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ChanRin/Mallows8 TV - Streamer/Editor/Content Creator


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Hello! My name is Cariza, but I am using Mallows8TV and ChanRin as my screen name on games. I started playing long ago in my young age but I was doing it on my free time only, but nowadays, since this pandemic strike, I played most of my time on playing mobile games, mostly mobile legends and some mini game where I am earning bitcoin. When streaming games became popular, I tried streaming my games on Omlet Arcade, Youtube and on Facebook.. I was a little shy so I was not streaming with my face, just my logo and a my voice. I have my own Facebook page for streaming, own Youtube Channel and I own Omlet Arcade account. I paused on playing mobile games because my phone got broke accidentally, and so I got busy trying to earn money and now I was able to buy a personal computer where I can used on playing and freelancing.

I know, hiring a girl gamer is not imaginable, but you can just try me on a few months and so to observe and see what I can do. Also, so that I can do my best to prove my worth. I have been into crypto, I was and still playing games and even watching ads/short videos where I am earning points that can be exchange into bitcoin, I can show you proof if you need one. That is one of my legit proof that I'm patient and goal-oriented.

Here is my social media accounts:

Youtube Channel  -  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCykrypX7nD2UqKfBRsftKNQ

Omlet Arcade  -  https://omlet.gg/profile/mallows8

Facebook Page  -  https://www.facebook.com/gaming/mallows8TV


Please do not expect too much on my streams, I am new on doing this and still studying and learning on how to do streaming. I still lack on tools but I am working on it now, just rising my funds to buy the things I still need to fully equip on streaming. I am still building my community and so I think that you may help me on that, and I can help you also by letting me pilot one of your Axie team, without saying we both will earn money from this.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for the opportunity to introduce myself. Have a great day!


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