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Attention: Faction War is Coming to Sipheria!


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We have heard you loud and clear that you want more activities that we can engage in together as a community. As such, we are announcing the first digital warfare where the factions will be able to duke it out for supremacy in order to earn tangible in-game benefits for your faction when the game launches.

The battle will take place on the fields of Poap.art (https://app.poap.art/first-sipher-poap-art-painting-party), where the factions have a chance to vie for supremacy, one pixel at a time.

1*CqWO9XIOfFQR-J77a5og0g.pngAfter Cipher-to-SIPHER, this will be our next big thing!

How to take Part:
1. 1st Sept 2021 (16:00 UTC), when the war begins, a Message will be sent out to all the factions, so that the faction members can go claim the POAP, and officially begin participating in the first great SIPHER war.

2. With the access pass, head to https://app.poap.art/first-sipher-poap-art-painting-party, and allow it to connect your wallet, which contains the POAP that you claimed in Step 1.

3. Coordinate with your faction to claim your territory/borders on the board and design awesome artwork on your claimed territory, one pixel at a time. But beware, your enemies are lurking around and your borders must be defended.

Head over to our Discord (👾 discord.gg/sipherxyz) for detailed POAP.art interaction guide.

Timing of the battle:

1st Sept 2021, 16:00 UTC (Midnight Tomorrow VN Time): The POAP Art Battle officially starts, and the bot to claim the POAP will be live.
2nd Sept 2021, 16:00 UTC (Midnight The Day After): POAP Art Battle officially ends.

Location of the battle:

The battle will be a fight over a canvas of 512x512 pixels on poap.art, whoever controls the most territory on this new barren land, will be the first winner of the Great Sipherian War.

Determining Territory / Borders:
1. Factions will use different colours to claim territory:

  • Shade: orange
  • Templar: green
  • Scholars: blue

and they do so by surrounding a group of pixels with their border color.


Factions then have to decorate the inside of that territory with art of their choosing, if they choose to simply fill their territory with faction colors, points will be deducted and we will not recognise this as a successful take over of an area.

In the example below, even though Shades have taken a lot of pixels, Only the scholars will get 16 points (the 16 pixels inside their territory).


If the Shades for example had filled that left area with some kind of art/message inside the border, they would have scored 32 points.


(I am leaving it as blank white/grey pixels for the purpose of the explanation, but in the final CANVAS it is going to be some kind of text/art of the factions choosing)

3. A Faction’s border is identified as any group of pixels that makes a continuous loop and surrounds an area. A Faction’s territory is identified as any group of pixels that is surrounded by a LOOP of their Faction’s color with NO BREAKS, and are all connected by the EDGES, NOT CORNERS of PIXELS.

In the example below, the templars have 0 points because of the lack of a continuous loop, and the shades also have 0 points because their loop connects at a corner, not with an edge. The scholars managed to successfully take 9 points.


4. The external BORDER of the canvas does not count as ANY factions border.

In the example below, only the templars have 16 points, the other two factions have 0 points.


In the example below, Shades would only get 28, while the scholars stole away 16.


Hot Spots:

There will be four hotspots in the canvas of 512x512.
The coordinates of the four hotspots are as follows:
Box 1: 124x,124y : 133x,133y
Box 2: 380x,124y : 389x,133y
Box 3: 124x,380y : 133x,389y
Box 4: 380x,380y : 389x,389y

Or to more intuitively understand it, there are 4 boxes of 10x10 pixels, centered on four center quadrants of the map if the canvas was divided into four squares: as you can see from the image below:


For every box that each Faction controls, that Factions Members will get a + to their progress of SUPER SIPHER, two boxes mean ++, and four boxes mean ++++.

The Winner:
This is a hard competition to give a clear rule for, so we cannot promise the judging method yet, but it will be one of two ways.

4 Snap shots at 6 hour Intervals, and we tally up the scores from the 4 snapshots.
We will decide based on a timelapse, and whichever faction controls the most territories for the longest amount of time, will be the winner.

The 1st place faction will get the equivalent of: +++ progress.
The 2nd Place faction will get the equivalent of: ++ progress.
The 3rd place faction will get the equivalent of: + progress.

Good Luck, Have fun, make your faction proud.

Sipheria awaits, Adventurers 🐶 🐶 🐶

Subscribe to our exclusive world news TODAY at https://sipher.xyz/ and get a chance to win your 1st Sipher Inu!

OR find us on social media:

Discord: discord.gg/SIPHERxyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SIPHERxyz

Blog: https://medium.com/SIPHERxyz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SIPHERxyz

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