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Community Spotlight: Bihzy


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This new blog post series aims to highlight some of the most active and prominent members of the Ember Sword community. Want a chance to be highlighted? Be an active part of the Discord community, participate in events like the Thanabus Cup, and help others in the community.

“Bihzy” has joined the party

Bihzy has been an active member of the Ember Sword community since February 2021. In a few short months, he has participated in and won one of the Thanabus Cup challenges, has created multiple pieces of fan-art, and has been a familiar face on the Ember Sword Discord server where he has sent over 6000 messages (yes, 6k, not 600!) 👏

A few days ago, we sat down with Bihzy to ask him a few questions so we can all get to know a bit more about the man behind this awesome Solarwood Sigil:


What are your three favorite games of all time, and why?

Ultima online — I was always gratified in how the interchangeability of skill points functioned. The option to level up a specific skill (Archery) and later be able to switch the points to another (Swordsmanship) is a convenient ability. I also enjoyed the opportunities to get deeds to land/plots through questing.

Skyrim — is another one of my favorites. There is so much to do with no exact way to approach the game. You can get lost in a quest that’s within another quest or goal.

The original Doom — The true origins of my interest in gaming. Heart pumping, gory, action-packed while attempting my first speed runs. I loved it.

How did you first hear about Ember Sword?

Through a friend/colleague (SCOPEdeez) I game, crypto/day trade, and invest with. We started in BTC/ETH/ADA and eventually moved into NFTs starting with NBA Topshot. We dabbled with a few other blockchain games and then found Ember Sword. As avid gamers/investors, we understood how true ownership of in-game assets will be the norm in the gaming industry’s future. Ember Sword has huge potential to be a pioneer in this.

Which Ember Sword nation do you belong to?

The dark jungle Nation that’s called Sevrend. The lore for it is amazing (Well done Sam👏) and I genuinely connected with how the Sevrendri had to cope with their situation and the toxic environment. This type of determination and “ride or die’’ mentality shows that the people will stand tall in the face of adversity. I see it like this; the Sevrendi are self-governed and too “Damned” independent to follow orders from the Republic. Deal with it.


What made you excited about Ember Sword, and which parts are you particularly looking forward to?

When I heard we could build a guild and own land that generates passive income through local/global fees, that’s what got me excited. I’m also looking forward to building an economy-based guild within Ember Sword that’s truly “play to earn”. So overall, owning land or at least being part of a guild that shares its earnings is something I look forward to.

If you could ask the Ember Sword development team one question, what would it be?

Tell us more about guilds: the possibility of renting land, co-ownership, and how guild leaders can equally distribute resources amongst the guild members? 3 questions in 1 :)

Note from dev team: Renting land is something we’d love to be able to support eventually. Co-ownership gets tricky — but we’ll be looking at ways to make it easy for guild leaders to distribute resources to their guild members.

Are you planning to create a guild, and if so, are you recruiting members?

Yes, it’s called F8 Guild and we are on the path to establish a formidable presence throughout the Play2earn metaverse; especially in Ember Sword. Our goal is to purchase a City plot for guild members to earn, play, and fight on. F8 Guild is also offering Axie scholarships, valuable airdrops, along with a chance to earn through in-game, and discord, competitions.

We are currently recruiting members, mods, and officers. Feel free to join us on the path to earning passive income, while gaming, on our Discord: https://discord.gg/3VGZwVSs6b or look for me in the Ember Sword Discord under the name Bihzy#1111

Would you mind sharing the Ember Sword fan-art you’ve made?

I had a troubled youth, and art, becoming a graffiti artist, helped to keep me out of trouble (for the most part).

I created my Ember Sword concept art using a few different paint apps and a special digital pinpoint pen. They took a lot of time/hours but when I zone into my artwork the daily stressors of life seem to melt away. I’m at peace then. I still need to draw the sigil for Duskeron, Edisau, and an original remake of the Ember Sword logo. I’m also going to create and submit skins, emotes, animations, etc. to Ember Swords Artist Workshop. So make sure to look out for that in the future and give me (Bihzy) a vote 🤞.


You won one of the Thanabus Cup challenges. Which one was it?

The Art contest, but I nearly lost to boodog’s wallpaper (iykyk). This was literally the most tedious artwork I’ve ever done, but I’m glad I was able to complete it in a timely manner. I feel accomplished to know I won 1 of the 10 Thanabus tournaments. Will there be more?

Note from the dev team: Yep, there will absolutely be more Thanabus Cups in the future.

The Community Spotlight series

Thanks for reading this very first Community Spotlight post. More will arrive over the next months, some of which will feature some true Ember Sword old-timers who have been part of the community ever since 2018!

Stay tuned.


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