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Change for the medals that signify the victor’s glory



The current victor’s medal was first introduced at the first siege of shrine event back in August 2020, when the game was just a month old.

The medals were given as a bonus to incentivize participation in the siege. But as more continents are added, the medal supply has spiked and subsequently flooded, leading to abuses, disruption of the economy, and imbalance.

  • Abuses: excessive multi-accounts distributing medals between his/her accounts or/and lands across multiple continents.
  • Economic impact: As competition in each continent tend to wind down after 2–3 months, most of the bi-weekly medals from the shrines thereafter increasingly became complementary (free and easy) perks to the current holders, which can widen the income gap between old vs. newer landlords who have no mean to acquire the medals in mass. This has severely discouraged regular land development activities (daily gathering, monster hunting, etc) as those activities can easily be eclipsed by biweekly logins to convert these free medals into land development.
  • Imbalance: As the continent matures, older continent constituents find the lesser drive to compete for congress. Given the diminishing interest in intra-continental competition, kingdoms in the old established continents can reinvest all their medals (often obtained without single combat) for their power building which newer continents cannot afford. (in most cases, the newer continents still compete for congress and their medals are mostly used toward rebuilding the losses) This unfair advantage is severely widening the power gap between the continents.

To tackle the aforementioned issue which will only aggravate with more new continents opening, we’ve decided to revamp the new medal supply model as illustrated below.



The new medal supply model will consist of three parts.

  1. Baseline supply
  2. CvC victory rewards
  3. Bonus supply (TBD)
1*WE4KcztaWTvxz9K_PA77OA.pngA victor’s medal

1.Baseline supply

We will implement a gradually diminishing supply curve, starting with a higher than status quo (3M total) of 4M medal supply for the first Siege of Shrine event until it reached the plateau of 1.6 M medals.

With the implementation of a new supply model with a higher early supply with a contraction schedule, the per capita medal limits will also be shrunk from the current 50,000x down to 40,000x medals.

1*SDSRY5KizmC3hGQplEli9g.pngPlease note that this simulation is for the sum of medals at stake for the 1st taking of A. B, C shrines. The shrine opening sequence, in reality, will delay the actual medal supply for higher-level shrines.

This gets a bit complicated as the opening of each leveled shrine has an opening sequence (i.e. C → B →A). Therefore, the offering of the initial medal supply (diminishing supply thereafter) will begin with the first event in which unlocking the shrine becomes possible.

So, the inaugural siege event will supply the sum of the first C shrine medal quantity. The second siege event will supply the B shrine medal portion regardless of the unlocking of B shrines for that event. This trend will apply the same to the A shrines as well.

With this logic in place, each shrine will reach the plateau at a different stage, which is to provide equal medal earning opportunity for each tier of shrines despite the opening sequence.

Please see the actual medal supply schedule for each event.

1*RkByTThrfQpP7fiNSptGsA.pngTotal medal supply to each event, broken down to each shrine levels

The total medal supply will then be divided evenly across the same leveled shrines.

For example, the first-ever shrine event will supply 1.6M medals across 20 C shrines, therefore 80,000 pretax medals will be available on each C shrine.

Congress will levy taxes on the abovementioned victor’s medal supply.

⚠️This new medal supply schedule will be applied retroactively. The medals supplied to the old continents will be curtailed to the baseline level for each shrine based on the curve.

2.CvC Victory rewards

This is a new addition to the medal supply model.

Based on the CvC continental rankings, a pool of victor’s medals will be distributed.

For the inaugural CvC season 1, the medal supply will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st (Winner): 800,000
  • 2nd (Runner up): 400,000
  • 3rd: 200,000
  • 4th: 100,000

These CvC medal rewards will then be added to each shrine’s medal pool based on the below percentage.

  • A Shrines: 24% (4x Shrines)
  • B Shrines: 36% (12x shrines)
  • C Shrines: 40% (20x shrines)
  • The Congress: Takes tax rate% of provided medals

The first CvC medal rewards are added to the shrine/congress medal pool for the grab in the upcoming Siege of shrine event.

3. Bonus Supply (TBD)

There will be additional medals that will be introduced in the future, with the launch of the intercontinental roundtable (a type of DAO underpinning the LoK operation, More details are TBD)

These special medal pools will be offered to enhance and activate the community-driven governance of the LoK game economy, with the possible introduction of governance/utility tokens (TBD).

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