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Discord hits 100,000 members! We’re celebrating with an ILV sweepstakes!


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In March of this year, we thanked the members of our Discord server, that had grown to 15,000 in just three months.

Now, six months later, we have hit 100,000 members!

Reaching this amazing milestone has the core contributors and CoFounders of our project feeling floored, grateful, and inspired.

You’re the best community of any game community.

You support each other and help make new bulls out of the fresh joins.

You help our community moderators by rushing to answer each other’s questions and get everyone up to speed.

You participate in important dialogue for our governance.

We knew we wanted to make an unprecedented collaboration that dissolves the barrier between gamer and game. The fact that you are such an involved, high quality community makes our commitment to decentralise and co-create our games with you the undeniable right call.

We can attribute our rapid organic growth to a few milestones. Since that March post, we launched the IDO of our $ILV token in a record-breaking Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool. We launched our staking program and flash pools with other Metaverse tokens. Influencers and content creators around the world have been creating awareness of our project (like @chad2p0 who’s first video reached 1M+ views).

We have been busy, and you are right there with us, cheering us on and voicing your valuable concerns.

Thank you for joining us for this wild ride as we ambitiously build our Illuvium Gaming Universe, and place it as a connective coordinate in the blockchain Metaverse.

DAO-first and Discord First

Our CoFounders and core contributors enjoy interacting with you every day as we take strides toward the launch of our Public Beta.

From regular artwork leaks in the #character-leaks channel courtesy of Von Leakmann, to NFT airdrops of our Cosplay partners, to contests and spur-of-the-moment giveaways from our CoFounders, we are dedicated to rewarding our community every step of the way.

All important notifications come through Discord first. It’s our commitment to you.

Mad Dash To A Million Sweepstakes!

So, we’ve hit the 100,000-member milestone… It’s time to celebrate!

We think the best celebrations are the kind where there’s a chance to win BIG.

How does an $ILV prize sound?

Take a look at the current value of $ILV on Coin Market Cap. Getting just one or two tokens would sweeten anybody’s day.

We’re giving away 10 $ILV EACH, to 3 lucky winners!

All members who have already joined between the launch of our Discord and the end of the one-month qualification period are entered into our Mad Dash To A Million Sweepstakes!

Yes, that’s right — if you are already a server member, you are automatically entered into the random drawing. You don’t need to lift a finger to join.

And new joins to the server are also automatically entered.

Join us: discord.gg/illuvium

The qualification period ends on 7:00 October 12th UTC.

The winners will be announced shortly after!

Good luck to all! Thank you again for joining our DAO! Let’s make this even bigger. Let’s hit a million members by the launch of our main game!

Quick Links:

Join us: discord.gg/illuvium

You’ll be hearing more from us soon!


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