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Introduction to the Thanabus Cup


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The Thanabus Cup is THE Ember Sword event of the year. It pits the four nations of Thanabus against each other for a large 10-week digital challenge that runs twice per year on the Ember Sword Discord server, drawing in thousands of community members.[;p

Whether you’re considering participating in the hopes to grab one of the prizes, or this is your first time hearing about the Cup, this post serves as a general introduction to all-things Thanabus Cup. This is made all the more relevant by the second Thanabus Cup on the horizon (more on that soon!).

The winning nation of the first-ever Thanabus Cup was Solarwood — congratulations! 👏


The Thanabus Cup Basics

How is the event structured?

The Thanabus Cup consists of 10 competitive challenges that the entire community can participate in, one for each week of the event.

Players from every nation can submit individual entries into these challenges, after which their fellow citizens vote on which entry should represent their nation at the grand vote where the entire community votes to determine a winning nation. And here’s a little tease to spice things up - there will be a lot more varied competitions in the second Thanabus Cup, such as live-events.

At the end of each challenge, points are awarded as follows:

  • 1st place — 50 points
  • 2nd place — 25 points
  • 3rd place — 15 points

The nation with the most points after all 10 challenges are over wins the Thanabus Cup, and the players who submitted the 10 winning entries each get a coveted prize (more on the prizes below).

Some of the Thanabus Cup challenges require team effort while others involve individual skill.

To get an idea of the types of challenges that might be included in the next Thanabus Cup, have a look at the challenges from the first-ever Thanabus Cup:

Music Quiz — A 4-round challenging music quiz

Nation Pitcher — Create the most convincing and compelling pitch for your nation

Funniest Meme — Submit your best memes

Recruitment Frenzy — Invite the most new members to your nation within the next 48 hours

Wallpaper Contest — Find or create the most impressive wallpaper

Most Impressive Game Item — Grab a screenshot of your most impressive in-game item that you own in any video game

MS Paint Extravaganza — Draw an Ember Sword-related piece of art using ONLY old-school MS Paint

Lore Quiz — Dig deep into past podcasts, blog posts, and Discord messages to correctly answer the most difficult Ember Sword lore questions

Poem Competition — Write the most inspiring, funny, or epic Ember Sword poem

Movie Quote Quiz — Correctly identify which movie these famous, bit difficult, movie quotes are from

Read more about the first Thanabus Cup and its winners.

How to Participate in the Thanabus Cup

Participating in the Thanabus Cup, even for just a few of the challenges, is super easy.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Join the Ember Sword Discord server

Step 2: Join a nation through the #choose-nation channel

Step 3: Check out the #announcements and #this-weeks-competition channels on Discord for more info about when the next cup starts (when it has been announced)

Step 4: Follow the weekly challenges on Discord

HINT: Have a peek at the #challenge-archive channel to see some of the previous Thanabus Cup entries. You know, “know your enemy” and all that ;)



During the first Thanabus Cup, the 10 players who submitted the winning entries for each week’s challenge, won a free plot of Solarwood land and the “Competition Winner 🏆” role on Discord. The prizes may change for future Thanabus Cup challenges, but they will always make it worthwhile to participate and compete.

At the end of the cup, the nation with the most points gets its name engraved in the illustrious Thanabus Cup that stands tall at the Bright Star Studios headquarter in Denmark for all visitors and staff to see. Additionally, the winners are celebrated all throughout Ember Sword, whether it be through social media, blog posts or the glorious in-game trophy that will be located in their nation’s capital.

The Rules

Each Thanabus Cup challenge has slightly different rules, so keep an eye out for the posts in the #about-thanabus-cup channel on Discord.

The goal of the cup is to create a friendly competition that brings the whole community together to showcase their collective creativity and ingenuity. While the nations bravely compete against each other, we want to encourage everyone to stay light-hearted and supportive of every brave soul who decides to enter the Cup.

Best of luck to all future participants! And keep an eye on our socials. We’re cooking something up that will be ready sooner rather than later…


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