to the community sale. The community and staff on the Discord server are also always happy to help.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!


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