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Whitelist Filtering


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If you wonder why you were not selected as one of our whitelisted members, here may be the reasons why. Our team has meticulously filtered each and every one of the applicants so that the buying process during our Pre-sale will be as smooth as possible.

Wrong wallet Addresses

We only accept BEP 20 wallet addresses. Several users have sent us other wallet addresses like their Binance wallet address which unfortunately we cannot accept. Several users may also accidentally added a number or character into the addresses by mistake.

1*C4SX_6ZqV0E2DXnUt49Gdw.jpegExample of wallet address we cannot accept

Some users also sent us their home address instead of their wallet address, which we had to respectfully decline.

There are also several cases where users accidentally sent us random url addresses instead.

Invalid Entry

In order to be whitelisted, we require users to complete several tasks before being eligible for the whitelist. in some situations there were users that were not able to complete the tasks given to them, therefore making them no longer eligible for the whitelist.


Participant 1 completed task A, but was not able to complete task B due to any reasons.

Participant 1 is no longer eligible to enter the whitelist.


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