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What is SIPHER?


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Sipher is a new blockchain-based game designed to become the most exciting metaverse gamers have seen. By combining concepts that have already been tested with a unique twist, the game brings a new experience to the blockchain gaming industry.

1*G033GTAXoKF2Ax8Lh4j53g.jpegReimagined artwork of Sipherian World — the World of Blocks and Chains

Blockchain-based games have existed since the inception of blockchain networks, building a follow-up over the years due to the new possibilities they provide their users with. With the surge in popularity Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) experienced over the past months, blockchain games have found themselves once again in the spotlight.

The success of NFTs has based itself on the ownership it provides over the digital asset, but this concept is still hard for many to understand. Many people unfamiliar with the technology find themselves asking what is the difference between having an NFT and just taking a screenshot.

However, despite the early success of collectible games like CryptoKitties and newer projects like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and My Crypto Heroes, there are still some entry barriers that prevent blockchain gaming from becoming mainstream… Until now.

Blockchain games have gained popularity and found new ways to apply NFTs, most times they have been focused on the collectible aspect and forgotten about the dynamic and interactive aspect gamers crave. This is why Sipher was born: To take NFTs to the next level by creating a game that makes blockchain accessible and allows players to interact with a dynamic and social virtual world, all while earning real financial benefits. Welcome to Sipheria!

Sipher 101

In the Sipher metaverse, players will find themselves in control of digital organisms resulting from a combination of CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal elements: Siphers. These meta-digital beings operate as the player’s avatar in the meta universe.

Inspired by the ethos of the cypherpunk movement, Siphers are completely owned by the player who creates them, allowing them to participate in the unique story, perspective, and potential each Sypher has.

Siphers are limited NFT game characters built as ERC-1155. More than just avatars, they are the medium by which players can interact with the Sipheria metaverse to play games, socialize, and trade with other players. Siphers can also be customized via outfits and accessories designed by artists and more.

1*RcE7uJLy2KLu0QaPLCPQgQ.pngMore than just avatars, they are the medium by which players can interact with the Sipheria metaverse

As a result of CRISPR-genome extraction, Siphers are created via “Sequencing”, a mechanic similar to “breeding” in CryptoKitties. This allows each Sipher to have traits that can vary in rarity: Normal, infected, cyborg, and cosmic traits.

Each of the traits obtained by the Sipher at the time of sequencing will provide it with special abilities such as “Flight”, stats like added durability, and even weaknesses. This is important as the game also has a combat element to it, allowing players to choose classes and sub-classes to create teams and fight each other in unique maps.

Sipher is a game with elements of genres like PVE, PvP, a living economy, and much more, making it a unique gaming experience… Just like Siphers.

The world of Sipheria also makes use of its own ERC-20 Token: SIPHER ($SIPHER). This token will provide the ecosystem with a transactional currency that can be staked to receive benefits (in-game and financial), participate in the governance of the game, acquire in-game assets, and much more.

What Makes Sipher More Than A Game?

The exponential growth of the gaming industry over the past decades has proved that video games can be (and are more often than not) serious business. Sipher is no different.

While the Sipher is designed to be accessible, fun, open, and sustainable, it also aims to provide players with all the benefits of crypto, ERC-1155 Ethereum NFTs, and blockchain technology. This allows players not only to have a good time but also to get real financial benefits.

This financial element not only works as a great incentive and reward for players who put an effort into the game but also allows the creation of a self-sustaining community and ecosystem in the process.

The self-sustaining nature of the game is possible due to the small fees that transactions on the Sipher marketplace (Sipherian Laboratory) will generate, the use of the ERC-1155 NFT standard, the inexistence of a bonding curve and pre-established value for Siphers, use of the $SIPHER ERC-20 token, constant rewards, and more.

The close tie the game has with crypto and smart contracts also mean the game operates as an introduction to the world of blockchain, empowering the player, and giving the game an educational value that doesn’t interfere with the gaming experience but boosts it.

Joining the Metaverse

The first Sipherian Race to make it into the metaverse will be SIPHER INU. A total of 10 thousand of these Siphers will be created, each with its unique style created by talented visual 2D and 3D sculptors, with the collection going by the name of “Sipherian Surge”.

1*dFULq7MHbkM5pJhE7bjhLA.pngBehold the Rise of the Pack of fluffy INUs

These Siphers will be the first keys to join the Sipher metaverse and will act as the beacons for $ATHER tokens to be airdropped in the future, which in turn will unlock the more advanced in-game economy in the future.

Of these 10k Siphers, 9.5k will be fair-launched in a wrapped Black Box that will be unlocked 2 weeks after the launch or once all Siphers are sold. The remaining 500 will be given to the community as game rewards, to our team & partners.

The funds acquired from the sale will be used to fund the development of Sipheria Universe including making it into an awesome game, block Genesis and Moonbase our social hub.

Those interested in jumping into the world of Sipheria and start their journey will be able to participate in the presale that will be taking place soon.

Each Sipher will have a price of 0.1 ETH with a maximum of 10 Siphers per transaction. No bonding curve and a maximum of tokens per transaction means that everyone will get a fair chance to join the metaverse.

OR find us on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sipherxyz

Discord: https://discord.gg/dRqdSxUSmd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sipherxyz

Blog: https://medium.com/sipherxyz

We are hiring internationally: https://sipherhq.notion.site/Opportunities-at-SIPHER-a-Blockchain-Game-Company-b8330604647d4410a23aa0aeaf89af11


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