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The first-ever Thanabus Cup Winners Announced — Congratulations to Solarwood!

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The first-ever Thanabus Cup Winners Announced — Congratulations to Solarwood!


For the past ten weeks, the virtual streets of Thanabus have been buzzing with the roars of citizens cheering for their nations as Solarwood, Duskeron, Sevrend, and Ediseau competed in weekly challenges to win the first-ever Thanabus Cup.

Every week, citizens submitted entries for the weekly challenge via Discord and voted on which entry should represent their nation at the grand vote, where the entire community could vote to determine the winning nation.

An Eye on the Prize

Apart from earning Thanabus Cup points for their nation, the citizens who submitted each week’s winning entry have been awarded the “Competition Winner” role on Discord, and a plot of land from the upcoming Ember Sword land sale.

Ranging from “guess the song” music-quizzes to competitions that had you create the most beautiful Ember Sword art-piece using MS Paint, the Thanabus Cup drew in hundreds of participants and thousands of on-lookers.

The full list of challenges in the first Thanabus Cup included:

  • Week 1: Music Quiz — A 4-round challenging music quiz
  • Week 2: Nation Pitch — Create the most convincing and compelling pitch for your nation
  • Week 3: Funniest Meme — Submit your best memes
  • Week 4: Recruitment Frenzy — Invite the most new members to your nation within the next 48 hours
  • Week 5: Wallpaper Contest — Find or create the most impressive wallpaper
  • Week 6: Most Impressive Game Item — Grab a screenshot of your most impressive in-game item that you own in any video game
  • Week 7: MS Paint Extravaganza — Draw an Ember Sword-related piece of art using ONLY old-school MS Paint
  • Week 8: Lore Quiz — Dig deep into past podcasts, blog posts, and Discord messages to correctly answer the most difficult Ember Sword lore questions
  • Week 9: Poem Competition — Write the most inspiring, funny, or epic Ember Sword poem
  • Week 10: Movie Quote Quiz — Correctly identify which movie these famous, but difficult, movie quotes are from

The MS Paint and wallpaper competitions, in particular, really got the creative juices flowing. Just have a look at some of these entries:


Solarwood shone the brightest

Although Ediseau and Sevrend initially took the lead, Solarwood caught up with the meme challenge and the coveted Ember Sword Lore competition, where they got 90% of the answers correct.

Despite these impressive feats, at the dawn of the last challenge, every nation had scored enough points to potentially win the entire cup. Emotions were flying high!

Ultimately, Solarwood reigned supreme by winning the difficult Movie Quote Quiz that concluded ten weeks of friendly, yet fierce, challenges across Thanabus.

Congratulations, Solarwood!


The Thanabus Cup received a Solarwood engraving and now stands proud at the Bright Star Studios headquarters in Denmark, where it will stay until the next Thanabus Cup launches later in 2021.


The Thanabus Cup will, of course, also be showcased in-game.

Time to Show Off!

Thanks to everyone who competed in the Thanabus Cup by submitting the many wonderful entries that truly went above-and-beyond! 👏

If you’re curious, you can find all the winning entries in the “Challenge-archive” channel on the Ember Sword Discord server.

We look forward to hosting the next Thanabus Cup soon, and hope that you will approach it with just as much fervor as you did the first!

Now excuse us as we go stare at the beauty that is the Thanabus Cup :)


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