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LoK newsletter Volume №005



  • The new CvC tournament
  • Treasure hunt
  • Growth
  • Future
  • Polygon (Beta)
  • Creators

⚔️THE NEW CvC Tournament


The new tournament fixture involves 6 competitors and 1 defending champion.

  • The system places the winner of the previous CvC as a defending champion, so the champion does not have to compete from the bottom again.
  • The 7-day event involves 4 days of battle and 3 days of recess, giving breathing rooms for warriors to rest and reboot their Morales.
  • Each round comes with various rewards and the final round has the biggest prizes at stake, as well as the title of defending champion.
1*F_OJ1Oa-GhwwwHHiUeoiNw.pngA sample fixture of CvC Tournament



This new event was first introduced in CvC in late June and is only accessible during the CvC week for those who are participating (continent). You can find the treasure hunt event platform by clicking a treasure chest icon located at the top right of your game screen. Then, you can unlock treasure boxes to get one of the items previewed in the left side panel. When you get a golden key or open a certain number of treasure chests, you will be able to open bonus chests located on the right side.

The treasure hunt event is a platform to acquire rare legendary treasures. The first treasure is “the heart seeker” which is a cavalry-centered weapon, which comes with powerful cavalry buffs.

There will be more treasures to be unveiled through the treasure hunt platform in the near future.

 — @LeagueKingdoms


Starting late June, we have experienced massive user inflow from around the world. The daily active users have more than quadrupled in a period of few months, as can be seen from the J-curve of DAU growth. This growth is accelerating sharply.

  • Explosive growth. Total kingdom count as of late July hit 146K and DAU at 12K.
  • Strong engagement. Average of about 60% users on mobile and 6K active Ethereum wallets
  • Pure-play gamers. We have implemented our Captcha to weed out the bot, macro since late June. Therefore, the growth numbers we are seeing are legit and pure-play gamers.
  • Quality, not just quantity. What excites us are the sticky retention and rising playtime per user. We are flattered to see that our community is transforming into a group of strategy game-loving, fun-driven people.
  • Sugar-sweet rewards. The revenue is also growing steadily as well as the daily land reward. More than $10K in DAI has been paid out to Landowner last 30 days.
1*r9gdpMXNpNDpjUZR0EOM2g.png30 Day moving average of land rewards in DAI


Coming into 2021, we have shifted our focus from game-only to taking a two-track approach: Game + Crypto.

For Game, we have many things going on. We have probably one of the most powerful developing teams in the world, with more than 20+ years of experience crafting top game IPs under their belt. A trio, just one game designer, and two developers made the whole game franchise from the ground up in just three months, can you believe that?

We are more than ready to churn out more engaging and fun content in the future. Let’s take a sneak peek into what's in the pipeline.

What we are building for the game today:

  • Aug: The Trial of agony (a monster invasion/defense event)
  • Sep~: Magdar, Key event calendar, New treasure line ups, many others (This is far from an exhaustive list. we brainstorm every day and fresh new ideas can always be added daily)

For Crypto, we have been working diligently to conceptualize, carry out sanity checks, feasibility tests, and regulatory compliance reviews, all under the hood. For the technical side, our blockchain engineer, another superman who can deploy new blockchains overnight, is working to iron out the groundwork for the blockchain upgrade 🦸‍♂️ In the second half of 2021, we plan to unveil our first major blockchain upgrade V1.0 — a.k.a. the king’s blessing👑

The upgrade is expected to include below (TBD)

  • Performant blockchain bridge — deployed.
  • Metaverse roadmap
  • Economic framework

More detail will be unveiled for our next volume of ‘The Landlords’ and more.

🚀POLYGON. beta

Polygon network has been added to the web version of the game, as a part of the king’s blessing upgrade. The interface is located in the NFT tab of profile UI. You can test minting NFTs on Polygon or Matic blockchain — Don’t be surprised with the greatly enhanced response, faster, and affordable NFT minting experience!


Learn to set up a Polygon wallet on the Metamask.

Home - Polygon | Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains



The renowned crypto influencer, CryptoStache with 25K subscribers has covered us as the top 4 mobile NFT games. His brief coverage of the game would be a great guide for those who are new to crypto gaming and LoK!

Viral Watchlist!!

Awesome! Another great creator, Viral Watchlist has covered League of Kingdoms as one of the top 10 NFT games. This is also a great starter to introduce the game to new users. This video has impressively caught the attention of 78K users.


🏰 Website: https://www.leagueofkingdoms.com
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