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What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms?


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What is CryptoBlades Kingdoms?

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is a modular expansion to the original CryptoBlades game. It introduces the CryptoBlades universe to a persistent browser-based game (PBBG).

A PBBG is similar to a 4x game in that it allows you to explore new territories, build your kingdom, exploit the land's resources, and wipe out your opponents. However, with CryptoBlades: Kingdoms, they've taken a different approach to PBBG gameplay by incorporating cryptocurrency.


The World

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms' universe will be 5000x5000 pixels in size, with 25 million claimable territory spots. A total of 400 "chunks" will be created by subdividing this enormous region into 50x50 chunks.

Each game instance will have its own blockchain, however there may be several game instances spread across multiple blockchains. The game will be played on BSC, but there are plans to spread it to other platforms.

Instead of standard tiles, the globe will be represented visually as hexes.

A village or a dungeon can be found at each claimable territory node (or be empty).

Stone, clay, and wood will be the three basic resources available to all villages. These funds are used to renovate and develop new structures, as well as to recruit troops.


There are three primary resources in CryptoBlades: Kingdoms:


These resources are used to create structures in a village and to assemble troops for that settlement.

Silver is a secondary currency that is utilised for various features.


Players interact with the world of CBK through villages. Every player begins with exactly one village, which can be purchased from the market or created from scratch.

Tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 villages will be available.

Tier 1 villages are generated at random and only appear when a player joins.

Tier 2 villages allow the player to choose whatever chunk they want to spawn in (if it isn't too crowded right now), but their town will be placed at random in that chunk.

Tier 3 towns will spawn when the world is formed, and only one will be placed in each piece at random. These settlements will begin with slightly higher initial resource levels and building levels. These villages will also have somewhat distinct aesthetics, as well as a star next to their name on the overworld, and will be referred to as "gold village[s]."

Because chunks are balanced based on the number of settlements, no chunk may be overcrowded without affecting the rest of the planet. For example, if chunk 1 has 50 players and chunk 2 has 40, no new players can join chunk 1 until chunk 2 (and the rest of the world) approaches 50.

There will be a 1,000,000 village initial offering (1/25th of the total supply). These are the only settlements that may be purchased, and they will be referred to as "original village[s]." These are the only settlements that can be sold on the open market. These villages may also be set on fire. Out of the 10000 pieces in the game, there are 100 villages each chunk that are randomly dispersed and can be purchased at first.

When a missionary is sent to a land to take it over, a third form of settlement can be obtained. These communities have been "conquered," and they can be burned but not sold on the market.

On the map, several empty villages will appear. These are barbarian villages, which means they exist solely to be attacked. They'll gradually accumulate resources throughout time.
If a village is left unattended for more than two weeks, it is called abandoned. This is just ornamental, but knowing that the village isn't being guarded will entice many people to raid it for resources.

Villages gather resources throughout time based on the level of generators in the village (Stone Mine, Clay Pit, Forest Camp).

Every village has buildings that can be renovated. Each structure contributes to the growth of a village in its own way.

Every hamlet has a score, which is determined by the number of buildings it has. The score is available to the public and can be used to measure a village's potential power.



Villages can create and upgrade any buildings in this list. Every building will cost resources (stone, clay, wood) to upgrade. Buildings at any level increase the score of the village, allowing any player to get a general grasp of how strong a particular village is.

Town Hall

The town hall is the main building every village has. Here is where new building construction and upgrades are managed. To increase the level of a building, the Town Hall must be at least that level. If an upgrade is cancelled a proportional amount of resources will be returned back based on how long the upgrade takes, and how much time has been spent so far.

The Town Hall can queue up to 2 building upgrades at a time.

The Town Hall has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow the village to build higher levels for other buildings.


The Headquarters is where a player can go to view CryptoBlades heroes associated with their current player wallet. Here, their level can be viewed as well as any other useful information for CBK.

The Headquarters has a max level of 1.

The Barracks is where a player can view an army and recruit more units to it. Units have a recruitment time ranging from 5-30 seconds per unit, as well as a material cost. There are 5 units: Bruiser, Mage, Archer, Paladin, and Mercenary. More information about them can be found here. The number of units that can be recruited is capped by the level in the Farm.
The Barracks has a max level of 10, and higher levels increase unit recruitment speed.
Stone Mine
The Stone Mine generates stone for the village.
The Stone Mine has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more stone per hour.
Clay Pit
The Clay Pit generates clay for the village.
The Clay Pit has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more clay per hour.
Forest Camp
The Forest Camp generates wood for the village.
The Forest Camp has a max level of 6, and higher levels generate more wood per hour.
The Church is how the kingdom is expanded. Here, missionaries can be recruited - these units can be sent to lands near or far to claim them for a kingdom. Training a missionary takes a long time, however - 3 days. Once a missionary is recruited, it can be sent off to an unoccupied land to claim it. Beware, missionaries are slow! The missionary does not count towards the Farm unit cap.
This building is unique in that only one can recruit at a time per wallet. The reason to have multiple would be to expand from different locations.
The Storehouse is where resources are stored. Resources are spent from the Storehouse as well. Upon filling the Storehouse, further resources gathered will be ignored.
The Storehouse has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow for more storage space.
The Smithy reduces the build time of other buildings, as well as buffing the offensive capabilities of units sent from this village.
The Smithy has a max level of 6, and higher levels buff units and build time more.
Rally Point
The Rally Point is where players go to issue commands to their heroes and military units.
Here, commands for attack or support actions can be issued. Attacks are sending units to another village to plunder resources and kill troops, whereas a support command bolsters another villages defenses. 
In the case of a support command, troops can be recalled any time at any time while they're at the destination village.
Additionally, an order can always be canceled any order while it's in progress, but the units must spend the same amount of time they already have to come back.
The Farm limits how many military units can be recruited for a particular village. Upon reaching the cap, further recruitments will be paused temporarily.
The Farm has a max level of 10, and higher levels allow for more military units to be recruited.
Hidden Stash
The Hidden Stash allows some resources to be kept when losing a combat as the defender. 
The Hidden Stash has a max level of 6, and higher levels allow for more resources to be kept.
The Wall buffs the defensive capabilities of stationed military units.
The Wall has a max level of 6, and higher levels buff the defense of stationed military units in this village.
The Market is used to trade resources with other villages. Resources (clay, stone, wood) can be listed on the Market, and can be bought from other players on the Market. The prices are be listed in KING. Villages must have built a Market to buy from the Market, and when buying from the Market, all resources go to that specific village.

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