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Creation Process — How to Create Amazing Characters and World


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Creation Process — How to Create Amazing Characters and World

Sipher allows you to create a fully customizable Sipher from head to toe. We give you the ability to outfit your meta-digital being with an extensive collection of over 200 uniquely designed equipments and counting.

Entering the Sipher’s ambitious world, gamers will start building their character with a touch on identity construction from the ground up. Sipher Inu is the cool, twisted and nonetheless wicked invention of the Sipherian race. In addition to being a meta-digital being, all Siphers also possess unique characteristics and hidden abilities, all of which will be leveraged in the Sipheria Universe and gameplay in the future. These amazing, wicked characters exist on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-1155 and are hosted on IPFS to enable them to have real ownership.

Sipher allows you to create a fully customizable Sipher from head to toe. We give you the ability to outfit your meta-digital being with an extensive collection of over 200 uniquely designed items & equipments. You are able to add extra accessories to make your avatar different and unique. Draw an outline of what your alter ego is like and jog down a list of their personality traits, helping you build your character.

0*yQ_79_VYbqJg6KWd.pngOver 200 unique item design and counting!

All Sipher comes from different walks of life. Their perspectives on justice, faith and religion will differ from one being to the next. Each of them comes with different motivations and possess their own objectives and agendas. And each will tell their own stories.

Uniqueness is the primary substance that forms the encompassing story of Sipher. The world will witness whenever Siphers make their own stories, undisputed, unedited, unscripted and through it, they will be the masters in control of their fate.

This will be the part that scores most points when you design your avatar. From its face to its personality, it’s the story to the very minute details such as emotes, costumes, to make sure everything is perfect just how you want it to be.

0*qNZaAhmxTgUEb2wr.pngSuch 6 emotes for 1 character? much wow!

The most exciting part of the creation process is the Avatar+. Avatar+, in other words, is the first Avatar that possesses multiple emotions based on interactions between users. Each Sipher Inu is made of multipledistinct components, including body, expression, headgear, clothing, body parts and so many more. There are also 4 powerful and unique sub-races among the 10,000 Sipher Inus developed in the Laboratory: Canis, Infected, Cyborg and Alien. These rare Sipher Inus will always carry these unique DNAs and have important implications in the Sipheria Universe’s future.

0*1XSiAH77UU2tmLc_.pngCanis, Infected, Cyborg & Alien sub-race

In short, players are designers and storytellers. Building a character’s background always begins with a world, and your meta-digital creation is the main precedent of the game, the soul of the world you have created. It’s important to ask questions about the story you want to create: Where did the character come from? What does he/she look like? What are their special abilities?

Siphers lets you take entire control of the narrative, whether full of twists and dramas pushed to the climax or simple and casual storyline. Everything that exists in this world has a destiny and if we scrutinize it, an interesting story will come to existence.

Sipheria awaits, anons 🐶 🐶 🐶

— — — —

Find more about Sipher — a casual PvP & PvE blockchain game at: sipher.xyz

OR find us on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sipherxyz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sipherxyz

Blog: https://medium.com/Sipherxyz

Discord: https://discord.gg/dRqdSxUSmd

We are hiring internationally: https://sipherhq.notion.site/Opportunities-at-SIPHER-a-Blockchain-Game-Company-b8330604647d4410a23aa0aeaf89af11


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