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Applying for a scholarship


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Hi managers
bellhopName: Richelle Cunanan
Availability: 24/7
(6hrs - 8hrs/6Days/ 10-12 hrs/1Day)in a Week
Minimum SLP Target 100-200 a Day.
desktopDevices: Smartphone Laptop And Desktop
bulbInternet: Wifi Converge 45mbps
Game Experience :
-Counter Strike
-Battle Realms
-Gun Bound
-Ran Online
-Cabal Online
-Battle of the immortals
-Ragnarok online
-Ragnarok m eternal love
-Ragnarok x next generation
-Genshin Impact
-League of Kingdoms, -Mobile Legends
others pc games and playstaion games
How well do you know the Axie Game mechanics:

 I read and saw a lot of tutorials. I know a lot about what to do first in the game to make it more profitable, in case of having an account from level 0 it is best to spend energy in adventure mode and after climbing to the appropriate level and start spending energy in PVP mode (and many other things that are very important such as knowing the risks of bans so that the investor's money is not at risk).

Reason why should we choose you: 

Because I am a serious and responsible person, open to obey all the indications that the person who gives me a scholarship tells me. I will take this as just another job, and keep learning more and more to maximize the profits of the team.
I hope you can choose me as one of your player, you will be the  reason of my successful career in the future if you give me this wonderful opportunity.                                                    
Have a blessed day and God blesspray

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