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Continent vs. Continent Seasons introduction



  • Introduction
  • Rules

⚠️ All of the information in the blog is subject to change until the opening of the island.


Dear kings, queens and knights of the continents.
We are happy to see the warring continents start to find their true kings.
It looked as if peaceful time will come upon their continent, but they come to realize that there are more powerful realms out of the very continent that they have known to exist and have pledged to protect.
The kings don’t want to put their following city-states and their citizens in harm’s way by turning deaf ears to these exogenous threats. They decided to declare an intercontinental war on the forbidden battlefield island, located in the cold and barren territory located in the far north. The country completely isolated and even the gods have given up and cursed by dark lords…
The island is known to be full of ancient monuments and precious resources that are used during the eternal war in the past. Also, the place is thought to be teeming with rich flora and powerful fauna.
Ancient wizard casted powerful magic to disrupt the time and space so no one can ever enter the war-ridden island.
After the ancient wizards destroyed the entrance to the forbidden island. The island had been forgotten from the memory of mankind for centuries. No one knows how and if it is even possible to reopen the portal to the island.
The all-wise maesters and alchemists were called up to study the congressional library for the very magic spell that will dispel the powerful curse and reopen the gateway. This will take time.
The path to the island will be open to all continents, but only for a limited time. But make no mistake, once entered, there will not be an safe and easy come back. Your commanders and troops will have to confront massive armies from other continents and otherwordly monsters.
The door to the island will open in a few days.
-The warden of the congress

🏝️The battlefield island

The Season 1 CvC will take place on the battlefield island. There will be new maps and terrains to be added in the future.

This is just the beginning of the intercontinental arm’s race to prove themselves the only king to sit on the throne.

Size: 768 x 768

  • 4 Quadrant: 4 continents will start from each quadrant. They will be given one citadel as a base camp.

Entry: portal will open.

  • There will be a cool time to enter and exit.
1*zRsCl8odbGKv82Zw5GyxJg.pngstolen island map

*The actual map will be disclosed in a couple of days.

🕍Ancient monuments:

The shrines: 13x

  • 1x A, 4x B, and 8x C shrines
  • Shrines will be occupied by armed sentinels.

The ancient buildings: 160x

  • Citadels : 32x (alliance teleportable)
  • Tower: 128x (alliance teleport doesn’t work)

*These buildings can be occupied, sieged, or taken but can never be destroyed.


  • 5 days event — The continent with the most points at the end of the 5 days period, will be determined as a winner.
  • 4 days special king’s shield on all castle (This shield is unbreakable)
  • Only alliance teleport can be used (only to occupied districts, no other Teleport items nor the skill)
  • Not allowed to attack kingdoms from the same continent.


Kingdoms and alliances will gather points.

All points will belong to each continent of their origin.

There will be various events that will give points: monster hunting, shrines, gathering, etc…

Alliance with the highest points at the end of the 5 days term will be awarded various lucrative rewards/privileges/prizes.

💀You may lose troops on the battlefield island. The casualties are perpetual💀



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