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What Are The Prophet Tiers and Why Do They Matter?

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The Crypto Prophecies is all about putting your Crypto Prophets to the test in the Battle Arena. Through battles, you will rise through the ranks of the Crypto Prophets to help restore the wealth of Opulentos, grow your power and prosperity and join the Fellowship of The Crypto Prophets. From humble beginnings, you too can realise your very own Crypto Prophecy and become a legend of the Battle Arena. Here, we cover how you rise through the Prophet Tiers and how doing so will help you on your journey.

What Are The Prophet Tiers?


Prophet Tiers indicate the rarity of the Prophet you have summoned using Summoning Orbs, as well as specifying the tier of any Prophets you have levelled up using the burn spell. There are six Prophet Tiers which range from Uncommon to Founders, with each tier providing a new benefit when battling and entering the daily prize draws.

How Does Moving Up Tiers Impact The Game?

Evolving your Crypto Prophet has a huge impact on your success in The Crypto Battle Arena. As your Crypto Prophet ascends through the tiers, it will be able to perform more powerful spells, hold more items, which benefit you during battle, and will give you a greater chance of winning prizes in our daily prize draws!


Items give you better capabilities when battling in the Crypto Arena. Each tier you rise through will give you an additional item slot so that you have an advantage against your opponent. Items are found in the same rarity as Prophets and can be burned in precisely the same way as prophets too! There are countless items of all shapes and sizes throughout the Crypto World and secondary markets. Find them all to give yourself the best chances of victory in the fabled Crypto Arena!



Magic staffs are the primary weapon for your Crypto Prophets. These items are available to use once you have summoned an Uncommon Prophet or have burned five of the same race and generation Common Prophet. There are several staffs to find throughout the Crypto World that are available to buy in the store, swap on secondary markets, win as prizes or even summon with special item Summoning Orbs. However, make sure that you acquire the correct staff for your Prophet’s race. Satoshians can only wield fire magic, Etherians can only use nature magic, Tezmanians can only use arcane magic staffs and Ripptilians can only wield the magic of telekinesis using their staff.



When your prophet ascends to the Rare Tier, the second item slot opens and your prophet will have access to both the Staff and the Cape. Capes are defensive items that help your Prophet defend itself from attacking spells during a battle in the Crypto Arena.



Wands are your secondary weapon and are available when you have an Epic Tier Prophet. Wands have a different associated spell to your Magic Staff. Wielding both the Staff and the Wand in battle gives you a huge advantage over your opponent, helping you either distract them from predicting where the Candles are going to ‘close’ or leaving them completely incapable of doing so.



Finally, the Pet — or Guardian — is a companion which only ever follows the most Legendary of Crypto Prophets. Pets will do whatever they can to ensure their master Crypto Prophet is protected from danger. They can be both defensive and attacking and help you become a legend in the Crypto Arena.

Multipliers For Prize Tickets

Every player who plays The Crypto Prophecies daily will be entered into a daily prize draw. Every game you play provides you with tickets based on the tier of your prophet and the size of the wager you place. If you have a Common Prophet, your ticket multiplier is a straight 1:1. However, if you have a Legendary Prophet, your ticket multiplier grows to 1:16 and Founder Prophets get an astonishing 1:32! The more games you play, the more tickets you will win, so developing your Prophet through the tiers pays dividends.


Moreover, the daily prize pool is directly linked to the number of battles that happen throughout the day. 40% of the Kingdom Fee (3% of the total wager in every game) goes straight into the prize pool. So, the more games you, your companions and other players play — and the larger the wagers you play for — the bigger the prize pool will be at the end of the day and the more chance you have to win!

Watch Your Crypto Prophets Rise Through The Tiers and Wield More Power With The Crypto Prophecies

The world’s cutest price prediction trading game — The Crypto Prophecies — is coming soon! You can watch your very own Crypto Prophet evolve through the tiers as you win battles and progress through the game. Sign up with us to receive $5 worth of bTCP tokens and start your journey!


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